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Jul 7

Episode 5 Recap: It’s All Greek to Me

Tonight, the final five went back to school — Occidental College, to be exact — to make over two rooms for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority.

HGTV Star Cast with Occidental College Students

Like most college living spaces, these two rooms were in need of serious help.  David split the final five into two teams — girls vs. boys — to work their design magic on the beanbag-clad Greek houses.  Here’s what went down (and who went home.)

The guys’ team of Brooks, Boris and Jeribai had an extra set of hands; therefore, it seemed like they had the advantage. But they also got the far worse space to design — the fraternity’s common room was setup with florescent lights and a drop ceiling, both of which had to stay.  “No offense dudes, but this place…it’s so hideous,” Brooks said. Brooks, I definitely agree. The fraternity brothers use this space for social events, studying and dining, and requested more seating and more overall sophistication.

Jeribai Brooks and Boris in their finished room
Jeribai and Boris clearly had some off-camera words this week. Boris was full of on-camera insults, too, from his beginning-of-the-episode jabs (“We have Jeribai to execute things.” and “Clearly he’s never seen a gentleman’s lounge.”) to his elimination room betrayal (“Jeribai refused to help me hang pictures.”) Even though Jeribai eventually agreed to refinish the table, he got a chance to add some design elements to their gentleman’s lounge-inspired space. Here is the finished room:

Finished Fraternity Lounge
The finished lounge has lots of seating for both formal and informal events, and plenty of room for daily dinners:

HGTV Star Fraternity Lounge
Boris had the fraternity’s crest printed and mounted on foam core, an idea he seemed pretty proud of. But the judges’ though it looked sloppy, and they were mounted at a height that partially covered Brooks’ well-executed wall paneling and chair rail.

HGTV Star Fraternity Lounge Crest
The judges loved Brooks and Jeribai’s choices for the yellow-topped billiards table. They even stopped off for a round of pool:

Yellow Billiards Table in Fraternity Design
But then, there was this white linen sofa. WHITE. LINEN.  Boris, I love a Chesterfield as much as (or more than!) the next gal, but we’re talking a frat house.  As I type this, this thing is probably a lovely shade of brownish gray.

White Linen Sofa in Fraternity Design
Here’s David with the fraternity brothers in the finished space. Not pictured: A muddy white sofa, I bet.

HGTV Star Fraternity Room
Team two: Anne and Tiffany. Even though they were down a woman, they had the advantage of working together very well. Other than a minor fireplace disagreement, they were mostly unanimous on the look and feel of this space. The sorority sisters craved a sophisticated room that was cozy enough for studying, dining and relaxing but formal enough for alumni visits.

HGTV Star Contestants Tiffany Brooks and Anne Rue
Here is Anne and Tiffany’s finished space:

Sorority House Design on HGTV Star
They used red and gray, the sorority’s official hues, as the main inspiration for the space. Anne opted for an orange-hued red versus a true red, though — a smart call. True red did make an appearance on the high-gloss dining chairs, though:

Sorority Dining Room Design on HGTV Star
The judges much preferred Anne’s treatment of the sorority crest: A framed wallpaper panel mounted atop a painted vintage credenza.

HGTV Star Sorority Design
Tiffany took charge of the room’s fireplace makeover. A large, angular addition to the original fireplace made it jut out into the room, wasting valuable square footage. Paring it down and working with the carpenter to repair the original bricks created a spot for the ladies to settle in and watch their favorite shows.
HGTV Star Sorority House
Here’s David with the happy happy sorority-sister clients:
David Bromstad With Sorority Sisters

The verdict? Girls: 1, Boys: 0. Boris’ bad sofa choice and badly-mounted artwork made him the clear choice for the chopping block this week. Boris, it’s been real. Now we’re down to the final four!

What do you think? Did the right designer go home? You be the judge — tell me what you think in the comments.

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  1. A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools…

    Gavee on November 24, 2013 at 5:53 pm

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