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Bridging the gap between television and social media, Spontaneous Construction host, Ricky Paull Goldin, uses modern technology to assemble a renovation flash mob to bring one deserving homeowner’s desperate renovation project from dream to reality.

HGTV's Spontaneous Construction

A special episode of Spontaneous Construction airing Friday April 26 deals with the tragic aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. Families all over the East Coast were affected by the storm, with thousands unable to return and many homes still in disrepair. A native of Long Beach, Ricky returns home to the devastated area to help one family in need of a special renovation.

With the help of The View’s Sherri Shepherd and a social media flash mob of more than 60, Ricky helps to remodel the home of Lori and John and their six kids. Through a partnership with Optimum and HGTV this lucky family and it’s community are being rebuilt.


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  1. Kristi says:

    Fantastic! I'll miss the morning interview because I'll be teaching, but I'll definitely tune in to the evening renovation! Glad to see a family who really needs the help will get the best!

  2. renee ryan says:

    Why has everyone forgotten hurricane Irene? My dwelling was shot& being disabled& alone I have not been able to fix my home.I am so much in debt I am losing my home.because of the mold my children have moved on&I am left here alone.not such a good candidate for a home sweet home .

  3. Dear Renee, that's the worst thing to hear!
    Isn't there an organization that helps people in your area?

  4. Spontaneous construction is quite tiring and pressured however, this road construction is for the benefit and welfare of all citizens affected by storm Sandy. Affected cities and citizens are currently standing and hoping for the soon renovation and development of the place.

  5. TV stands says:

    There is nothing we can do if we are working together. That is a great motto. Good luck and God bless!

  6. EPDM says:

    Joint effort always come up with positive results as you guys did. I would like to appreciate your efforts.

  7. House Plans says:

    I hope that some charity and other organization help all the families that are affected by this tragedy. God bless to you!

  8. EPDM Roofing says:

    Its a nice Effort by them, I hope other people and organization are also doing the same.

  9. House Plans says:

    At the end of the day and regardless of our "lot in life" it comes down to how a house becomes a home; it looks like RGIII is creating it his own. Very cool!

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