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This is exciting! For those who don’t know, the Webby Awards honor the very best of the web. Former winners include the likes of Al Gore and Prince. The best part: All acceptance speeches must be five words or less.

I’d love to see what Laurie March would say. She’s our very own House Counselor and a nominee for the people’s choice award in the DIY/How-To video category. Check out her videos and, if you agree with me that she is fantastic, please consider giving her your vote. If she wins, I’ll make her come over to I Heart and deliver her acceptance speech for you.


Laurie March

Vote! (Please)



3 Responses

  1. Laurie_March says:


    Anyone who votes I will personally send them a real, live Unicorn and some rainbow leg warmers.


    Ps. a five word acceptance speech is a perfect challenge. Can two of the words be instagram photos??

  2. Real Estate says:

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  3. That counselor is pretty!

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