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Aug 25

Brother Vs. Brother: Finale Scorecard

It’s the final chapter of this season’s Brother Vs. Brother saga. One of these four contestants went home tonight $50,000 richer. But first, the two teams had to make over identical homes for identical twins. And be judged by identical twins. That’s a lot of twinspiration.

The Final Four Brother Vs. Brother Contestants
Drew won the last challenge, so Jonathan had one more shot to win it all. With Torche as the lone member of Team Jonathan, Drew decided to even the score by sending Monica over to the dark side.  He still got his own revenge, though:

See what happened, and who won it all!

The newly-formed Team Jonathan (also known as team Girl Power) decided to tear out not one but two walls in the house, opening up the formerly-dark kitchen into a bright, cheery space. Here’s what the finished kitchen looked like:

Team Jonathan's Finale Kitchen Design on HGTV's Brother Vs. Brother
Is there anything Torche can’t do? Here she is doing her best karate kick against the demolished wall.

The duo also redesigned the home’s living room, adding new paint color and bright furniture.

Team Jonathan's Living Room Design
Monica had planned to create a simple, modern mantel over the fireplace, but Jonathan wanted them to do something with a little more drama. That brought a little bit of the other kind of drama into the house. Monica didn’t want to give up “credit” for the fireplace, but eventually, the team agreed that Torche created a more dynamic design.

Team Jonathan Fireplace Design
They all got back to shouting “Girls rule!” and created this fantastic fireplace feature wall. It was one of the appraisers’ favorite elements in either house.
Team Jonathan's Fireplace Design
Over on Team Drew, the boys did some demolition of their own. Brett tackled the home’s kitchen, and tore down a weird half-wall between the kitchen and living room. That allows the light to stream through to the dining room and brighten up the new dark-toned kitchen. Brett added new stone countertops, new appliances and new cabinets. He even redeemed all his past tiling mistakes with a well-executed backsplash. Go Brett!

Kitchen - Team Drew on Brother Vs. Brother
David did one of the night’s most dramatic transformations by moving the fireplace and television to a newly-created feature wall. He created a box for the existing electric fireplace, and added raised wood panels in moody burgundy to the walls. New flooring throughout the house ties the whole space together.

Team Drew Living Room Design
How about a high five, Drew?

AWKWARD. Drew: 1. David: 0. Here’s another look at the new fireplace feature. This was one of my favorite elements.

Team Drew Fireplace Design
Drew and Jonathan asked each one of the season’s appraisal experts — Kennon Earl, Mike Aubrey, Hilary Farr and David Visentin — to come back and review the final renovations. Since team Drew added a whopping $75,000 in value to their property, they were this week’s winner. That means either David or Brett will be this season’s champion.

Team Drew: Outside the House
In the end, David was a consistent team player who had solid construction skills, a good attitude and the design know-how to put the finishing touches that lead to a sale. He’s the series’ first $50K winner!

How about that high five now, Drew?

There you go! Congratulations, David!

Did the right person win? Did the right team win the challenge? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

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