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Aug 6

Double Elimination: Goodbye, Inez!

Brother Vs. Brother Inez

Inez immediately jumped in and adapted herself as one of the best team players on Team Jonathan. “My personal strategy for this house is to help everyone out,” she said during the first challenge. “I work well with Mark, so our goal is to just move from room to room and complete tasks together.” It wasn’t until the third challenge that Inez claimed a space of her own, but at this point you could sense Jonathan’s doubt. “She would not stick her neck out and she would not show me what her design style is,” Jonathan says. “Her inability to just get in and claim a job … that was why she left.”

Inez says, “I would start something, someone else would come in, I would move on to the next room that really needed to be tackled, so that was my downfall.”

Watch Inez’s post-elimination interview, plus hear what Jonathan has to say about sending Inez home.

Inez is clearly the glue that holds Team Jonathan together. Was sending her home the right decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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