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Aug 4

Brother Vs. Brother: Best Moments From Episode 3

Another week, another set of remodeling challenges (and drama!) on Brother Vs. Brother.  This week, the stakes got even higher: The teams have four days to pull of their biggest-ever home improvements. The catch? Each brother will eliminate one team member halfway through the project, leaving the rest to pick up the slack.  See what you missed, and who went home.

Brother Vs. Brother Team Jonathan

Team Jonathan earned their first win during last week’s challenge, so Jonathan was feeling, well, just a little bit confident this week:

But Team Drew had some tricks up their sleeve, too.

After two straight appraisal challenge losses (and lots of embarrassment for real estate agent Brett), Team Drew’s value estimate was the closest this week.

The Makeover So Far: Team Jonathan

Sure, each team has $25,000 and 4 days to improve each home, but this week’s  homes featured some truly hideous “befores.”

The living room is one of the team’s focus areas. While Mark installed value-adding hardwood floors at what appeared to be the slowest pace known to man, Torche focused on on rehabbing the home’s fireplace. Since Jonathan advised that scrapping the existing tile would be like “throwing away thousands of dollars in value,” she decided to surround it with updated tile and a (torched) rustic wood wall detail. Or, as Mark says,”nailing boards to the wall.”

Our resident paint aficionado strikes again! Francis’ focus this week is the home’s dining room. He’ll transform it with slate gray paint and custom artwork.  “I am going to teach America how to properly paint,” he says. Way to dream big!

Inez focused on controlling the team’s budget and revamping the kitchen, but under her leadership the team ran out of money before purchasing countertop materials. That left her scrambling to create a concrete countertop that won’t add the value of a natural stone material. Her wishy-washy design vision and poor budget choices led Jonathan to send this strong team player home. Goodbye, Inez!

Team Drew: The Makeover So Far
During the appraisal walk-through, Torche said that this home’s kitchen looked like “an old roller rink.” And oh, those straight-from-the-’80s countertops. I don’t know if the team should chop some vegetables or start playing Tetris.

The buzzword of the night for Team Drew was definitely “stackables.” Or, more specifically, a space-saving washer and dryer for this uber-cramped laundry area:

Home organizer Christy seemed like a natural fit to transform this space, but she couldn’t convince her team that the large investment on appliances would offer the team a return in the end. So, she tried to help out around the rest of the house instead. The decision cost her her spot on the show: Drew sent her home this week.

Will Francis teach America how to paint? Will Torche torch anything else? Will Mark ever finish that floor? And on Team Drew, what will happen with those darn stackables? And when the final appraisal rolls around, will Love It or List It hosts Hilary and David, ahem, love it? Stay tuned for next week’s thrilling makeover reveal.

Drew and Jonathan With Love It Or List It Hosts Hilary and David

Did the right contestants go home? Which team do you think will win?

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