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Aug 22

10 Best Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Reactions

Brother Vs Brother Team Drew

When you’re given two or three days to complete a remodeling challenge and are surrounded by teammates that just so happen to be your closest competitors, things can be a bit tricky. On the premiere season of Brother Vs. Brother, Jonathan and Drew have been throwing the first crop of contestants curve balls left and right. We’re so thankful we have a dedicated camera crew to capture these priceless reactions.

1.) Monica’s not-so-subtle stink eye. We get it. You’re competing for $50,000; I’d be sending over some dirty looks, too.

Brother Vs Brother Monica

2.) Brett + face palm. You just can’t get those appraisal values. We love ya anyway.

Brother Vs Brother Brett

3.) Christy’s jaw drops. Again. If you’ve noticed, Christy has a jaw-dropping reaction to almost everything. More evidence: see photo above.

Brother Vs Brother Christy

4.) How do you really feel, Francis?

Brother Vs Brother Francis

5.) WTF. I feel like this was a common expression whenever Francis or Mark spoke.

Brother Vs Brother Torche

6.) I have no idea what’s going on here.

Brother Vs Brother Monica

7.) Calm and quiet David lets this one roll of his shoulders. Just. This. Once.

Brother Vs Brother David

8.) Not ONCE have I EVER made a mistake. [Striped wallpaper, guacamole fireplace, no-stackables-in-the-laundry-room sass.]

Brother Vs Brother Brett

9.) Monica’s fed up with tile installation. David, where are you?

Brother Vs Brother Monica

10.) No words, just hand gestures.

Brother Vs Brother Francis Torche

See what Monica, Torche, David and Brett will bring to the table this week at the Brother Vs. Brother finale on Sunday at 10pm/9c.

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