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The latest issue of HGTV Magazine has hit newsstands, and it’s chock-full of color! Flip through for pages of brightly colored flea market flips, DIY ideas, and house tours that leave you with more decorating ideas than you know what to do with.


The colorful cover of March 2013

See how HGTV Magazine editors (with some expert help) transform drab and dull used chairs into bright new pieces you’ll want to display.

Looking for fun new ways to liven-up your space? Get a tour of one cheerfully decorated Victorian home in Austin, TX. that has inventive ideas you can steal.kitchen design ideas

Get inspired from the blue and white pillows featured on our cover. Inside the issue, you’ll find more than a dozen options in this color combo, plus cool furniture, accent pieces, and even paint.

Our High-Low List this month, courtesy of Sabrina Soto, includes two lamps in the perfect shade of peacock. Test your skills—at first glance, we bet you can’t tell the pricey version from the bargain.
peacock table lamphigh low lamp

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    I love the twin beds on page 109 but there isn't any product information on them. Who are they made by?

  2. Samantha says:

    This issue annoyed the heck out of me. That particular article about the people who had 'never before thought of' ideas to steal? Are you even kidding me? Good grief, EVERY SINGLE ONE has been featured dozens of times over the years. Such shoddy writing. Modern chairs with a farmhouse table? Chandelier in the kitchen? Wallpaper on one small feature wall? Blah, blah, blah. Seen it, seen it, seen it LOTS of times. Maybe it is new to someone who has never picked up a home magazine before in their life but it was such a silly, patronising article. Was it a cute house? Yes. Totally unique with never before seen ideas? NO, NO, NO. Plus the owner's comment about how unique and so not 'mainstream' she is just rankled. Yeah, yeah, you are right, you are so different and so much more special than everyone else. #rollseyes

  3. sherri nelson says:

    i need the March 2013 issue how can i get it, it doesn't have any info in the magazine how to get a back issue.

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