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We know that for many of you, your pets are part of your family. They help to make your house your home – and sometimes take over every inch of that home as their own. Check out some of our favorite pets that people shared with #lovehome.

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8 Responses

  1. Mykel Gossard says:

    you must have missed my little ones :)

    just kidding! those were adorable!!!

  2. C.J. says:

    My boy is #7, thanks for posting it!

  3. Patricia Davis says:

    I am wondering if you ever rec'd the two close ups of our pets from facebook?

  4. Maxine Kelley says:

    How can i post a pic?

  5. maxine Kelley says:

    I would like to email a pic….is there a way to do that? I'm not on twitter.

  6. SSW says:

    Great concept HGTV with the exception of having to use Instagram or Twitter. So, unfortunately I can't send my pic.

  7. miranda says:

    I want to share…..from FB…

  8. Sue says:

    I love the first dog that is in this video. He/she is the absolute spitting image of my own dog. I actually had to take a double take to see if that in fact was MY HOUSE. It was not. I know this is crazy but is there any way to have the owner of that dog contact me?

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