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Jul 8

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 5

Each week all season long, I’ll chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. This week: How many cameras are there on set? And does an injury give one team an unfair advantage?

HGTV Online Host JD Scott With All the Brother Vs. Brother Contestants

Online Host JD Scott With All the Contestants

Blog reader DBCoop asks, “If one of the contestants becomes ill or injured, are the other team members allowed to be given extra help either from Jonathan or Drew, or provided with a temporary fill-in worker?”
Great question!  The Brothers can work as much as they possibly want to, so Jonathan and Drew can certainly jump on in, but we don’t offset the injured/ill contestant with any additional labor other than that. Since it’s a competition, we want to keep things as fair as possible, and we think that the best way to do that is to leave the renovations in the hands of the contestants and the Brothers.

Blog reader Virginia King says, “I like the Brothers, however, I would enjoy seeing them mix it up with the Cousins!” Have you ever thought about adding additional HGTV personalities to the show?
What a fun idea… Brothers vs. Cousins!  I’ll discuss this with the HGTV Programming team and see what everyone thinks!  I like the way you think, Virginia.

How many cameras do you have shooting the action at any given moment for Brother Vs. Brother?
We have six cameras on set on the day of the Challenge Assignment that you see at the top of the show.  And then those same six cameras come back for the evaluation at the end of the show.  In the middle of the show when you are seeing most of the heavy lifting going on, we have six cameras as well, but they are divided with three in one house and three in the other.

Many Cameras on the Set of Brother Vs. Brother

What was the funniest or most memorable experience from the filming of this episode?
By far, the most memorable moment was when the glass block came shattering through the kitchen window when Rick and Eric were working on that project together.  It was quite scary, and an absolute miracle that no one was seriously injured. Go behind the scenes with JD to learn more about this season’s streak of injuries >>

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

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  1. Team Jonathan badly needs a win in the final episode, and not just in the interests of the best outcome for his remaining team member Adi (and maybe Rick?) but for bragging rights to keep Drew mindful of his place in this Brother vs. Brother challenge.

    So what's to keep Jonathan from sneaking over to his team's assigned house late at night and secretly powering through all kinds of value-added renovation work? Seriously though, to keep the competition fair and balanced, are both teams held strictly to the same time clock each day or do they have some leeway into how many hours they can put in?

    DBCoop on July 9, 2014 at 10:33 am
  2. Loren: How many work hours do the contestants work on the house. Also where is HGTV Star?

    Peter on July 9, 2014 at 10:51 am
  3. Who makes the final decision on the winner once the judges select the final winning team? If the twins choose the winner, who breaks the tie if they disagree? Please tell me it's not rock, paper, scissors or selection by puppy. :)

    Deb on July 10, 2014 at 12:20 am
  4. I really felt that this season was horribly unfair when team Drew was allowed take their pick of Johnathan's crew after the double elimination. How can you reward the losers by allowing them to take one of the best contestants from the winning team to even things out. Johnathan's team not only didn't get anything for winning, they actually lost something. Not fair in anyway.

    Charlene on July 10, 2014 at 2:15 pm