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Jul 26

Coming Soon: Online Videos With Star’s Jeribai Tascoe

HGTV Star fans, we hear you. You’ve been commenting all season about how much you love Jeribai’s practical DIY skills and polished designs. So many of you showed your support for Jeribai in our online Fan Vote, too: After hundreds of thousands of votes were cast, the final tally had Anne and Jeribai within about a thousand of one another. They clearly both have passionate fan followings!

We really like Jeribai and want to acknowledge all the people who want more of him, so we’re going to give him his own online video showcase. You’ll see more from Jeribai right here on soon.

Jeribai Tascoe - HGTV Star Contestant

To tide you over, here are some of his best designs from HGTV Star. He made an early impression with his brilliantly-branded wallpaper in the show’s season premiere:

Jeribai Tacoe - HGTV Star Episode 1 Design
Jeribai wowed the judges again during the show’s apartment-decorating challenge when he painted what judge Vern Yip called “the best stripes I’ve ever seen on the show.”

And he showcased his DIY skills once more with a brilliantly-executed backsplash during the Star kitchen challenge.


Browse more of Jeribai’s best designs, then tell us: What would you like to see from Jeribai’s showcase on


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