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What does home mean to you? Cuddling on a front porch swing? Running around a backyard with happy kids and barking dogs? Newly-painted kitchen cabinets? A holiday potluck? The word home means something different to everyone

HGTV is celebrating every aspect of home with our new #lovehome campaign. Share what home means to you with photos on Instagram and Twitter. Tag your photos with #lovehome and #hgtv and your pictures could appear on this blog or even on TV.

Check out what home means:


What does home mean to you? Share your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #lovehome and #hgtv.



3 Responses

  1. Suzette says:

    Home to us is warm, safe and happy. Being able to go outside and see your neighbors at the park. Being able to go to the back yard and see all our pretty plants and trees. Seeing my son get on his swing and be able to have fun and be safe. To be able to have our turtles walk to our feet, and our Dog run around and play with our son. Able to share our home with all our neighbors have party's en enjoy ourself to the fullest. When we go out of town can't wait to go back home.

  2. DIANE says:

    my home over the years has not only been home to myself and children but to many others who had no where to go.I have taken young adults for the past 13 years and some have come back with their children,that is love a home filled with warmth,safety, love.I have a three bedroom ranch needs fixing up but yet we always make room for whoever comes thru our lives in the past

  3. Katie B. says:

    It doesn't matter really what the house is that holds us together, because for us, that changes almost yearly. It is what is inside and the memories created in it and the town that makes home. It is where we come to for comfort while on our particular journeys. It is where I make it, year after year, the place where my son can come to that is the one thing that doesn't change…Home is also where we visit. When I think of home, it extends beyond the town I currently live in to the town where I grew up and where my family and friends live. I enjoy the memories I have made, and will continue to make with my family and the family my husband and I have made together! I'd say another extension of home is my computer and internet because it allows me to communicate with the part of my home that does not travel with me. In summary, HOME is:

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