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Feb 12

HGTV Star Fan Fave Web Series: Room Refresh

Last season, you told us that you wanted to see more from HGTV Star contestants Jeribai Tascoe and Anne Rue. Well, the wait is over: The two top fan picks teamed up for an exclusive new web series, Room Refresh.

Anne Rue and Jeribai Tascoe HGTV Star Web Series

Tune in as Anne and Jeribai share their tips to quickly and easily refresh spaces around your home — from the living room to the patio to the bonus room — all for less than $500.  Want to hear more? Well, I’ll let Anne and Jeribai explain:

Ready to start your own spring refresh? See all of the pair’s genius suggestions now.

Watch All Five Episodes of Room Refresh Now >>

Jul 26

Coming Soon: Online Videos With Star’s Jeribai Tascoe

HGTV Star fans, we hear you. You’ve been commenting all season about how much you love Jeribai’s practical DIY skills and polished designs. So many of you showed your support for Jeribai in our online Fan Vote, too: After hundreds of thousands of votes were cast, the final tally had Anne and Jeribai within about a thousand of one another. They clearly both have passionate fan followings!

We really like Jeribai and want to acknowledge all the people who want more of him, so we’re going to give him his own online video showcase. You’ll see more from Jeribai right here on soon.

Jeribai Tascoe - HGTV Star Contestant

To tide you over, here are some of his best designs from HGTV Star. He made an early impression with his brilliantly-branded wallpaper in the show’s season premiere:

Jeribai Tacoe - HGTV Star Episode 1 Design
Jeribai wowed the judges again during the show’s apartment-decorating challenge when he painted what judge Vern Yip called “the best stripes I’ve ever seen on the show.”

And he showcased his DIY skills once more with a brilliantly-executed backsplash during the Star kitchen challenge.


Browse more of Jeribai’s best designs, then tell us: What would you like to see from Jeribai’s showcase on


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Jul 24

HGTV Star’s Newest Fan Favorite Is…

As of 12:00 p.m. on July 24, 2013, the HGTV Star fan vote is closed. Thanks to everyone who cast their ballot! We’ve tallied the votes and I’m happy to announce that our newest fan favorite is…

Anne Rue

HGTV Star Fan Favorite Anne Rue

…Anne Rue! Her elegant, high-end style and great on-camera personality made her this year’s fan choice. (Her fun, bright hued hair doesn’t hurt, either!) Stay tuned for more details about Anne’s online show right here on Read on to see how the final tally played out.


Jul 23

Ask the Producer: HGTV Star Finale

Each week, I chat with HGTV Star producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what we didn’t see on TV. This week: What was the judges’ final deciding factor? Plus, meet the amazing crew behind the show.

HGTV Star Cast at Finale

It seemed like a close race! What made the judges choose Tiffany over Brooks and Jeribai in the end?
This is the question of the century! The viewers don’t get to see the entire deliberation, but this one lasted about three hours!! They just couldn’t decide who they wanted to select because they loved all three of the finalists so much. In the end, they thought Tiffany had the best combination of design skills -and– on-camera presentation skills, which clinched the victory for her!

What was it like to transport the entire cast and crew to Palm Springs? What made you choose that location?
It was the ultimate caravan! We had over 100 people who needed to pack their bags (and tools) to come to the desert. We all stayed on the property (so we basically took over the place), and it was a three-day extravaganza. I couldn’t be any happier with how beautiful the entire resort was, especially the area where we shot our final evaluation.

HGTV Star Cast and Crew

Is there a way to view or stay in the designers’ finished hotel suites at Rancho Las Palmas Resort?
Yes! If you contact the resort, you can request to stay in any of these suites. In fact, I would be willing to guess that the resort has already received hundreds of phone calls since the finale from people wanting to book a night’s stay.

HGTV Star Judges and Property Brothers

What was the best or most memorable on-set moment from the finale?
The most fun moment on set was something that many of the viewers never had a chance to see. All of our hosts including Vern Yip, Sabrina Soto, Genevieve Gorder, David Bromstad and Drew and Jonathan Scott needed to do a photo shoot for our promotions department without their shoes. They turned into children running around the golf course shoeless and laughing their way around the property. I loved every moment of it!

Jul 23

Brooks’ Goodbye: “I Did Exactly What I Wanted to Do”

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood

From the very first challenge we all knew Brooks was going to bring some “unexpected flair” to his designs each week. This industrial design professor, trained architect and product designer is new to the world of interior design, but that didn’t stop him from creating some of the top spaces of the season. Brooks wowed the judges with his first vignette using a mix of vintage items in a contemporary way. This includes lots of taxidermy and pink wallpaper, a risk the panel loved. Then in week two, he created a crazy chandelier using audio cables. Each week, he brought a space that was very “Brooks.” His approach to design is what landed him in the top two with Tiffany and Jeribai.

“Brooks’ design brilliance is so refreshing and unfiltered, where you cant’ really tame the artist and you don’t really want to,” judge Genevieve Gorder says.

Hear what Brooks has to say about his HGTV Star experience, making it to the finale and his thoughts behind the hotel suite design. Plus, find out what the judges, David and Brooks’ fellow competitors think about his design style.

Watch Brooks’ Exit Interview

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Jul 23

Jeribai’s Goodbye: “It’s Always About Growth For Me”

HGTV Star Jeribai Tascoe

One of the most impressive things about finalist Jeribai Tascoe is his lack of formal design training. He’s self-taught and is truly a “jack-of-all-trades” in the design industry. Throughout the season we saw him paint, what judge Genevieve Gorder referred to as, the best stripe she’s ever seen. (He may have also been called a Striping Magician.) Then, he installed a kitchen backsplash on his own, receiving high praise from the judges: “It was the best kitchen backsplash I have ever seen done on the show,” Vern said. Going into the finale, he wanted to show the judges he had a sophisticated and luxurious design side to him. And that’s just what he did. “This space has so many really good, sophisticated moments that show luxury and an sense of escape,” Genevieve said about his hotel suite makeover.

Find out what Jeribai has to say about making it to the finale, plus hear the judges’ take on his design style.

Watch Jeribai’s Exit Interview

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Jul 22

HGTV Star Winner Tiffany Brooks on the Big Moment + Her New Show

Fresh off her HGTV Star win, I chatted with our newest host about the best and worst parts of the grueling competition, what it felt like to win and what you’ll see on her new show, Most Embarrassing Rooms in America, coming to HGTV this fall.

HGTV Star Tiffany Brooks

HGTV Star Season 8 Winner Tiffany Brooks

It’s been a crazy ride for you on HGTV Star! What was the most difficult thing about the competition?
The most difficult thing about the competition was the time. The viewers — and I was one of them — think “What’s wrong with this designer? Why didn’t they do this?” Time and resources play a huge role in the show. It’s like that unseen character.

What was your favorite moment on the set that we didn’t see on TV?
After they called time in the loft challenge and we were in the vans headed home, our story producers kept calling Brooks “Boris.” Brooks just sat there with this crazy look on his face, not answering any questions. Anne and Jeribai and I just feel into this pit of laughter. It went on for at least half an hour.

HGTV Star Designers Cheer

HGTV Star Contestants

How did you feel going into the finale?
At that point I was just like, I’ve made it this far. I still didn’t believe that it was possible for me to win. I was still able to dream and be responsible and not be nervous about anything. When I heard it was in Palm Springs, I was like, it’s a mini-vacation!

Photos: See Tiffany’s HGTV Star Journey From the Beginning

Did you leave your finale suite wishing you’d done something different, or were you happy with the design?
I loved it. I loved the art installation, I loved the fireplace. It was completely me.

Tiffany Brooks’ Finale Sitting Area

What was your first reaction to winning HGTV Star?
I kind of froze for a minute, and then started thinking,”Oh my God, they just said Tiffany. I have to respond, I have to do something.” So it was like my brain having a conversation with my body. I could not react quick enough. I was still stunned that they said my name.

Read Tiffany’s Exclusive Interview

Jul 21

HGTV Star Finale Recap: Victory Is Suite

It’s been an exciting road for the final three HGTV Star contestants, and what better finish line than the midcentury modern design mecca of Palm Springs, Calif. Tonight, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai all raced to design an entire hotel suite at the Ranco Las Palmas resort (with some help from their former competitors.) For one of them, the night ended like this:

HGTV Star Judges Clapping

So, which designer is HGTV’s newest Star: Tiffany, Jeribai or Brooks? Read on to see tonight’s designs — and find out this year’s winner.

HGTV Star Finalists Brooks, Jeribai and Tiffany
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Jul 19

Finale Sneak Peek + Sunday Night Twitter Party

Ready for a little vacation? Grab a vodka gimlet (or your throwback drink of choice) and join the final three HGTV Star contestants as they make over hotel suites in the midcentury design mecca of Palm Springs, Calif. Jeribai, Tiffany and Brooks will each design a brand new suite at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort. Hopefully they’ll get a little pool time, too:

HGTV Star Finale in Palm Springs, Calif.
Get a sneak peek of what you’ll see in the finale after the jump. Then, join David and the judges on Twitter during the show for behind-the-scenes details on the finale and their reaction to the newest HGTV Star. Just tag your tweets with #HGTVStar to join in on the fun. It all starts this Sunday at 8/7c.

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Jul 18

The Season’s Most Memorable Moments

hgtv star season 8 top moments

This season of HGTV Star has produced a lot of highs and lows for our group of talented designers. There have been stress-induced tears, enthusiastic screams and insane design constraints they’ve never had to face before. Looking back to the past six challenges, what are some of this season’s most memorable moments, in your opinion? Here are the top 10 (or so) that we think make the cut.

Memorable Moments From HGTV Star

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