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  1. Barbara & Patrick says:

    Love Home Pictures

    Memories of good times. Takes me back to thoughts of the kids, our different pets, going to the snow for the first time when I was just a kid and all the projects a life time offers, So many feelings come rushing in, things I had forgotten so long ago. Thanks for letting me feel those warm feelings all over again.

  2. Steven L Herman says:

    hello my name is Steve Herman and I live in Windsor,Pa. 17366 what a Dream home means to me is something that you worked your whole life for . and then you end up having to sale everything you built when the Doctors tell you that you can no longer work and you have to under go two Back Surgery's in 2004 and 2006 and you struggle to try to rebuild something .and all you can do day after Day week after week and month after month and year after year trying to create a home reliving a vision of something you had in the past and knowing in the Back of your mind that what you had is going and its not coming back .and all the people that you have helped over the past 25 years or more wont even give you any help at all .my idea of a Dream home is peaceful and very cozy .I have tried this with a run down shack in Salem,NJ.08079 its close to the beach .as close as I will ever get .right on Thompson street .maybe its all just a Dream – Home

  3. Steven L Herman says:

    maybe one Day my Back pain well slip by long enough to maybe let me build a beach home maybe just maybe . I will not give up for my quest for my Dream Home and if I have any thing to do with it my vision will come true .they said that I would never amount to anything in my life and I proved them wrong I was the best there ever was as a Drywall Hanger . I was a one man wrecking crew for over 27 years and I helped so many people get a real shot at life .in york,Pa. they will never forget the name STEVEN L HERMAN in the Dry wall Business .so it don't matter what they say about me know because they know just who I am and who I was and they all know who they are and they would not be there if not for me .so yes one day I will build my Dream Home not to shut anyone up but for me and peace of mind.

  4. Kessia Beltran says:

    I love to watch HGTV every day , is my favorite website. I just enjoy it very much.

  5. Jo McAlister says:

    During a conversation with my two small granddaughters one day they were asking me what the difference between a house and a home is. I explained that a house is a structure. Whereas a home is where someone lives with a lot of love. And, where the family members have a lot of pride in their house and share in the responsibility of home ownership. Granddaughter Zoie looked up and said to me "Then Nana, I live in a home".

  6. Shelvia ettinger says:

    Lovehome is a comfortable place for family and friends to reunite on special occasions. Special memories from childhood to adulthood for years to come. Would love a beach house some day as my family loves the South and the beach. Someday.

  7. Arun Shah says:

    I love to watch everyday, my favorite show property brother.

  8. Kathy says:

    I vote twice a day and love all the homes you have built over the years. To all those deserving a beautiful home I wish you all the best. I especially want to thank all the hard working people who have built these homes to perfection and decorated them to the fullest. You all have done a wonderful job and I hope that for the future you could build half the home for the price and give away two homes a year for the people who really deserve a nice place to live..

  9. VENUS says:

    Home is a place where in I always want to stay.No matter how small or simple it is what is important I shared a wonderful moments everyday with my hubby with peace, love, care, understanding and most of all that we live God center for a happy and beautiful life..Me and my loving hubby are also grateful to welcome our loved ones,friends and neighbors for a simple or special occasion..It's good to always feel at home in our home…God bless!

  10. Steven L Herman says:

    a dream Home is a Home that you and your sons Build from the Foundation on up working together .teaching your sons and working side by side building memories. from the ground on up .and every time you look at the walls or windows or doors or the Trim and landscaping and the Deck you stop and think .about when you and your sons built all this. and the fun they enjoyed with there friends on the Deck and the pool . and around the neighborhood . many many memories . that was the Dream home of yesterday .not how big or how much it cost but how much you did to make it your dream home .and how hard you had to work to get there . these are the memories that your children will remember. and past on to there children .this is what dreams are made of . and sometimes things happen and you really have to dig down deep no mater how painful and try to pull your self back up again. and maybe one Day you will be able to rebuild your Dream home with your sons . it may be a dream only if you just stay in bed Dreaming about it . but as long as you keep your dream alive and pushing forward one day your Dream may be realized again through your sons .I gave everything I had to give to my sons asking for nothing in return just that they remember what there Dad went through working as a Dry wall installer in york,Pa. and having a dream of buying a home and Building a big Family room on from the Ground on up and everyone telling me that I was living a dream (but ) I made my Dream come true by never turning down any work no matter how hard this is what my sons remember about my Dream .even when I had to sale due to having Back surgery's I still have my Dream one day .it will happen again. and the best part is my sons respect me for everything I have done over the past 30 years because I will not give up no matter what. this is my idea of a Dream home .

  11. Steven L Herman says:

    in the past 30 years I have help many many people realize there Dreams and never have I ever ask them for help in return .I have trained many young men to install sheet rock who were just running the street and would end up some where with no Dreams but bad ones . these men I respect because they took a chance and listen to me they worked with me and I told each and every one of them that if they worked hard one Day they would own there own home .and yes many of due to this day . and yes they know what has happen to me . they all know that I am determine to get back on my feet again .and my hat is off to all of them through them I live on in the trade of Sheet rock hanging .my name lives on and they will be talking about me for many years to come .and this alone is building Dreams to own there own Home . in my family of my Brothers and such many of them have taking advantage of me over the years and I just kept helping them out as much as I can .and sometimes Brothers and such do not have your best interest in hand . now I try to teach my sons to just respect each other that not all family or brothers are as mine are that there are brothers that due help each other when in need .and this just pushes me even harder to build family values . even after I am gone from this world my sons will respect me and honor me for what I have done for them .this is the best Dream home anyone could ever want .

  12. vdodge says:

    I have a rant , I am a decicated and faithful watcher and Love Love Love this show , all of them . I however wonder why folks like my self that live in rural areas would never be considered for home make overs or for that matter any of the contest you have. seems to me that all of the areas that are eligaiable are in Los Angelas, New York, New jersey and Chicago . is it because that is where all the shows are taped? and why would you not give viewers like myself the same opportunity to wiin or be involved in all of hte great projects that you show's offer. I am 76 years old I have my daughter and son inlaw and their two handicap children living with me. I have a very delapating home that is about 100 years old , we are ill all the time because of black mold and , bad plumming and bad septic system that we can not afford to fix or replace.I cannot begin to describe the needs of my family's home repairs. and I have tryed and tryed to win these sweepstakes to no avail.. now I realize thaat I was wasting my time all along because I would never even be considered for such a blessing because I didnt live in the right area..thanks for listening

    Avery blessed Old Woman

  13. Daphne says:

    I would love to win that dream home it would be a wonderful vacation for my family and I this year we have been through so much we one of my sisters in the army just found out she has brain damage and my family is trying very hard to remain by her side it's very hurtful to see her this way but all we can do is pray and support her and my son who has Duchennes muscular dystropy he just stop walking at the age of 9yrs his condition is a life threathening illness there is no cure for it so it really hurts the family to see him go through the ups and down I love my family for all the things they do for each other and we will continue to pray together

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  15. Bukit Besi says:

    Nice info. Glad to read more from on this topic. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Kat says:

    BIG BIG Fan….Favorites are Property Brothers and Love It or List It, the loving banter between the Brothers and the hosts is priceless. I have learned an enormous amount of valuable life lessons to use going forward. THE YOU HGTV

  17. Deborah Barrett says:

    I've loved and watched HGTV for years. I record it while at work and watch my recordings in between shows once I'm home. After years of watching my husband has found there are several shows he enjoys too. My home is a mix of all that HGTV has inspired and taught me to do. Thank you HGTV.

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