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Jul 30

Team Drew Sends Oliver Home

This is one of my favorite Oliver moments. His enthusiasm is pretty contagious.

Team Drew Wins First Challenge

Team Drew Wins the First Challenge

Unfortunately, a poor living room arrangement, beige walls, an avocado fireplace and vertigo-inducing wallpaper couldn’t save Team Drew this week … or Oliver. The living room and entry mishaps either subtracted or added zero value to the spaces. Even though Oliver produced a winning kitchen last week, he didn’t quite make his mark in this week’s challenge. “I wanted somebody to own a task, complete it and add some value to the home, and unfortunately he added the least,” Drew says. “He’s got a big heart and he wants to help everyone out. The problem is, this is a competition.”

Team Drew Eliminates Oliver

Watch Oliver’s post-elimination exit interview. Plus, hear what Drew has to say about sending Ollie home.

Speak out! Do you think Drew made the right decision sending Oliver home? If not, who should have gone home instead? Tell us in the comments below.

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