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Spring is in the air, but here at HGTV.com, we’ve already got summer TV on the brain. Can you believe it’s almost time for another set of up-and-coming designers to compete for a chance to win their own HGTV show?

This year, Design Star is now HGTV Star: New name, new designers and amazing new challenges with the same great prize. And of course, you’ll still get a weekly dose of host, mentor and original Design Star David Bromstad. Mark your calendar: It all starts June 9 at 8pm/7c. For now, here’s a sneak peek:

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  1. Linda B says:

    Sure miss the design type shows. Wish there were shows for people in older mobile homes, over 55 communities, how to's on trash to treasures, how to make getting older and living by yourself safer and easier. Not all of us have (or want) stainless steel, granite countertops, rooms we never use but had to have because we were told we needed them, pools, and large yards. Just some thoughts for shows I would like to see.

    • diatribesandovations says:

      I'm with you. I miss the days of Joan Steffend when HGTV taught us how to make the average viewers home a better place to live. Nowadays, it rare to see a home with a value of less than $550k. If I never see "House Hunters" again, it'll be too soon. They spend too much time buying homes.

      Why change the name to "HGTV Stars"?

    • DEBBIE ROGERS says:


    • Lucy says:

      You have some interesting ideas, unfortunately, these channels don't want older viewers or people that are below a certain income bracket. They want those certain demographics that spend a lot of money, sad but true. I used to love all the antiques and collecting shows on HGTV, and I also liked the gardening shows, but I guess those shows don't cater to a profitable enough audience so out they go.

    • Gitta says:

      I agree! I used to love Design on a Dime and Decoration Cents which gave great ideas that were affordable to copy to our own homes. Who wants to spent 40k + to redo a kitchen or backyard. I wish they would get back to basics and include programming for all income levels. (We still make purchases for our homes, no matter what our home is or our income level). In this economy, my personal opinion is that they are overreaching their audiences. Hope the producers read these comments.

  2. julia says:

    so sick of love it or list it – every single show has the same exact plot- she runs out of money – gets yelled at -feels bad but everyone is friends in the end- its like a bad episode of " full house" for design……bring back novagrats-bromsted-junk gypsy- anything but liolt- or that stupid house hunters!

    • diatribesandovations says:

      AMEN! As a long-time HGTV fan, I miss the days of "Trash to Treasures" and "Design on a Dime". I've stopped watching all the remodeling shows. "Love It or List It" is a major snoozefest.

    • DEBBIE ROGERS says:


    • Arlyn says:

      Love it or List is is Worthless! Very un-interesting :(

    • jenny says:

      I couldn't agree more. What happened to Design on a Dime? There were so many good shows and now only Love It or List It. Remember when we went through Holmes on Holmes forever?

    • New material needed says:

      At least it's better than House Hunters and House Hunters international…. I'm so tired of hearing both closets are mine( baby you can have the guest bedroom closet or coat closet) Ha, Ha, Ha, Yeah not funny!!!! Oh how about for the 1 million-th time—-that bath is my sanctuary……Who cares! Quit with the H H marathons on every holiday!!!!

    • Wanaki says:

      Thank you!!! I need more shows like Devine Design or anything where they are actually decorating!!!

  3. Janet says:

    I'm getting tired of seeing House Hunters all the time. Wouldn't be so bad; but, they are back to back and then back to back again and again!

  4. Ginny Scofield says:

    Fresh ideas I love it!

  5. Adrienne B. says:

    i miss all the old design shows and stars also. What happened to all the Saturday night design shows? Where are the prior winners of Design Star? The only time we see our stars are in the magazine or in commercials. Do like Income Property, Addicted and the Cousins. Absolutely hate 'Love it or List it'–they are unpleasant people.

  6. Lisa says:

    I agree with all the above. Tired of seeing people buying houses.

  7. Kate says:

    I hate House Hunters. What a terrible show and it's on 24/7. I like Candice Olsen, Sarah Richardson. But I also agree that some low cost practical idea shows.

  8. Vivian says:

    agree totally with what has happened toHGTV-it had great design shows and now all you see is Love It or List It and House Hunters both repeated again and again and again! I have been a faithful watcher since the station started and now I cannot figure why anyone would watch! where are all the designers you tout with the ads for your magazine-they are certainly not hosting shows. come on Hgtv improve your programming.

  9. Karen says:

    I agree with everything said. Used to watch the older shows like "Room By Room", "Design on a Dime", etc. and loved them. Now, it's House Hunters & that awful Love It or List It. Come on, HGTV, let's get with it and bring back something interesting to watch. Listen to what people are saying about your "newer" shows and do something about it.

  10. Sandy says:

    I agree with all of you. Really miss Design on a dime and the original formats for Candice Olsens show and David Bromstad, more design and less selling. Where are all the past winners of Design Star , not to mention Clive. I almost never turn HGTV on any more. Use to be obsessed with it.

  11. Jean says:

    I agree with all. Sandy's says it best. This is not what I expect from HGTV. All we get is all the House Hunters. House Hunters is lame.

  12. Deb says:

    A friend of I were just recently talking about "what has happened to HGTV". We used to really love watching the design shows, but now all that is available are home buying and home "destroying" shows. It's getting really redundant. I wish HGTV would listen to their viewers and do something before I stop watching the network totally. I agree with everyone that House Hunters and House Hunters Int'l are lame. I am a real estate agent, and what you see on TV is not at all how the home buying process goes. HGTV needs to hire Christopher Lowell— remember him (from another network, I think)……………..

    • sue says:

      Christopher always had solutions for every problem, step-by-step demos, and was creative. Loved him!

    • John says:

      I can't believe all the garbage that is on HGTV night after night, hour after hour. All we get is House
      Hunters, House Hunters International, Son of House Hunters. where uptight professionals show off their
      ignorance and spend ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced property. Is anyone watching this network anymore or is the entire HGTV one big tax write off for some wealthy mogul? Love or List It is absolutely unwatchable! What ever happened to the decorating shows….have they all moved to the new
      magazine? Wake up, executives of HGTV…if you don't want to program the show any more sell it or give
      it to someone who will give the viewers what they want and deserve.

  13. Maggie says:

    Bring back the designers!!!!!!

  14. mare says:

    I want my design shows, I used to never turn HGTV off, now, it is rare that I turn it on :(

  15. mare says:

    I want my design shows, I used to never turn HGTV off, now, it is rare that I turn it on :(

  16. DEBBIE ROGERS says:


    • New material Needed says:

      I agree totally—–I want to know why Candice Olsen is no longer….. I can't get a straight answer……Also I miss Clive hosting Design Star……

  17. Suzzie says:

    I can't wait for summer and definitely so excited for the new season of HGTV. My expectations? I look forward to fiercer and exciting challenges. June 9, marked!

  18. Donna says:

    I'm throwing my 2 cents in with all the rest………………….I rarely watch HGTV anymore. They should have renamed it real estate TV. I too miss all of the designers and their shows (Candice, David, Meg, Genevieve, Sarah, Sabrina, Vern, Tanya, etc.) I so enjoyed learing about color, texture, space and design. I am an active 64 year-young adult with no interest in buying and selling, but I do enjoy updating and playing with all that I used to learn from watching Color Splash, Color Confidential, Dear Genevieve, Design On A Dime, etc. I am on a fixed income and would like to see more low-cost and affordable ideas (love High-Low!)

    • Guest says:

      I agree with you 100%!!! Where are all the shows from the good old days that made HGTV a destination spot? Why don't we see any of the designers anymore? What happens to them after they win Design Star, oops, now Star. Some of them just seem to fade away……. And what's up with the name change? Bring back the helpful hints, the brilliant ideas, the color, the zest and enthusiasm that used to be so prevelant on HGTV. Pretty please!!!

  19. sheza1 says:

    i love to watch love it or list it. I love to see the face lift they give old houses. It makes me want to try new things in my home. I adore the hosts of the show.

  20. Carin says:

    Sick to death of real estate shows. Tuned in to watch design shows…. tuned out because I am tired of watching people shop for houses. Pleeeeeeeease bring designshows back

  21. Jan says:

    Boy, am I glad I finally found the comment page.!!!!! I agree with all of the above. The Property Brothers show, the Love It or List it, House Hunters, just to mention a few,all have the same dialog, show after show and week after week. Also I hate the marathon run of each show. It makes for a very boring evening. Bring back the designers and mix the shows up, so that we are not seeing the same thing over and over. PLEASE!!!

    • New Material Needed says:

      I'm couldn't agree with you more Jan—Well said… I loved Designed 2 Sell with Clive and Lisa—Also Loved Joan on Decorating Cents….. They need to bring Decorating Cents back….

  22. Laurie says:

    I wouldn't mind the real estate shows if they were on once in a while, but they are on back to back all night. I talk to so many people who are sick to death of house hunters. Counting the days until Design Star starts!

  23. p d wagner says:

    gI agree with all above! its spring, how above some darden shows, and PLEASE bring back the junk gypies

  24. Katrinka says:

    I use to park on HGTV all weekend long & I rarely have it on at all anymore. I used to enjoy House Hunters once in a while, but the back-to-back-to-back nonsense is too much.

    I will definitely be tuning in to see the new HGTV Star…hopefully the title change doesn't mean the format of the show is all that different. Really miss seeing David Bromstad on a regular basis.

  25. mking1step says:

    After reviewing all of these comments, I too must say that the total turn around on HGTV has focused on the wealthy and transformations which are just not realistic to the middleclass man (or woman) and actually cause depression among those folks. I watch hours and hours of the remodels and then find myself dissatisfied with my own upgrades which I have done myself as necessity depicts within my lifestyle. Single parent families just do not have the financial backing to even delve into the possibilities of such adventures. We do need ideas on how to spruce up our areas on a meager budget and not the trash to treasure aspect, because with children, meals, home and work to attend to…who has the time for yard sales and/or the desire to design a home that means every item is off limits to children. I am speaking generically and with the elderly woman's comment in mind..it reminded me of all of the constant upgrades that I have done to our home. I watched your show for ideas but they are so far out of my abilities to bring someone in and get options or even opinions, I would love to see many more tips on how to take smaller steps to transforming a home and find comfort in what you may have..

  26. Barb says:

    Looking forward to the new HGTV Star._Agree with those who said we need more design shows._Something fresh and new!

  27. Anne says:

    Would love to see some landscaping programs on in the evenings.

  28. Diane says:

    I agree! HGTV has become Real Estate TV. I was also an avid watcher when DESIGN shows were on. Why would anyone want to watch people buying homes here in the US or internationally? What does that have to do with design? Come on people bring back design shows!!! BTW What's the big deal about the Design Star win when all you get is a few episodes of your own show? Where would David be if that was all he won?

  29. Sharon says:

    I agree too!! I remember the days of Trading Spaces that I would watch that on Saturday night and then flip to HGTV that would have their design shows all night and then would repeat them on Sundays. I love, love, loved HGTV back then – was totally obsessed with it. Now I couldn't tell you the last time I turned on that channel – could not care less about watching hour upon hour of House Hunter, House Hunters international, Love it or List it or any of the other real estate shows. Where is Sarah Richardson anymore? And the last time I saw Candace's show they had her all glammed up and just featured her and her team solving some stupid personal issue in her life which was fake and boring. Where was Chico? Her original show was awesome – the latest is just awful. I so miss those design shows – I am not sure they'll ever get that channel back to its original glory. Now the only show I watch is Design Star and I have to look online to see when that starts since I do not watch the channel anymore. So sad…

  30. Judy Mc Carthy says:

    I agree I miss shows like Trading Places and all the design show of days gone by. House Hunters is annoying,A bunch of spoiled arogant people , who need three bathroom for one person abd a bedroom and bathroom big enough to throw a grand ball in! Selling NY ete is really ridiculous. No one in the real world can or wants to buy anything like they show. HGTV has becoming borinnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Judy Mc Carthy says:

    Design Star , even tho outrageous . is fun to watch.

  32. Sharon B. says:

    Are the real estate shows cheaper to produce? That could be a reason, but I agree with all the comments I've just read. I still like the Property Brothers, but the design shows are entertaining, educational, and fun. I LOVE Meg. What about the last winner of Design Stars? I liked her and would love to watch her show, but everytime the channel is on it's showing house hunters.Shake it up people! You're losing your audience. But I can't wait for the new season in June.

  33. Janis P Nall says:

    Agree with 'all'the above!!So very tired & bored watching marathon replays of the these shows. Why are we watching Design Star? Oh, excuse me …I mean HGTV Star and we are told with the same great prize. You lost me there—-Emily is gone, Meg seems to have disapeared as have all that preceded her,there was one…Jennifer maybe? she painted flowers & things on a wall (irritated the judges)seems lke she did a room for her sister ? then was banned from hgtv forever.They have such a brief moment in the sun..if they get one at all…sometimes it's so brief, I find I have missed it entirerly.Remember Decorating Cents with the 5 min. redesign of a real persons room using only things already in the home, totally rearranged. Loved it!! So many wonderful decorating shows. I remember when HGTV started their own station, I danced around my house, called all my friends…lord, I was so excited! I hope you are embarrased & ashamed at what you have become.

  34. Aaron says:

    HGTV jumps the shark. Again and again and again. What happened to all the A-list designers?

  35. Guest says:

    Hmmmm……..does anybody else think the reason they don't show the contestant's faces is because they've already been on the show? Remember that red hair? Seems a little bit familiar to me; wonder if they're bringing back some of the designers who were sent home and sprinkling in a few new ones.

  36. Kathy says:

    Add me to the people that hate Love it or List It…so fake. Plus…most of us watching HGTV do not have a budget off 750K to go shopping with. If I did I would not be watching TV to get design tips. It irritates the heck out of me that people want to gut a kitchen that's nicer than mine! I like Flea market Flip because it does give me ideas on what to do with yard sale items. I like the one comment about having a show for people over 55 living in smaller spaces..Thats me!

  37. Mary says:

    Totally agree with everyone-what has happened to our favorites?? Candice, Sarah Sabrina Meg David!! Where are all the Design Star winners?? I do like Love it or List it-just the samr premise is boring but the reveals are great! Please go back to the old format before you lose a lot of loyal viewers!!!

  38. Marie says:

    I totally agree about HGTV. My daughter used to say I watched too much of it because I was always redecorating, and using their ideas. I am not interested in buying a new house, so I don't watch it anymore. Loved "Design on a Dime".

  39. Kathy Wallace says:

    I do watch HGTV almost every show. I love to watch them take old homes and remodel them. It is great because I see too many empty building`s and empty houses around my home town and it hurts me because people could be living in some of this wasted space. Too many people homeless people and too many empty buldgings and houses, It should be a sin. But a lot of the Remodeling shows have gotten too rich and big. I think share, Give a little here and a little there. It trruly does disheartin me because I myself have never had a real home to speak of. I cant afford to do what these guys do. GET BACK TO THE BASICS IN LIFE.

  40. Susan says:

    I hate the back to back episodes of the same program. I love, love, love Candice and Sarah. Please, whatever you do, bring back some new shows by Candice and Sarah and other designers of their caliber. I do like Property Brothers and Income Property. With all the unpleasant programming on other channels (explicit sexual plots and dirty language), your channel is about all there is left for me to watch. Please go back to what you use to be.

  41. Disappointed in Hst. says:

    I stopped watching HG because they only show House Hunters and Love It or List It over and over and over and over.
    I thought HG was supposed to be about design, decorating and remodeling.

  42. Donna says:

    I agree that HGTV has lost it's pzazz. I used to watch several of the design shows faithfully (i.e. Candace, Genevieve and Color Splash), but now I watch DIY network more often. The back to back marathons of House Hunters, Love it or List it, Selling NY etc. have turned me off completely. We need tips that can apply to the majority of people, not just the well-to-do.

    Another thing that irritates me is that all the designers keep using lime green, avocado green, harvest gold and orange in all their designs. I hated them in the 70's and I still hate them!

  43. Paul Frakes says:

    I can see why you took the word design out. There is no design anymore. Just real estate and construction. Bring back design. And, as for love it or list it. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse you made it twice as bad by adding a really bad clone. Candice and Chico, I miss you. Please don't answer this email with some trite nonsense. Just bring back design shows.

  44. Debbi says:

    I so agree with the above–there needs to be some quality assurance at HGTV. Where are the design shows? Keep wondering if there is anybody there at HGTV. Is anybody listening? Or responding? Please get back to your roots with quality design shows.

  45. Nancy Pierne says:

    I just started watching HGTV, I do like Love it, List it. It amazed me the cost of homes. I bought house in the 1970's for $36,000 and now I feel people want everything at once. Nancy

  46. Teresa Robinson says:

    I feel so much better after reading the above comments. I thought I was the one who had changed. I have been checking at various times trying to find the shows that I had always watched so faithfully! After dinner when it is time to relax all I can find is House Hunters and the only thing worse than that is International House Hunters. Honestly, what percentage of your viewers are interested in relocating outside of the United States? Love It Or List It is a real joke! if you have seen one, you have seen them all! You always find the designer/contractor going over budget and the realtor is not much an actor. too make bad things worse, we now have a "copycat" of this program! I hope it doesn't have nine lives? Please HGTV your programming needs help or start reruns of your old shows. At least, there would be some variety!

  47. Squeezette says:

    I think the either the Real Estate Association bought a controlling interest in HGTV or the CEO (who I believe is of the male persuasion), doesn't give a crap for anything remotely designer.

  48. Janina Alger says:

    Done with the reruns…thank you. Please bring back the design shows!!!! A list on your web site on where to buy items on the shows would be GREAT!! Can't wait to get going!

  49. Julia says:

    Adding my 2 cents here–not that I think it will do any good. It's obvious that whoever is calling the shots at the top doesn't care about viewers. I agree with all others about hardly ever watching anymore. I used to be addicted and would gladly watch re-runs of the gardening shows. I really miss the Gardener's Journal, and the others that visited homes of real gardeners–not just makeovers of lazy people who don't have a clue about taking care of a yard or garden. Also, I'm wondering why they are bothering to have a Design Stars' competition this year when they have no design shows?

  50. Kate says:

    HGTV??? Oh yeah, the channel I used to watch for home AND garden ideas. Not anymore. Can't stand the new shows. Who the heck has a $50K budget for one room? Do they even have garden shows on anymore? I used to love Gardening by the Yard. Fun and entertaining, but a lot of good information too. I like Design Star, but it is reality T.V. They have to show all of the spats, instead of just showing the good things. I think ALL T.V. has gone down the drain since Survivor and reality shows took over. The younger generation likes trash T.V. and fighting is what entertains them.

  51. Pam says:

    Bring back Vern Yip

  52. Patti says:

    And its not just HGTV. What about Bravo with its 24/7 telecast of 'Housewives'? And how did 'Ax Men' earn a spot on the History Channel? A&E plays the worst possible programming like 'Intervention'. Who is watching this programming? The programming today is aimed at a person with the IQ of a 5 year old…..only I think a 5 year would be more selective about what he chooses to watch.

    • Ronne says:

      Exactly. Why are they aiming at people who probably can't afford the merchandise the advertisers are pushing on the programs? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

  53. Mike the Critic says:

    HGTV used to be my favorite channel, with Redesign, Candice Olsen, Color Splash, Property Virgins, HH, HHInt'l, and others. Now when I turn to HGTV, all I can find is the nauseating Love It or List It — 2 more obnoxious people I cannot imagine. Sorry, but now the Golf Channel, the Knitting Channel and the Stamp Collecting Channel are a lot more interesting. I hope HGTV can soon return to pleasing the viewers!

  54. Gina Dillon says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE DESIGN SHOWS!!! The economy being what it is, we rely on shows like Design on a Dime, etc. and the many great ideas from the Designers. I am sick, sick, sick of House Hunters. Once in awhile would be OK but all day every day???!!! HGTV please get your act together. The only thing you are talking about that I am interested in is HGTV Star with David Bromstad. He is so much fun to watch. However, you get us excited about the winners of the show and then we never see them again. What is with this?

  55. New material Needed says:

    I think they need to create a new show on an old twist…..I live in Nashville and we own 28 properties that are upscale rentals.. Most of what I apply to the design layout of our units-I learned off of watching Designed 2 Sell over the years…. Just applied the same rules of focusing on upgrading baths, kitchen on a budget and neutralizing without becoming boring to our scheme.. Let's have a "Designed 2 Rent" series because there are so many ugly rentals out there and landlords need the tips….

  56. passing thru says:

    It's possible HGTV lost their sponsors for the design related shows. I know each season HGTV has run test shows like that show Design, Inc. But it doesn't look like most have made it out of season 1. Lack of variety typically indicates a lack of funding. Plus I think HGTV pissed off a lot of designers due to HGTV's insistence on promoting certain products or a disagreement on 'the spin' of the shows. Candace Olsen disappeared after her blog posts pretty much contradicting everything that was said during Design Star a couple of years ago. So who knows? I don't watch HGTV anymore except to catch a Love it or List it every so often. I don't mind that show as along as I'm not watching it 24/7. Same with HH/HHI. I think HGTV last their momentum with the masses and haven't figured out how to get it back. And if they can't get the funds to expand, they are forced to produce certain kinds of shows. It could be a little bit of both- 1. funding 2. poor management producing only real estate related shows. Either way, HGTV has fallen from grace as far as I'm concerned and it's a long way back to the top. LOL!

  57. Cat says:

    HGTV has become the Real Estate network judging from new shows coming in 2013. What happened to the home decorating and gardening how to shows. Put Sarah Richardson and others back on primetime, Enough with the real estate !

  58. Dorothy says:

    I agree with all those people who are tired of House Hunters. I hardly watch HGTV anymore. Bring back shows like Design on a Dime, Room by Room. Even tho Candace's designs are out of my price and style she has such a cute personality – she's fun to watch. I also like Sarah Richardson. I've missed Design Star. And what's with Amy Matthews. She doesn't look the same. Don't care too much for Genevieve Gorda.

  59. douglas schmid says:

    I agree with alot of whats been said already. please get rid of love it or list it boring!!!!!! you hooked most of us with your design shows , go back to them. house hunters must be decreased to 1 hour per day. I would rather watch reruns of davids or sabrinas shows then watch most of whats on now.

  60. Ginger S says:

    Where is the "G" in hgtv? I so miss real gardens. Not outdoor rooms but gardens with plants and design like gardeners diary and journal. I also want more decorating shows. While I like the d

  61. Carolyn says:

    Wow, I sure do agree with the comments! Same old shows that I do not want to watch. I never realized that so many of these shows are filmed in Canada. What's up with that.? I rarely watch HGTV anymore and I used to keep it on 24/7.

    Too many real estate shows, no real design shows, re-runs all the time. The last straw was the Canadian realtor who came into the states and pretended to sell houses, which legally she cannot do! With as many realtors as we have in the US you can't find one to put on TV? What is so good about that woman who usually "talks down" to her First Time Buyers so much it becomes offensive?

    The magazine uses some of the old designers, but it's becoming monotonous too. What's happened to HGTV? I sure hope June 9 will bring a change. I love David Bromstad and the Design Stars but HGTV needs more than one decent show a week!

  62. Marie says:

    Wow. I thought that I was the only one who was sick of Love It or List It. When I first stumbled on to it I thought it was genius. But now I find it quite condescending. I even hate the over acting. You could give Hilary a million dollar budget for a simple bathroom and she would make you choose between a toilet or a sink. If you watch the other shows it just doesn't add up, the fact that she can NEVER work with the budget she gets and others can work with the same budget and renovate a whole house or add an entire rental space to their home just feels to contrived for me. I like to see her makeover at the end so I fast forward to the end or just not watch it at all.

    Can't wait for HGTV star. Hope it's the same format. there are enough cooking shows. I want to see design star specifically.

  63. Joyce says:

    I stopped watching HGTV, tired of house hunters, Property brothers, etc. Why have a Design Star season, since there are so few design shows anymore. Really disappointing scheduling.

    • Ronne says:

      I agree completely. I have said the same thing about "Design Star" – Why bother? Notice that this year they're calling it "HGTV Star" – They took the word "Design" out of it. I wonder what kind of reality show tripe this is going to be because without that word in the title I doubt it will have much to do with design.

  64. Tara says:

    I thought it was just me, but I'm glad it's not–hate Love It or List It, and it's on 24/7. I love House Hunters but that's on non-stop as well. What happened to all the design shows with the before and afters?!?!

  65. Ronne says:

    I sympathize with everyone here about the current programming at HGTV. I complain about it all the time on the HGTV message boards along with everyone else. Why aren't they listening to the fans? Obviously something is wrong with the outdated ratings system if the only shows they think are successful are reality shows with no redeeming value. Maybe the Neilsen ratings people need a reality check. If every website is full of angry fans wanting their old design shows back, shouldn't that tell them they're alienating their audience? I have a suggestion – Why don't they stop giving Neilsen boxes to the dumb lowlives who can't even write a sentence? Obviously whoever this silent majority is doesn't write in to praise HGTV for its new offerings, so I can only conclude that they are completely illiterate and probably don't even own a computer. So why is HGTV (and other channels like A&E and TLC) pushing shows at people like this who are probably poor and have no money to buy anything? Shouldn't the advertisers be aiming at someone who can afford their merchandise? Just a thought.

  66. Rosalyn says:

    Would someone please tell me what happend to last summer's d
    Design Star winner Danielle Colding. I saw only one show and she was off. I searched and searced for her new show. i thought that was part of her prize to get her own show on HGTV.

    • Ronne says:

      Danielle had about 5 episodes before she disappeared off the TV with all the other designers, including Meg from the year before and Emily from the year before that. Gone also are David Bromstad's show and Antonio.

  67. Lou Ann says:

    Wow!! TOTALLY Agree….rarely watch anymore….what happened to the Designers/shows????HATE House Hunters!! Enough….bring back Designers with design shows!!

  68. Shade says:

    Bring Mike Holmes back!

  69. Lea says:

    I too never watch HGTV any more…. I hate house hunters….who wants to see mostly mediocre houses and someone's house put together three months after they move…. Boring! I us e to watch the network 24/7….now I rarely watch!
    I stopped watching David's show when he fired his ORGINAL staff and hired that marginally competent young woman to be his assistant! Love David but hated his revamped show…..that and too much House House Hunter did me in!

    Please bring back the old programming HGTV!!

  70. Judy says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! HGTV is so boring and the same thing over and over. I would be so happy if House Hunters and Love It or List It disappeared immediately. What do I care about buying a house in Nepal or if someone decides to list their home. BORING!. I love Candice Olson and David Bromstad. I want design shows that give me great ideas. Until those show return I have no reason to watch HGTV. Sad but true.

  71. sabrina owens says:

    i can't wait see the new design star good luck all designer i hope see my friends back on again sometime kellie was the best on there

  72. Wanaki says:

    When I think about, I pay an arm and a leg for cable just to watch HGTV and it's so pointless! I miss all of the design shows!!! Now if I turn on HGTV it serves as back noise while I browse the internet for design sites. It's so sad and disappointing !!! I think I might need to cancel cable and stick to the websites until HGTV brings back the design shows:(

  73. Michelle says:

    HGTV always gets rid of shows that people love… then people complain and they don't care. I don't get it!

  74. Sonya says:

    I agree with it all. I used to watch HGTV all day, now I hardly ever turn it on.

  75. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with helpful information to paintings on. You’ve performed a formidable process and our whole group can be thankful to you.

  76. Becky says:

    Wow, it's not just me. I have really been missing the decorating shows and have virtually quit watching HGTV. I hope somebody pays attention to all these comments!

  77. Carolyn says:

    How about designers challenge?? That is going way back, but it was a good show. I really miss Candace & Clive! Design to sell, Color splash. I too wonder what happens to all the design star winners?? :/

  78. Thanks for the share of useful information.

  79. Anne says:

    Really looking forward to the New Season of Design Star. It is one of the few shows still left on HGTV that still shows that the work and ideas of creative people. It seems clear from reading all the other comments here that many viewers, like me, really miss the old design shows and are puzzled by what has happened to HGTV in recent years. If they really have budget problems, I'd much rather watch a real design show rerun from five years ago that yet another episode of House Hunters.

  80. Disappointed says:

    I miss all the design shows. Please HGTV, listen to your viewers and bring them back!!!!!

  81. KATE says:


  82. Laura says:

    I was really disappointed when I saw "love it or list it". I don't mean to complain, but submitted that idea to HGTV and did not even receive an email back that it was a good idea.

  83. Brad says:

    With the baby boomers retiring and watching so much more tv don' t you think more stories about the older generation would be of interest? My mother is amazing and will soon be retiring. I would love to see more shows that respect older mothers who have given their lives to others and now deserve a chance to relax. Happy Mothers day to all you moms on this special day!

  84. Pat says:

    I loved Room by Room, Paul James (?) on Gardening by the Yard, Designed to Sell. I agree about HH and Love it or Leave it. Seems like on Love it of Leave it Hillary always runs into some major problem and can't do the work that needed to be done. I would like to see Hillary manage to redo a house without finding some major structual flaw. The realty guy is so obnoxious. The whole show is so phony. I missed Design Star this year simply because I rarely tune into HGTV any more so I didn't know when it started. Too bad.

  85. BJeanne says:

    I miss the old HGTV shows. They have all but lost me as a viewer. They need to bring back the gardening and design shows. That's what made it HG TV!

  86. Veronica says:

    HGTV has always been unrealistic TV. Back in the days when they would have the great design shows on, they would have budgets of $500, $1000 without letting viewers know that most of the products and services are donated in exchange for visibility. They also never tell folks that they have a team of professionals orchestrating the remodels behind the scenes and before the show is even filmed. These days they are showing the ridiculously costly remodels that none of us can really afford. Sure, in the past you could get some good decorating tips and advice, but these days, I don't think they care that much about their viewers. They have channeled it all into the magazine (which I had subscribed to, and now I don't even read it….trying too hard). I haven't watched HGTV in almost two years and I used to always have it on. I started watching in 1996 and was a religious viewer until I couldn't stand it anymore, two years ago. Sorry HGTV, I used to be a loyal viewer

  87. Veronica says:

    And one more thing…..notice that they never come back to the message boards to interact with the viewers and folks who have taken the time to post their comments and concerns? Hmmmmm.

  88. Rita Hoffman says:


    I agree with most of the other comments. Sick, sick, sick of Love it or List It. Please bring back some design shows. Miss seeing Sarah Richardson, Genevieve, Candice, Meg and John Giddings. Sick of real estate shows. The market for houses is picking up again so please bring back some design shows. This is why I started watching HGTV. Not for real estate shows.

  89. I really like to see the facelift they provide old homes. It creates me want to try new factors in my home. I really like the serves of the display.

  90. sha says:

    Who is watching Love or list it.???
    I too hate that show and I'm not too crazy about those hosts., also they have created yet another version of that show. And now that insane new show where they do a complete remodel while someone is out to dinner…Give. Me. A. Break.
    I use to love Designer's Challenge…miss.

  91. cindy says:


  92. Brenda says:

    I agree with so many of the comments. I am sick of all the buying selling shows. Sara Richardson and Candace are my favorite designers. I really enjoy shows that take average rooms and make something tasteful and innovative of them. I used to love the show where a very upscale room was copied. It's been so long since it was on, I.'ve forgotten the name! I like Sabrina Desoto's show, which is similar. However it has struck me, and maybe other lviewers, that she starts at Target, picks stuff, then " borrows. " similar looking stuff for the show. It all seems very contrived.
    I hate hate hate ' love it or list it ' the two hosts have a particularly abrasive manner. I loved HGTV when it started but now I hardly watch it.

  93. Wolfen says:

    This is one of the few channels that I used to watch. Loved all the design shows, and even enjoyed some of the House Hunters, until it became back to back to back and back again episodes. Really boring, and now I only tune in when Design Star is running. I loved Design on a Dime too. Most of us don't have bunches of money to spend on design, so the budget minded programs hit the spot with us.

  94. HGAddict says:

    Bring back My House is Worth What? with Kendra… Or the Unsellables with Sophie… Where are Taniya N., John G., Candice O., and all the Designer Star winners- Kim, Emily, Danielle, etc?? Come on HG,,,,

  95. Decorator says:

    I'm so glad to see many of the post. Your current line-up is so tired and too many of the same. What happen to Candice Olsen, Vern, David, Homes Across America, Sarah Richardson, Design on a Dime? Shows that offered homeowners with nice suggestions to change their homes.

    I enjoy House Hunters but not House Hunters Intl. I absolutely hate Love It or List It. That show is soooooo boring. I've kept my Viewing Channels exclusively for HGTV but now I'm thinking of changing. Who s your new Producers? Find some new ones.

  96. olderwiser says:

    I watch HGTV to learn how to improve my own house. All of the shows that portray new home buyers or people relocating far far away do not interest me in the least. I have no intention of moving, but would rather do some improving. So I can't wait for the new episodes of the old Design Star to begin. I agree with assigning some themes that might be more relevant to the average ordinary homeowner, including renters, small condos, tiny bedrooms without master suites, kitchens that cannot be enlarged, or seniors living safely.

  97. Frickster says:

    Ditto to all the above comments. I really miss the old HGTV. I almost never watch it anymore. Bring back design, let go of house hunting and all shows like it!! I hope they didn't change the name of the show because there will be less design in it. This was the only show left on HGTV that I get excited to watch!

  98. Diane says:

    We con't have cable anymore, is there somewhere I can purchase Design Star 2013 on-line?
    thanks, Diane

  99. Pat says:

    Agree with all the comments – I, too, miss the design shows. Where is Candice? And what happened to gardening shows? Do away with Love It or List It please !!

  100. Sara says:

    I too miss Candice Olson, Sarah Richardson,Genevieve Gorder and the other designers. I've learned from Mike Holmes, Income Property and Love it or List it but still miss the design shows and even the Gardener Guy. The only real estate shows I have ever watched were House Hunters International and Selling NY.

    It's beyond frustrating that the only shows I want to watch are shown on random marathon days while I'm at work. I am ensured to miss them all. People still do go to work.

    Give us some of the design shows on a Saturday or Sunday when everyone else is out actually looking at houses. Make my day and give us a design show marathon on a Monday holiday…..does anyone really care to see log cabins or RV's every single Monday holiday?

  101. Judy Stevens says:

    I agree there is too much House Hunters. I also agree that the design shows need to be brought back.
    What happened to the last season winner of HGTV Next Design Star? I loved her show "Shop This Room"; however, it only aired a few times.

    I miss Cash and Cari and I love Flea Market Flip.

    I really like Hilary on LIOLI; however, I am tired of the exact same predictability on each show. Get rid of the predictability.

  102. Jr. says:

    I thought it was just me. When I retired the only thing I wanted was to get expanded TV so I could have HGTV. I have been SO disppointed with the programing. I want to learn new ideas and not hear the whining and complaints of those who have the wonderful help prvided by others but never seem to even be appreciative. As many have stated…enough is enough in fact it is TOO much. I am sick of The Love It or List it, House Hunters. With so much talent why do you have the same thing week after week? I also hate the marathon run of each show. I agree with others…please bring back the designers. Just mixing up the shows would be far better than now. PLEASE!!!

  103. Linda says:

    Somebody at HGTV needs to start listening. We're sick and tired of House Hunter and hate Love it or Lose it. Do you need new writers? These shows just do the same thing every episode using different names.

    We want more Design Star shows with real talent and creativity. Let David Bromstead be in charge around there.

    I have actually quit turning on HGTV.

  104. gypsy0010 says:

    I also don't watch HGTV as much. I am leary of watching the new design star too. Several of the last few winning designers had interesting show ideas and then when the shows aired they'd been morphed into some boring buy junk and turn out beautiful room themes. Would have loved to see the one where you do a room based on stuff from the homeowners closet or even around some piece they homeowners love but haven't ever really integrated well.

  105. Vicki says:

    Would love to see more rehab of historical homes or giving new homes a historical look.

  106. pat says:

    what happened to shows like "freestyle," where you could do a mini-makeover with stuff you had?????

  107. Paula says:

    So… No one likes HGTV.. Are the producers listening???? Boy, a couple of years ago HGTV was the best!!!

  108. Michelle says:

    I was searching for information on where my favorite design shows went and found this site. Where is the response from HGTV? The current programming is so boring. How much Property Brothers can one stand? Does anyone know if shows like Divine Design and Color Splash are on other channels? Until programming improves, I am tuning out.

  109. Patti says:

    In the past few seasons of Design Star I have been repeatedly disappointed at how quickly the contestants are eliminated. I think there should be at least three shows before anyone's show is canceled.

  110. inmanhoffert says:

    I agree that "Love or List" is boring after you see the same scenario repeated–couple has mess, realtor shows them things not on their wish list, then not enough money to fix original house. Property Bros. does same thing. Why do they run out of reno money but spend money to replace homeowners' furniture and decorating items. Bring back design shows!

  111. Cart says:

    Agree with everyone. Love the DESIGN SHOWS and really hope HGTV will bring them back!

  112. Sharon says:

    Hate Love it or List it….the worst hosts on tv. Bring back shows like "Room by room", any shows giving us ideas and how to do it!! HGTV was a must for so many years, but not now. Please improve!!

  113. doris blash says:

    I agree with most of the comments I have read. Tired of house hunters. Love Flea Market Flip. Miss Design on a dime. That was a great show. Also miss the black girl that won design star a few seasons ago. Sorry I can't remember her name, but, she was great.. Don't care for Love it or List it. Please change your line up.

  114. Suzanne says:

    Love It or List It–good concept, crappy execution. Cheapass homeowners what a $100k+ worth of renovations on a $35K budget. Of course, the designer can't do it! Just once I'd like her to laugh and say, "You've gotta be kidding!" And for a designer, she often overlooks obvious problems that will cost more money than she has. As for the realtor, he gets dream house desires on an inadequate budget, too. If he stays within the budget, he gets hammered by unrealistic homeowners as not listening to their wants. This show got old fast.

  115. Sharon says:

    I was an HGTV addict. I watched it more than I watched regular TV sitcoms. On Saturdays my TV was on HGTV morning until bedtime. Now? Not so much. Love it or List it is am epic failure. Exact same storyline, different family. The hosts are obnoxious as are many of the families. The ONLY shocker is if the couples love it or list it. Hillary ALWAYS finds costly structural/plumbing, etc. issues that kill her budget, the couple never gives her enough money. She always has some sort of blow up with at least one person in the family. David always first shows the family a house that is not where they want itto be or lacking most of what they want so that the family doubts him. The second house alays has a yeah, but… and the last house is always perfect. Hillary is never able to do everything the family wants. so freakin' predictable! House Hunters is okay in moderation but not all night. One show, yes. 4 shows back to back, no. House Hunters Renovation is a step up but less is more HGTV. seriously. You have stopped showing Candice Olsen, Sarah's House, Design On a Dime, Dear Genevieve, Color Splash and every other show I loved. Get it together HGTV. Improve your lineup!

  116. joreot says:

    I completely agree with all; love it or list it is the worst– immediately find something else, glad holmes on holmes is gone. I would really like if there was a design/ decorating show. i look forward to design star, otherwise i don't watch HGTV

  117. Missouri peon says:

    I agree with most of the comments here. I like house hunters international but HH is too predictable – and staged by the way – they always pick the house without furniture, why?, because that is the house they have already picked. Cannot stand "Love it or list it". I miss Designed to Sell, For Rent, and Design on a Dime. Why wont HGTV listen to its viewers?

  118. shelley says:

    I too miss the old HGTV!!! The old Sat. line up was great. Wish we could go back to decorating concept. The entire concept of the station has changed. It should be called the real estate network. You've gone over the top, time to move on. Please, bring back the design/decorating shows or come up with some new ones. One new show that I am enjoying is Flea Market Flip, fun to watch and great ideas. Once glued to the channel, it is now about the only time I tune in!! Looking forward to the new HGTV Star though, although we wont ever see the winner once the show ends at least while its airing we'll get some good/creative decorating ideas!!

  119. louise says:

    I rarely watch HGTV anymore as I absolutely hate House Hunters and all the other programs that they have on now. Please bring back the designers and the landscapers.

  120. Paula says:

    I'm so over HGTV. I've complained before and no one is listening. I may watch HGTV star, but if it's like last year, I won't see them all, because it will fail to grab my attention. I guess all good things have to come to an end. HGTV used to be a good thing. Now I go online and look at HOUZZ when I want design ideas, or Pinterest. I hope some other prospective home/garden channels happen by this site, read the comments, and start something new. I've given up on change at HGTV. I don't "love it. I'm gonna list it", and move on.

  121. Michael says:

    I think the formula is pretty simple to win back viewers and gain new ones. LESS storytelling and MORE design. That's the very simple formula. What's most interesting is the process of developing and executing a great design. A good design show doesn't need more than that!

  122. amanda says:

    Ditto Ditto, I agree,,, there is a huge population who can't fork over big bucks to move or renovate but want ideas on how to make them home better. There is a huge population of over 40 too who,s kids are grown but can,t afford to move (house values) So now what… Help HGTV

  123. mary says:

    I almost NEVER watch HGTV any more for same reasons as above. I watch FOR RENT, CASH & CARI, UNSELLABLES, & a couple others on daytime HGTV. The only thing I have watched in evenings on HGTV is Flea Mkt Flip, but that has gotten crummy too. I end up disliking every contestant on that show. They are obnoxious people. I subscribe to HGTV magazine for good cheap ideas and read lots of blogs on decorating + making over used furniture instead of watching HGTV.

  124. jeri drucker says:

    very very disappointing as someone said above, I could hardly turn hgtv off and now I can hardly turn it on.
    suddenly all my favorite and long running shows with my favorite designers and makeovers are gone.
    It seems to be all about real estate. whose idea was this to erase this menu of programming and what happened to the home and the garden rather than deals. phooey.jeridrucker@earthlink.net

  125. Debbie says:

    Hi, wow just about to miss taping the new season of Design Star but thanks for the internet found that you had changed the name. My sister and I are glad we had found you and look forward to watching this season. Hope other fans do not miss this new season because of the change in the name.

  126. Jan says:

    Totally agree with most of the above posts, HGTV was on my tv all he time now I rarely watch it the programming is horrible……yes please bring back the design shows!

  127. diana says:


  128. Karla Blasingame says:

    Why the change of name? Is it because the contestants are not "registered" Interior designers? In my state, it is a law that you cannot call yourself an interior designer unless you have passed the NCIDQ exam.

  129. joyce says:

    i agree i used to watch hgtv from begaining of show not anymore where are all the desingers also for people over 55 we were your faithful watchers not anymore we do not want steel!!! we like color and traditional please listen we are no longer warching anymore do you care no longer watch

  130. gage says:

    What happened to HGTV? Hello? Is the network listening to it's viewers? Is this the Real Estate Channel? Where is Dear Genevieve? Where is Sabrina Soto?? We used to tune in to watch our favorite designers, getting fresh ideas, being inspired..now all we are seeing is Love it Or List It and House Hunters…what in blazes is going on with you people?..

  131. Gia says:

    Ok we get it..the quirky hipster from Brooklyn is the Design Star favorite for the first show. The wild hair, the holier than thou "different from everyone else" self proclaimed innovation..ok, we get it…but What's up with the scratch and sniff paper? This isn't "HGTV NEXT ART INSTILLATION"…and some of these competetors are quite lackluster in their design aesthetic. If you are chosen to be on this show, you'd rock it beyond measure and design the dickens out of the "white wall/vignette" challenge…a couple good contestants but no one with a 'wow' factor just yet…the girl with the black rimmed glasses seems to bring it to the table, but c'mon, the 'smell my paper' clown?… Where did HGTV find these people?

  132. Julian says:

    If I hear that woman on Love it Or List It, screeching her voice out of my t.v. one more time, I'm never watching HGTV again…seriously…bring back our favorite shows! Design on A Dime, High Low, Dear Genevieve, Deserving Design, David Bromsted…granted they are all hosting Next Design Star, but please people, at least rerun their stuff..we're getting tired of the same shows. This is becoming a bad joke and your viewers are not happy….

  133. Marcus Jacobbz says:

    Sometimes, if I leave that Love it Or List It show on and turn the volume up, dogs start barking from miles away because the two hosts are so shrill and annoying…

  134. hlc says:

    why is it called hgtv star vs hgtv design star? sounds as stupid as the show IS

  135. Andrea says:

    I also miss the "old days" of HGTV! They actually had shows on with people making stuff… crafters… creative, regular people. I don't give a crap about million dollar rooms! Means nothing to me. I'm just sick of it; I suppose it will get even worse with real estate picking back up. I wish they would get a little creative and think outside the house-hunting real-estate box!

  136. Fran says:

    I am also tired and disappointed with the limited options. Last night I thoroughly enjoyed HGTV Star, but couldn't believe my eyes when it was followed by Love it or List it Too. It is the exact same show we are all bored with ,except with new hosts.

  137. KoKo says:

    I totally miss my old HGTV! I used to have it on non-stop for all of the good desin/decorating shows but now I don't watch HGTV anymore. It's all marathons of contrived/fake real estate shows. I miss Jane Lockhart, Sarah Richardson, Candice and Chico's old show. I have to watch flipping shows on other networks to get design ideas. I love Design Star but because I don't watch HGTV anymore I totally missed the first episode. If someone started a new network that featured actual interior design, based on these posts for the last 2 months, they'd have a built in audience. If only someone was listening.

  138. Sharman Webb says:

    Why wasn't Design Star on when advertised for June 9 at 8 pm? I live in wenatchee, WA and usually the schedule is as advertised. Was it because the Tony Awards were on at the same time?

  139. linda holiman says:

    I too am with the rest of the crowd, my gosh HGTV has enough designers to each have a show of their own on at least one a day, why not, ? with another designer in the makings whoever it is we might get to see one segment! House Hunters should have the same time as everyone else, .You could put Candice one night and one of the designstars, then David the next night and a designstar,so on and so on. you have the people to do this, what are the designstars doing, I never did see one segment of the designstar that had the lady from Lousiana win, her designe was not to my liking, , then she was getting married or something, you should of let the guy she was up against have the show. I think the design star should be on like last year, once at reg, time and then at 12:00 midnight, I don't get off work in time to see the regular hourly one.

  140. Minnesota Fan says:

    I agree with the person who said they are sick of House Hunters…. I miss the really good design shows like Designing for the Sexes, Design on a Dime, Joan Steffen's show. My son and I are big Design Star fans. Hope that HGTV star is as good. We have missed all the episodes because we were still in school but will watch the rest of the season faithfully.

  141. gail says:

    Real Estate shows were interesting for a while. I'm sure people learned to stage home for selling. BUT….for most of us who are NOT moving….we want the DESIGN shows!! Even though I'm on a smaller design budget than I would like……I LEARNED from the big-buck designers and could take ideas on taste, and creativity. PLEASE bring back Candice and David and Sarah and etc etc. HGTV is expensive…..I only paid the extra $ to get that show. If things don't change, I will cancel that part of my cable. Give us loyal watchers what we are asking for!! Please!!

  142. Patrice says:

    Adding my two cents to what everyone else has said. HGTV has got to go back to the old format. Design shows and how-to show for the every day person. House hunters is ok but I don't care if so yuppie couple buys a new house in Canada. I want to know how to fix-up my old kitchen and bathroom. Pleeeeeeeeeeese bring back the good old HGTV design shows

  143. Sydney Greene says:

    Design shows are not on HGTV anymore. How-tos for smaller incomes would be welcomed. We live in a manufactured home and our needs are different than traditional houses. A show about redos on our type home would be great. I too don't watch HGTV as much as I once did because of the lack of design shows. If the channel doesn't come up with some soon I won't watch at all.

  144. Anabel says:

    Never thought I would be writing negative comments about HGTV. Did someone who did not like the
    programming take over and eliminate most of the good design shows. Reality Real Estate TV is such a bore
    and there is nothing much better to anticipate. Did the Network go broke producing all the shows that were
    so popular? I wish someone involved in management would explain the rationale for the current
    programming schedule.

  145. Betty says:

    Totally agree with all the comments about the absence of design shows. At one time there were gardening and craft shows. Lots of diversity for everyone. Now it's so boring I seldom if ever watch.

  146. Gail says:

    I was anxious for the new season of Design Star. However, after just one week, I can see that again this year the judges like the most mishmash of crap that can fit in one room. David Bromstad said this week that the designers need to connect with the viewers. I find it hard to believe that the general audience likes the clashing colors, patterns, and junk filled rooms! Where has good taste gone??

  147. washingtonian says:

    I miss Carol Duvall (and other such shows) and Room by Room the most. I dearly miss Gardening by the Yard. Love Mike Holmes.

  148. Lisa Kindervatter says:

    I love the design shows but I also LOVE House Hunters–especially international. Love seeing the other countries and cultures. I am sick of Love or List it. Too much. But the new show–Renovation Raiders–I think that will be fun.

  149. Tony says:

    I have to agree with most of the other comments. It looks like any "design" ideas have been shifted over to the DIY Network – and there are precious few of those, mostly as a by-product of the home improvement shows. I much prefer believable people showing believable projects on realistic budgets. What ever happened to Antonio? He sure didn't look like a typical designer but did some fantastic work! The real estate shows were OK at first, but once they got rid of Suzanne Whang on House Hunters and Sandra Rinomato on Property Virgins those shows went straight downhill.

    I stopped watching Design Star a couple of seasons ago when it started looking and feeling like The Apprentice (good riddance, Mark Burnett.) The new name indicated some changes so I thought I'd give it another shot. The show is more watchable but I'm still not impressed with the current crop of so-called designers. HGTV is rarely on in my house any more.

  150. Carolyn says:

    Where is John Giddings and "Curb Appeal the BlocK" ? Great show and fun crew.
    Thought Tanyia was one the best and most clever designer. Where is she? Last time I saw here was on Resturant Impossible. Too talented for that stuff.
    What makes you think Genevive makes a good judge? She has turned out some BAD STUFF.
    Her home was featured in HGTV Mag. last year. No charm, no personality. Kind of like Genevive.
    I'm with all of you. HGTV is just taking advantage of it's viewers by giving us such garbage hour after hour.

  151. cheryl says:

    I must admit, i watch more of DIY that hgtv because of the repeats, over and over,house hunters..again????? what on earth is happening with hgtv? we will see if they listen to the public at all..i loved color splash a lot.
    now, its gone, design on a dime, ..i used to see so many creative things being made,or old trash made into a
    treasure.COME BACK TO US HGTV, with the designers shows..not real estate..also love curb appeal..

  152. Donna Kinnaird says:

    HGTV was about the only station I watched. Now, I never turn it on. HATE the real estate shows. Where are the design shows and why are you having a competition for a design star? Where will we watch them? Please bring back the design shows. Please!!

  153. DLS says:

    Just want to vent, here we went through one of the worst economies ever in the past 5 years, and instead of relating to the economic times , showing us how we can budget decorate, and creatively spruce up out homes during these tough times, you show us shows buying a new home , when we are all trying to keep the ones we have. My husband is an architect and people are not remodeling and putting in $60,000 kitchen redos like the old days. Get with the times and show us how to relate to the economy and spruce up our homes in a economical way, like the old shows hgtv had.

  154. SUGGESTION says:

    BRING BACK…. not just the professional designers, but I use to love when you went in the homes of average people who creatively decorated their homes and shared their ideas with us. This way we were able to see all types and styles of decorating, and knew if they could do it we could also
    I hate real estate shows

  155. Barb says:

    The comments already made speak for themselves. HGTV should pay attention and get back to what attracted all us viewers in the first place–design shows. Get rid of Love It or List It.

  156. wlmbug says:

    Too bad they CHANGED the title and my DVR didn't RECORD the first 3 episodes because of it……..nice going HGTV.

  157. Ali says:

    Why do you change the name? It is SOOO STUPID! SAME format…SAME judges…SAME theme song…SAME colors…There is NOTHING new and fresh about this format and HGTV Star sounds like it is missing something….Oh, I know what it is…..DESIGN in front of the STAR!

  158. Peggy R. says:

    Love new Design Star, hate real estate, like House Hunters, and Love it or List It. Where are your earlier concepts of how-to shows like Design on a Dime, Room by Room, Curb Appeal. Would love to see more of David Bromstad and Vern Yip and their designs which always sent me to my tool chest or paint cans. We are settled in our home for 60 years now – no moving or house hunting, but like to get ideas to make what we have more comfortable and exciting to live in.

  159. Jan Bates says:

    I am tired o love it or listed it. I have stopped watching the hgtv – the network is not what is use to be. You have missed the boat. Get with it and start a new line of new shows

  160. Shelly says:

    HGTV are you listening? Bring back the design shows! Enough of the House Hunters. I've resorted to watching reruns of my favorite design shows, if I'm lucky enough to find them.

  161. Former Biggest Fan says:

    HGTV execs, are you listening?

  162. Judith says:

    I would love to see what the original Trading Spaces designers are up to now. Just a thought.

  163. Anne says:

    Where are the fix it shows too. Love shows that show how to do things instead of the same old real estate sales shows. I am so tired of the same old shows and nothing new and different. Are you all getting ready to shut this down? It certainly seems so. I would not miss it at all at this point except for Nichole and the Rehab Addict. She is great.

  164. Molly says:

    I agree..too much real estate . Bring back the design shows with Bromfield ,Osen and the rest AT NIGHT !!

  165. Tiffany says:

    I absolutely, emphatically hate House Hunters International…HGTV has turned out to be another BRAVO station with all of the "home buying, selling, flipping shows." ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  166. Best says:

    Bring back the designers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Sam says:

    I love income property the best…he is so real! Turns a small ugly space into usable income property that is beautiful. I love property brothers but both of the live it or list it shows are lame! I hate the silly arguing and I am so over the house hunters…the repeats are just unbearable. There are so many great designers that don't appear any more. Candace Olsen is the best that was ever on television…David Bromstad belongs on tv weekly with a regular design show. Leave Sarah and her assistant in her house and bring Vern , David and Candace back!

  168. Maria says:

    I agree with everyone. Pleeeeease bring back the design shows. They should rename HGTV the real estate channel. Hardly watch it anymore.

  169. Louise says:

    I don't think commenting will do any good, because it doesn't seem like anybody's listening. But I agree with most of the people who are saying BRING BACK THE DESIGNERS!!!!! I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hgtv but anymore……….I don't tune in, much.

  170. Shelly says:

    I agree with a lot of these comments. But I would also like to see more of the older designers that were on HGTV originally…..Homes Across America….Dream Drives….Room By Room….Wonderful Chris Madden….and some of the GREAT gardening shows….like Gardeners Diary….you need to have a day for us older viewers that have been around since the beginning …..a VINTAGE shows DAY!!! That would be SO much fun!! Or make a separate channel like you used to have the Fine Living Network that you can just show vintage shows from HGTV and DIY craft shows!! We would like to see more design shows like looking at a magazine(a wonderful decorating magazine) not like a game show or that extreme home show that goes thru it so fast you can't really see anything!!! LOL Get back to your roots!!!!! LOVE,LOVE the original shows!!! Thank you!! :) <3

  171. 1ofaKind says:

    There was a glimpse of a curtain rod with lanterns on the reveal to the homeowners 2 weeks ago on the Property Brothers Show. I searched the HGTV shop but didn't find it. It was beautiful.

  172. Gary says:

    We also have been asking the same questions. Why aren't the designers on during prime time anymore? In the evening and on weekends, we see nothing but Love It or List It over and over again. Is HGTV responding to any of our comments?

  173. Becky says:

    I sooooo agree with everyone else! I am so sick of House Hunters! Please bring back the design shows!

  174. Guest says:

    I don't like Love it or List it AT ALL!!!! Each episode has the same plot…there's no reason to watch anymore. Can't stand listening to the ridiculous "excuses." I miss Before & After; Design on a Dime; and Designing for the Sexes. C'mon HGTV…listen to your people before we all change channels for good!

  175. NEYDA ALARCON says:


  176. becky kelly says:


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  177. becky kelly says:


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  178. james morga says:

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  179. Jojo says:

    HGTV….please read the comments and listen to your viewers! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the design shows! David, Sabrina, Candace, Genevieve, Meg, Antonio, Tanya, Joan Steffen and all the past HGTV Star winners! House Hunters is getting seriously old and Renovation Raiders is super lame. Don't see anymore shows lately to "teach" us how to design. Your viewers have spoken! Please listen or your ratings will be down! BRING BACK DESIGN!

  180. Lucy says:

    I wonder whether the execs at HGTV think that we are looking for escapism or something. That is the only thing I get out of House Hunters and all of the other real estate shows. Well, I for one am not looking for escapism. That is easily found in a novel, a movie, or on any other television channel.
    What I want is HGTV the way it used to be – with designs for inspiration; craft shows like Carol Duvall (OMG! I miss Carol Duvall!); homes decorated by regular people, like Kitty Bartholomew used to visit and show us; little tricks for transforming spaces on a budget. In other words, I want HGTV to involve me, not bore me! Please, please look at all of these letters from all of these people who are prepared to love HGTV again, when it actually becomes HGTV again. We matter. We were once your biggest fans. We thought you were the best television network ever created.

  181. Annie C. says:

    Why did you take away my dear David and Hilary and Eddie from Love it or List it?? :(

  182. Betty says:

    I so agree with you! Also I miss shows that teach decorating tricks and trash to treasure themes. I hope HGTV is listening.

  183. Tina Matteson says:

    Totally agree with you, Sandy! I really miss all the old shows!

  184. Gina R. says:

    Me, too. Used to watch it all the time. Miss Matt and Sherry, Candace, David, and all the 'how to' shows. My jaw drops every time they ask what their budget is for the new house. Where do these folks work? HGTV has become extremely elitist. Give us a break, people of all income levels enjoy good design that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  185. Lisa says:

    I would probably watch anything with David Bromstad. I, too, miss the design show. HH international can be interesting for a while but then….

  186. Deb says:

    Totally agree. I can't even watch any of this formula crap.

  187. Yllena says:

    So true. And comparing an empty house to a house that has been professionally staged is really unfair. Get rid of this show. I do like Property Brothers. Just wish they would do away with showing a house the client cannot afford.

  188. Pam R-L says:

    I agree. I can't believe Hillary agrees to be on the show. It makes her look like an idiot! I would fire a contractor or designer who did not have a contingency budget, did not look into building codes before starting work, made decisions on her own (like turning a three bedroom house into a two bedroom house), could not come up with creative solutions to problems, and paid WAY too much for her materials. The producers are so lazy that they just take the same script and plug new faces and names into them….Hillary promises too much, runs out of money, and muddles through giving the people less than what they wanted. David shows two unacceptable houses which the clients argue over, which is clearly an argument scripted by the producers, and then David miraculously comes through with a good house at the end. At least on "House Hunters" they don't ALWAYS pick the third house. The problem with "Love it or List It" is that it treats us, the audience, like morons who won't figure out that it's the same show over and over.

  189. Sharon says:

    AMEN JULIA!!!!! I was just having this conversation yesterday. The only surprise is whether they choose to love it or list it. I want more Bromstead, Candice, The Color chick or anything but the same old tired love it or list it.

  190. Joanie says:

    I barely watch HGTV anymore. NONE of the good shows are on anymore! And ditto on the love it or list it! I am totally sick of it as well!

  191. marty says:

    I absolutely agree! We need more design related shows…………house hunters is soooo boring! Remember when HGTV was fresh & fun? We need more innovative ideas re design and decorating. It doesn't have to be the "super" expensive house – what about good ideas for everyday design. Even Trading Spaces was better than the current shows.

  192. Dorothy says:

    Thank you!!! sick of this show. how do these people expect to get a whole new house for the little bit of money they have. And I actually agree with Linda B also, about house hunters… they ask for a large house and when they find one they say "this is too big, what am I going to do with all this room" well didn't you ask for a big house, dah!!! and what is the purpose of Love it or List it too, they are identical to the original people, they do the same thing adn she gets yelled at just like the original woman, we seriously need new shows!!

  193. Tiger says:

    You are so right. I want to watch HGTV buts is is so lousy now. Where are the designers, David, Sabrina, or the Design Star winners. Get off the cheap HGTV!

  194. Brenda says:

    I hate House Hunters too. How many different ways can you hunt for a house? There must be hundreds of episodes of this show by now.

  195. P. Schmidt says:

    Agree!!! Why have an HGTV design star when they are never seen again?!?

  196. maryellen says:

    Just thinking the same thing. No one teaches you tricks or "how to" anymore. I have all of Christopher Lowell's books and still have VCR tapes of some of his shows. I tried to explain these old show formats to someone recently and the younger set never saw anything but lame. I really hope the design star show does something this year. It's the same people picking the same people that are just like them. There was only once that they had a different kind of guy (Antonio) but they NEVER put his shows on – ever – I don't have to want his decorations to enjoy a different show – I can still get some ideas and (get this) actually enjoy him – he is not homogenous. I wonder if anyone actually reads these things or if they just make us feel good writing them. I have never bothered to write on anything like this before. Even David Bromstad is getting vanilla (sorry David I do love you but…)

  197. Sherry says:

    Really miss Christopher Lowell,he was the one who introduced me to HGTV. I knew from the very first episode David Bromstad would win on Design star. How I wish I could afford him for my master bedroom and patios. <3 HGTV

  198. Trish says:

    I so agree. Love Junk Gypsy's but they're not on consistently. Love to see their designs. There needs to be more crafting shows. It would be neat if there was a show off pinterest.

  199. amelia says:

    I agree! I used to watch HGTV ALL the time but not any more! because all they do is house hunters 24/7!

  200. cheryl says:

    oh i agree…what did happen to design on a dime? loved that show..and room by room,also the one the gal
    used the color wheel..also, alot of the older shows were more down to earth and creative..

  201. Eileen Pelletier says:

    I loved those shows too Karen, the hosts got along, now it's bicker, bicker, rip it apart, bump it out, never mind the budget. Eileen of NH…PS I love in a 22 by 40 ranch style house and love it..

  202. Wendy B. says:

    I love Genevieve Gorder !

  203. NEYDA ALARCON says:


  204. Sherry says:

    I miss Design on a Dime too and wish there was a show like it on again. Baby boomers are a very large segment of the population and a show with decor on a budget would be great. Single older adults
    would benefit from a show called "Alone and on a budget."

  205. gage says:

    Amen to that, where is High/Low with Sabrina? It's so awesome to see her vision and the artful way she brilliantly duplicates high end style on a minimal budget…what happened to that show? that's in our reach…HGTV needs to switch it up a bit…

  206. gage says:

    Amen! Bring back Vern!!

  207. JAD - AZ says:

    I so agree, even as a novice handywomen, I know to look for bearing walls, research building codes etc. Now they have a LIorLI 2, and guess what – same stupidity, different characters. In this day of job uncertainty, why would you try to convince your client to buy something that is out of their budget? If you are working on a ramen noodle budget, quite buying stuff that is more attuned to a caviar budget. We do need more budget friendly shows and I don't think I would be wrong in saying that the majority of people watching these shows are not the up and comers, it's the ones who have been there. I rarely turn on HGTV anymore.

  208. Verna Jeannie says:

    I agree completely. HGTV was my shows to watch until no more decorating for this. Watch out for that color
    it might be from 2011 it's not whats coming it's what has been.

  209. NEYDA ALARCON says:


  210. Vicky says:

    I am so glad to read all these comments. I have emailed the network several times asking them to "bring back the pretty"….no response. I am just baffled. Saturday night used to be my favorite now I hardly ever watch it. Vicky

  211. Gina Z says:

    Yes, I agree with all of the above & below!!!! I miss the shows that really appeal to the "average" population. (Design on a Dime, Trash To Treasure, etc., etc.,). Not everyone as least no one I know has a budget of $500,000.00 to one million dollars plus to buy a house!! I used to love watching HGTV. Now it depresses me as it is not a realistic program anymore that appeals or is directed to the average population. I rarely watch HGTV anymore.

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