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Indulge us here a moment at HGTVGardens, as we say goodbye to our HGTVGardens blog and prepare to say hello to our new and improved HGTVGardens.com website which debuts February 18.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to stroll down memory lane and remember some of our favorite blog posts from the past year, starting with everyone’s favorite fowl-fan, Mick Telkamp. As an editor with the unique pleasure of reading Mick’s posts each week I have loved discovering the complexity of chicken-rearing. It’s hard not to read Mick’s posts and urgently want a coop of chickens of your own. One moment Mick is waxing emotional about chicken psychology and the special bond that can form between a man and his chick.  And the next minute, Mick’s all business as he details how to prepare your flock for winter. Mick is a real Renaissance man, freezing his surplus of chicken eggs one minute and putting up peaches the next. What can this fella not do?

1.  Have You Hugged Your Chicken Today?

Ask anyone who keeps backyard chickens: though most of us know them as the lifeless objects on our supper plate, once you start keeping chickens they can quickly wrangle their way into your heart. In this post Mick offers insight into that special human-poultry bond.

2. What to Expect From Your First Eggs

First comes the chicken, and then the egg, right? Or is that vice versa? In any case, what seems like an utter no-brainer — chickens lay eggs — turns out to be a bit more complex.  Mick lays down some wisdom in the egg department, including some fascinating egg-facts.

3. Cock-A-Doodle-Who? How to Tell a Rooster From a Hen

One more reason we adore Mick: who else would come up with a title like this one? Turns out many of you homesteaders getting your first batch of chickens are finding out the hard way that there is a noisy rooster in your midst.

4. Chicken Coop Essentials

So you’ve committed to the whole notion of raising backyard chickens and fresh egg omelettes every day of the week? Now all you need is this post to get you started.

5. Why I Raise Backyard Chickens

And finally, what is a mission without a manifesto?

Stay tuned for even more of Mick’s homesteading insights on HGTVGardens.com!


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