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  1. Patrick says:

    This is exciting….. i love HGTV

  2. Cindy D. says:

    I hope it's my parents, They are retired and they need this home so badly. Everyone that wants this home deserves it. God Bless everyone.
    IJCN! Cindy

  3. Deborah says:

    this has been my favorite home thus far..would love to win it

  4. judy says:

    My best friend is winning this! And I will be happy to share it with her!

  5. Phylis says:

    What a beautiful.job on the house and surrounding. Anyone would be so happy to win this Dream Home!!! Hope it's me.

  6. D. B. says:

    Oh man, I want it so bad I can see me in that home already.

  7. ConnieMaeK says:

    Oh the suspense!

  8. ConnieMaeK says:

    Monica, congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to your family!

  9. Hislight says:

    I claim this house, it's mine!

  10. Debbie says:

    Please let it be us! I so yearn to live with our family that are already living in Charleston, South Carolina.

  11. Mike says:

    If a deaf person win this prize, please text him or her. :)

  12. tguthrie0505 says:

    Did someone already win? Will we even know when they do?

  13. Jen_in_nc says:

    "Maybe they got lost" My husband is concerned because we haven't heard from you. If you need better directions let us know. Please call. ;) wink-wink

  14. MwendolynG says:

    Are they contacting the winner today??

  15. Donna says:

    We need the house REALLY BAD!!! For reason we can't post.

  16. Cac says:

    Have they notified the winner?

  17. Kay says:

    It's so great to find this blog and know that I'm not the only one who wants to win this awesome HGTV contest! My best to the winner (1 out of 77 million?) and I'll be watching on 3/15. Everybody needs to get themselves ready and look pretty for the camera crew tomorrow a.m. — cause it could you YOU!

  18. Debby says:

    I am so ready to be ambushed by the HGTV crew :)

  19. Dayna Harvey says:

    I now I won the house! I just can't wait for the crew to show up. I hope I am not t work so I can enjoy my surprise s soon as possible I wish everyone could win.

    • Winner says:

      You Havent Won and To Burst your Bubble the Winner Lives in New York . So its Me or Someone who lives in New York too.

  20. patricia says:

    Im so ready to win this for my family ..good luck everyone fingers crossed:)))))

  21. Tim says:

    Come on let's ambush me

  22. Bob says:

    It's over now. They winner has be contacted. Time to move on 2014.

  23. Treasia says:

    Please let it be me so we can have a warm getaway. :)

  24. Treasia says:

    Good Luck to everyone! :)

  25. Heather says:

    I would have loved to have won this! Such a beautiful home and location. But every year when they announce the winner, I can't help to be happy for them..the people who actually get the house always seem to deserve it!

    • Steven L Herman says:

      EVEN I know that this is all fixed . only people with money win . look I love watching the show but come on get real .

  26. Diane says:

    Hi everybody I hope I'm the winner. With all the bad luck my family has gone through. Husband be laid off for the last two and half years. Might lose the house we are in. That's a long story. I had a dream that I won it. So I'm keeping my fingers cross.

  27. Brian says:

    One day I could only hope to have such a beautiful home for my twin daughters . But we are on our way and I have only 6 months left to finish my first degree in college at almost 49 years old . My daughters have inspired me and given me the motivation to give them a better life. Love HGTV and always watch . Inspired me to do all that I have done in our home now altough small it is beautiful. crossing my fingers!!!!!!

  28. Faye says:

    Well we all want it that has always been my dream location I enter every year but the odds are always against me
    Lucky to whoever won

  29. Betty H says:

    I hope I win this house. We live in a small home and this is my only chance to win a dream house. Would love to retire in Charleston. We have family there.

  30. Lynn says:

    I wish I could win this so very beautiful house! we could really use a break! But congrats to who ever wins!!!!

  31. Bettina says:

    My prayer's go out to everyone that entered this contest. I know that everyone wants to be a winner and we all have our reasons for wanting to win. I just hope that I am the lucky one this time, If not it is what God has planned and my blessing goes out to the winner.

  32. Lynn says:

    What a beautiful home! I could see myself here with my family!!! It has been a very hard road since returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and work is hard to come by, husband has been out of work for four years, But we have the faith!! good things come to those who wait!!!! I am hoping it's my turn!!!! Good luck to all that entered!!!

  33. Margaretlyn Peacock says:

    Oh. I need that house so much ours is so old and it is a trailor. But I will be so happy for who ever it is.

  34. Annette says:

    I pray that my parents win. This would be a dream come true for them, they both have worked so hard all of their lives and this would the greatest thing to ever happen to them.

  35. Shelvia ettinger says:

    Congrats to the winner.

  36. Doris says:

    My 3 year old granddaughter says: Lala we are going to win the house. I answer her, we have to pray to Jesus! HE KNOWS!

  37. cathy says:

    My son and daughter in law have gone thru so much to be together .. she is from Nova Scotia and he is from Virginia… they have relocated to Charleston and he works in Kiawah .. this would be so awesome for them and it would be a place for her family to come visit…;please let our family win…

  38. ECP says:

    Hope it's me:-)

  39. Penny says:

    Pray that its me……. Please

  40. Rosa says:

    Good Luck to everyone who believes in HGTV :) Thank You HGTV for making dreams come true! and hope for many families that need a home. May God keep blessing the wonderful channel, and everyone who participates in this event. Thank You

  41. Sue says:

    Me , Please, Please , Please !!! How fun would that be.

  42. Stephanie says:

    I really hope my mom wins this one. She's a great mom and it would make her feel more better about her heart trasplant knowing that we would be in a good place. If, God forbid something were to go wrong in her surgery. Good luck to everyone though! Best wishes.

  43. Ignacio says:

    This would be the best birthday present to my wife Merlyn that her birthday is on March 10. She does so much for everyone; vlolentiering for non-profit organizations. Would be a prefect reward… Good luck everyone!

  44. Jonesy says:

    I'm on vacation in Arizona….please come and get me!

  45. Kathy says:

    I have 3 children who have lost their jobs and also lost their homes because of foreclosure. I could really use the home in order to help them out and it would also help me out. I no there are many out there with money problems, but I just hate to see someone who has a job or is on retirement from a high paying job win a house that they can afford. We need more down home people who have lost everything and would appreciate it more. Thank you and good luck to everyone who made this all possible.

  46. Jai says:

    Oh…please let the posibility of this life changing event be alive. My family made fun of me for entering so often; but I believe if you keep at something long enough that all things are possible.
    I once was one of 4 people who bulit a cabin in the woods of West Virginia with NO power tools. (Being from San Jose, CA where I grew up in a tract home on a cul-de-sac …this was some feat!) Two story , two bdrm, skylight in the stairway, oak kitchen, a cistern hand dug….windows recycled from upstate NY, roads dug out of the side of hills (multiple times) trekking in sometimes 2 miles all the windows, supplies….years of work, years of fun loving cooperation between the 4 of us. Ahhh….that was life!

  47. Julie says:

    I showered and put makeup on this morning… just in case they ambush me!!! Congrats to the winner!!

  48. helen says:

    I am waiting for the knock on my door, what a great home and place to live! This would be our new primary home, just in time.

  49. Lacey says:

    I am on pins and needles!! Good luck everyone!

  50. jenni says:

    I cant wait to see the lucky winners and i will keep my house clean and my hair out of curlers just in case I would be the lucky one and get surprise at my door!

  51. Tiffany says:

    It's so nice to dream about having this home!! I just hope this dream is a reality for me and my family! Congrats to the winner. You are one lucky person! :)

  52. Lois Boone says:

    Wow ! Would I have fun with owning this house. I'd have my friends come and each spend a week with me.
    That would take up the whole year, and then I could start all over again. I could show them around the area and hopefully they would come and buy some real estate close to me and we'd have a whole new neighborhood of people.

  53. Jamie says:

    I hope it is my family because it is the perfect DREAM HOME for us!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  54. Jamie says:

    They already surprised the person so don't get your hopes up! Not trying to be mean!

  55. Kim says:

    God is still good. If not the Dream House then he has something else for me. God bless you all. Keep hope alive!

  56. Cyndi says:

    I know we could really use this house. I also know there are a lot of other folks in the same position. Good luck everyone and God Bless

  57. Nancy says:

    I would be thrilled to win this home! I have plans for this home! And I would like to help other people!

  58. Michael says:

    Let's not move onto 2013 yet, The Dream Home may go to any of us but probably me and the Smart Home 2013 or Urban Oasis could be yours as well

  59. Stacey says:

    I just lost my job March 1, this would be a wonderful gift to a new beginning. We can only hope!!

  60. Irma Mendez says:

    I love win this home.I like everything in this home .I wish I had one like this.
    I Hope God Helpme to win this beautiful home .its reallly beautiful
    thanks for showing the house. God blessing HGTV DREAM HOME.

  61. Irma Mendez says:

    I love to win this home . Its really beautiful. I like everything in this home.
    I wish I had one like this. I Hope God Helpme to win this home.God Blessing everyone work in
    HGTV Dream Home.


  62. Joanne Pappas says:

    I have entered all the contests so far; however, this is by far the most beautiful home and location of all. I would love to win this for my family…it would be so great for all of us to have such a beautiful place to come to. I look forward to March 15th and the announcement of the winner. I will be happy for whoever is the winner. Thank you for this opportunity to "dream!" Joanne Pappas

  63. Irma Mendez says:

    I love win this home for my family and me. I hope God helpme to win this home._I like everything in this home.Its really beautiful. I wish I had one like this. I by happy with my family.

    • skeeterfly says:

      i can tell by your typing that english isn't your native language and that you weren't born here. probably not even a citizen–maybe even an illegal alien. i think only natural-born us citizens should even have an opportunity to enter these sweeps.

      • DeLo says:

        Mr. Skeeterfly, I believe the very first illegal aliens who set foot on our precious US soil were European colonist, illegal aliens is not what's wrong with this country, it's selfish, insensitive, ignorant people with the sense of entitlement from all walks of life that continue to plaque this world (not just our country). It wouldn't be very nice if someone said You sounded as though you were from NASCAR country, maybe even, possibly from Florida, which in that case- Florida :U.S. state, formerly a Sp. colony, probably from Sp. Pascua florida, lit. "flowering Easter," a Sp. name for Palm Sunday, because the peninsula was discovered on that day (March 20, 1513) by the expedition of Sp. explorer Ponce de León.
        Sp. meaning Spanish, in case you didn't know. Good luck to you..Skeeterfly because in this case, no matter what your views, everyone has had the same opportunity to win this dream house and to live in this dream country. A US solider who served you and everyone in it. DeLo.

  64. Diane Petersen says:

    I hope that my family and I win. I don't like the cold weather here. All of us except the two babies have either r/a ,Lupus or was born with upper extremity handicap which is also very limiting in the cold weather. Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to win this dream home

  65. Lina says:

    I will love to win this house is my dream I have 2 beautiful dauthers and I work to hard for them for us to have in the future a house I really wish to win this home for my 2 beautiful dauthers I love to watch the shows about homes

  66. cheryl coggins says:

    I hope it will be my family. We really could use this blessing. Good luck to everyone.

  67. Your a Loser says:

    No it isnt and Never Will Be.

  68. Patricia says:

    I Hope I get i been Entering for While Now. I hope its Me. But Whoever it is Good Luck , You Deserved it . And Good Luck to Everyone Else who Entered.

  69. anna says:

    so many generous people in the usa, hope its south florida as we have given so much to others that have suffered the experience of a hurricane. monica my house is the one on the right, next to the lake :)

  70. skeeterfly says:

    i had my name picked by richard petty, the king of nascar, and won a 2011 ford fiesta, which i've been driving since. i think that's a good omen to winning this one too. the first win was an appetizer. this one is the main entree. question is, what's for dessert?

  71. Ann Marie says:

    Got my fingers crossed……..good luck to everyone!!!!!!!

  72. donna dodd woodson says:

    My daughter surprised me with a trip to see the Dream Home and Charleston for my birthday! Just got back yesterday! What an amazing place to live!! Thanks baby girl it was a blast!!

  73. EVELYN says:

    please come to Levelland TX! My finger are crossed

  74. Karen says:

    How far in advance of the broadcast do they notify the actual winner? I imagine it would be weeks in advance, meaning, HGTV has already notified the winner. Any fact-based insight anyone? Gratitude.

  75. scottm53 says:

    How did the people who signed up on the internet get included in the drawing when it looks like they drew from a barrell?

  76. Patel says:

    HGTV (Monica Pedersen) has not knock my door yet and it's already 13th so seems I am not the one :( …was really looking forward to win this…O well…

  77. wanda jo box says:

    i knew that i didn't win the dream home no one in alabama never won one that not fair i'm very sad and unhappy lady and very upset with hgtv too that all i say to ya.

    • Stef says:

      How is that not fair? You're one in 77 million entrants. It's not like they pulled your name, saw you were from Alabama, and then tossed your name in the garbage. Get over it.

  78. Carol says:

    Regardless who wins this house, I wish them love. I am sure they deserve it, and will share the house with family and friends

  79. chef ellen says:

    Well, good luck to everyone…God, is in charge!

  80. Logan says:

    Not trying to be rude, but reading some of these comments – some of you people are pathetic. It doesn't matter if you're poor or your kids are sick or you were diagnosed with such and such and a meteor hit your car etc etc. HGTV doesn't care about your sob story. It's not like they're going to read these comments and then be like, "Oh man, we picked a winner but this random person in Bumf*ck, Texas has cancer and she's raising 20 orphans. We better give the house to her instead." Ya'll need to nut up.

  81. Steven L Herman says:

    oh come on everyone we all know that someone that don't really need it will be the winner or some one that has a good Retirement and a nice home all ready or some one with a good job and a nice home in other words if you have any kind of money you might be the winner . people that have a run of bad luck or just hard luck never win so everyone needs to just stop begging .

  82. Steven L Herman says:

    only people that don't need this are the ones that win . if you have a good Retirement with a nice home you might win . if you have a good job with a nice home you might win .or if you are all ready set in life you might win. don't get me wrong this is a grate show and I love watching and learning new things it really helps me but I don't think they will pick someone that really needs it .

  83. Deborah Adake says:

    I continue dreaming for my parents to win this home. I love to leave in the South.

  84. Michel Adake says:

    My brother and Sisters are impatiently waiting for the Crew to announce that our parents won so we can move to this beautiful home! Thank you HGTV…..

  85. Germaine Djonda says:

    I am waiting for this exciting moment for the lucky winner. I can only dream to be the winner ! The best home ever. We love you HGTV!

  86. E. Adake says:

    Amen to HGTV! Best of luck for this winner of this magnificent dream home for any family. The winner is already chosen so let cross our fingers and wait ……

  87. Denise Gloria Jones says:

    I really need ths Dream Home! Please Please Please let it be me…

  88. Denise Pastre says:

    I guess it was not me because I haven't been contacted yet:(. Maybe next year!!!

  89. Mary Ruth says:

    How exciting… can't wait to see who the lucky winner is. What an amazing place!

  90. Irish1815 says:

    Congratulations to the WINNER!!!!!Many blessings to everyone…..Well if you didn't win the saying goes you always have next year…Can't wait to tune in @ 7p.m. to watch the Dream Home Giveaway…God Bless all

  91. DeLo says:

    2:28am 03/15/2013, whomever is the lucky person to win this house, be grateful and go on to make a difference in someone else's life, because you have been truly blessed.

  92. heather says:

    i been praying me and my family win it!!! either way though hope someone who really needs it wins!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Carole Dubbert says:

    I am waiting……….but so far no phone call, email, etc. My house is kinda hard to find even with GPS. Calling me would save a lot of driving around.

  94. wanda jo box says:

    well i know it not me but who ever won good luck with the taxes and other things i know no one in alabama will never win a dream home or the smart one in fl. i just got one more to say i hate hgtv and they are not the person i don't want to be friends with so good bye thank you wanda box of berry alabama.

  95. Cindy says:

    It is fantastic home!Goodluck to all,and gods speed to winner!

  96. iberia says:

    hello, did i win the house is beautiful

  97. iberia says:

    congradulations to the winner!!!!!!

  98. Dorothy says:

    Who won my house???

  99. Karen says:

    So bummed!!

  100. Michael says:

    I just want to congradulate the winner, Next year, I win, Hopefully, God Bless the winners and everyone else who participated, enjoy the home.

  101. bettegeraud says:

    The winner has been picked but have not seen a thing about it!!!!!!!!!

  102. robert moore says:

    i have prayed and ask the Lord if it be his will that my wife and i would be the winners of this dream home – it will be a dream come true

  103. for quite a long time i have been waiting to hear from you about my dream home address and location with hope this is the time

  104. Annonymous says:

    How do you know that the winner lives in New York?

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