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If you’re a die-hard #BroVsBro fan then:

1.   I don’t have to explain the hashtag…you already know.
2.  There’s only one place you will be tonight, and it involves HGTV.

Yes folks, we’re down to the final, heated moments as our favorite bros take their finished homes to market and discover who is the winner of Brother Vs. Brother .

As it stands now, Drew is in the lead with two renovation victories, but it’s still anyone’s game. Our social media score keeper shows the fan choice is neck-and-neck, so this one is just too close to call.

Are you #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew?  Place your bets now, then follow Jonathan and Drew for a LIVE play-by-play on Twitter (use #BroVsBro).  And if you tweet with us during the show, we might just show it on screen.

So tune to HGTV, power up your device of choice, and let’s get this “bro-down” started!

The season finale of Brother Vs. Brother airs Tonight 9|8c.

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Hi Everyone – it’s Christina from Flip or Flop. Last week I shared my plans for our new son’s nursery. It’s going to have a vintage baseball theme! So many of you commented that you liked it and I’m so glad; we’re so excited to see him in the room. This week, I’m taking you on a tour of our daughter Taylor’s fun, girly bedroom.

I moved her from her nursery and made that into the new baby’s nursery. When I was making Taylor’s “big girl” room I switched it over to a room that had a bigger bathroom — I figure she’ll appreciate that as she gets older. I’m just planning ahead!

Christina and Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop's Taylor's Room

I like rooms that aren’t too babyish, and made Taylor’s one that she can grow in to. She is four (and will be five in September) so right now it’s perfect for her. The decor is really princess-y but with a grown-up vibe. Everything is pink, white and silver. She has some fun metallic wallpaper behind her bed and her bed has a tufted comforter. And then to top it all off, she’s got a big crown above her bed – Taylor helped me pick that out – she loves it! She also picked out the soft rug that’s in the room.

I’m still adding art to the walls. “You are My Sunshine” is our favorite song, so I found some art with the words on it for one wall and the other wall has her name in metallic block letters.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop's Taylor's Room

For Taylor’s bathroom, I did a quick fix by taking down two rows of the plain white tile and added this cute mosaic tile that has some bling in it. I also switched out the gold fixtures for chrome ones and added this cute mirror.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop's Taylor's Room

Taylor also has a fun playroom where she spends a ton of her time. She loves Disney’s Frozen and loves to read. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop's Taylor's Room

Taylor is SO excited to be a big sister. She talks to the baby and reads him stories all the time. She kisses my stomach every morning. We are just a few months away from my due date so she’ll be a big sister before she knows it.

I’ll be back in two weeks with an update on how our son’s nursery is doing and I’ll be sharing some tips for staying fit while pregnant.

Thanks for reading!

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We’re chatting again this week with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about what it was really like on the set and what we didn’t see on the show. 

Producer Loren Ruch With Digital Host JD Scott

Producer Loren Ruch With Digital Host JD Scott

Jonathan encountered a leak and some water damage this week — how did that effect his progress?
Water was truly Jonathan’s enemy this entire season!  The poor guy couldn’t cut a break and ultimately it made for a lot more work, clean up, and chaos.  However, he ended up always finding a solution within the allotted time frames.

Hilary and David from Love It or List It were on set  — and they couldn’t agree on a winner! How long in real time did it take for them to make a decision?
It took a LONG time!  No one really wanted them to use rock, paper, scissors to pick a winner, but the fact was that they truly disagreed on the challenge and it was the only way to get it resolved.  Their deliberation was about an hour (or more) long!

Blog reader Jen asks: We all enjoy the fun sibling rivalry, but do you ever see Jonathan or Drew do something honestly nice for each other?
The true fact is that they are REALLY nice to each other in the real world.  They are always respectful of one another and always say nice things about the other when they are not around and not listening! Ha.

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below. 

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Whew — last night’s episode was a close one! I mean, judges Hilary Farr and David Visentin actually played rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner. The brothers cranked out some truly beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, but they both focused much of their energy on one area: The master bedroom.

Drew created a colorful, modern space with a built-in gas fireplace, while Jonathan created a soothing blue space with rustic touches like a DIY barn door. You know who won the challenge (and who had to eat unnecessarily hot wings) but which bedroom design was your favorite: Drew’s or Jonathan’s? Vote in the poll below.

Brother Vs. Brother: Pick Your Favorite Bedroom

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Aside from being great designers, builders and DIYers, HGTV stars are also great dads (and sons.) With Father’s day approaching, we wanted to know their favorite moments as dads and with their dads growing up. Note: Possibly NSFW because you may not be able to control your “Awwws” and tears on this one.

John Colaneri – Co-Host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens

John Colaneri and daughter

“This is going to be a very special Father’s Day for me since it will be my first. To be able to spend it with my daughter and wife will be something I will never forget. I always remember going out to a special brunch for Father’s Day to celebrate with my dad. Now that it is my turn, it is a little surreal, but exciting!

Chip Wade – Elbow Room

Chip Wade with father and sisters

“I have great memories of working alongside my dad in the workshop, so it really warms my heart when my kids want to do projects with me. It’s also funny for me looking back on how my dad had his hands full with three kids, now that I have three of my own.”

Anthony Carrino – Co-Host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens

Anthony Carinno with his father

“We went to Porsche Sport Driving School for an entire weekend for my dad’s 65th birthday. My dad got me into go cart racing when I was about 10 years old, so the driving school seemed like a great gift to him later in life.”

What are your favorite memories as dads and with your dads? Tell us in the comments below.

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Ok, Brother Vs. Brother fans: it’s half-time and the score is tied.  Jonathan garnered the first victory with an amazing living room makeover.  Then, last week Drew fought his way back with a show-stopping kitchen reno.

Now it’s anyone’s game.  Our social media score keeper shows the majority of viewers are rooting for #TeamDrew.

But all that can change at the drop of a hat (or a hammer).  #TeamJonathan has a very loyal (and vocal) following.

Here’s a sample of what folks are saying on Twitter about their favorite bros:

So, the water-cooler question of the day is: are you #TeamDrew or #TeamJonathan?

Join us on Twitter tonight during the show and cheer for your favorite bro. Just use #BroVsBro to join the fun.

An all-NEW episode of Brother Vs. Brother airs at 9|8c.

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We’re chatting again this week with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about what it was really like on the set and what we didn’t see on the show. 

Jonathan Scott and JD Scott with Loren Ruch

When Brothers Attack! Jonathan and JD with Producer Loren Ruch

Jonathan had a lot of trouble during episode 2 working around the rules in his planned community.
How did the production crew work around the limitations? We had to adhere to the real life issues that came up while shooting, so it proved really challenging for Jonathan, because our shoot schedule actually had us working over President’s Day, which we didn’t realize would mean that we couldn’t do any construction on that particular day due to HOA rules. Of course, Drew LOVED it because he ended up with a full day advantage, and in the end, he actually won the challenge!

Drew completely re-did his living room in addition to the kitchen and dining room. Was it really that down to the wire?
You better believe it!  The minute that Drew found out that his wall wasn’t load bearing, he jumped into fast gear and doubled up the amount of work he had originally planned on doing.  In the end, it paid off!

It was hilarious having Josh and David on the show this week! Are they friends in outside of their show, Beach Flip?
Not only are they friends, they are almost best friends! When Josh and David are together, everybody (including the entire crew) end up in hysterics because they are just so funny together!

The dare was completely crazy to watch in the web-exclusive video — what was it like in person? 
I conveniently wasn’t available to attend the shoot that day LOL, so that question would be better left to Josh and David :)

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below. 

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Who doesn’t love a good kitchen renovation?

Aside from the place you sleep at night, the kitchen is likely one of the most-used spaces in your home. That’s why it’s oh-so-satisfying to see a tired space be transformed into a showstopper.  Two HGTV shows that come to mind when it comes to stunning kitchen makeovers? Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop.  So we want to know: When kitchens from the two shows go head to head, which couple comes out the victor?

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Vs. Chip and Joanna Gaines: Kitchen Vs. Kitchen

#1: Flip or Flop Modern Showpiece

After Tarek and Christina bought this house sight unseen, they lovingly fixed it up with a high-end, modern kitchen. The monochromatic color palette makes this small kitchen appear more spacious, while the marble countertops, white subway tiles and stainless steel appliances pack style into every inch.

#2: Fixer Upper Rustic Reno

Fixer Upper fans voted this renovation their number one favorite from season 2, and the kitchen is one of the home’s most stunning features. Chip and Joanna opened up a wall between the living room and dining room for better flow, then outfitted the kitchen with white subway tile, industrial pipe shelving and, of course, their signature shiplap.

So, which room is your favorite? Vote in the poll below.

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House-hunting excursions, flips and flops and fixer-uppers may be your HGTV bread and butter, but when you’re in the mood for something outside the mainstream, try dipping a toe into our provocative tour-series Extreme Homes. In each hour-long episode, you get an inside/outside look at some of the world’s most unusual, creatively imagined, visually challenging and downright outlandish residences.

Be forewarned. This is at a far end of the spectrum from your standard house-hunting or home improvement fare. But don’t be afraid to explore the fringes. As gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson famously said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

For a sampling, check out these video segments from the series that focus on homes where art is a driving factor behind conception and design — and, in some cases, where the home itself becomes the sculpted piece of art.

To wit…

The Four-in-One House

Murcia, Spain

Architect Clavel Rojo custom designed this house to fulfill the wishes of clients who wanted a home that served four discrete purposes: a gallery to display a large art collection, a space to host extravagant parties, deluxe accommodation for overnight guests and an efficiently designed private residence. The large modular house incorporates four stacked units to fill each of those requirements. The party space, by the way, is below ground so loud music and celebration won’t disturb neighbors.

The Whimsey House

Sarasota, Florida

When artist couple Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist bought their suburban Florida home it was beige, bland and ordinary. What has evolved over 30 years is a kaleidoscopic dayglo vision that might have come from a fevered dream of Antoni Gaudi – or maybe Pee Wee Herman. Inspiration for the home’s exterior draws on the painted-lady Victorians of San Francisco, and the owners have bedazzled almost every square inch inside and out with kitschy curios and found items – including a collection of more than 700 brightly hued and hand-painted bowling balls.

Here’s a video collection that features these as well as five more art-driven Extreme Homes.

And tune in to HGTV on Friday June 26 for an Extreme Homes mini-marathon running from 8am to noon, ET. See the 6/26 listings in the HGTV program guide.


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On this season of Brother Vs. Brother, the renovations are seriously stunning. And it’s no wonder, with talented contenders like Jonathan and Drew. After all, they’ve had a little renovation experience.  This week’s kitchens were no exception, with Drew knocking down a wall to create an amazing open floor plan and Jonathan using store-bought cabinetry to create a totally custom-looking kitchen and hutch.

Brother Vs Brother: Pick your favorite kitchen from Drew and Jonathan Scott

We know who won out on the show (and who had to perform a…revealing…dare), but which would you rather have in your home?

Tour every inch of these beautiful kitchens in our exclusive photo gallery.

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