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Jul 28

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 2 Scorecard

Many HGTV fans (including me!) are weekend warriors: We try to accomplish even the most intense remodeling projects between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. It’s not easy for a remodeling novice like me, but what can a pro do in that kind of time frame? That’s what Drew and Jonathan set out to learn in the second installment of Brother Vs. Brother. Each team has 48 hours to add as much value as possible a house in Granada Hills, Calif.

Fresh off their first win, Team Drew was feeling pretty confident. But even one woman down, did Team Jonathan pull it off?

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Here’s what went down — and the best, worst and most cringe-worthy moments from tonight’s show.

Biggest Ego Check: Brett
Another week, another round of ego blows for our good friend Brett. Not only did Team Drew botch yet another appraisal challenge, he was also the architect behind two of his group’s most noticeable remodeling errors.

He took on the home’s dining and entryway areas, and proceeded to pull out a can of avocado paint. No, Brett, no! Didn’t you learn anything from last week’s lime green paint debacle? “Avocado is making a comeback,” he assured the rest of the team. Brett, I like midcentury modern furniture and style more than the next girl, but people aren’t exactly yearning for avocado appliances. Drew definitely wasn’t on board:

And then, there was the wallpaper fiasco. Brett picked out a very pretty wallpaper, then proceeded to crunch it, tear it and pretty much completely botch the installation. “I am in wallpaper h**l. It really is my nemesis right now,” Brett.

Not exactly. Better luck next time, Brett?

‘Talk a Big Game” Award: Mark

We saw from episode one that Mark is a gifted builder. But this episode, he cranked it up a notch, saying ““I can build with my bare hands.” Really? He took charge of Team Jonathan’s biggest project: A triple-sided wall featuring built-in shelving. He seemingly spent the whole episode knocking down, putting up and staring at the wall. In the end, it came together (barely) to add more than $16,000 in value to the home , but the shoddy finish work took away a little of the room’s value.

Worst Attitude Award: Francis
Oh, Francis. He’s so fun to watch, and who else would pull out this while doing a gut renovation?

Tonight’s show, however, wasn’t his finest hour. Over on Team Jonathan, the team struggled to choose a paint color. “Should I puke now or later?” he asked as the team chose a purple-gray shade.”This does not represent me at all!”

As he struggled to install hardwood floors, he quipped, “This product is called Easy Click? They got the click part right, not the easy.” Okay, we get it. Bring back the fun Francis from episode one, please.

Biggest Learning Experience: Monica

As we we learned last week, Monica has a tile problem. Namely, she has no earthly idea how to install them. Sure, she’s directed countless contractors, but how many times has she DIYed it?

Right. Last week, kind-hearted David helped her learn the ropes. But this week, he was busy doing his own thing and, you know, trying to win the competition. That left Monica holding the, um, grout. She was timid at first, but after a few words of encouragement from Cristy: “It’s kind of like frosting a cake. Frost that cake, girl!” Frost it, indeed. Monica’s backsplash turned out beautifully, and it was one of Selling LA host and expert appraiser Kennon Earl’s favorite elements in the space.

Best Makeover: Torche and Inez

I am definitely a Torche fan. She seems like she knows what she’s doing, and she gets stuff DONE. This week, she and Inez transformed an underused sunroom into a workout and hangout room, complete with a new cork floor:

The room added $13,000 in value to Team Jonathan’s home.

Tonight’s Winner: Team Jonathan

After adding about $30,000 in value in just three days, Team Jonathan was this week’s winner. Team Drew’s missteps didn’t hurt.

Going Home: Oliver

Yeah, Brett made some mistakes. But Oliver painted the entry walls a beige that looked more dated than refreshed, and he spent around $3,000 on the living room without adding a cent of value. Still, Oliver was shocked to be on the chopping block:

Goodbye, Oliver! Now, you weigh in: What were your favorite moments from this week’s episode of Brother Vs. Brother?

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  1. Dear Drew and Jonathan I need you help finding a house and fixing it up, in Texas. Please help.

    Diane on January 23, 2014 at 12:20 am
  2. We live in Illinois and would love Drew and Johnathan to help us find and design our dream home. We love your shows.

    Karen Walker on June 2, 2014 at 3:17 pm