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Jul 1

Exit Interview: Team Jonathan Dwindles Down

At the end of the fourth challenge, Team Jonathan was ultimately TWO team members down. First, Team Jonathan lost Rick to Team Drew, then the challenge loss meant they’d have to face elimination. Unfortunately, Stayce was sent home. This week, Peggy and Adi will have to work harder than ever as a team.

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Stayce

Jonathan and Stayce — high five!

JD catches up with Stayce after the elimination. Hear what she has to say about leaving the competition and about the Team Jonathan dynamic.

Watch Stayce’s Exit Interview >>

Jun 30

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 4

Going into the fourth challenge, Team Jonathan was leading the competition two to one. Not only that, but Team Jonathan had a team of four heading into the colonial remodel, compared to Team Drew’s team of two. To even the playing field, the bros let Team Drew members Melissa and Eric pluck a member from Team Jonathan.

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes

Drew, Jonathan and JD Scott

Online host and older brother JD Scott dives into the team swap and why Team Drew chose Rick. Plus, see how Team Jonathan really felt about the loss of their teammate. Take a look:

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Aug 14

Francis, Out! [Throws Down Microphone]

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Francis

From the very beginning, it’s very clear that Team Jonathan is a cast of characters. This includes proud Greek, designer/contractor and former dancer Francis. You can’t help but love his sass and theatrical personality. In an early interview, Jonathan says, “He’s Greek and he’s excited sometimes and he yells and he screams, and then two minutes later he’s your best friend again.”

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very honest. That’s also a problem because I always speak my mind,” Francis says.

We’ve seen Francis splash chartreuse on kitchen walls, install a killer glass tile backsplash, “click” hardwood floors into place and transform both a dining room and kitchen into modern masterpieces. We love your style, Francis, and we’re sorry to see you go.

Hear what Francis has to say about his Brother Vs. Brother experience and being near his one true love, the camera. Plus, find out Jonathan’s take on sending Francis home.

Watch Francis’ Exit Interview

Aug 12

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Four

Someone on Team Jonathan and Team Drew is two challenges away from $50K and the title of champion of Brother Vs. Brother. I think that thought settled into everyone’s minds after last week’s double elimination. Now, the stakes are even higher and tensions are rising. Torche, Francis and Mark spent the remainder of the challenge in an awkward silence, coping with the loss of their best team player. A few houses down, Team Drew kept things peaceful and calm. Why can’t Team Jonathan seem to get it together?

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan

“I’ve got more drama here than probably Drew’s team and 50 other teams put together,” Jonathan says. “Everybody is on everybody’s nerves, which is unfortunate because at this point we’re trying to beat the other team. I’d love to see my guys go into the finale, and if they’re at each other’s throats, that’s not going to happen.”

Brother Vs. Brother - Drew Scott

Hear what Jonathan and Drew have to say about their very different team dynamics, plus their hopes for the final challenge.

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Aug 9

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Last week was a doozy. Jonathan and Drew both had to eliminate someone only halfway through the reno, leaving their teams one man (technically, woman) short. Tensions are at an all-time high on Team Jonathan, while Team Jonathan keeps chugging along with maybe a little bit too much on their plate. This week’s judges? Yes, PLURAL. Your favorite power team, realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr, from HGTV’s Love It or List It.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Drew, Hilary, David and Jonathan

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Prep yourself for Sunday’s episode by watching all the drama from the first three challenges. Watch Full Episodes Now >>

Plus, catch the sneak peek of what’s coming up this week.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 4

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Jul 2

Abby’s Goodbye: “I’m Leaving Here a Better Designer”

HGTV Star Episode 4 Elimination

For the first challenge, Abby knocked it out of the park. Then, we all remember the industrial loft dilemma. Jessie got the kitchen, Boris got the dining room and Abby got the foyer (and was stuck painting all three spaces, leaving her zero time to decorate the entry). Plus, there was the cabana-curtain-in-wet-paint situation. Let’s just say challenge two was a bit stressful for Abby. Desperate to step it up a notch in week three, Abby couldn’t afford to have creative differences with Boris in their clients’ apartment. Unfortunately, Boris’ faux crown molding will do that to a team. Abby’s Star rollercoaster came to an end this week after installing a bland countertop and backsplash that Vern described as a “flesh-fest.” Eeek! 

Hear what David and the judges have to say about Abby’s designs, plus listen to her take on her Star journey.

Watch Abby’s Exit Interview

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Jul 1

Episode Four Behind-the-Scenes Dish

HGTV Star Episode Four Behind-the-Scenes Video

For the first time in Star history, kitchens were completed and the clients were satisfied. “I’ve been on all eight seasons of this show, and I’ve never seen kitchens that complete before,” Vern said. As finished, functional and beautiful as the kitchen and dining spaces may appear to us, the judges still need to pick apart every detail to determine who failed and who succeeded in the challenge. It’s a competition and that’s why we love it!

Both kitchens failed at one thing — find out what. Plus, hear David and the judges’ take on the team that really hit the mark.

Go Behind the Scenes

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Jun 27

Caption This: Episode Four

This week’s challenge places our remaining six designers in two teams of three to create functioning kitchen and dining spaces for real-life families. As you probably remember, the kitchen challenges are far from simple. Has Brooks finally met his match in the form of an outdated tile backsplash? He looks mildly terrified. Write your best caption in the comments below.

HGTV Star Caption This Photo for Episode 804

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Jun 21

Ask the Producer: Episode 4

Each week, I chat with Design Star producer Loren Ruch for being-the-scenes dish and set secrets from Design Star. This week: How the crew found the episode four homeowners and why Miera and Danielle’s carpenter didn’t stop them from doing the infamous built-in.

Design Star Producer Loren Ruch With David Bromstad, Vern Yip, Sabrina Soto and Genevieve Gorder

Did you scout the location and find homeowners for this challenge, or did they apply to be on the show? How does that process usually work?
That’s an interesting question because we find our homeowners in a variety of ways.  In this particular challenge, we had our locations team (which is the same team that clears stores throughout LA for our designers to shop at) look into homes and homeowners that were within a ten mile radius of where the designers were living.  They also needed to find people who happened to live across the street from each other!  It was no easy task – they literally had to spend weeks trying to find the perfect families, because we wanted to make sure that the homes were of comparable size and layout and that they both had an indoor and outdoor area in need of a makeover.  In the end the Nitzkins and the Masts turned out to be perfect!

It looked so fun to have Sabrina Soto on set! What was the best moment from this week’s challenge?
Anyone who has ever met Sabrina knows that she’s a good time girl!  We were laughing from the minute we started working until long after the cameras went off.  The most fun moment of the week happened after our evaluation was over, actually.  Genevieve had friends visiting from out of town and decided to have a soiree with her friends plus Sabrina, David, and myself (Vern was babysitting that night or he would have been there too), and it was so nice to just hang out, have a drink and enjoy each other’s company.  We had been working non-stop for about three straight weeks at this point without a day off, so it was a well-needed night out with a lot of laughs!

Were there any elements or spaces that looked better in person than on TV?
A few.  Personally I thought that Stanley and Britany’s chevron fence was pretty darn cool in person.  It looked good on TV, but it looked GREAT up close and personal.  Also, Kris’s succulent planters were really, really cool in person.  Sabrina literally wanted to steal one from set. Just kidding, but she did fall in love with them.

It seemed like Miera and Danielle’s carpenter almost knew it would be difficult to finish the built-in. Do the carpenters ever have the chance to say “no, this can’t be done” or do they just do the best they can with the time they have?
Fantastic question.  We make it very clear to our designers that the carpenters are there to “assist” them but they cannot have “creative” input into the design itself.  Cija, the carpenter, was in the right to say “I don’t think we’ll have enough time to do what you’re asking,” because that’s just an honest response, but she couldn’t tell them what she wanted them to look like or how to make them prettier.  Those sorts of details needed to come directly from Miera or Danielle.

Have a question for Loren? Ask away in the comments below.

Jun 20

David on Episode 4: Guys, Bring Your “A” Game

David chats about how the girls are taking charge this season + the nights best and worst moments.

David Bromstad on Design Star

David on the Battle of the Sexes + More

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