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Aug 20

Mark Heads Home Right Before the Finals

Brother Vs Brother Mark O'Mara

Team Jonathan contestant, designer and contractor Mark is the last person to see an elimination before everyone else heads into the Brother Vs. Brother finals. When it came down to Mark and Torche, Jonathan decided to keep Torche by his side for the final challenge. Throughout the season, Mark has contributed some of the largest value adders, like hardwood floors, pantry/laundry areas and an open shelving unit. Unfortunately, his poor time management and high ambitions caused him to lag behind or leave tasks unfinished (like the bathroom alcove).

“Besides the fact that Mark looks exactly like Bradley Cooper, he really does have some of the best ideas and the ability to actually execute those,” Jonathan says. “I think Mark could have won this competition. It’s just, unfortunately, in this challenge he made some bad decisions with time management,” Drew chimes in.

See what Mark has to say about his elimination, plus hear what the brothers think about Mark’s time on the show.


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Aug 19

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Five

Brother Vs. Brother Team Drew Monica

Womp, womp.

Monica has been a key player on Team Drew from the very first challenge; however, some of Drew’s tips during the first few challenges were disregarded or placed on the backburner. “Monica in the past has not listened to all of my advice,” Drew says. She completely redeemed herself during the master bedroom remodel, though. Brand-new hardwood floors, modern paint, fresh furnishings and an efficient layout proved she and Drew were on the same page. “She’s learned through this entire competition that she needs to listen to my advice,” he says. We’re glad she did!

Brother Vs. Brother Team Drew Bedroom

The master bedroom was the highlight of Team Drew’s remodel.

Monica pulled it off this week. See what she and Drew have to say about her rocky Brother Vs. Brother journey.


Aug 16

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan and Drew are ready for battle.

Ding, ding ding! We’ve officially made it to the Brother Vs. Brother semi-finals. This week, Team Drew is at a slight advantage. They won last week’s challenge, keeping them safe from elimination and giving them an extra set of hands compared to Team Jonathan’s team of two.

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Team Drew

Team Drew: Monica, Brett, David | Team Jonathan: Mark, Torche

Just when you think things are rolling along and might turn out OK on Team Jonathan — BAM, Torche is hit with the flu. Not. Good.

Watch this week’s sneak peek video, then tune in Sunday at 10/9c for a brand-new episode.

This Week On Brother Vs. Brother…

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Jul 9

Boris’ Goodbye: “It’s Not the End of the World…”

HGTV Star Episode Five Elimination

Oh, Boris. If you’re ever paired up with him, you’ll never wonder what he thinks about you. During Sunday’s sorority/fraternity throwdown, he was pretty vocal about his plans for the space … and his thoughts about working with Jeribai. And does anyone remember the time he took credit for choosing the bookcase in the apartment challenge (when Abby’s the one that really found and styled the piece)? Boris may not be the best team player, but that’s all part of the Star challenge.

Boris’ final words: “I think there’s much more to life than just working, but I’m lucky that my work is actually something that I enjoy.”

Hear what Boris has to say about being eliminated so close to the end, plus find out what the judges and David really thought about his final design decisions.

Watch Boris’ Exit Interview

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Jul 8

Episode Five Behind-the-Scenes Dish

HGTV Star Episode Five Behind-the-Scenes Video

It may be summertime, but the HGTV Star crew headed to Occidental College in Los Angeles for a seriously school-spirited design challenge. Two of the school’s Greek houses were in desperate need of TLC, and the designers were ready to replace those lawn chairs and beanbags with something slightly more — erm — aesthetically pleasing. The girls, Tiffany and Anne, made over a sorority living space, while the boys, Boris, Brooks and Jeribai, took on a fraternity community room. You would think having an extra designer would give the guys an advantage, but that just wasn’t the case. The girls reigned supreme this week with their use of red-orange accents mixed with cream and gray.

Hear the judges’ candid thoughts about each space (the words “funeral-like,” “black hole,” “depressing” and “tomato soup” were used). Plus, did the designers feel they truly executed their visions?

Go Behind the Scenes

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Jul 7

Episode 5 Recap: It’s All Greek to Me

Tonight, the final five went back to school — Occidental College, to be exact — to make over two rooms for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority.

HGTV Star Cast with Occidental College Students

Like most college living spaces, these two rooms were in need of serious help.  David split the final five into two teams — girls vs. boys — to work their design magic on the beanbag-clad Greek houses.  Here’s what went down (and who went home.)

Read More + See Photos of the Designs

Jul 4

Caption This: Episode Five

This week, our five remaining designers are heading back to school, not to study but to make over the Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority house and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Their college clients know exactly what they want for their spaces and the designers are ready to deliver…if they can stop doing the can-can long enough to get to work. What do you think inspired this spontaneous dance session? I feel like this was totally Brooks’ idea. Write your best caption in the comments below.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 5 Sneak Peek

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Jun 27

David on Episode 5: “Make a Room. No Walls. Good Luck.”

David Bromstad With Judges

David on Design Star episode five: Who rocked, whose design bored him, and who failed miserably. Plus: who he thought should have won.

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Jun 27

Meg on Ep 5: If You Can’t Be You, You Can’t Be a Design Star

Meg Caswell on Design Star

Meg talks which rooms she would have in her home, which style was the most difficult and why last night’s eliminated designer went home.

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Jun 26

Episode 5 Recap: Party Time, Excellent

Season 7 Finalists With Design Star Host David Bromstad

This week, the designers helped Hollywood celebrate its 125th birthday by creating lounges that evoked different periods from the city’s history…in 24 hours!  (BTW, Hollywood is looking young for its age. Of course.) But all of the designers weren’t in the party mood — here’s the best and worst of this week’s challenge, including who went home.

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