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Jul 21

HGTV Star Finale Recap: Victory Is Suite

It’s been an exciting road for the final three HGTV Star contestants, and what better finish line than the midcentury modern design mecca of Palm Springs, Calif. Tonight, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai all raced to design an entire hotel suite at the Ranco Las Palmas resort (with some help from their former competitors.) For one of them, the night ended like this:

HGTV Star Judges Clapping

So, which designer is HGTV’s newest Star: Tiffany, Jeribai or Brooks? Read on to see tonight’s designs — and find out this year’s winner.

HGTV Star Finalists Brooks, Jeribai and Tiffany
TIFFANY: Contemporary Midcentury
Going into the finale, Tiffany said, “What I need to do to pull off this final challenge is to keep doing what I have been doing, but to add a bit more seasoning to it.”  With that in mind, she created a Palm Springs-inspired space that she called “midcentury modern design meets contemporary current.” Here are some highlights from her finished space:

Tiffany Brooks' Hotel Suite on HGTV Star
The judges loved the room’s playful vibe and bright colors. “The gallery wall doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Genevieve said of the grouping of local artist prints. The living room’s main focal point — a slatted fireplace — was another favorite that perfectly evoked the local style. “How very ‘Palm Springs’ of her,” David said. My favorite part? The low-slung seating area with the tufted ottoman featured in the top-right corner. Sabrina wasn’t so sure about the layered jute rug under the bed, though: “Who wants to get out of bed and step onto a jute rug?” she said. They were all impressed, though, with yet another personable camera challenge.

BROOKS: Versailles Meets Palm Springs
Brooks’ pre-finale thoughts? “I came here to prove that you could successfully think outside the box and challenge the norms in design, and I think I successfully did that.” Brooks continued to live on the edge with his hotel suite theme: The ornate French style of Versailles mixed with midcentury modern elements. Here’s how the space turned out:

HGTV Star Contestant Brooks Atwood's Hotel Suite Design
Starting with the flocked wallpaper in the entryway, Brooks was all about making a big statement and showing the judges a different side of his design style. He gave the walls royal style with gold moldings and trim panels, something the judges thought made the room look “cheap.” David wasn’t a fan of the bedroom’s striped wallpaper, saying “it’s like circus gone crazy.” I have to disagree; surprisingly, I liked the bedroom’s non-traditional palette and bright take on traditional style.  Brooks also stepped up his camera challenge this week: He practiced his 90-second tour and kept the potentially-manic version of himself at bay.

JERIBAI: Vacation Escape
Everyone’s favorite DIYer was feeling confident heading into the finale. “I’ve been trusting my gut this whole competition, and it’s been paying off,” Jeribai said. He continued to trust his instincts this week, including making a last-minute paint color change to keep his hotel suite from looking like a little boy’s room. Here’s what his finished upscale vacation escape looked like:

HGTV Star Contestant Jeribai Tascoe's HGTV Star Design
“I wanted to show the panel that I can go more of an elegant direction,” Jeribai said. He accomplished his goal: The judges loved the bedroom’s elegant tufted headboard and textured wallpaper. They weren’t so sure, however, about the bedroom’s difficult-to-maintain white carpet.  In the living room, his luxe touches like the wallpapered bookcase and playful pieces like the orange sofa continued to impress. “There were really good, sophisticated moments that show luxury and a sense of escape,” Genevieve said.  David thought his energy was a bit low during his on-camera suite walk-through, though.

Well, the designs have been reviewed. The rest of the contestants have gathered. (Hi, everyone!) So, who will the judges choose as this season’s HGTV Star?

HGTV Star Contestants at Season 8 Finale
It’s….TIFFANY! Her approachable camera personality and playful style make her the perfect choice for an HGTV show. David and the judges chose the designer who was most ready for a new show today, and Tiffany was their top pick. Stay tuned right here for details on Tiffany’s new show and her post-win interview. For now, just cue the Champagne. Congratulations, girl!

Tiffany Brooks Is the Winning HGTV Star Designer

What did you think of the finale? Did the right designer win? Talk about it in the comments below.

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