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Jul 1

6 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen

Remember that kitchen demolition sequence from last night’s HGTV Star episode? If you’re living with a less-than-ideal kitchen, you’ve likely dreamed of starting from scratch. But if you’re not ready to grab the sledgehammer just yet, you can still use these designer tricks from HGTV Star to add a little bit of luxury into your kitchen.

Change Out Kitchen Hardware
Spend a little on big-impact updates. 
It could be easier (and cheaper) than you think to give your kitchen a whole new look. With a little planning, you can add a tile backsplash or paint your existing cabinets in as little as a weekend. An even simpler way to add a designer touch? Try swapping out builder-basic hardware (like Tiffany did here) for a designer style. A few custom details can transform your kitchen from humdrum to high-end.

Add Artwork
Add warmth and texture. Kitchen are full of hard edges and utilitarian objects, but the best designers know that even a functional space needs to feel warm and comfortable. A small piece of wall art or a textured vase can go a long way to make a basic kitchen more inviting. Or, use Boris’ trick and add textured grasscloth behind a dining buffet or built-in bar.

Countertop Jars

Clear the clutter you can and camouflage the rest. A few hours of decluttering can take your kitchen from chaotic to collected. New rule: If you don’t use it every day, put it away. Then, purchase jars to hold your everyday must-haves like flour, sugar, coffee and cereal. Still look cluttered? Mount a few floating shelves to keep essentials close while keeping the counter clear.

Small Splurges
Keep style in mind when purchasing small appliances. For appliances that meet the “everyday use” rule, consider your kitchen’s color palette and style when making your purchases. Luckily, it’s easy to find small appliances that are both beautiful and functional across all price points.

Open Shelving
Create a built-in bar. Get your kitchen ready for the next dinner party (or just Monday night) with a built-in bar. You don’t need a lot of room — just a few shelves for a wine rack, ice bucket and glassware. No shelf space to spare? Consider a trendy rolling bar cart.

Fresh Flowers
Don’t forget flowers and plants. A bouquet of fresh flowers is the single-easiest way to add color and sophistication to your kitchen. Opt for long-lasting varieties like the alstroemeria Anne used here — they can last up to two weeks! Or, create your own kitchen herb garden — it will look great and add gourmet flavor to your dinners.

How have you dressed up your kitchen without a full makeover? Tell us in the comments below.

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