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Aug 28

Flipping the Block: Episode 7 Sneak Peek

The contestants THINK they’re done with the renovations, but they forgot one very important element: curb appeal. This week, the eight contestants will team up (with some help from Josh and David) to finish the Block’s communal spaces and make the property inviting from the street.  It’s a lot of hard work, right, Josh?

Flipping the Block Host Josh Temple

They’ll also meet with judge and real estate investor Scott McGillivray to get his tips to put their best foot forward at their open houses. Click through to watch a preview of the action on this week’s episode.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 7

Aug 27

Life on the Block: The Contestants Dish

A few months ago, the eight contestants on HGTV’s Flipping the Block were just like you and me, watching HGTV and thinking “I bet I could do that.” Some came to the show with building or flipping experience, while others were new to the process, but today, they’re all renovation veterans who have remodeled AN ENTIRE CONDO while living inside. Impressive, right?

The teams dished about their whirlwind experience on set and what they miss (and don’t miss) about living on The Block. Read on for their answers!

HGTV's Flipping the Block Season 1 Cast

The Flipping the Block Contestants With Josh Temple

HGTVersus: Are there any fun traditions or routines you developed on The Block?

Anicka: We were a fun group that loved to eat, so, yes, there is a particular tradition we enjoyed most. After challenges or on our day off, we would often enjoy a meal together and talk and laugh hysterically for hours! We prepared a lot of Louisiana cuisine for our Block mates that they were very happy to receive since most of them were living off of TV dinners!

Whitney: We had this hilarious move that Curtis started doing called the “Silverback” where we did this little dance shuffle around on judgment day. It helped lighten the mood! We had Sundays off, so we all would go to the movies or out for lunch. It was nice to get away and forget the competition for a few hours.

Amanda: The Block was so fun — especially because all of the “Blockheads” really bonded together! Most nights we all would get together and grill dinner or someone would cook something super delicious, and we’d talk about home and all the crazy things we were going through. We all found a lot of comfort in these friendships because we knew we weren’t alone in our moments of doubt or panic! I would wake up early and make Curtis boatloads of breakfast every morning…it was the perfect way to show Curtis’ love affair with bacon!

Craig: I don’t know if we would call it a tradition, but most of the cast would meet in one of our condos when were done working in the evenings and trade stories from the day/week.  It was kind of a “venting” session.

Flipping the Block Cast With David Bromstad

Winding Down After a Long Day on Set

HGTVersus: When you didn’t win, how did you keep from getting discouraged?

Craig: We got discouraged every time we lost a challenge. The fact was that the next day and challenge was going to come regardless of how we felt so we got up and went back to work. It’s not a sign of weakness to get discouraged when a situation does not go your way, it’s human. The measure of a person is how they react in the face of discouragement. We find that if you just pick your self up and get back to work, the discouragement fades and motivation sets in.  That motivation leads to inspiration and before you know it you’re firing on all cylinders again.  You got to just keep on keepin’ on!

Curtis: We are the Silver Team, and Josh would call Amanda the “Silver Linings Girl.” We try to find the good in everything and humor is our favorite way to get through tough times — we laugh together all the time and it makes life incredibly better!

Amanda: Curtis is, without a doubt, one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet. We always reminded each other, and ourselves that this is something we love to do and to keep fighting so we can represent all the underdogs, the DIYers, and the crazy ones out there! If we can do it — anyone can!

Whitney: There were low days and high days. The stress was intense! We really tried to maintain a positive attitude and lean on each other for support. We accomplished a lot in just a few days during the challenges, and focusing on the good moments is what kept us going. As much as it was physically challenging, it was just as tough emotionally. We developed a bond with all the teams, and of course it’s a competition, but we feel it’s important to celebrate the success of others’ even when we didn’t win.

Anicka: Since the beginning, it was about the end game for us, so winning or losing from week to week did not discourage us. We loved our work and felt good knowing things were being done properly regardless of the time constraints.

Flipping the Block Cast

Pizza Night on the Flipping the Block Set

HGTVersus: What do you miss and not miss about living on The Block? 

Whitney: We miss the Blockheads! We all went through the trials and challenges together, and formed a bond with everyone. What we don’t miss is being away from our pup! He is our baby and we really missed him while we were away.

Curtis: The comradery all of The Blockheads shared was absolutely one of the best perks of the competition. That close bond we all had and the nights we spent forming it is something we miss. When we all hung out it was an absolute blast! And such a nice change from the stresses of the day! We’d just all laugh and talk about home — Amanda once roasted 8 marshmallows at a time on an old rake over the fire pit on John and Whitney’s gorgeous patio!! We also miss the amazingly talented production crew. It was crazy how incredible everyone behind the scenes was! I’m now enjoying the ability to sit on the couch for hours, sans my shirt and play video games.

Amanda: I’m sure Curtis doesn’t miss having to execute my harebrained ideas on a daily basis. Frozen pizzas and afternoon snacks are Silver Team traditions that have proven the test of time.

Craig: I don’t miss the constant pressure and the lack of control we had in dealing with so many situations. There were a lot of rules!! I miss all the great people we were around all day, every day. They weren’t really allowed to talk to us or be our friends but they had to hang out with us all the time. It was great because Brian and I talked to everyone anyway so I feel like we made a lot of friends despite our disposition.

Anicka: We miss seeing our Block mates. We do not miss having a camera in our faces, especially at 6 am!

HGTVersus: Have you been recognized at all from the show? What has the response been in your community?

Craig: Brian and I get recognized quite a bit when we’re together.  Every one is really positive and excited to meet “the twins” from HGTV.

Whitney: People have noticed us out and about and it’s neat to hear them say they love the show! We enjoy chatting with others about our experience. The communities in both our hometown of Evansville, Indiana as well as our current home in Jacksonville have both been so supportive.

Amanda: The community of Coronado’s response has been absolutely incredible. It is such a tight-knit special little town, and to be able to represent the island on a national level is a complete honor and very humbling. The Islander (Coronado locals) response has been tremendously positive. They have especially appreciated the many “Coronado-ish” touches throughout the condo. We are really proud to make Coronado proud.

Anicka: Yes, a few people have recognized us, and it’s always so funny and something we don’t think we will ever get use too!

After seeing the show, do you think YOU could cut it on season two of Flipping the Block? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

Aug 27

Ask the Producer: Flipping the Block Episode 6

You know him from Brother Vs. Brother and Design Star — now go behind the scenes of the all-new competition series Flipping the Block with producer Loren Ruch. Each week, he’ll share his favorite behind-the-scenes moments. Plus, he’ll answer your questions about the show!

Flipping the Block Host Josh Temple With Amanda Marks and Curtis Goldin

When Curtis and Amanda needed electrical supplies, was the electrician allowed to give them what they needed, or would that have broken Block rules?
On the Block they had to operate from real world scenarios. In the “real world,” if the electrician gave them what they needed for free, it would be fine, but it was up to Amanda and Curtis to negotiate. However, he couldn’t have offered one team one rate and another team a different rate. That would get in the way of fair game play.

Everyone seemed shocked by Curtis and Amanda’s living room win…even Curtis and Amanda! What do you think it was about their space that made Nicole choose it?
I must be the only one who was not shocked by it because I thought it looked AMAZING! Everyone was so caught up on how little money they had to spend that they didn’t step back and see the forest between the trees — it happened to be not only a cost efficient, but also a BEAUTIFUL renovation!

Since the inside of the condos are done, was any one condo a favorite of the cast or crew, or did each one have its own group of fans?
Great question!  Around the set, everyone had a different favorite. In this particular challenge, I liked Amanda & Curtis’s place.  Others really liked the sleekness of the Sisters.  And others thought John and Whitney stayed true to their design sensibilities.  The Brothers also had a fan club because theirs didn’t look like anyone else’s once you saw the kitchen/desk area in conjunction with the living room.

What was your favorite funny or behind-the-scenes moment from episode 6?
For me it was that instant when Curtis and Amanda literally saw a two second peek into their neighbor’s unit and decided on a whim to keep their ceiling exposed.  It was design inspiration at its very best and most instantaneous inception.

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

Aug 24

Vote For Your Favorite Living Room on The Block

Can you believe the contestants are DONE with their renovations?! It seems like just yesterday that they were moving in to run-down condos and sleeping on air mattresses. This week, the teams renovated and furnished the living room spaces.  Whether the budget was $80 or $8,000, I’d lounge in any of those living rooms. I loved elements of each: The chandelier and ceiling in Curtis and Amanda’s space, the artwork in Shauna and Anicka’s room, the blue sofa in twins Brian and Craig’s living space and the built-in bookshelves at John and Whitney’s condo.

Flipping the Block Living Room Designs

Flipping the Block Living Room Designs

But what about you? Which living room did you love? Vote for your favorite in the comments below.

Aug 21

Get a Sneak Peek of Flipping the Block Episode 6

It’s time for the final room renovation on The Block: The living room! It’s the heart of the home and the first thing buyers will see when they walk in. Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis makes a return visit to the set this week to judge the rooms.

Flipping the Block Hosts and Judges

Josh Temple, Nicole Curtis and David Bromstad

But that’s not all the contestants are tackling this week. See what else the teams will take on during the 7-day challenge in the sneak peek after the jump.

Watch a Sneak Peek

Aug 20

Now Casting: Season 2 of Flipping the Block

Do you spend all of your free time giving major makeovers to your home and the homes of friends and family? Think you could do better than the current crop of renovation teams? Apply now to appear on season two of Flipping the Block and you could have a chance to prove it on HGTV — and win $50,000!

Flipping the Block Season 2 - Apply Now

HGTV is looking for dynamic and handy teams of two who are unafraid to get their hands dirty and flip a house. Think you fit the bill? Pairs of friends, family, co-workers, etc. should apply at

Good luck!

Aug 20

Watch Full Episodes on HGTVWatch

Miss an episode of Flipping the Block? You can watch the entire season — plus many more of your favorite HGTV shows — in our free HGTV Watch App.

Watch Full Episodes of Flipping the Block on HGTV Watch

Log in with the username and password you use for your cable provider’s online services, then pop some popcorn and catch up on your iPhone or iPad. You can also catch the premiere episode of Flipping the Block right here on for free, or watch select HGTV full episodes online.


Aug 19

Flipping the Block: Ask the Producer Episode 5

You know him from Brother Vs. Brother and Design Star — now go behind the scenes of the all-new competition series Flipping the Block with producer Loren Ruch. Each week, he’ll share his favorite behind-the-scenes moments. Plus, he’ll answer your questions about the show!

Host Josh Temple With Blue Team Craig and Brian Wellborn

Host Josh Temple With Blue Team Craig and Brian Wellborn

Blog reader DB Coop asks: Which team do you think was the best at listening to advice from Josh, David and the judges throughout the competition?
That’s a good question. In general I think that all of the teams took Josh, David and the judges’ opinions seriously, but John and Whitney seemed to be the most closely aligned with David Bromstad because they won him for the day, so they were definitely on his side when it came to following his lead.

What was it about John and Whitney’s guest bedroom that put it over the top for Scott?
Scott thought it was a very thoughtful use of space. Even though it was a smaller room than the other units (because they had enlarged the bathroom), it still felt large, well-planed out, and nicely designed.

How much were the teams able to talk to their families and friends while on the set?
They could talk with them a few times a week during evenings and Sunday’s. During the day time they were focused entirely on the competition.

What was your favorite behind-the-scenes or funny moment from the set of episode 5?
Getting to see John and Whitney pose for HGTV Magazine was a lot of fun! It gave them a taste of being ‘celebrities’! (Note: Catch the feature in the October issue!)

John and Whitney Spinks After Their Guest Bedroom Win on Flipping the Block

John and Whitney Spinks After Their Guest Bedroom Win

Have a question for Loren? Ask in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

Aug 18

Behind the Scenes: Flipping the Block Episode 5

David Bromstad is the ideal behind-the-scenes reporter: He’s sweet enough that all of the contestants want to spill all their renovation secrets and funny enough to make you laugh. Plus, he’s full of designer know-how. This week, things got a little tense on the set after John and Whitney pulled off their third Flipping the Block win. David was there to capture it all.

David Bromstad and Scott McGillivray - Flipping the Block

How did the other contestants take the news? Well…take a look.

Who were you rooting for in this week’s bedroom challenge? Tell me in the comments below.

Aug 18

Vote For Your Favorite Guest Bedroom

The stakes are higher and the budgets smaller each week on Flipping the Block! Last night, the four duos tackled the guest bedrooms in their respective condos for a chance to win $5,000 and a feature in HGTV Magazine. Some teams went bold (Shauna and Anicka!) and others kept it neutral (twins Craig and Brian.) Meanwhile, Amanda was literally dumpster diving to create a homey, rustic space. So, tell me, which team gets your vote?

Flipping the Block Guest Bedrooms

See all the Flipping the Block guest bedrooms in the before-and-after photo gallery.


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