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It’s the dead of winter, and I have the tropics on my mind. I’m not alone–HGTV viewers loved the two Island Hunters specials that came out on New Year’s Day so much, we’ve decided to dish up 8 more full-length episodes later this year.

Island Hunters on HGTV

You can look forward to episodes taking place on islands in the Bahamas, the West Coast and even the Northeast when the series debuts, all featuring the dreamy real estate fantasies you’ve come to expect from the House Hunters family. Tell me: what tropical island would you like to own a piece of?

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6 Responses

  1. Candy says:

    I like so many HGTV shows. There are some that I like not so much. I want to be on some of the shows but it seems that because I don't live in certain areas that I am excluded. There are roads that lead here. LOL! Keep up the good work.

  2. James says:

    I like most of the shows on HGTV. Some make you dream. Some get you motivated to improve your house/yard. Some are just fun to watch because of the nice host. The Island Hunters is one of those that just makes you dream. I used to lived on a Island (Hilton Head Island) but it felt like just living on the beach, not necessary on a island.

  3. Louise Reed says:

    I LOVE, LOVE House Hunters but am very disappointed that the producers or whoever selects the
    people to be on the show cannot find ANYONE that does not have a dog or an ANIMAL!!! There are
    some people that don't like animals and I am one of them. If its all right with you, PLEASE, PLEASE
    feature regular persons or family that do not have or want a D—- Dog!!!!!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Island Hunters is THE BEST!!!!!! Please make more seasons of this show! Me and my Mom and ALL my friends LOVE it!!! Make it and us and the world will watch! This show is a guaranteed hit!

  5. Cyrstal Packard says:

    Nice one !!!

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