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Aug 27

Brother Vs. Brother Winner: Congrats, David!

Brother Vs Brother David Font

David, a landscape architect and business owner, made his mark in the very first challenge when he did not one but TWO tile installations. Even though he’s most comfortable creating luxurious outdoor spaces, he was the only one on Team Drew who properly knew how to tile. At one point he admitted he felt like his team’s general contractor. He was fine with this, though, because he knew his strong work ethic and team-player mentality would ultimately bring him into the finale and out as the season one champion of Brother Vs. Brother.

All season long, we watched David consistently make smart design choices that helped his team win challenge after challenge. Flip through his best remodels >>

Plus, grab a tissue a watch his post-win interview. We couldn’t be happier to welcome you to the HGTV family, David!

Congrats to our season one winner!

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