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Have you seen our Holiday House? We turned one lucky home into a holiday fantasy by filling it with dazzling but totally do-able projects.

My favorite, and one I did in our home this year, is the mobile Christmas tree:

Mobile Christmas Tree

Lots of families don’t have a great place for a big Christmas tree. We put ours in an old-fashioned red wagon and wheel it all around. Guests for dinner? Into the dining room! Quiet night by the fireplace? It goes between our tiny wingbacks.

Editorial calendars being what they are, we’re making our plan for 2013. What holiday design challenges are vexing you? Need help hanging lights? Want a mantel but you don’t have a fireplace? Tell me now and maybe we can get it covered for you.



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  1. equitog says:

    How about some holiday planning (October, November) for December holiday stuff?

  2. Mary Fabian says:

    I have a fireplace, with a raised hearth, but no mantel. How can I hang the stockings by the chimney 'with care' if I don't have a mantel?

  3. Heidi says:

    Everything on a budget

  4. Marjorie says:

    Wonderful very creative continue the great job, I hope that in a future HGTV creates holidays shows competing indoor/outdoor christmas decor What you think?

  5. Okay, you've gotten me curious about the rest of the house. You wouldn't happen to have pictures, would you?

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