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Jul 7

Peek Inside the Contestants’ Notebooks – Episode 205

Another week, another look into the contestants’ thoughts and sketches from their on-set notebooks. In this season’s fifth episode, Drew and Jonathan’s squads were challenged to revamp tired ranch-style homes. Team Jonathan started off this challenge with one fewer teammate, but Adi and Peggy were determined not to the let the 2-on-3 race get the best of them.

Brother Vs. Brother - Contestants' Notebooks on

Over on Team Jonathan, Adi reflects on the coming challenge and the loss of teammate Stayce:

Adi’s Team Jonathan Notebook – Brother Vs. Brother

With a positive mental attitude, Adi and Peggy share the responsibility of renovating their home’s kitchen and living area. Over on Team Drew, an extra hand have Eric, Melissa and Rick a leg up to remodel the same two areas. An early win in the episode’s mini challenge also gave them their pick of home and a day’s work from a subcontractor.  In the kitchen, the team created a rustic wine rack. Here’s an early sketch of the project:

Team Jonathan Wine Rack - Brother Vs. Brother

Rick worked on the home’s fireplace, adding value with herringbone tile and built-in storage units. Here’s a rough sketch of the living room’s fireplace wall:

Rick - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

See the finished designs, plus revisit both home’s before pictures, in this week’s stunning photo gallery.

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  1. Are we almost there already? Hard to believe the season finale of Brother vs. Brother is coming up fast.

    Just one quick comment on the four finalists: If Adi wants to win this competition, he'll have to bring his best game to the renovation table by not only showing strong demo/craftsman talents and smart design decisions but staying totally focused on completing whatever work he takes on. He can't win on his smile alone.

    Rick will need to compliment his strong work ethic with hard-charging leadership skills to stand out from the crowd beyond safely fitting in as a reliable team member.

    Melissa and Eric are both strong contenders, hard-working with big personalities and can-do attitudes. Each brings an important attribute to the challenge. Melissa's strength is on the design side while Eric has the craftsman's "power through it" abilities. They make a powerful team, but individually, does either one have the range that it takes to pull off a win?

    I'm ready for this Brother vs. Brother finale!

    DBCoop on July 7, 2014 at 12:47 pm
  2. I am trying to find dining room fixture from Bachman home. I would assume it was Wayfair but cannot find it on their website. Can anyone help???

    pclivemn on July 8, 2014 at 7:14 am