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louis vuitton house

Photo courtesy of UglyHousePhotos.com

You’ve got personality, you know it and your friends know it. That doesn’t mean the whole neighborhood needs to know it. Be your fabulous self without broadcasting it all over your home like you’re a circus ringmaster with a paintbrush megaphone.

pink and yellow room

Photo courtesy of UglyHousePhotos.com

This room is worse than a poisoned apple, and some might even call it a “Disney don’t”.  Bright primary colors, dwarf everything else with little trace of snow-white to balance out the color.

Balance is Key

Think pops of color, not nonstop color. Use only hues that will compliment your main components.


What are your main components? Those are the design elements that don’t budge: flooring, walls, and cabinets. Let’s say you, like many folks, have wood cabinets, off-white walls and neutral carpets or hardwood  flooring.  Show your devotion to Disney with a set of sofa throw pillows that reflect Cinderella’s signature blue, yellow and pink colors, not a beanbag chair with her cartoon face on it.

Find Inspiration in Your Closet

What colors and patterns do you tend to wear? Do you have a Pucci dress or a vintage 50’s scarf you love? Look for decorative kitchen hand towels and oven mitts to capture that same essence, or frame a piece of gorgeous, patterned fabric and hang it on the wall.


Wild about wallpaper? It can be overwhelming all over a room, but use it to accent. For a graphic yet subtle impact, wallpaper the back of a slab door or paper a powder room.

Don’t Be Shy About Dark Colors

I’m not saying you should go full-on Tim Burton goth, but there’s a reason black has been hip for centuries. Instead of buying a puffy, black leather couch, consider looking for a black leather chair to go with your neutral-toned sofa.

egyptian dining room

King Farouk of Egypt called, he wants his dining set back. Photo courtesy of UglyHousePhotos.com


Lighter colors are fine, but ditch the Easter-egg pastel. Pastels had their heyday in the 80s, and there are better neutrals out there, even deep shades. Gray is a wonderful neutral, and there are so many other shades that have more saturation than pastels.

The Riskier The Color, The Smaller The Item

Hot-pink ceiling-to-floor drapes might overwhelm a room, unless you’re Barbie. But a rich charcoal curtain with yellow grosgrain trim can enhance your space with a zing of unexpected color. Once you’ve decided on a bold color you love, repeat it throughout your space in moderation.


Check out my Pinterest page for some unfortunate theme decor gone wrong.



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