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Jul 23

Brooks’ Goodbye: “I Did Exactly What I Wanted to Do”

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood

From the very first challenge we all knew Brooks was going to bring some “unexpected flair” to his designs each week. This industrial design professor, trained architect and product designer is new to the world of interior design, but that didn’t stop him from creating some of the top spaces of the season. Brooks wowed the judges with his first vignette using a mix of vintage items in a contemporary way. This includes lots of taxidermy and pink wallpaper, a risk the panel loved. Then in week two, he created a crazy chandelier using audio cables. Each week, he brought a space that was very “Brooks.” His approach to design is what landed him in the top two with Tiffany and Jeribai.

“Brooks’ design brilliance is so refreshing and unfiltered, where you cant’ really tame the artist and you don’t really want to,” judge Genevieve Gorder says.

Hear what Brooks has to say about his HGTV Star experience, making it to the finale and his thoughts behind the hotel suite design. Plus, find out what the judges, David and Brooks’ fellow competitors think about his design style.

Watch Brooks’ Exit Interview

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Jul 23

Jeribai’s Goodbye: “It’s Always About Growth For Me”

HGTV Star Jeribai Tascoe

One of the most impressive things about finalist Jeribai Tascoe is his lack of formal design training. He’s self-taught and is truly a “jack-of-all-trades” in the design industry. Throughout the season we saw him paint, what judge Genevieve Gorder referred to as, the best stripe she’s ever seen. (He may have also been called a Striping Magician.) Then, he installed a kitchen backsplash on his own, receiving high praise from the judges: “It was the best kitchen backsplash I have ever seen done on the show,” Vern said. Going into the finale, he wanted to show the judges he had a sophisticated and luxurious design side to him. And that’s just what he did. “This space has so many really good, sophisticated moments that show luxury and an sense of escape,” Genevieve said about his hotel suite makeover.

Find out what Jeribai has to say about making it to the finale, plus hear the judges’ take on his design style.

Watch Jeribai’s Exit Interview

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Jul 18

The Season’s Most Memorable Moments

hgtv star season 8 top moments

This season of HGTV Star has produced a lot of highs and lows for our group of talented designers. There have been stress-induced tears, enthusiastic screams and insane design constraints they’ve never had to face before. Looking back to the past six challenges, what are some of this season’s most memorable moments, in your opinion? Here are the top 10 (or so) that we think make the cut.

Memorable Moments From HGTV Star

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Jul 17

The Final Three: See Their HGTV Star Journey

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale

As we impatiently count down the days until the final challenge, our finalists, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai, recount their HGTV Star journey. What did they think walking into the first challenge? How does it feel being a contender for the Star title? Find out! But first, here are some pre-finale words from our finalists:

Brooks: “I came here to prove that you could successfully think outside the box and challenge the norms in design, and I think I successfully did that.”

Tiffany: “What I need to do to pull off this final challenge is to keep doing what I have been doing but to add a bit more seasoning to it.”

Jeribai: ”I’ve been trusting my gut this whole competition and it’s been paying off.”

See Their Journey to the Finale

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Jul 16

Anne’s Goodbye: “I Was Shocked When I Got Kicked Off”

HGTV Star Episode 6 Elimination

Anne describes her style as “livable eclectic,” and her spaces have all pulled in that recognizable Anne element that everyone has come to love. There have been a few unfortunate mishaps here and there (the bedding from challenge one and the draperies from challenge three), but she’s ultimately impressed the judges all around. “She had some of the best spaces that were completed this season,” Vern says. “I was very surprised she didn’t make it to the top three.” I think we all were! Anne says, “I was the most consistent in my design; I’ve won three times; and I was the most consistent in my camera challenge, so I was very shocked when I got kicked off.”

Hear Anne’s take on the challenge that sent her home. Plus, David and the judges discuss her best design moments throughout the season.

Watch Anne’s Exit Interview

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Jul 11

It’s the Final Countdown (Almost!)

HGTV Star Episode 6

HGTV Star’s final four: Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai

In just one short month we’ve gone from 10 talented hopefuls to our final four fighting for the title of HGTV Star. Oh, how time flies in Star world. You’ve already caught a sneak peek of this week’s school bus showdown, but we have a special behind-the-scenes video straight from David, Vern, Sabrina and Genevieve you’ll definitely want to see. Now that we’re close to the end, the judge’s share their thoughts on the remaining designers, Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai. Plus, find out what they expect from the final challenges.

Sabrina says, “They’ve made it this far because they are listening, changing and evolving, but I want them to be true to their heart and just design away.”


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Jul 9

Boris’ Goodbye: “It’s Not the End of the World…”

HGTV Star Episode Five Elimination

Oh, Boris. If you’re ever paired up with him, you’ll never wonder what he thinks about you. During Sunday’s sorority/fraternity throwdown, he was pretty vocal about his plans for the space … and his thoughts about working with Jeribai. And does anyone remember the time he took credit for choosing the bookcase in the apartment challenge (when Abby’s the one that really found and styled the piece)? Boris may not be the best team player, but that’s all part of the Star challenge.

Boris’ final words: “I think there’s much more to life than just working, but I’m lucky that my work is actually something that I enjoy.”

Hear what Boris has to say about being eliminated so close to the end, plus find out what the judges and David really thought about his final design decisions.

Watch Boris’ Exit Interview

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Jul 4

Caption This: Episode Five

This week, our five remaining designers are heading back to school, not to study but to make over the Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority house and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Their college clients know exactly what they want for their spaces and the designers are ready to deliver…if they can stop doing the can-can long enough to get to work. What do you think inspired this spontaneous dance session? I feel like this was totally Brooks’ idea. Write your best caption in the comments below.

HGTV Star Season 8 Episode 5 Sneak Peek

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Jul 2

Abby’s Goodbye: “I’m Leaving Here a Better Designer”

HGTV Star Episode 4 Elimination

For the first challenge, Abby knocked it out of the park. Then, we all remember the industrial loft dilemma. Jessie got the kitchen, Boris got the dining room and Abby got the foyer (and was stuck painting all three spaces, leaving her zero time to decorate the entry). Plus, there was the cabana-curtain-in-wet-paint situation. Let’s just say challenge two was a bit stressful for Abby. Desperate to step it up a notch in week three, Abby couldn’t afford to have creative differences with Boris in their clients’ apartment. Unfortunately, Boris’ faux crown molding will do that to a team. Abby’s Star rollercoaster came to an end this week after installing a bland countertop and backsplash that Vern described as a “flesh-fest.” Eeek! 

Hear what David and the judges have to say about Abby’s designs, plus listen to her take on her Star journey.

Watch Abby’s Exit Interview

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Jun 25

Tylor’s Goodbye: “They Did Not Make the Right Choice”

HGTV Star Tylor Devereaux

Tylor skipped the evaluation room after the first two challenges and felt a bit neglected. (We’re not sure how he missed talking to the judges after the VW hood incident, though.) But, third time’s the charm after the “neutral” apartment design that reminded Vern of his last visit to the hospital. Or, David’s reaction: “It looked kind of like bad corporate housing, and I’ve been in some bad corporate housing.”

When asked about his elimination, Tylor says: “To be more of a leader would have been a better idea, but I didn’t want to be the older guy that bosses the young girl around. I probably should have, but I didn’t and I paid the price.” Uhm.

Hear Tylor’s take on his exit and the judges’ opinion of his (and Cris’) final design.

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