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We want to hear about your household habits. Do you need to have the remote controls lined up on the coffee table before you leave the house? Don’t you hate it when a glass is put in the dishwasher the wrong way, leaving it filled with nasty water? Tell us about your habits, pet peeves, and observations in the comments or by emailing us at hgtvmagazine@hearst.com. Please include your full name and hometown.

Laundry On a Clothesline

Do you need everything neat and orderly?


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  1. guess says:


    • JillianHGTV says:

      I asked our customer service department about your spam problem, which I know is super annoying. Here's the information how we treat your email address and how you might avoid the nasty spammers:

      Please be assured that the spam emails you are receiving are not the result of Scripps Networks Interactive sharing your personal information with any third parties. We take the personal privacy of our customers and fans very seriously, and we take steps to ensure that consumer personal information is safeguarded against improper distribution. Please review our privacy policy for more information on how we use and protect consumer data.

      There are several steps you can take to reduce the amount of spam email you receive, including using a unique email address with both letters and numbers and entering sweepstakes only using a secure network connection (not WiFi). The Federal Trade Commission offers detailed tips for reducing unwanted commercial email. For more information, please visit the link below.

      We do keep track of all consumer inquiries regarding spam, and for that purpose it would be helpful to know what type of spam you are receiving and from where (for example, “pharmaceutical advertisements from Canada”). If you have a moment to provide this information, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bunz says:

    I'm a big fan of many of the HGTV shows for years, however watching Rehab Addict tonight I was surprised to hear her say, "I hate wallpaper" She's entitled to her opinion, but she just put down an entire trade which is not fair especially in today's economy. Wallpaper can be beautiful if done correctly.

    • Karen Smith says:

      I agree with Bunz, justy because one person hates it does not make it a all hate wallpaper decade event. I know in the 80's there was some pretty wild wallpaper, but I have a 3 D of Brick wall paper that looks really. I love it! I had lots of compliments on it too.

      • Karen Smith says:

        What makes a home to me is one that is mine. Know where my stuff is and like to find it. I do beleive a home should be and looked lived in. My mother and I disagree. She is what you consider a home to look like in a Better Homes Magazine, I too like a clean home, but I am not to the point where It bothers me if a glass is in the sink. I do have pet peaves like a crooked rug or picture. I do have to make up my bed and have all my pillows in order. I am trying to get to a point where I can simply by organization and clutter clean up. HGTV really has given me some great tools to work with,

  3. tina says:

    i have a house over 100 yrs old. my great grandfather helped to build it, and I am wanting to change the kitchen and front room to make one big room. the problem is they did it once and their is a basement stair covered up by sink and cabinets . what is the best way to open up a room . I have been watching hgtv for years. And i sure could use the help

  4. Jim DeVengencie says:

    I live in Florida. There are thousands of manufactored homes in florida as all over the U.S. My home has 1414 square feet in it. This is more than a lot of homes and apartment"s that I see on HGTV.. I never see tips, make overs,buying or selling or remodeling of homes like mine. Can you help to understand why? Also we watch HGTV every night.

  5. Marjorie says:

    HGTV is one of my top favorites program I learned a lot about house hounting, staging, negotiating when buying or selling homes etc. I am a property virgin and I always dream that someday I will become a home owner because, I like to decorate and enjoy staying home, but I notice that some shows such as: Property Brothers, Love it or List it; and Income Property are great shows but they are too repeateted too oftten over and over, is time to create new programs or bring back show like: " Designers Challenges" Directors and Producers please take notes,…………….Sincerely.

  6. chr1551 says:

    I love HGTV, all of your shows. I have learned alot! Thank You. I like all the mail I have been receiving, it has giving me new ideas and great sites. Now back to the habits–sadly everyone has them if we were perfect we all would not be here—sometimes life,work… there is just not enough time in the day.

  7. Suzie says:

    Regarding the question posted,I would like to know why out of 11people in my house that can replace the empty toilet paper. As for HGTV , I used to really
    Pe some of your shows but now its just non-stop House Hunters of some sort.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Suzue, I so understand about changing the toilet paper. It's bad enough that you have to go get it and buy it and put it up ,you think the least the family members can change the roll? I even started putting a roll on the back of the toilet so it would be easier to Chang, but instead they use it and stack it on top of the old cardboard roller. If you find a solution let me know. The way I have found peace about it , every where I go it seems like this is a issue not only in my house but public bathrooms or doctor office. So I have the mind set I belong there. :)

    • stacey says:

      i agree we to are over the hours and hours of H.H.'s

  8. Sandi says:

    Nope…don't need the remotes lines up…but I am a big fan of the "simple team effort" in a household…my time is as valuable as yours so just pick up after yourself so nobody else will have to clean up after you!

    Also…I need some opinions…pros and cons…we built our home several years ago, at which time I had a single oven with a microwave built in. I'm currently researching replacing those two appliances to accommodate two ovens…either a combo unit, one of which is a microwave -convection, or a double oven unit and have a microwave installed over my gas cooktop. I can't find enough information on the microwave-convection units to convince me that would be my best choice. I would appreciate some comments and /or information if you have any to share…thanks!

  9. Sandi says:

    Oh, when is this "stainless steel appliance frenzy" going to end!? In my opinion, stainless is not as "warm" as the timeless white…and it's much more difficult to maintain!

  10. Janie says:

    i am loving the Jan/Feb HGTV magazine! I would love to purchase the frame-patterned wallpaper that is on page 79, but it is not listed in the shopping resources…… HELP!!!

  11. Gail Kenley says:

    I sure do need help with a makeover my dream would be for you to come to my house after husband died 2 yrs ago. I watch this on tv were they come in do over. He died at home in our bedroom and the rest of house is the same also .Course Im very lucky to have my house it needs some stuff done its about 17yrs old starting to get worn out .Would love help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Things are starting to break all original appliance. Thank you I love your show. Gail Kenley

  12. Josh Taylor says:

    Habits would have to be my obsession with putting my dogs toys together and the dog bed made. When realistically she will just take every toy out, so I can trip on it once more.

    Selling Tampa Bay, LLC – Josh Taylor
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  13. chris flores says:

    i would really like to see my side by side trailer remodeled. you have done very few shows on trailers being remodoled

  14. midwesterner says:

    I am flabbergasted by the prices on these shows!! WE live in mideastern Ohio and the homes in our area have depreciated so much. Our 4,000 sq ft ranch has gone down 55,000 !!! We would like to sell and move into something not so big and easier to maintain and affordable. Our heat and electric and repairs in this 1960s home is eating us alive! We are afraid of losing our shirts. At this rate we will not have a down payment on anything we would consider moving into. Family of 5. three teenagers, two soon going to college. We are finacially, house poor and need some help. Never see anything like us on your shows. We are "reality".

    • chr1551 says:

      welcome to the economy — Life Happens !!!!! All you can do is do the best you can and you are not alone, I have a story too! Everyone has one

    • momof5GA says:

      Sadly, this is true. I suppose the rating are higher for shows that feature what most of us would consider "dream homes." I have seen very few average 3 br/ 1bath (or even 3br, 2ba) mid-century, ranch-style homes.
      Even on shows such as "Property Virgins", the buyers seem to be in the upper-middle-class or higher income range.
      What ever happened to a "starter home?" Why not have a show dedicated to homes UNDER $150,000? Perhaps decorating tips, light fixtures, flooring, etc. that do NOT cost an arm and a leg!?
      Don't get me wrong, I am an HGTV addict + LOVE to watch almost every show daily- even re-runs! I find that I can use a lot of the tips and ideas by buying look-alike products, thrift-store finds, or doing more DIY. …and of course, a girl can DREAM! ;-)

  15. Todd Slusar says:

    I love my house. I was built in 1924 and like many older homes it has a lack of closet space. There are five. One in each bedroom and then a "guest closet" on the first floor. Except for 1 bedroom closet they have issues. 2 bedroom closets are narrow and tall and have odd bump-outs in them for no reason. The master has a door that isn't centered on the space so when you open the door the closet is long to the left and not useable. The guest closet is probably the worst of all. The door swings in so you can only access the full closet by stepping in and closing the door. I would love some ideas/help on how to fix or at least make these closets manageable. Thank you. Todd Slusar – Milwaukee, WI.

    • momof5GA says:

      Your house sounds a lot like my mother's home (my childhood home.) They worried more about the placement of the doors from the standpoint of aesthetics back in those days. Most people had a dresser, a 'chest of drawers,' and a free-standing wardrobe. The "bump-outs" you mention could be hiding pipes, electrical, or even structural beams.
      One easy fix is to have a contractor either widen or possibly move the door(s.) For the door that opens in to the closet, (very strange) it is an easy fix to rehang the door. Try a local handy man. It could be that they hung the door inwards because the floors are uneven, which is quite common in older homes. In that case, they can just use a plane to trim the bottom of the door and hang it correctly. …
      Store clothes that are out of season in the longer end of the closet that is difficult to reach.
      If the rooms are large enough, or there is a 'spare room', build your own closet! If you have a spare room, use 1/2 of it for a walk-in closet with shelves and room for hanging clothes.
      Good luck!!

  16. Linda LaCroix says:

    I love to do my household tasks before I change out of my pajamas and take a shower. I hate when someone comes to the door when I'm not expecting them because I know they probably think I am so lazy!

  17. Andi303 says:

    Where do I start, I don't leave my house without, making the beds, washing any dirty dishes and my laundry is done daily and put away. The blankets on the sofa are folded and everything is picked up. I can't tell you how many times I run late because I feel everything must be in place before I leave. I am not a clean or neat freak, I just have made it a habit to do these little things before I leave my home each morning.
    Andi Hearn
    Hondo, Texas

  18. Dorean Monchilovich says:

    Home to me is where families get together for laughter and love… It's the only place where you can say what is in your thoughts and not have to worry what other's think, because family knows you best… It's the one place where you can dream about all the things you want to have in your life and appreciate all the small things you do have… I have been divorced now for almost 5 years, i do my best to tend the happiness of all my children and provide a home that they can always come to with complete openness to them and their families… one day i hope to be able to install new siding , window's and insulation, but for now Love is what keeps my house a home…

  19. gilbert mann says:

    Bev and I are retired and live in a 2400 sq. ft house. Actually we only live in half of it. We want to down size and since we have never seen the Property Brothers approach this subject, we would like to be a canidate of downsizing and the emotions that go along with it.

    We live at 5539 Independence road-Racine wisconsin-53406. We can be reached at 262-886-0998 or 262-939-4649 or 262-939-4659.

    With the right advertising, this would be a great show to many you don't reach now

    Gil and Bev Mann

  20. Peggye Barnes says:

    I would love to buy "framed picture wall paper" mentioned on Page 79 of Jan/Feb. But this item is not listed where to buy in the back of the Magazine. Please help

  21. L. Harris says:

    I love hgtv . I am also looking for my first home in Miami Florida and as a future buyer I feel there needs to be a renovation show filmed out of Miami to help people like me with a low budget renovate their homes. There are so many homes in Miami that are low cost but need a lot of work and someone like me who would love to be a home owner but can't afford the fixes and Reno the homes may need or just don't know where to begin. Something like The Property Brothers would be nice if they came to Miami

  22. Keith says:

    Hi Favorite Network!!! It's Keith & Ellen in Greensboro NC.
    Our habits include work, dograising, and trying to love needy kids, and SELL OUR TOWNHOUSE!
    We LOVE Elbow Room, Color Splash, House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love it/List it, & Income Property. GREAT SHOWS!
    I'm writing so that you might consider US for one of your shows! My wife Ellen is a Special Education Teacher with children with autism, and I am a Youth Pastor, and work with at-risk, emotionally challenged teens.
    We live in Greensboro NC; I drive 2 hours/day (there & back) to Concord, NC for my job, because my wife's school is in Greensboro. We have tried for 2 years to sell our 1600-sq feet townhouse, which is in a development made by Portrait Homes, & my wife has lived here 9 out of its 10-year existence. She owned it before we got together. It has been listed privately with 2 agent-friends of ours, and they have had no results, chiefly because (we are told) that there are 12- yes TWELVE- other townhomes in our development up for sale in the last 14 months.
    If/when we list it public, then we have to keep it clean ALL the time, without doghair, and replace the carpet. I clean 2-3 times/week, and my wife cleans once/week, but we are SOOO busy with her 2 jobs, and my church job, it's VERY hard to be at a real-estate agents' beck-and-call with less than 10 hours' notice, especially since I work an hour away.
    We are SOLD out to God, and to the children that He has put in our care. Inasmuch, we don't have lots of freetime to fix up a townhouse to buy another house.
    My wife works SO hard, that she has had pneumonia twice in the last 2 years, and once 4 years ago (our 2nd year of dating). We are adopting a child, and HOPEfully the process will be DONE by JUNE 2013! We HAVE to get out of this townhouse, and into a REAL house, with a yard, for our 2 dogs, cat that lives in the garage b'c I am DEATHLY allergic, and our future child!!

  23. George says:

    HGTV Loyalists! Our habits have changed over the years. Years ago we lived busy hectic lives with lots of stuff and chaos. We've simplified over the years cutting back on TV, except for HGTV of course. We prefer more informative shows. We've also found growing our own food and cooking more at home is very rewarding. Gardening is sooo relaxing and there is nothing better than eating the fruits of your labor. We recently bought an outdoor oven from http//www.fontanaforniusa.com and we have become addicted to baking and cooking in the wood burning oven, great for pizzas, breads, roasts, etc. We also have be spending more time and money fine tuning our home. We installed a new all glass front door, several new skylights and a new fireplace from http://www.customfireplacedesign.com. We enjoy the Property Brothers very much and admire their ingenuity and efficient transformations. They are contractors with interior design expertise! HGTV Rocks!

  24. JUDY says:

    RE: LoveHome With HGTV~ I would love to enter photos, how about FaceBook? I'm not familiar with Instagram or Twitter. FaceBook…An option?

  25. Donna says:

    First of all, I would like to say I enjoy watching HGTV, but I have noticed that some shows are not very green. The project hosts, just go in and demolish everything. Think about it, kitchen cabinets could be taken down in one piece and donated to some needy families. I know it makes for dramatic shots etc., but in this day and age most viewers would rather see things not being destroyed.

  26. Doris Flynn says:

    On love it or List It are David and Hillary brother and sister. They act like they are.

  27. Sheri says:

    Who would know whether dark crown molding will ever come back? The contractor we hired to paint says that we have kept it in such good condition that he really wants us to seriously think about it. Anybody else in the same dilemma?

  28. Pam says:

    I love HGTV and would like to know how to contact you. We owned a home at the Jersey shore and it was destroyed by Sandy on Oct 29th. Having never done this before, I would love to have one of the design shows (such as Property Brothers) or (Love it of List it) come down to the beach and help us get on the right track. How does one go about this?

  29. Joy says:

    I would love the property brothers to build a house on my beach lot! Love their work. This would be a great show.

  30. magelic1 says:

    A house becomes a home where a family learned to grow, to share, a home showing love, it shows who you are, a person create the home, with their own persalitity, and tastes and what brings people together. . My parents had brought a house, in 1943, in La Verne, CA. and they turn it into a home not just for themselves but for their children, and grandchildren, and realatives. they it turn throughout the years have increase the valve of the property and building. We need to appreciate the orginal as well as to see the future of the life of a home, as a grows with the family

  31. I’d must examine with you here. Which is not one thing I often do! I get pleasure from reading a put up that can make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  32. karen mcgarry says:

    whats up with your programming? I am weary of House Hunters and want to see the designer's shows, i.e.. candace, and all the others. Many of my friends feel the same and we are ready to give up on hgtv. Soooooo sick of house hunting, renting, etc. What happened to the apprentice designers competition show? Loved it. So disappointed.

  33. Fran Sweat says:

    LOVE HGTV I get so many ideas that I hope to use some day. We built our home 19 years ago and now that we are about to retire it needs so much updating. I would love to see some ideas for those of us that need to down size and update but not to the point you would never get your money back. I also am wondering what the next trend will be in kitchen and baths. Central Florida is still not in recovery mode.


    I am a long time , loyal fan of HGTV with just one request. Please consider changing the loud, ear bending music you play between speaking segments on your shows. It is distracting, annoying and in my view defeats the purpose of maintaining viewer interest. I, for one, mute the sound every time the loud music comes on. HGTV is about aesthetics and creating a safe, comfortable place to live. The loud music defeats those goals.

    Thanks for listening. Alexandra

  35. laurapoul says:

    I' m so tired to watched house hunter and love it or list it .
    We need something new !!!!

  36. stacey says:

    we are also very tires of watching house hunters. please listen to your viewers. thanks

  37. Beverly says:

    What happened to the HIgh Low Project show. It used to come on every Saturday. I have not seen it on for a while now. Will it be coming back.

  38. Deliliah Gregory says:

    I am getting ready to redo my entire house, some rooms just by replacing the molding and painting the walls and replacing the carpet, the kitchen will have the counter tops redone with a faux granite and refinish the cabinets as well as build shelves on the island and putting pennies on the floor as a floor covering. I have many projects in this house and I can't wait to get started

  39. Mary Bradley says:

    I live in rural Virginia. It would be SO nice to see what the team can do with a old farmhouse which will be going to my daughter and her family of 6. My husband and I are building a age in place home and my son in law will be builidng our new home as payment for our homeplace. I really would love for my daughter to be able to move into HER dream home as well. This house has served as the home place for both sides of my husbands family and mine. I am proud to say that currently the ages range from 6 months to 102 years old!! It has been a good old house, and hope it will be for the next generation!

  40. Peter says:

    I love watching House Hunters International and House Hunters … but it is so annoying and irritating that the show keeps repeating itself over and over again… there is no need to repeat the details of a property every time you come back form a commercial break… just show the 3 options and summarize at the end.

  41. patricia says:

    Hi HGTV, I'm a new fan & especially love Rehab Addict & all of the rehab/crasher shows. We are still living in the 70's ( green stove,green old carpet, out dated wallpaper, one bath shower unusable,etc) at our home. Any possibility of a makeover in the Va. area? Thanks for your consideration.

  42. Kelly says:

    I love HGTV I mean LOVE HGTV but I'm not feeling all of the reruns and some of the shows. Whatever happen to the HGTV design stars that won and there show. I'm getting so tired of the same old shows that HGTV is putting out. Bring back the design shows on like Design on a Dime, Meg Caswell Show, David B romstad. Please do something HGTV. Create new shows do something or I fear that your die hard fans you will lose them. Embrace some change in on how you guys are doing things.

  43. russell theis says:

    i love your magazine and admire the craftsman designs you have shown may13 issue on pgs. 108 & 110.could you please send me a floor plan with dimensions for both houses. i have promised my wife (betty) to build her one. my mother grew up in east houston,texas in the 20's-30's in a craftsman bungalow house. i've always enjoyed them and the nostalgia that went along with that era. keep doing the good work there is much demand for what you do and the classy way you present the materials. regards,russell & betty theis

  44. Char Keenan says:

    I LOVE HGTV. NEED TO WORK WITH REAL PEOPLE WITH LESS EXPENSIVE HOUSES.NOT EVERYONE HAS A $500,000. HOME. I get great ideas, but don't always have the budget to incorporate them. Make more shows for people on fixed incomes like retired people who would really love to say I love my home again. Needs upgrades I can't afford now that I'm on fixed income. I also live alone , but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to have a big kitchen. I have the room , just not the resourses.

  45. Alena Dorsay says:

    After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

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  47. Claude Elm says:

    Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  48. It was really helpful that you are sharing this details to your readers, I do personally having a worth while in the article. Thanks for sharing such good release.

  49. I am also looking for my first house in Las vegas California and as a upcoming customer I experience there needs to be a remodelling display shot out of Las vegas to help individuals like me with a low price range remodel their houses.

  50. Paul says:

    I install crown molding in Southern California. I've been getting lots of calls on Monday mornings, from husbands who couldn't figure out how to install it over the weekend… So whatever you do, DO NOT change anything in your crown molding installation programming. I need the work! :)

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