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Jul 31

Backsplash Vs. Backsplash: Vote for Your Favorite

We’re two challenges in now, and we’ve seen everything from pantry makeovers to brand-new fireplace surrounds. But, real estate experts Kennon Earl and Mike Aubrey have both praised the kitchen backsplashes done by Team Jonathan and Team Drew to date. No one will forget Team Jonathan’s kitchen renovation in the first challenge. Francis took on this project, adding brand-new appliances, cabinetry, a gorgeous backsplash and … a highlighter-hued paint color. Then, in the second challenge, Monica, from Team Drew, tackled the kitchen. She painted the old cabinets a dark gray, brought in fresh countertops, brand-new appliances and installed (for the first time!) a glass tile backsplash. “It’s kind of like frosting a cake,” Christy convinced her. Christy’s advice must have worked.

Between Monica’s green backsplash and Francis’ neutral, brown glass backsplash, which do you like best? Take a look at both team’s kitchens, then vote in the poll at the bottom of the post.

Team Drew’s Backsplash From Episode 2 (Designed by Monica):

Team Drew Kitchen Backsplash Episode 2

Team Drew Kitchen Backsplash Episode 2

Team Jonathan’s Backsplash From Episode 1 (Designed by Francis):

Team Jonathan Kitchen Episode 1

Team Jonathan Kitchen Backsplash Episode 1

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