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Fans have been searching HGTV.com for the upcoming show Renovation Raiders, hosted by licensed contractor, Amy MatthewsRenovation Raiders host, Amy Matthews

Here’s the scoop:
Imagine the crew from Oceans Eleven are contractors, and instead of a heist they are pulling off a major remodel—all while the homeowner’s are out to dinner. Just like in every caper film, our crew will need intel, a warehouse to mock-up and practice the job and time at the site without getting caught. Those homeowner’s better eat slow and order dessert!

Be sure to catch the premiere of Renovation Raiders on Thursday, May 30 at 9/8c.

290 Responses

  1. Cvirtuouswoman03 says:

    That is fabulous, It is hard to believe. Very stylish and professional. How can I be on the show?

  2. Daphne says:

    Love the renovations!! How do I enter my kitchen?

  3. Aprillyn says:

    I love the idea of this. My mother could use a new kitchen as the cabinets are literally not closing properly anymore. We had one corner cabinet that was falling apart. My dad had to nail it back together. The kitchen is over 20 years old. Granite counter tops, floor and new cabinets are great, she wanted to bust the wall out into the dining room as that wall is not a support wall. We already have a new fridge, stove and dishwasher, but we can't afford the cost of the cabinets, floor and the granite. Believe it or not, my dad and uncle put the kitchen in when I was younger and you can tell that it was done by non professionals. I would love to enter our kitchen into the renovation raiders. How can I do so?

  4. Anne Longwell says:

    I want to have you The Raider come to my home! How do I sign up??? So neat watching previews! Awesome…

  5. Arlene says:

    I love this show I wish you go to my Moms House she needs a new Kitchen……new counter tops and storage….she has nonfunctional….. Kitchen……..and no outlet so she can sit outside and enjoy the nice weather or have a barbecue or cookout…..she has no deck or porch……I wish could build her one but i don't have the means to do that for her Please:( come and Help….

  6. Sue says:

    Enough with the faux sexy, pouty look. Really? Just do your job Amy.

  7. 3xldogg says:

    Sign me up! Our kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover!!!


    I need you Raiders! My kitchen, main bathroom and utility room needs you desperately. HELP!!!

  9. Will Flenor says:

    What steps must I take to enter my wife's kitchen for a renovation… She really deserves it for putting up with me for all these years.

  10. pam says:

    Hi amy, I have been washing my dishes on my back porch for a year and a half now, we have slowly been working on the kitchen, since we had to replace the floor. but working full time, and taking care of both our moms. since dad passed. theres not enough time to finish it we have all our meterials already purchased. we just need it finished. we had to tare it down to the studs, replace floor joyce, there was no insalation in the walls, that's all done all the dry wall is done, all the concrete board is down. time to lay the tile, put the cabinets back up put in the sink and counter tops. I really need some help. thanks so much.

  11. Peggy Moss says:

    My daughter is buying the house we bought for her. It is about 950 square feet. 2 bedroom and 1 bath.
    It is the kitchen that needs the most work and it is a galley kitchen. If you had some ideas to take out
    The wall it could really open it up and look much bigger.
    She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and 3 dogs. She really needs and deserves a nicer
    This is a Mothers plea for your help.

  12. savoieamy says:

    I cannot wait to watch this show, and desperatly want to enter to be on. We have a great house, but desperatly need some help with a makeover in our Kitchen and or bathroom. We would be ever soo greatful for the help, and would love to know how to apply!!

  13. Patrick McGarrah says:

    Would LOVE to surprise my wonderful wife, she deserves a real kitchen. We have a galley kitchen now, easy wall knockout would more than double its size. Not sure how you would handle old firebrick floors though, everybody says how cool the floor is, maybe just new grouting. We are Foster parents in Oregon and a larger kitchen would mean a lot. thank you

    Patrick and Shannon M

  14. Desperately Seeking says:

    My husband deserves so much, we just celebrated our 27th anniversary in April of this year if I could make a wish. My wish would be that my guardian angel would send me someone that could help with our kitchen it's not a big kitchen, however it needs so much work. I am currently unable to help him due to health issues. So this would be just truly something special if I could just take one thing off his mind. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you

  15. DeAnn says:

    Im in Arizona and it seems like none of these shows make it to our side of the country….. I would be so delighted if someone from this show would come to Arizona. Maybe they think its too hot…?? It really isin't. This is something Ive been waiting to see happen, we go out and return to a whole new look. Its my birthday this month and this would have to be the ultimate gift… to have a room in my small townhome completely redone!!
    I will be making a wish, when I'm blowing out the candles on my cake this year!!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. Patricia Harrison says:

    We just recently bought a 1938 home. The washer and dryer hook-ups were located in the "wet-weather" basement. Before we moved in, we relocated the washer and dryer to a spare bedroom on the first floor. We would like to make it a laundry room/office, but we don't know where to begin. We need some help!
    This would be awesome!

  17. Kim says:

    I would love you to come help out,after 6 years in our house ,2 kids , a landscaper husband and me being a full time working mom, we need help…Oh and a crazy 1 year old doggie we need an update…Please….

  18. Linda Campbell says:

    My mother has the smallest kitchen in America. Please redo her kitchen. She cooks for my daddy, senior citizens who need food, her 85year-old father, my daughter and I. The countertop is cracked, terrible backsplash, bad floor. Is there any way you can help us. She lives at 16 Pepper Mill Drive, Capitol Heights, MD. 20743. My number is 202-355-2728; my mother's number is 301-350-6952. Thank you, for your consideration. And for reading my letter. Leonitia Campbell

  19. Chris S says:

    Please come to Nj and redoubt my bedroom!

  20. Mrs. Stewart says:

    My husband was just diagnosed with leukemia in Oct. and we lost 4 parents and inherited an aunt who has Alzheimer's at 91 yrs of age..she is a jewel but we have had a lot of stress needless to say selling our old home and buying my daddy and moms home..I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome..we have had to deal with bad contractors at times fixing up my parents home since they had termite damage..we didn't have enough in the budget to do a serene backyard..it gets muddy each time it rains..would love an outdoor Backyard Home Raiders..haven't seen one yet..please help us..my hubby could use to exercise and me too..the docs said swimming would be helpful for both of us..a Michael Phelps Swim Spa with place to barbecue would be awesome and some Tuscan garden accents..thanks for your consideration…we live in a nice area near Tulsa OKlahoma..it's pretty here wish more HGTV shows would consider coming to our area..they seem to be in CA and back east mostly..please come to our area..it would truly give us a much needed lift..our home is going to be used to encourage others and having a nice back yard would get us out of this funk and give us a tranquil place to rest, have fun and invite our community..and minister to their needs as well in memory of my parents..my step mom died of a massive heart attack shoveling snow at this home and my daddy died here too.we would love to see their backyard be a haven of rest and relaxation for those who come as well as for my hubby to heal..thanks again for considering..

  21. Barbara Collura says:

    My 91 y/o mother (Grandma Rose to everyone) has a 1958 kitchen that could use a makeover. She still cooks for everyone. Please consider us.

  22. Brian says:

    How can one be on this show??? I love to pull this off on my wife!!! :)

  23. tiffany says:

    how do I get on the show ??

  24. Susie says:

    We need a makeover ! HELP,

  25. Leslie says:

    How do I get your help

  26. michelle carr says:

    hi my mom is still living in a house with only two working bathroom and six kids. she has been so nice to open up her house to me my son and my husband while we are trying to fix our house.. i think she deserves so much more. my parents have been working for ever and when my dad lost his job a she settled for what they could afford. i just think some change would be nice for her. please can you help her?

  27. barbaraagee16 says:

    The idea of having a room done while we are out to dinner is absolutely fascinating! My husband has been complaining about the dishwasher being in the wrong place since we moved in to our house in Chattanooga in 1989. Since he now has taken over the cooking duties while I work during the day and care for my grandson in the evenings would be a great quick renovation that we would love to have you visit to help us with. We love our house, but now 24 years later–we need the beautiful foyer space added to the kitchen! HELP!!!

  28. Jane Ferril says:

    I am living in the house my g pa built in 1938 the kitchen and bathrooms are
    Very outdated… Would love for you to come to Columbus Indiana

  29. Victoria says:

    Work two jobs to support family here and in Africa My 20 yrs old bedroom need re-done, and the basement I will forever be greatful if you can come to my house in Brooklyn Park MN and make my dream come true

  30. Shar says:

    my son who I think is the one of greatest dads on earth and his lovely bride have had their ups and downs lately there house is in desperate need of a remodel how do I get you over there?

  31. Steve says:

    My wife needs this show! She sews and crafts for our girls and her prospective sewing/crafting space is sad. It's this unfortunate dumping ground for fabric, sewing stuff and whatever else we don't have storage for. There's no storage or functionality…definitely not the creative space she deserves. She would flip if you came!

  32. Irina Tomich says:

    How I can get your help? Sign me up PLEASE! I am willing to give you even more time to do what you do :-)

  33. Linda says:

    I could use some motivational advise. My husband is a very talented maintenance technician however when it come to remodeling our bathroom he is apprehensive?! I don't know if it is caused by the fact that bathrooms typically hold "hidden surprises" or what but I really want this done for my 50th birthday on July 4th! Any words of confidence you can offer to get him moving??? Thank you!

  34. Maria V says:

    How do I get on your show ??? would love to surprise my husband with a new kitchen when he is at work !!
    He works the night shift . He is the cook of the house , and would like to to surprise him in the morning when he gets home.

  35. Anita says:

    Awesome…can't wait to see this show. And like all the others…how do I get enter? My hubby and I have come to the conclusion our living room/kitchen are literally making us depressed….west facing….it gets too hot in our living room….so are curtains are ALWAYS drawn….not enough light we've determined, makes us blue?

  36. John Taraschke says:

    Aloha Renovation Raiders,

    My wife loves these kind of surprises… she's watched you do so many cool things Amy, on your other shows. I just cannot believe you do it in one evening, while they are out to dinner! We have a great old home, built in 1934, with 'good bones' as they say…but not enough time or money to complete anything or update. Would love to enter to be on this show!

  37. Douglas Carlson says:

    Hi Amy, can't wait for your show. I wish you could make it to our house. We moved from Lockport, ny to North Carolina 5 years ago because the place I worked for got bought out and had to move. We bought a house, something my wife always wanted. Things were going well until I came down with blood clots in my lungs twice in 2011 and my health deteriorated from there. I was placed on Soc Sec Disb in 2 months. Was in hospital for serious depression for 1 month late 2011. My wife just received Soc Sec Disb after a 3 year wait. She has many health issues. Our income was cut in half. Our kitchen is really outdated but can't afford to do anything with it. My wife deserves something new. She has gone through many years of health issues and something like this would really make her happy. Thank you.

  38. j.g. says:

    We are HUGE fans of HGTV, but we are disappointed that the opportunities to be on the shows are only in specific cities!! SOMEONE PLEASE COME TO HOUSTON!! I want to be considered on a show…

  39. Steve says:

    This shows real creativity and talent on the part of the contractors and HGTV! We are hooked on this channel! I'm in awe of the skills they have because I certainly don't! Although there are posts of people with more serious situations, we would love to apply to be on the show! Truly impressive! And we would be fun to work with during the show!

  40. jltraveler says:

    What a great idea for a show. Boy, do we need your help. My 33 yr old son is living in my old master bedroom as it had too many memories since my husband died, and it needs some remodeling. Can you help us?

  41. Dana says:

    How does a person apply for the show? I have seen all the comments and as everyone else, would love a kitchen/bathroom redo. My mom moved in with me last year and we need to get a shower on our first floor (she cannot do stairs – COPD, congestive heart failure). Does the show film in NJ?

  42. Twila Schoeppner says:

    Would love to nominate my daughters house…she has 4 boys under the age of 11 and could so use the help. She's such a good mom and they are completely running out of room! Would love to surprise her!

  43. C. Cilento says:

    I would love to know how to apply for this show. My husband has always been a do it yourself person and this is our third home. In the past he has finished both basements in our previous homes. At 56 years old and being a diabetic he is having a lot of trouble with joint pain and body aches. He started working on the basement and has roughed out the bathroom. We have all the tiles for the floors and we alreadyn have the shower, toilet and sink for the bathroom. We planned on a kitchen area with counterspace and cabinets and a movie room but I'm afraid he physically won't be able to finish this job its a really large space. I was wondering what the criteria is for getting the show to come and surprise my husband as he is a wonderful loving man and is a wonderful father to our 3 children. This would be an amazing gift to a man who has always given to everyone else and never asked for anything. My husband and I are huge fans of HGTV this would be such a blessing. Thanks for your consideration.

  44. Lynn Grinnell says:

    Our home in Gig Harbor, WA has been a work in progress since we purchased it 2 years ago. The kitchen is the only thing not completed! Would love your crash! Where do I sign up?

  45. Joyce Johnson says:

    My house was built in the early 1950 the dinning room and living room of a combination, Once you walk in the front door, It look terrible and smells bad. We need a makeover please help us.

  46. Jane says:

    Talk about your make-over, what has Amy Matthews done to herself!!! Aside from the hair color change there is definitely some facial cosmetic changes. I was so disappointed, the pouty, sexy look Amy is looking for is not working for her…I am a long, long time HGTV fan/follower. HGTV (be it the shows or the magazine) is my best destresser and "me" time thing to do. But definitely thrown by the new Amy – and not loving the look, sorry Amy..

  47. Judy Hill says:

    I would love to enter my husband's bathroom, how do I do this?
    Can't wait to see the show.

  48. Linda Westmoreland says:

    I never see HGTV do remodels/crashes or renovations fo someone over the age of 65. PLEASE consider a "raid" on my home in Dallas, Tx!

  49. Shannon Robert says:

    I would love for this show to come to Huntsville, Texas and redo our kitchen. My husband and I both work for the State of Texas Prison system so needless to say we don't make a whole lot of income. My husband saved in his retirement fund for 31 years and we were finally able to buy our first home last year. But because we had to find a home big enough for our daughter and her two sons to leave an abusive relationship and come live with us he had to sacrifice his dream of a gourmet kitchen. He loves to cook and usually cooks from scratch but our kitchen is in desperate need of help. He went back to work after retiring to help pay the mortgage and take care of our grandsons but it just is not in our budget at This time. He was injured at work this past March and then my mother died at the same time and all of this ate at our savings. I would so love to give him his dream kitchen to such a wonderful man who sacrifices a lot for his family. Would send you pictures if need be but please consider him. Thank you.

  50. Kelli says:

    I need makeover help! I will do anything! All the shows are on the east coast how about good Ole Boise Idaho military wife!

  51. jim are tim says:

    just got are dream house,are should i say house of horrors as i turns out please help need a kitchen and already spent are rehab mone nthings for the house,we did not know were needed at the time of purchase. we have alot of heart problems,and a mom with alzhiemers PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!

  52. Rebecca says:

    For the second time in my adult life, I'm staying with my mom who has once again graciously opened her home and heart to us and even took a job out of retirement to earn extra funds while assuming the role of ever-ready babysitter for my two young children. She even voluntarily sleeps in the den to accomodate us, giving up her master bedroom. The first time I moved back in, my husband had lost his job and we and our 3 year old daughter moved in, and this time, just 2 years later, I came back "home" once again following an unexpected divorce arriving with two little children in tow (one two months old, and the other age 5). Her self-sacrifice is beyond comprehension. She deserves a renovated kitchen more than anyone that I know.

  53. Marinette says:

    Awesome, how do I apply.

  54. ERICA says:

    Just saw a preview of your new show and would SO appreciate our home being considered for an upcoming episode… we've had so may hardships over the past few years including job loss, family illness, etc. and try as we might to save for our DREAM of finally being able to finish our basement, something unexpected always happens which constantly forces us to "backburner" our dreams for this makeover wish. Please let me know how we might go about submitting ourselves for your show. Thank-you!

  55. Jim says:

    We need a few renovations done help lol I would love nothing more then surprise my wife with a new room !

  56. Reyscloset says:

    I could really use the help in our kitchen. How do we sign up?

  57. Laura says:

    My loving husband deserves your help. He has been by my side through all my ailments, never complaining. Our mater bedroom is a disaster, and I would love to give him a peaceful place to relax after a long day. You see, he takes care of our 5 years old grandson who we are guardians of. It would be a true blessing to surprise him with your services. We have been amazed at your show and always say, wish they would come to our house. Thank you for your consideration. I hope that you can make my wish come true!

  58. Marc O'Rourke says:

    Would love to surprise my wife with a makeover. We have been married 25 years and I always do crazy things she would never think I would do anything this crazy. How to you sign up for this? :-)

  59. Anita says:

    How do I get information on how to be on the show ??

  60. Pat Ballard says:

    Hi Amy
    Please help us! My husband is blind and lost his job in January due to cut backs. Our home needs a facelift everywhere.! We live in Tennessee and would greatly appreciate your experience in helping make this our dream home.

  61. Lori says:

    i would love to have the kitchen/living room redone at my old home that my daughter, son in law and grandkids live in now. The house is very old and way too small for the 4 of them. However I don't think shows like this ever come to Oklahoma to do projects. And not sure how much it costs the homeowner to do it. But it's a cool idea and definitely something different to watch.

  62. Sharon McClain says:

    I'm writing to suggest my son, Luke's condo for your new show, Renovation Raiders. When Luke's father passed away 3 years ago, he bought a condominium with his inheritance and refinished the kitchen but hasn't had the money to renovate his bathroom or finish out the living room and bedroom. Luke would be a perfect candidate for your show. Thank you for considering him, and if I'm emailing the wrong person, please let me know where I can email. Thank you! Sharon McClain

  63. Tanya says:

    Would love to shock my boys (10yr and 13yr) with a new hangout in an old basement that they think is haunted.
    It's an old New England house with a lot of character. Old basement, old walk up attic with widows walk and their bedroom is old plaster walls that have cracks. Any room for them would be a great surprise.

  64. Darlene says:

    Hi Amy we would LOE for you to come and Raid our house. Our youngest child has CP and is not mobile and can not speak. As she is getting older and heavier we are finding it very difficult to bathe her. We had planned on enlarging our downstairs bathroom so we could wheel her right into the the shower but have come to a cross roads. We are having to make a decision between renovating the bathroom or buying a wheel chair accessable van. UGH!!! Please help and be our Angel

  65. Kim Power says:

    I would love to have my husband's office renovated. We need on your show. Come to Texas!

  66. Amy Jarbo says:

    Our house is out of date; it's used up. We need a renovation. I'm curious of how much a renovation would cost, and how many rooms could be renovated at a time. I'd love to have someone come and renovate our home, for a new and cozy place to live.

  67. Alicia says:

    Bought a house last year. Older 60s home. We would loooooove to be on the show!! We love our home, but it needs a face lift :)

  68. Brian T. says:

    Hi there Amy. I live in a suburb of St. Paul, MN, with my wife and 2 kids. We have a modest 1000 sq. ft house (an Orrin Thompson classic, like thousands of others in The Cities) and I think it might be a good fit for your show. After all, we like to go ot to dinner!! We love the house, but need to update it a bit. Consideration for the show would be fantastic!! Is there an application process?

  69. PattieMali says:

    How do you sign up to be a part of this show?! I am a family of four and we are really out growing our house, but cannot afford to move at this time. We have very slowly tried to fix the house up, but are kitchen is very small and would love more cabinet space and new flooring! My husband tries hard, but it takes him a while and he is always worried about messing up!!
    I would love to surprise my husband with a new kitchen and flooring in kitchen and living room…they are somewhat open to each other!
    Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
    Cant wait for the 1st show!! :)

  70. Eileen Casteel says:

    I would like to see if it would be possible for you to be able to redo, My sisters kitchen. She is 79 years old and has been handicapped since a child. Has raised a family and now has oone daughter that works but also has to take care of her when she can. My sis was born without a leg and part of a hand. She has a wooden leg and a brace on the other one and she has very little room to move around in her little kitchen especially with a walker to hang onto also. She has only one small set of cabinets along one small wall, with a sink. Her church has recently built her a ramp up yo the front door to make it easier for her to get in and out of the house, but she always used to use the back door to get in and out. But the iron rod she had to grab ahold of to get into the house was very unsafe. and the back door also has a step going into the house and then up into the kitchen hwich is very unsafe also. It would be so nice if she could have something done to make it a bit easier for her, to be able to use her kitchen.She lives in Wisconsin. Near Hingham.

  71. Beth says:

    Hello Renovation Raiders,

    This sounds like a great show! Please post how families can sign up. My husband is very deserving of a great surprise. He works two jobs, one that includes the night shift. We own our own home (built 1982) and we have a lot of renovations that need to be completed. He simply doesnt have the availability and honestly, we dont have the cash flow. Not trying to be sappy, but would love the opportunity to sign my husband up who is so deserving, hard working and never puts himself first for anything! His wife and two baby girls would love to give this to him!

  72. Karen says:

    My daughter is a single mon with a nine year old daughter. She has put herself thru college and is currently working as a biology/chemistry teacher. She has just purchased a two bedroom condo that is very dated. I know
    she is getting her life back on track but she doesn't have extra funds to update the condo, let alone the kitchen.
    She will be making settlement on 5/23/13 and wants to move in memorial day weekend. My husband and I know that she is very capable and we will help her paint and move in but please consider her for your show. Her space is very limited and she is also building her own business as a second job. The help would really give her a boost.

  73. Nancy says:

    My 80 year old parents are in desperate need of not just a makeover, but a renovated home to allow them to continue living independetly. They very much deserve it and it kills me that I can't give them the amenities they need. Who would've thought that just taking a shower when you are an elder, would be so difficult. Just trying to lift your leg over the side of the tub is scary, let alone trying not to slip or fall. Laundry in the basement is definately out. Open floorplans are ideal so they can keep an eye on each other too. My father is often confused when he hasn't seen mom because she was in the kitchen cooking. My father is a Veteran and worked tirelessly to provide for his family. My mother stayed at home with us and was an outstanding mother and homemaker. I believe as a society we need to concentrate on allowing our elders to keep their diginity in their golden years. Thank you for your time. I hope and pray that if you can't help my parents, that you can help someone just as deserving. Sincerely, a loving daughter.

  74. Gza Yung says:

    HELP!!! Chicago NEEDS you, my family and I live in a Queen Anne 1881 home with some updates and would welcome your expertise!

  75. Peggy says:

    We have a HUGE garage that is now crappy looking…..I'd love to make it a man cave for my husband as a surprise. It has lots of possibilities as it has one whole wall of windows.

  76. Karen McPhail says:

    We drastically need our basement redone to accommodate our growing family's needs and storage issues. We live in Great Falls, VA. Please consider putting us on the show.

  77. angellc123 says:

    AWESOME!!!! I think this is a wonderful idea for a show!! I WISH YOU WOULD COME TO KANSAS!!! My husband would be in total shock if we did this!! I would LOVE to be on it! Way to go AMY and HGTV! This will be a top ranked show in no time! :)

  78. amy says:

    help for a kitchen renovation. I want to surprise mu husband. He is a construction worker.

  79. مظلات says:

    How do I get your help ??

  80. Nathan Coles says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do this for my parents, they have sacrifice so much my sister & I. They are still trying to get a roof since hurricane Gustav. My sister & I are in college. We would love them to have a kitchen make-over.

  81. Starlith Farrell says:

    My sister deserves a renovation. She has raised her children and now is raising two of her grandchildren. She recently learned that her eldest daughter and family need a place to live. She has offered her small home. This will make four adults and four children ranging from age 9 to 16. She lives in rural western New York. She has always taken care of family. Her husband is supportive but not extremely handy. I am not sure how one goes about requesting an opportunity for a renovation however she is a truly deserving person. Thank you for your consideration.

  82. Laura d says:

    Please come renovate our home! With a new baby and a tight budget we'll never get our blue porcelain bathroom or outdated kitchen redone!

  83. Princess says:

    I need to be on this show because after all I have been through I deserve it

  84. Shannon Clinard says:

    Hi Amy,

    I would like to sign up my sister, Amy (and her 11 year old daughter, Sophie). My sister is an extremely hard worker and plays the role of mom and dad to my sweet niece. She works hard as a physical therapy assistant and goes without much to make sure her daughter is able to do the things she loves (soccer, art and doing things with friends). The story is long and detailed, dad is not allowed in the picture, but she and my niece deserve some good to happen to them, as may others do also I realize. I want this badly for her, she dreams of being able to do this.She lives in a one story brick with a bonus room in nice neighborhood. Most all families there are 2 income families. I really don't know how she does it. She dreams of redoing the bonus room, the kitchen, baths really any or all. We come from a family of contractors but there not a lot left after paying the mortgage and the cost of a single parent family. Shes the real a hard worker and great mom, and what a great name huh? Amy :-)
    Thank you

  85. ROSALYN says:


  86. GRISEL ROSA says:


  87. Jenette says:

    We just bought a house about a year ago and would like to get our kitchen, bathroom and basement renovated, can you help. Thanks

  88. rosmery says:

    como puedo participar? soy recien casada,la casa de mi esposo es un caos: el garage,sotano,la casa completa!! no tenemos sofa, los banos necesitan reparacion. mi estado de animo se bajo,no se por donde empezar. soy dominicana y quisiera algo que me anime al estar aqui en este pais diferente al mio.por favor!!!

  89. Brooke Dalton says:

    We could use your help. I would like to surprise my husband with a new master bathroom. As it is right now, we can see and hear each other on the toilet from the master bedroom. It's so romantic. LOL But we just do not have the means to fix the problem because it would be a total remodel.

  90. Tysha Monroe says:

    I would like to surprise my husband with a renovation. We love our house and have been here for 15 years but its about that time where he believes some changes need to made. We have laid down roots in this neighborhood and have bought all of children home to this house after they were born. I am not a big believer in moving I believe in improving on what you have. Your show looks very inspiring with 4 hour renovation.
    Thank you for an opportunity to let you know about my wish.

  91. connie says:

    How can I submit an entry for a chance to win a make over for a family member that needs a must have
    make over in her kitchen & bath…expecting a second child and cannot afford to move to a bigger home..
    both parents are working long full time jobs just to make ends meet.. first home and there is no room in
    the kitchen for anything..the new baby is living in a room that is half storage/guest room…please help

  92. Linda says:

    OK, here's another request for info on how to nominate someone for your show. My 76-year-old friend is legally blind (can't see very far) and is forced to function in a dark kitchen because that's what her now deceased ex-husband wanted. I'd LOVE to help her get a re-do, including all white cabinets. She'd also like to have the wall (non-supporting) taken out between the kitchen, dining room, and living room. On her limited income, she can't afford to do it.

  93. cherie wallace says:

    Hello: My name is Cherie Wallace and I'm wanting to be on your show. I currently work for the county of Wichita Falls and deal with the kids of different counties. I work hard and don't have any time to renovate my house. On top of all the stress, the county( for which I work for), told me if I did not renovate my house, it could possibly be demolished. I want my paid off house. I have 4 kids of my own and I'm a hard worker. I have a disabled son and problems with my children just like a normal family. All I wish is I had the money to put together my house and actually move in it. I have not watched the show due to my work schedule but I need help and help fast. If you need me too, I will email pictures. I have been very stress guys and I will return the favor to help others. God Bless!! Give me a chance.

  94. Darlene Williams says:

    My husband and I are both handicapped and our house needs alot of work. One room changed would be a great one to make us happy. We cannot do any more work but we did open up the kitchen and now we have a half done kitchen. We would love to have our kitchen completed.

  95. Sherri Pancake says:

    How can I be on this show? My kitchen and bathroom need a make over badly ! Please Help

  96. lily says:

    Just thought I would take a chance on asking for some help…We are retired and living in the desert and everything in our house is very small …kitchen needs much love and yard …well lets just say it is nothing but gravel lot..We are in need of help anything would be an improvement..

    Lily Alonzo

  97. Susan Canney says:

    I need to have my bathroom changed around. I have a large garden tub that needs to go and I would like to place a large shower in the same area. I already have a small shower but at age 74 and with past episodes of passing out I need a larger area to sit down if I feel dizzy. The current shower would make a great storage area.

  98. Roberta says:

    I have a super ugly kitchen that is in need of a makeover appliances from the 1980's please ,please help us.

  99. Smart says:

    I'd love to find out how to nominate my sister and brother-in-law for this! They are very deserving and they are in need of a bathroom renovation. Let's say that over the past 9 years their luck hasn't been good and they just received news that the bad luck has gotten worse. My brother-in-law has had neck, throat, and tongue cancer, it is back and it's aggressive-they have told him to enjoy his life but aren't sure how long that might be. His last few wishes are for more time, to finish the house projects for my sister and niece. These house projects include a bathroom remodel (mold issues), working heater for house, and windows. Our top priority is to help with the bathroom. We're all hoping that we could get renovation raiders to help very soon-before his time is gone.
    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to hearing how to nominate them!

  100. Stephanie says:

    I would so love this to happen to me for a BIG surprise for my husband (he is 78 and is running out of steam for these projects)…I have all new wiring and plumbing etc..but need paint in the living, kitchen and bath, two rooms (small) of hardwood floors, new tile in pantry and laundry and some sheetrock repair in those small rooms as well as paint…THIS WOULD BE A GOD SEND…PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO ENTER..THANKS

  101. Katie says:

    Dear Renovation Raiders, I desperately need your help. First time home owner here, single parent, work full time, and no budget to renovate my dated kitchen and bathrooms. Your expertise is needed! You would be a life saver….:) thank you.

  102. Lilian says:

    what do i need to do get kitcen/dining room renovated for my husband, our home is owned and it would be a great surprise for him. how do i sign up?

  103. Kelly Johnson says:

    How do I apply for u to renovate my kitchen? I want to surprise my husband for our 20th anniversary. He is a disabled veteran and this would be awesome for him. Please help!! I need it before he tells are sons to start knocking down windows.

  104. Deb says:

    I would love to surprise my sister who lives in Iowa with your fabulous renovation. I could definitely get her out of the house. Please condiser coming to Iowa and surprising my sister. Thanks and can't wait to see your new show.

  105. joan says:

    How do we audition to be on your show? I would accept any makeover you can do for us.

  106. Sandra Moylan says:

    I would like to get a new kitchen for my son and daughter-in-law. He is a Iraq war vet and now he is a firefighter. They bought a hose in 2010 that was a short sale. Needed work, they did some. The kitchen is left. In one year my daughter-in-law lost her only Uncle at 43, her Grandfather, and her Dad at the age of 53 from Pancratic Cancer, Her father was a 30 year Vet of the Los Angeles Sherrif's Dept.They have a son 6 and twins 5 a boy and girl. We all live in Lancaster CA. How do I get help for them??? My husband and I are retired and live on a fixed income or we would do it. Please help them!!!!! My hubby and I are 70 years old!

  107. Sandra Moylan says:


  108. Jenn Vela says:

    I would love to be on the show and surprise my parents. They have worked so hard in providing for the family that I would like to give something back to them. And a renovation would be a perfect gift. :)
    I have seen the previews for this show and I cannot wait to watch it.
    How do I submit an entry? When and where would I be able to submit entries.
    Please let me know!!

  109. Esther Peters says:

    How do I sign in & get on your show,I have an everything room washer & dryer & art room & office all in one back room..my husbands going to be 80 yrs old in Aug. I& I want to surprise him in a big way he is a good husband & worked until his co. was sold & out of work… we built our house out of steel in Prescott,AZin 1995, but we never did anything to this room to make like home.we would be so blessed if you could make our house a home

  110. Londen says:

    My mom is the best and I would love to surprise her with a kitchen renovation!! She's about to have a baby and we just moved into our new house but she doesn't like the kitchen. She thinks it will take her years before she saves up enough to renovate it. Please help me show her how great she is:)

  111. Curiosity says:

    how is your show legal? lol

  112. Cori Newland says:

    I love this show and you all are amazing! How do I sign up or enter my kitchen?? I would love to have you come to my 1944's kitchen.

  113. paula says:

    I would love to do this for my husband as he so deserves it. He has fixed up other rooms in the house over a 20 yr. span and when we had a little extra money. Our kitchen is terrible and he would flip if someone would do this. Please Please Please. We live in Kasota Mn.

  114. svati22 says:

    This show was a huge dissappointment ! What an annoying, manic show! What has happened to Amy?She used to be so laid back, natural & cool before…is it the red hair dye or what? Could not even watch the last 10 minutes. Hated it, too stressful & contrived.

  115. Tam01 says:

    The show is real! How can it not be? They did a house in 7 days, this is just a room. If you watched the show they mock up the exact measurements of the room they are raiding, and build everything prior to the raid. What's the biggest thing in the kitchen that stands out and takes the most time to put together, the cabinets. Everything else just drops into place. Everything is signed off by inspectors, so if it was crap work they would have to do it over. No room for error! These guys are just good and what they do and I am hooked. Will definetly keep this in my shows to watch.

    • JimH says:

      Thank you for being the one person to notice that there was obviously a plan in place to accomplish this in the short time frame.

      • Tam01 says:

        This could be the best show on TV and you will still have the non believers. Most people don't know what it takes to construct anything and just want to hate. A new twist to renovating that's for sure!! When you put 8+ contractors in a room together stuff will be done and with quality!

  116. Karen Smith says:

    I watched this show last night and loved it!!! Our master bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover and I would love to surprise my husband….sign me up room raiders!

    Sincerly Yours,

    Depressed Master Bath in Charlotte NC

  117. June Dunlap says:

    When we first bought our home I loved the size of the master bath and bedroom! But I learned very quickly how small the bathtub really was. I cannot even soak without having my knees way up in the air! My master bathroom really needs a makeover! Please sign me up!

    Hopeful in Las Vegas,

  118. paula says:

    I Love Your Show. We are from Kasota Mn. I would Love to surprise my Husband of 30 years. He's been the Best husband, father, stepfather, and grandpa, that anyone would love to have. He not only provides for his family but is such a handy man, electrician, plumber, construction man, painter, and landscaper, when money promits. He really needs someone to do something nice for him for a change. We really need a new kitchen which he would love to give me, but just can't do it now and probably not for a long time. Please, Please, Please consider us.

  119. Ann says:

    Dear Amy, I am loving the new show coming on HGTV…….new…inspiring and full of surprises and great ideas….I have some really difficult rooms that are in desperate need of updating. The house is really old. I have lived here for over 12 yrs now. The previous landlord was more interested in $$$ then keeping the house updated or fixed when Cracks appeared or plumbing issues were needed. My youngest son and I lived here for 2 yrs without a working stove that initially came with the place. It took him 2 yrs to install a different one..of which we had to buy smaller appliances to use, so large holiday dinners were out….Alot of the walls have black mold of which he just put contact paper over after he supposedly cleaned it with soap and water. I have remodeled the living room and it turned out great, my sons room is like a dungeon and I wish it were some place where he could go with freinds and at least feel like hes proud of his room. There are NO WINDOWS in the room. The house is separate…..from the upstairs. THey split the house to make it 2 differnt places. Which makes no sence…Its odd……the Upstairs was totally remodeled because the landlord and his big family stayed there, but the lower residence ( MINE ) is like looking into yesteryear…..the living room ceiling is covered with wallpaper…….I guess to cover up the increasing decay of the original ceiling itself. I have so many ideas and yet…things just keep getting worse. I have cracks increasinly coming forth in the kitchen more and more each day……..My sons room, his walls you can make them move….they are so warped…..and they just deteriorate more and more, but am allowed to do a total remodel on it….We are just stuck…..New owners are a younger couple, just learning about being landlords, and yet…want their tennents to DO MOST OF TH WORK THEMSELVES…..I wish you could truely come see this………..Id give anything to have you at least redo my sons room to give him some light and some AIR to breath flowing thru a window and give him a beautiful room. I would gladly help you in any way possible…….Please send some help to my email address where you can contact me…….good luck on the new series……..Bravo…I like your style…..

  120. John says:

    Just bought a home and would love to surprise my wife with her dream kitchen.

  121. Russ says:

    How do you get away without building inspectors approval on electrical and pluming?

  122. Heidi says:

    OK. I am just outside of N'awlins (that's New Orleans to y'all who aren't fortunate enough to live here!)
    We Need your help with our empty nester's now extra bedroom. HEEEEELP… IT'S COLLECTING STUFF! Our daughter moved out 2 years ago! ;-) My husband is a Navy Seal from Vietnam. Once a Seal always a Seal! Of course, as he puts it…. "that was 50 pounds and many moons ago!" OH, he sure could use the surprise! and we love AMY!

    IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SURPRISE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE WITH AN OFFICE/GUEST BEDROOM! We go for drives that last the entire day quite often on the weekends… it would be easy to arrange for him to "BE AWAY"!!!!

  123. Brian M says:

    We watched an episode this afternoon and we were blown away by the show's concept. My wife has been complaining about our kitchen for years, but we have not seen any designs that will work with our layout. It would be amazing to see what ideas might transpire from a group of true professionals. Please consider our request for a kitchen makeover. Thank you.

  124. Theresa M Gantt says:

    How do I get help with getting on the show? My kitchen is in need of a up date for the 70's. We tried to cover up the yellow counter tops our self but now the spay stuff we used is coming off. The cabinets I had painted them and crackled them but they are not very deep cabinets and the stove does not work. The flooring is ready to be changed out. The kitchen just needs to be redone and made more useable. Please, Please, Help!!!!!

  125. Chrystine Palomba says:

    How do we apply for consideration for your show? We bought our home thinking we would do the kitchen within 5 years and it has now been 8 due to life happening and expenses with the kids.

  126. Vernita McNeil says:

    My Aunt lives in ATL and her kitchen and living room is long over due for a make over. She married and moved into the home of her husband who is a pastor, and she is the first lady, but her home does not reflect her new found status. She does not want to entertain in her home, because it has not been updated in years. There is a UGLY ROCK WALL that surrounds the fire place in the living room and we don't know what to do with it! If renovation raiders could surprise her with a make over in her home, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT, THIS WOULD CHANGE HER LIFE!!

  127. Shannon Chappell says:

    I am a huge fan of HGTV and this show. It's like the only TV channel I watch. I would love for you to come to my home and surprise my husband with a renovated bed room and bath. We got married at the young age of 19 and have just started to be able to do some renovating. We may actually get to our bedroom when we are 80 at the rate we are going. We spend a lot of time watching TV and hanging with the kids in our room so I would love to make this a more warm, and comfortable enviroment to spend time together in. We are a big RODEO family so we are very into anything western and country. How can I get your help???

  128. Donna R. Henderson says:

    We have lived in our home for 37 years. It was built in the 1950s and has had NO updating ever! Still have the original metal kitchen cabinets and porcelain sinks and faucets that you cannot buy parts for. My husband's favorite line for us to not update is…..can't afford. Our home is only 900 sq.ft. I know it has great wood floors that have been covered with carpet. I just wish for once, I could have a home I am proud of. May never happen in my life time but sure wish it could.

  129. Ed M. says:

    I have been rentivating our living room and kitchen for three to four years now and can't seen to get it done. We want to take down a small wall so we have an open concept and put an island where the wall is now. It just isn't happening. My wife has been after me for the past month again this year but we both drive 50 miles to work each way everyday and just can't find the time do get it complete. Could sure use your help. You will really like Alaska this time of year.

  130. Raymond says:

    It would mean so much for help with my mothers house . I'm 26 years old and active in the Marine Corps. I've taken over all the bills to my mothers house and trying to renovate it also but I don't have the money to do both. Please help my family and I. The house really needs a renovation. Thank you so much

  131. Barbara Canham says:

    I would love to help my daughter redo her master bedroom . She has worked so hard to redo the house that was mine and her fathers. Now it's her family's. I hope you don't only do kitchens your work looks great. Nit would be an honor to have you do the work. Thank k you.

  132. Dee McLaud says:

    how do we apply to get our kitchen redone? My Mom lost her home in the flood of 2008 in Cedar Rapids, Ia and now lives with us. The problem is, she is handicapped and is in a wheelchair permanently from post polio complications and our kitchen is not handicap accessible. It is not convenient or safe for her to be preparing meals any longer and she loves to cook and bake. Please consider our family for a future episode. Loved the first kitchen makeover, what an awesome job. I hope the guy that got hit in the head is doing OK.
    Thank you
    Dee McLaud from Cedar Rapids, IA

  133. Sandy De says:

    How do you nominate someone who has spent her whole life doing for everyone else? She really needs a renovation and would be so deserving and appreciative….

  134. Vicki Graham says:

    I would really like to help my son and daughter-in-law. They bought her grandmothers older home. They have put wood floors, ceiling fans and a few other improvements, but they are at a standstill. Their bathroom
    has been torn up for over 4 yrs, so they are sharing the one only usable bathroom with 3 children 9,7 and 5. Right now their kitchen is my concern, The cupboards and drawers are falling apart and most important they do not even have an oven. There is absolutely no counter tops. The kitchen needs to be opened up and build a countertop and more cupboards. My son is always helping everyone else before himself including me financially and I would really like to help them out by having their kitchen remodeled. Please help them so I can repay them for everything they have done for me. Thank you for your consideration

  135. Angela Moore says:

    This show is amazing. I have served in the military for 25 years. After my retirement I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now 3 1/2 years cancer free. But this is not about me but my husband. He has been my support during my military career and especially during my bout with cancer. He is the rock of our family. We have our daughter and four of our 12 grandchildren now living with us and would like to make our kitchen more functional and create an open space between the family/living room and kitchen. I would love to surprise my husband with this as a token of my appreciation for all the sacrifices he has given during my military career and his very much needed support during my cancer surgeries. Thank you in advance for considering our home. Blessings.

  136. Anna Chinery says:

    Who pays for the renovation or is it like Bath Crashers where all the work is free…………

  137. Jean Pryor says:

    How do we get your help for our condo? Basement flooded and needs renovation and the rest of the unit is completely outdated.

  138. Dennis Ingram says:

    I would really want to renovate my basement for my wife, that is where she spend most of here time in here office or with the kids during summer. She works so hard and I would really like to do this for her . She loves to entertain, and that is where she does it most of the time.

  139. Evelyn says:

    Would luvvvvvv a small kitchen makeover…evelyn…Moreno valley, ca

  140. Jennie magdaleno says:

    Our kitchen desperately needs a makeover, it still has yellow fomaica on the counters and back splash, our cabinets and drawers don't close right, I think they are original to the home that was built in 1949,We have lived here for 16 years and my husband has done some improvements replacing doors ad windows, and some bathroom update, but we have run out of funds to do anymore. There are a lot of old flooring and carpeting in our house that is torn up, I would love to have the kitchen made over for him, because he stresses out about all the work the house needs on it, Please help

  141. Cynthia says:

    Has anyone figured out how to enter to be on the show?

  142. rockycannon says:

    How can I get on your show. My wife loves this show! We have a wall between our kitchen and dining room that she wants removed, if you could help us take care of that, it might keep her from doing it on her own. Please let me know how to apply.

  143. Kathlen says:

    Love the show! Have a kitchen nightmare here in NJ, if you would like to visit!!

  144. Pauline says:

    I would love to pull this off on my husband. I am in St. Louis missouri was planning on getting our basement makeover and was injured at work since may 14th looking for a student. I am still not better, having blurred vision and most of the time I am in bed. Our summer vacations have. Been cancelled my kids are bored and I would just love to have that place were we could spend that time while the children are enjoying themselves. I would be so happy.

  145. Pauline says:

    I would love to pull this off on my husband. I am in St. Louis missouri was planning on getting our basement makeover and was injured at work since may 14th looking for a student. I am still not better. I reall love your show. We tape them and also re- watch them. It is amazing how you get it done so fast, and so perfect.

  146. Lost in Iowa says:

    I would love to surprise my wife with a remodel to our living room. It has not been done since the kids were young. She works very hard and I would kike to surprise her with this. Please help me out. If I start this project it will be like all the other s started and not finished well. Thanks.

  147. Kathy says:

    I love the show and the idea. My sister-in-law moved in with us four years ago. Since then one daughter has gotten married and another has moved across the country. We want to have space for grandchildren eventually but want more privacy now. We need separation of spaces! Please help us!

    Hopeless in dallas

  148. Karen Rutledge says:

    Please consider my son and daughter in laws kitchen. The kitchen has a harvest gold range with the attached microwave! They have done some major remodeling but couldn't afford the kitchen project. They have a 15 month old daughter and just found out they are expecting twins in December. The dishwasher is the same age as the range circa 1960. Please help them!

  149. sheila reyer says:

    My daughter, and her family,,just signed a contract to buy a house..They have used all their money, to get this dream… Bathroom upstairs has to be re-done, Kitchen has to be redone, There is gas heat, and they want to put in their Gas dryer, so a gas line has to be made for the dryer.. They will probably be moving in at end of July…How can I get them a surprise makeover, As there is no Money available, to do any work, I am hoping that RENOVATION RAIDER might consider my children, for a surprise makeover…
    Thank You…They will be moving to Lindenhurst, New York…

  150. Allan Christensen says:

    I have just Aquiered a House Through Adverse Possetion…….Looking to Upgrade the Kitchen And Living Area

  151. Dina says:

    I am in Illinois. How can I get your help?

  152. ashliegh says:

    hi my name is ashliegh and my mom was diagnosed with malaria last year we have been on and off renovations because she is always hurting and my dad is working so i really wanted your help to give my mom something special.

  153. Ron says:

    Something is missing. We have watched two episodes, but not any more. The reveal is anticlimactic. The drama is one sided. The main person is kept in the dark and has no input into the project. Perhaps telling him/her as they drive back would improve the reveal… I don't know to fix your new program.

  154. Geneal says:

    Hey !! Can't wait to see the show!!! A complete renovation in a few hours. Maybe we can get some tips on how to demolish the apple wallpaper in my nieces outdated kitchen.. An apple a day keeps the doctor away….this kitchen is sick …we need a doctor,,,,, please help,,,,,,

  155. L. Vicaro says:

    about 10 years ago my son-in-law started helping us makeover our kitchen. He put in the cooktop but never sealed it in before he died of a massive heart attack. We need to finish kitchen with counter top and back splash, breakfast room and den. You can use all are what ever part of house you want. Master bath needs a new shower it leaks. We can go out to eat in New Orleans an hour away or some place closer. Please call

  156. Susan Harmonay says:

    A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I watched Renovation Raiders. I enjoyed the premise of the show, HOWEVER, they LOST the OWNER'S INDOOR CAT! The cat was not to be let out of the room that it was in. The door had a huge sign stating this! We watched the entire show and even re-wound to make sure we didn't miss them finding the cat. MUCH to our DISMAY, NO further mention! After making the cat's disappearance and the search part of the show… NOTHING!!! Not even an update at the end.
    I truly can not understand how they came to the decision not to let the audience know the outcome!!! I work in animal rescue and this is a blatant disregard for the safety of a cherished family member! No home reno is worth losing your pet! UPDATE us PLEASE! I think a donation to an animal shelter is in order!!!

    • Tam01 says:

      They did find the cat!! When the electrician was down stairs in the mechanical room he came up stairs to inform Amy that he found the cat. That's when Amy stated that it was the best work he's ever done.

  157. Jackie sloane says:

    Ok, my husband is wonderful, he has buildings at our home. One is 33 by 80 foot looks like a airplane building. And I have no counter space,I my kitchen and dining room is one and its all choppy. I bring fold out tables to bake my cookies on. Which I love to give as gifts. I have a ninja and other appliances that I can not use right now. Please come and surprise meeeeeeee. Jackie

  158. Debbie Gonzalez says:

    What is the criteria and how do I sign up?

  159. Joyce says:

    Just watched June 13 episode. What kind of tile was uses in the kitchen?

  160. Patsy Hislop says:

    My daughter needs a new kitchen. She is the youngest of 10 children and has worked since she was 14. She is single and is putting two deserving kids through colledge. Her kitchen is a nightmare. Please help.

  161. Danielle says:

    I would love to have a teen game room
    ! How do we sign up for the show?

  162. Paul says:

    My wife and I love Renovation Raiders. She has Lupus and has difficulty with our bathrooms, especially with the showers and the height of the toilets. It would be so great to have all three bathrooms remodeled. This would be a challenge, but not impossible for one evening. I have seen what you can do. Please consider helping out a soon to retire school teacher, who has given so much to her students.

  163. margaret says:

    I watched this show once and that was enough for me. I wouldn't let this crew come into my home as their time line is tight even though it's walked through before the actually ripping and tearing out. When I saw items they were saying to leave because of time, and painting with sanding going on, I knew it was a no no.

  164. John Bunn says:

    Please help,I would like to give my wife a new kitchen and bathroom we live in Akron Ohio . I really need your help.

  165. Arleen says:

    OMG how do i sign up. My brother and myself own a house he lives in and before my father passed he built the upstairs but never finished the master bedroom. i would really like to do that for my brother. he sleeps in my fathers old room and he really needs to have his own space for a comfortable retreat. is there any way to sign up for this show. I watched this show for the first time Thursday njight and it was awesome!!!!

  166. Luis Hernandez says:

    Hi Amy,
    My wife and I are having our first baby in December. My wife crys everyday because our kitchen is not what she wants. It was next on our project list but I lost my job in Oct of 2010 and have not been able to find a new one. She absolutely love your show and always saids it would be a dream come true if this happend to us. I'm sure you get alot of these request everyday (PLEASE COME HELP MY WIFE)

    Loving Husband

  167. Nani says:

    Renovation raiders would be great to have in North Port, Florida. We have been living here for a few years and love it. When we mention North Port no one really knows the location. But we bought a house and we have lots of projects that need renovating, would love to just see our city on tv. It's nice to see when your city or state is recognized.

  168. Kevin says:

    My wife and I love to watch HGTV very much and we are big fans of renovation raiders. In December of 2012 my mother had her yearly check-up and she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer step 2. Her father, my grandpa who is legally blind had just been diagnosed few months prior with prostate cancer. Jan 10,2013 my mother had a mastectomy, then chemo treatment and currently 5-days a week radiation. In February, her step mother had surgery to remove cancer and is currently in a rest home after 10 weeks in Cleveland Clinic. My mother have been staying with her dad. Her house is empty in the neighborhood in need of a new remodeled kitchen and new windows. Her house was built in the 50's. It would be blessing to have a remodel and when she return home make her home coming special. We live in the same neighborhood in a small town, Lorain, Ohio about 35 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio. Please consider her. Thank you. 440-233-4886

  169. Joesph says:

    Well I would like u guys to please help my dad because his a single parent taking care of 3 children and his works in New York City but we live in New Jersey and are grandma that's 86 and grandpa that's 87 taking care of us went he is a work. My dad was a chef but no anyone more and needs a new kitchen because his loves to cook PLEASE HELP

  170. Doris says:

    How do you get the info to et on the show?

  171. Jim McGowan says:

    My wife is the most amazing mom to two little angels, aged 2 and 4, but she could use a master bedroom makeover to create a sanctuary for her. She gives so much to our family and her students (she teaches high school) and it would be great to surprise her.

  172. Amy says:

    My son has just purchased a home built in the 80's and we have tried to remodel, but we are not able to remodel the kitchen. Caring for my aging parents with heart disease, dementia, and other medical conditions requiring purchasing medications that the insurance doesn't cover has stunted our budget and we are unable to renovate. We hope you consider us for this remodel. It also gives you the opportunity to visit the Lower Rio Grande Valley in the Mission Texas area.

  173. Barbara says:


    Would like to know how to apply to be on Renovation Raiders. Really need the basement done. Every time it rains it floods. Any help would be so wonderful. Would really like to do this for my sister, who has done so very much for me.

  174. Tammy Keeter says:

    I have been given less than a year to live and my mother and father have worked every day so I could stay home and spend my last days with my children, they really need to renovate their bathroom, Amy please help

  175. Laura says:

    How do I sign up? Please!!

  176. dwight richardson says:

    we have old kitchen that needs help lots of help how do we sign up

  177. sharon says:

    Son in law and daughter bought home and and it needs help. They both work and have one son and another on the way. They have done a lot but it still needs work. Please help

  178. Jody says:

    My husband has a birthday coming end of august…….we have a huge garage that neeeds a remodel to a man cave would LOVE to surpprisse him

  179. Nuncia Lowery says:

    I enjoy my house and have been living in it for 20 years; however, the kitchen is falling apart. The previous owner built it himself and it pieced it together . We've tried our best to maintain it, but at this point the cabinets need to be replaced and it will allow us to make better use of space. I keekp envisioning a more open kitchen with updated cabinets with newer appliances, and my house would be a lot more pleasant to walk into everyday. So if you are in the west palm beach area, please stop by. We would love to see what you can do with this space. I watch your show all the time and just dream of this opportunity.

  180. LynneW says:

    Great show but my heart can't stand the strain! Whew!

  181. Gail Mahaney says:

    Hello Amy, I have watched your show and you are phenomenal. I am applying for my daughter and son-in-law, as their house needs help! About 11 years back they added more space to their 1100 sq foot home; they went back (family room) and up (bedrooms and bath). They only had enough money to do the basics. Their plan was to finish it themselves. They have all they can do to income wise to take care of their darlings.
    Of course, if you ever have a few bucks, you are short on time, and vice verse. Coleen and Tommy are very busy. They have 3 children, (2 boys and 1 girl) and they are volunteer Unit Commissioners w Boy Scouts, and they give many hours each month to their church and those in need in the community. They also are a host family for international students.
    This month they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and it would be fun to surprise them both by finishing off their family room perhaps w cabinets around the fireplace etc, and a definite redo on their main floor 50's bathroom, as the enamel is gone on sink and tub enclosure. The tiles are pink/grey.
    Do you only do your projects back east. We are in California (San Dimas)?
    Thank you for your consideration. Gail Mahaney 626 857-7200 movstr7gm@verizon.net

  182. sbranch226 says:

    Wow, Im watching your show right now on a Saturday morning – how inspiring and energizing!! Please come raid my kitchen!! Its pink , white and red and OMG so dated. Its nice to see such a renaissance women run the show

  183. sbranch226 says:

    not only is my kitchen pink , white and red with green countertops – but its my fiancé who does all the cooking in such a girly kitchen

  184. Bobbie says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary August 27th, 2013. We moved into this house 10 years ago. I talked him into putting on an addition with a basement. I love my family room but my husband's basement retreat has not happened. We acquired his grandfather's pool table and had planned on placing it in this room but it's still apart stored in the corner. There is an area for a bar and an old sink area for a brew station for Keith's home-brewing. He is hesitant to start the project because of minor irregularities. We had left a portion of ceiling undone in the original basement to complete this project, so we don't really have the recreation/entertainment room we planned. I would love to surprise my husband with a room we can enjoy with our friends and families.
    Amy – please help me make it happen! Love your show and love how well your team works together. No matter what, keep entertaining us with your great renovations!

  185. Jennifer Kinser says:

    How do I get them to come to my home?

  186. Lenora hamlet says:

    Hello my husband is USMC Vietnam Veteran, who has been paralyzed on his right side due to a stroke. We moved into our home in Oct 2011., he love the basement which is not suitable for him to relax and spend family time together it's more of a hazard. He does so much for others that I would love for you all to renovate our basement for him, to so him that's he appreciated as well. He volunteer to help habitat for humanity, church and community. People tell him sit back and look you only have side working, but he does what he can. Then we have no one to really help him. So I ask if you all could consider us thank you.

  187. Donna says:

    I need a kitchen makeover also. Not enough cupboards and space.
    We re-did our two bedrooms and office but have no idea how to and what
    to do with the kitchen to make more room in small space.

  188. Beth Toomey says:

    Love our house! Great family memories here! Baths need renovations. Hope you'll come see us!

  189. Josie Smith says:

    We are in California and have a house that was built in 1954 and needs a total remodeling as it is really does not look good and healthy. One of our daughters has disability and needs a bigger space and a nice environment for her therapy. Please HELP!

  190. Linda says:

    Amy, My husband and I live in 1950 home that is NOT ADA compliant at all and the kitchen is a one-person room , him being in a wheelchair and both of us getting up in years we need help! If you choose us and see our home you will be shocked! Now how is this project going to be paid? We live on one income — SSD

  191. Seena says:

    Would love for my single son to be considered for a kitchen renovation . His very small apartment is in desperate need for some T.L.C. It's old and terribly outdated and needs an uplift so that he can cook and entertain proudly.

  192. Judith Mendez says:

    I would like to enter for my boyfriend. We have been together for about 14 years and have 2 young boys. We have had our up and downs and actually called it quits a few years ago. My cancer diagnoses brought our family back together. It is true that when you are facing death things become clear. We really always have loved each other we just let our pride get in the way. After my transplant we scrimped and saved and finally bought our first home. Its beautiful and we love it, except for the garage. Its a 3 car and we can't even fit 1 car. It is unfinished and I have a lot of stuff. I also run an Ebay business and have my inventory piled everywhere in garage. He always said when we bought a house he wanted the garage as his own work space and a space for him to hang out with his friends. He gets up everyday and works hard to support us and really deserves this. I would love to surprise him with a renovation. Thanks for your consideration.

  193. Lori says:

    Our daughter and husband moved into a 1942 2 story and started remodeling when there daughter was one and she announced they were expecting again…well their daughter is now 3 and the baby is 1 year 4 months and they have no kitchen, dining room, or living yet! Almost every room is tore down to the studs except for the part of the kitchen they need to use and the fridge is in what used to be the dining room. They eat in the basement or out side when the weather permits. My son-in-law is a stay at home dad after the company he worked for downsized and thought he could do the remodel and move the kitchen to the other side of the house but gets no time to work on the house with 2 busy little girls. They have had many "discussions" as to what to do, but again to find the time just doesn't work. More than anything we would like for someone to come in and do the work for them and to surprise them with the work done would be a dream come true after them living in the small basement for the past 2+ years. Please consider their situation…the teardown is done, it just needs to be put together.

  194. tonya pate says:

    Desperate to update my 1991 Master bath…seriously, we still have lots of mirrors, gold trim/accesories white tile…bland bland bland. Its a large bathroom, just boring. I'd like to surprise my husband, as after 3 monthes of thinking about it, he's still not sure what to change (ummm, everything?). We're located in Kissimmee florida! Come visit!

  195. Molly Prytz says:

    Hi my name is Molly. I'm 12 years old and me and my aunt want to surprise my parents. We recently had lighting strike our house and we don't have the money to redo our kitchen/dinning room. My parents says it needs more color and black granite countertops. We have a formal dinning room that has NO table or chairs. It's kind of just a storage room. We also have a not so good table and chairs we use for meals. The sink sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. I would really love of you came to my house and redid it for my parents. Thank you.


  196. AuntiTx says:

    I don't care for the show. Doing a good job and completing it is more important than doing it fast. I've seen things incomplete, like the facing around the door in a recent episode, and working that fast is not safe, as we saw the time one of the workers had to go to the emergency room. The homeowner lady was obviously drunk in one of the first episodes, and it wasn't her fault; they kept her drinking. I felt sorry for her. The premise just doesn't appeal to me. I really, really miss the design shows and the great designers from previous seasons. I realize that a lot of people might have an interest in knocking down walls, but many of us just want to redecorate. Please bring back more of the decorating shows and let our great designers go back to designing instead of hosting game shows. BTW I have a name for a new HGTV show: Designing for the Multiple Personality. It's for people like me who keep changing their minds every few months and starting over with their colors and objects. Believe me, it's maddening.

  197. Molly Prytz says:

    Hi my name is Molly. I'm 12 years old and me and my aunt want to surprise my parents. We recently had lighting strike our house and we don't have the money to redo our kitchen/dinning room. My parents says it needs more color and black granite countertops. We have a formal dinning room that has NO table or chairs. It's kind of just a storage room. We also have a not so good table and chairs we use for meals. The sink sometimes works

  198. Lance Bosma says:

    This an awesome show in how you do this stuff in only a short time. We could use you to come and do our house. We have a two bedroom house on one level. We have 2 kids and need more room.

  199. Claudia Lopez says:

    I adore your renovations and style, they're perfect! I would be so honored if you and your crew could come and renovate my moms kitchen, the ceiling is damaged and the stove and oven doesn't, our fridge does not fit in its hole and no fridge is the right size, plus its an old kitchen that needs upgraded. A wall divides the livingroom and dining room from it. My dad keeps saying he will redo the kitchen , but he works 22 hours a day along with my mom. She has always been there for my brother, sister, and I , and I think this would be something where I can be there for her and my dad! So please get back to me anytime you can! Thank you!

  200. Cece Groghan says:

    Too intense! I'm weary of watching after the initial Mock up.

  201. Susan324 says:

    How do we apply to be on the show?

  202. Brian Jennings says:

    My daughter's house has a 60's kitchen. Can you help?

  203. Judy French says:

    My son and his wife could really use this for their kitchen family room area. They are very active in their church and their girls sports. Would love to surprise them with this wonderful makeover and if you've ever considered doing a backyard they spend lots of time there and it needs work.

  204. Theresa says:

    My Mom is 89 yrs old who has been leaving with us since my father passed. A month ago, she's been having a hard time moving bec of her osteo-athritis. The only bathroom we have has a tub and mom is having a hard time stepping on. My husband put an assist bar to help but still a concern. As your show can do the impossible overnight , renovating the bathroom will help my Mom. Thank you!

  205. Julie says:

    Ok show but host leaves much to desire. Tired of her. And, the show is pushed way to much. I switch off HGTV every time I see her!

  206. SARA PIERCE says:


  207. Sarah says:

    Dear Renovation Raiders,
    Before Christmas, my family bought a house which proved to be a challenge. The first day we discovered that there was NO hot water in the house and the electrical was a mess! Since then Mom and her boyfriend have been working tirelessly trying to make it into a suitable home. In the process, they have redone all of the fencing, replaced every door in the house and garage, fixed the electrical, and replaced the water heater. I would love to help them out with our kitchen which is over sixty years old. I would appreciate if you could help us.

  208. Tammy says:

    My husband and I moved into my parents house after my dads passing away. We have paid several people to come in and do remodeling and foundation work on our house. Most of what we paid for the first time we had to pay someone to come in and rework. Then last June a large oak tree fell on our home. We have spent thousands and still need help. We are running out of funds and getting discouraged. Please help.

  209. Tracey says:

    How do I get on this show my boyfriends kitchen needs updated

  210. BHB says:

    Are any of the contractors single…they're cute!

  211. Emma says:

    I love this show and my parents have been wanting to remodel their bacement. Is that an option for the show or is it kitchens only? How do I get the Information to get help?

  212. Morgan says:

    I want you to do this for my mom! Help us!

  213. Shella says:

    My family was separated by divorce and I choose to move to our small week-end property (750-800 sq. feet).
    My ex-husband's family is located across the lawn from the home we lived in for 34 years . This has been very hard for me and my children. My home now has very little space for my children and their growing families to visit and sleep and very little storage. A lot of my things are being stored at my sister's and a friends house. My home has an overhang and a porch which could be closed in and give my family space for a bed and a little more living space. I would be so happy and grateful to be chosen for your show because that would be the only way I could renovate. I would love to see HGTV come to the small town of Lake Waccamaw, NC in Columbus County. It would be an answer to a prayer and one of the happiest days of our lives. shella.long910@gmail.com Thanks for your consideration in advance. By the way I love the shows I have viewed so far. A lot of good people working together. Awesome!!

  214. Cheryl d. says:

    everybody wants this to happen to them…but MY husband deserves this soooo much!! He spent a lifetime helping others. He is a kind of local folk hero…but all he got for fighting to get innocent people out of 22 and 14 years of prison for muders they didnt commit was suspended for a year and a half. He had to retire. The stress of it all effected his heart….and now he cant do this kind of work. We have ungrouted tile, baseboards yet to be nailed, and a new bow window that leaks, and a railing thats in pieces….and the living room is older than dirt. He needs a reward all for himself.

  215. Ronnie says:

    OMG…I was ready to give up on HGTV after years of being an avid viewer,because I was sick to death of the negativity that came with shows like Love It Or List It. Reovation Raiders is a breath of fresh air,and I love the whole concept from the mock-up and the intel spying,to the do or die timeline. It's exciting without bringing any bickering in for cheap drama. Love,love Amy too,She's just tough enough to work with the guys,but also is nice to look at. And she knows her stuff!!

  216. carolyn Franke says:

    I love your show and the job you're doing! I am entering my son and daughter-in-law to be on your list of homes you would work on. They live in a 200 year old farm house in the country in Indiana. She works 2 part-time jobs and he just started a new job after being laid off. Their ceiling has had the popcorn ceiling taken off in the kitchen. The layout is a mess. The linoleum floor is torn up. The dishwasher is not working right. The refrigerator leaks every once in a while and the water line has never been hooked up to it so the ice maker doesn't work. She has paint samples painted on the walls where she tried different colors and they have been there two years. They have three young boys and their time is really limited. This house has just been a money pit for them and they also have two bathrooms that are partially dysfunctional. They need help! We have helped them while he was out of work and just can't do any more. I am begging for your help, please.

  217. Faith says:

    I wish I could do something like this for my parents. They've always wanted to finish the basement, but have never found the time since they put all of their kids first.

  218. sasha says:

    I want to say a big thank you and
    appreciation of the spell caster with
    bringing back my husband left me, and
    my children for almost six months
    space of two days after all
    instructions me spell caster
    My husband came back to ask how were children, he said that he loves me and promises never to let go again.
    I am very
    obligation to restore peace in the family
    home, "I pray that Almighty God gives you
    wisdom and strength to help more people
    which have a similar problem as mine.
    You can reach him by e-mail:
    my name is Sasha.
    > You can reach me on Facebook, to confirm the name SASHA Ekpene .. <
    I want to say a big thank you and

  219. Alyssa says:

    Pretty sure I would never get on the show but going out on a limb any way. I have always dreamed about re doing our kitchen. Our house was built in 1920, the kitchen is very small with an awkward layout. We don't have the money to do it as I am only working part time as a radiation therapist and part time home with our nine month old son. My husband works full time but that brings in just enough to pay the bills and my school loans. I would love to have that dream kitchen, with the wall between the kitchen and the dining room taken down so I could more easily watch my son as he plays. Of course it is not a necessity as none of these are, just a dream. So I thought I'd share. From a small town in Pennsylvania-

  220. Lauren says:

    I need your help we have a very very cramped kitchen please come help how do I sign up for your awesome show I watch every Thursday please please come help or tell me how to register for your awesome show

  221. julia says:

    i am writing for my cousin who is a widow after losing her husband 9 years ago in an accident leaving her to care for two young boys 3 and 7 at the time and a mother who was unwell and has since passed away. michele opens her door to anyone who has problems and her kitchen is in very bad shape. the house is small but there is always room for one more to eat or sleep over should the need arise. she is a very sweet person who would give you the shirt off her back and a very good mom. please consider her for a kitchen makeover.

  222. Francine Delmar says:

    Hi, My husband and I are taking in our son and his pregnent girl friend. They need to save money to get on there feet, I could never say no to them, so with this said, I would love to give them a baby room, so if you can help I really need it ,, Thanks

  223. Melvin Chestnut says:

    Greetings… My wife and I will be celebrating our 20 anniversary shortly. When we met and married, I was serving in the United States Marine Corps. We bought our home in 1994 shortly after getting married in May of 1994. Shortly after purchasing the home, she mentioned to me that she wanted to remodel our kitchen. I’ve since retired from the Marine Corps after serving 30 years. Over the years we have brought several contractors in to get estimates for the remodel, but for some reason, our monies were pulled into a different direction. I’ve always promised her the new kitchen, but almost 20 years later, she is still bugging me for it. I would to give her this as a 20 year anniversary gift!! Please help.

  224. Cyndee says:

    Does anyone know where I can get some advise about handling allergies/asthma during a renovation project? We need to do our kitchen which means the majority of the first floor because it's an open floor plan. I am worried that my asthma will be a bear when we start pulling down wallpaper, knocking down drywall, pulling up flooring, etc. Also, where do you even start on a renovation? Do you work from the floor up? What if a dropped ceiling needs to be taken out . . . do you do that before you work on the floors? Between not knowing what to tackle first and worrying about an allergy/asthma attack, I've held off doing any work at all for years. Can't wait much long. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  225. sonia says:

    i love your show…i need you help..my kitchen is horrible,,,

  226. Sandra Whitman says:

    Hi Amy, My husband and I have been given a second chance at owning a house and bought this past September. My husband is looking for his man cave and I would love to surprise him with a room where he can play pool, darts and enjoy his buddies with a little TV and beer. We have a blank canvass in the basement (which is partially finished) where you can come do what you want.

    Would you consider us?

  227. Tricia says:

    I need help! my father retired and his goal was to build his own house with his own 2 hands. He has done a good job so far but since his stroke about a year and a half ago, nothing has gotten done. I hired a plumber to ruff in running water and he never finished it and $ is run out! So he has no running water except what comes from a hoes that goes to his washing machine! Now he is diagnosed with oral cancer and his speech is limited. there`s no siding,flooring,ect. his tub is a complete 1 piece but is not installed. If there`s anybody out there that can help a vet in need please help! Chillicothe Ohio…

  228. Pat Good says:

    I rent the upper level of a neat old house with stained glass windows in living room and bedroom. But the kitchen is despicable! It is very small with only 2 outlets, so I have to move the microwave, toaster or coffee pot to use them. There is absolutely no counter space and the (few) cabinets are an ugly dark brown, which makes the kitchen look even smaller. There were no nobs on the cabinets so I put some on but they are crooked just like some of the cabinet doors. The floor is a brown and tan, which adds no color. All the walls are plaster and white! It is also the hottest room in the apartment. I live alone with my cat Jag, who would also appreciate help in the kitchen! It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to cook!

    Thanks for listening.

  229. nicole taylor says:

    I will be at my hair salon for 10 yrs this coming april 2014 I am in NEED OF A MAKE OVER !!!!! Please come and help me I need you and as my clients keep telling me I need a make over , they need you too….. please help our salon

  230. james says:

    i want to be raided and my soon to be wife would be so happy to have the work that needs to be done in our bathroom kitchen and garage. i thing this would be a great job and show for you guys to do and create for your show

  231. Brian says:

    How do I apply to be on your show? Our house needs it desperately. I want to do this for my dad! He lost my mom to cancer and in turn lost his heart for a while. The house is as sad as his soul was. He is trying to do some improvements but we really need your help…he's not a good DIY'er Help us please!!!

  232. Curious says:

    how much would it cost to have renovation raiders renovate your basement, kids room, kitchen, living room??????? And how do you get on the show ?????????? ::::))))

  233. krazlady says:

    How do i get help. me and my husband are disabled and live on a fixed income we would love to get help our kitchen and bath are from the 70's it's so old and the kitchen ceiling is a crazy drop ceiling that the dust comes through the ceiling and i'm always trying to clean the dust its so bad it gets in the cabinets please help HELP HELP HELP

  234. Kim says:

    Amy and Crew
    Please please consider Grants Place. Grants dad worked so so had to build this house that our son was not able to build. Steve and our family made a dream Grant had come true. Please read our story and consider a yard and deck For Grants Place. http://grantsplacemn.wordpress.com/ http://www.kare11.com/news/extras/article/1032360
    Thank you for considering
    Grants Mom Kim

  235. Robert Vettese says:

    We love the show. Amazing how much and fast everything get done and looks beautiful.

  236. Marla Rebibo says:

    hello my name is Marla Rebibo. 2 years ago my Husband and I bought a House with my Husbands promise we could redo the Kitchen. Appliances are no good. Cabinets are original. Tile is falling apart. Our business fell apart, I am working full time and my husband is doing his best. We have 2 kids in College and one just graduated with large loans. Our Kitchen is no where in sight. I know my Husband feels terrible that he cannot fulfill his promise. he has always been a good provider until these few hard years. Please I would love to surprise him with your help.

  237. Jacquie says:

    We would love to surprise my husband with doing something wonderful and exciting for him.
    He has always been there for all his friends, Family and neighbors. My husband is a man that you don’t need to even ask for his help he is the first one to just be there and get the job done, We would love to do something for him because of all the good things he has done for all his neighbors, friends and family and never once expected anything in return. So I ask you to help me and all his friends, neighbors and family surprise him with something wonderful and exciting.

  238. Magdalena Vue says:

    Such a miracle and blessing this show is. I just love watching your innovative ideas and seeing your warmth through each home renovation. How might I get you to come help me?

  239. Deb Foltynewicz says:

    I LOVE this show !! I can't believe what they can do in just a matter of hours AMAZING !!

  240. Knott36 says:

    Hi my name is Liz I Love your Amazing show! we live in Bakersfield, California Our house needs your team i am open to what ever your team wants to do we have tried many different home improvements on our own but LOL we need help hope you contact me (661) 472-2602. Now here are a few reason I feel you should choose our family: 1. Our home has been like a shelter we have helped many teens and adult improve their lives here. 2. I am a Veteran which means I help our country so please please help me. 3. We are adoptive parents who would just love for your team to come to our home and do your Magic. Thank you

  241. lori says:

    My mom needs you so bad to do her kitchen. I am disabled and cannot help her. HELP I NEED YOU BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. S Evans says:

    WOW – what a fun show. My husband and I continue to get excited about trying to get on your show and surprise one another! We've been in our home for 15-1/2 years (built @ 1974) … updates are truly needed! It would be such a wonderful blessing. In the meantime, we enjoy watching other families being surprised and blessed! Thanks.

  243. Niki says:

    Hi there! we are a younger couple that would love to have some help with our home… our kitchen is awful and i love your work! your show is so great!! how do would we be able to be apart of the show?

  244. Sandy says:

    I'm in desperate need of a bathroom remodel .. I would love for the show to come help me with this.. i'm a disabled mother of 3 with a 3 yr old grand-daughter in the home.. If the show would come to my home I would be in heaven.. :)

  245. Martin Castaneda says:

    Hi. I hope that whoever reads this comment is well and I thank you for taking the time to read my request for help. I have been married for almost 10 years to the woman of my dreams and we have two wonderful children. I am hoping you could help me surprise my wife with a bedroom and bathroom redesign. My wife has sacrificed a lot to put our family's needs before her own and I know a renovation would knock her off her feet and fill her with joy. Thank you and God bless!

  246. teresa deragon says:

    I live in Florida I know HGTV would love to come to my house redo my kitchen and then ski, fish, boat, right out my back door in sunny Florida. I'm 57 years old and need help. I also need all my ceiling painted. But that is another show lol. Hope to see you soon at my house soon

  247. Kirs says:

    I HATE this show. If I hear the comment "blow your mind" one more time Im going to puke. Love Rehab Addict.

  248. Bob says:

    I am so envious of those you have blessed. My kitchen has been the same as it was when we purchased the house new 10 years ago. The design has left it impractacle and unuseable with most of the cabinet space not even reachable. I have wanted to remodel it ever since purchased but can't come up with the right layout short of gutting it and loosing our utility room and most of the dinning room area. I'm in desperate need of a professional make over. Please!!! help.

  249. Amanda says:

    I am 15 and we have been living in our house for over 8 years and since we have moved weve been saying how are kitchen is small out dated and not enough counter space or cabinet room I am one of 5so kinda of a big family we watch your show and love it, I would appreciate it if you could do this for my parents my family and myself with out them knowing :)

  250. Arie says:

    I love the show and would really like to surprise my parents with a reno raid!!! They have worked so hard to make sure that my siblings and I had all we needed & most of our wants. How can they be apart of the show? Are you looking for any homes in Philadelphia???

  251. Elizabeth says:

    i am enjoying your show. my daughter has been trying to update her home over the past ten years. She has not tackled the kitchen With an autistic son and disabled husband and two other children…the noise has been too much for some and the time and energy are disapatonh!!! i don,t know how you pick your clients but if this story interests you please let me know
    many thanks. Wishing you continued success.

  252. VERONICA says:

    HOW CAN I GET MY HOME A MAKEOVER AND BE ON SHOW its a mess inside and out really needs help

    • Veronica says:

      there are 23 people 24 with me when the whole family is here really need work on this house spouse was to help fix up house but passed away a year ago sons have tried to help but couldn't get all of the work done that's needed please help.

  253. JudeTex says:

    Why does the Renovation Raiders team destroy everything rather than recycle the items? I know of several people who are living with a lot less than the items being smashed or discarded just for the sake of drama!

  254. Kelly Simon says:

    How do I get you to come to my house?

  255. melmetts says:

    I enjoy the show, but the premise is totally flawed! Why create this artificial crises in the evening, when you'd have 8+ hours during the weekday?

  256. AnHGTVWatcher says:

    Seriously! This show is horrible. The host (amy) is pretty good and is wasting her talents on this show. They need to have her do more serious projects. Her previous show (I forgot the name), was much better. This show needs to be canceled.

  257. Michelle says:

    I love Renovation Raiders but object to the message you are sending by showing the Spy and Amy talking on the phone while driving. They are shown holding the phone in one hand (it's on speaker) and driving and talking. This is definitely not hands free and models an action that is extremely unsafe. There is too much research that shows talking on the cell phone is distracting, taking the driver's eyes and attention off the road. It is also illegal in some states. Film Amy and the Spy talking when stopped. Who's checking these episodes for safety issues? In last week's episode some wires were hanging down on the truck and the driver asked for someone to bring a rake to lift the wires. You don't put a metal rake anywhere near power lines. HGTV can do better than this.

  258. Amelia Sanchez says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE to have The Renovations Raiders in
    our Kitchen. I have been Layed off work for over 2 years.
    Things have been going down hill since. I would love
    to surprise my husband with a new kitchen. This would
    defiantly brighten our Senior life together. My cell number is
    619-770-9422, we live in Chula Vista. California.

  259. Amy McCullough says:

    We purchased a home and moved to Allen, Texas, last September. We were unable to do the final walk-thru, but did have an inspection. A day after we moved in, we noticed a patch in our master shower on the shower pan. Long story short, looks like it is going to be up to us to repair it. Our shower has marble walls… So all of the marble has to be removed, and the glass door and walls – just to replace the shower pan. We have been told that the marble may crack or have to be busted out and to be prepared for a new shower.
    Having just purchased a home and moved from OK to TX, our budget is not such that we could take on such a huge project. We looked into trying it ourselves, but we are worried that it is too big of a project with no experience.
    I hate walking past our non-functioning bathroom. It takes the joy out of this happy time for us. For a year, we have shared 1bath with our 3 kids…. And I am wondering how long we will have to do this.
    We are just outside of Dallas and would love love love your help!
    Thanks!!!! God Bless!
    Jeff and Amy McCullough

  260. elsie says:

    I would like for you to do our game room in order to accommodate 20 youth that help do events for foster care kids,
    I need help with designing furniture like benches around walls and a screen to teach leadership curriculum in Houston, Texas.

  261. Paul lisowski says:

    I would love a makeover on our downstairs bathroom it is right in the middle I would love for it to be moved somewhere else so we could open up the whole downstairs thank you Paul lisowski from old forge Pennsylvania

  262. Helpless In S.L. says:

    This is what I need to get some peace and quiet and get my Wife off MY back. Help me, PLEASE !

  263. Kathy Rice says:

    Love for you to come to Frankfort Ky to do my Kitchen and dining room for my husband and daughter. They
    would go wild. The house is 30 years old and needs some care and my husband says he is going to redo the
    kitchen and dining room but he has not had the time. I would love to see the their face when it all gets done.
    Please come, Please come, Please come, Please Come Please Come Please Come Please Come Please!!!!!

  264. De'Quan Miles says:

    My mom has a brownstone in Brooklyn, stuyvansant heights. Her name is Shiniquia Miles. . she has just lost her mother and father all within the last year and a half. She works so hard as a nyc correction officer doing so much overtime just to pay the bills cause she's a single beautiful mom, and she still finds time to help me and other family members who are either very sick or just a Lil less fortunate at this time, as I hear her say. My name is De'Quan and if i could be a silent angel, i would plead and ask u Amy if u could come and visit our house and do the kitchen raid I know without a doubt I would see a new sparkle in her beautiful but sad eyes that left since last year. She watches HGTV whenever she gets just a moment and I see so much potential and love she has already done in some of the rooms in the house. If only she had a little helping hand it would mean so much to someone I know has a spectacular heart…..please contact me as soon as u can. This is one raid that will make u and ur team tear up inside and smile from here to heaven on the outside. All from making someone smile with joy in their heart on the inside and out….. Thank you sunshine……..

  265. cynthia says:

    My husband has been recently in the last year diagnosed with MS. We have gone from him being a cop to him being in a motorized wheelchair full time. We had a townhome that we had purchased but had to give up due to my husband now unable to enter our home. We are currently living in an apt but trying to work with trying to make things as accessible as possible for him but still have space for everything without taking up space he need to get around. I know you normally redo homes but trying to find options with things and work around what you have is hard. We have had to make due in our home and modify things that don't work to try to make things easier. Would love to have help. thank you.

  266. Lani says:

    Please come renovate my basement ….. im hoping it'll be for my mom as a surprise

  267. Mindy says:

    My daughter and her husband have just moved into my late father's 1895 farmhouse. The outside is beautiful and the house is solid with a nice open concept but it is a testament to home renovators who did projects in each era since. The "wallpaper" in the dining room is actually a quilt and almost every window is stained glass. It is a lovely historical home but it is a challenge right down to the "window" that actually was a opening so the 1800's owners could feed their cow from the living room. I would be fascinated to see her "raided".

  268. Robert says:

    I just happened this site by searching for how to get my house remodeled for my wife who has Fibromyalgia/osteoporosis . My main concern is the bathroom remodeled for handicap and a ramp built in front door. I hand tried to get this done through Human Development but got "denied" because our house is considered "top heavy" for what we owe. I take good care of my wife…..cooking ,laundry, cleaning,and when comes to my wife I sponge bathe her as she cannot get in and out of the shower/tub….if anybody out there know any web sites that would be of help please email me …..rob54bean@ymail.com

  269. Mabel Smith says:

    My sister is ill. She lives in Morrilton, Arkansas. She is diabetic, on dialysis, and has congenital heart failure. We are desperately looking for a company who offers free services for her. She has a bath and a half that so badly are in need of work. The den and living room need new carpet or some type of linoleum or whatever that can be mopped. Does anyone know of a program or company in Arkansas that can help.

  270. herb says:

    Amy love your show but I was wondering how u can sponsor home adviser .they scam local contractors .look at the reveiws. Thanks Herb

  271. Minerva says:

    How can I sign up? My mother in law is in desperate need of a house makeover. She had worked so hard all her life and was a single mom to 4 amazing kids. See is the kind of woman that would give you the shirt off her back and still continues to try to be all she can be for her children and grandchildren. I wish we could financially make it possible to redo the entire house for her so she could truly enjoy her retirement. I hate to see three house falling apart around her. I love this woman to pieces….please help!!

  272. Marcy Fernandez says:

    HELP! My 8 year old son was resantly diagnosed with leukemia, at this time we are living at the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis TN. We originally are from Mexico but lived in Peoria Illinois for the last 8 years. I would like my son to come back to a nice clean house to prevent any future infection, since the house have mold I have to remodel the house, but me not working and having all this expenses it's difficult to afford if you guys could help that would take a huge weight from my shoulders. Thank you for your attention! God bless!

  273. Cora says:

    My family has been living in a beautiful old home in Grosse Pointe, Mi for around 13 years and the wear and tear has been obvious between the 3 dogs and 6 children constantly running around the house. Unfortunately our home has begun to look as if it should be seen on Hoarders or something worse. My mom would never apply for home renovation on her own…but I really want to help her out and show her how amazing it would be to have a livable and comfortable, new home once more. I am her eldest daughter and I want nothing more than to make my mom happy again. I recently moved away to New York, so I woud love to surprise her and get her on the show. Please let me know how I can apply and what steps I can take to help my large family to be proud of our home once more. Thanks for your consideration!!

  274. LOLA E. says:

    Hi. I am a parent who has a child that attend Hebron S.D.A Adventist school. The school is located at 920 PARK PLACE BROOKLYN NY 11213. It is an elementary and J.H.S. school.The school used to be an old Nursing home and it needs serious help. The school is having serious financial. The school needs a lot of renovations. The children bathrooms are horrible. both the girls and boys. They don't have a gymnasium. No library. The kitchen cafeteria is horrible. Some of the classroom needs new floor. Please help before school open on August 31, 2015.

  275. Melody Johnson says:

    We bought some property from my husband's family. It had a very small house and a huge, three-story barn…both are over a hundred years old. It started out as the "largest kennel" in the East Tennessee region. We still have the foundations on our property and the large, indoor kennels on the first floor of the barn. We found some receipts that dated back to the early 1900's. We took the house, built around it and added on the log part. We wanted to keep the original house because of the oak foundation and original floors.
    The problem is that we finished about 80%-90% of the house and replaced all the tin roofs on all three buildings, then our lives changed. My mom died of cancer, eight months later I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had emergency brain surgery, and my husband had his neck broke and his back fractured…he had to have surgery and couldn't go back to work. We ended up with $42,000 medical bills and tons of bills for rehab. We never told anyone about our finances and never claimed bankruptcy. We almost lost everything. We maxed out our credit cards and took a second loan on our house Now, we are at a standstill with our house. We cannot physically and financially finish our house or sell it (because it is not finished). We have to do basic trimming, do the finishing on the floors, brace and knock the walls down in the old part of the house, and do so re-chinking. I don't know who or where to find out if there is a program that could help us. I was able to go back to work and make pretty good money, but we are living paycheck to paycheck to pay off previous and ongoing medical bill.

  276. Susan says:

    How do I get your help, We recently purchased a !983 log Cabin in need of a lot of work, My Husband who is disabled with a L1 Vertebra fracture has been trying to do some of the work but at his rate we will be moved in when my now 3 year old daughter turns 18. it is s bigger job then he can tackle, yet has done a great job with help from friends as well as family and my help as well. We have the walls up and some of the floors down, but we still have to finish the bathroom kitchen and living room as well as flooring in all…..

  277. Susanne Primer says:

    My husband is a decorated, disabled Veteran of the Vietnam War. I am disabled with a birth defect that affects my entire spine making walking and standing the hardest. I retired as a Title I assistant after working full time with disadvantaged young students in the same school for 40 years. I had to retire when walking became too hard(I couldn't walk across the hall). We own our own home, but still have a mortgage. We have major problems, septic, drain field and a bathroom, storage, and laundry room that needs to be rebuilt. I realize this is too big for a show that happens in one day, but I feel kinda desperate. So thank you for reading my comment and good luck with your show. I love HGTV!

  278. PleaseHelp says:

    Hi Amy- Who pays for renovations? We lost our mom in 2011; our father is fighting lung cancer and cancer is progressing as time pass. My youngest sister and her family moved in with my dad; it was the most affordable option that we had in order for him to have a caretaker. Unfortunately, if something happens to my dad his house is not fully paid out neither is my sisters; her home needs a lot of work in order for them to be able to sell it, but her and her husband can not afford to repair and renovate their home along with the responsibilities that come with taking care of 4 children and our dad. We've all worked very hard and have served both in our communities and our homes of worship. Its not an extreme amount of work needed, but we can not afford a contractor or the necessary work needed. What can we do? I want to help my sister and her family.

  279. Theresa says:

    Where can we register? I would love to send you a video submission/request to have our home raided!

  280. Gary Wise says:

    How do you sign up for a remodel, I would love to give my wife a new bathroom for our 25 anniversary, which is this December 16th.
    Do have to be in a certain area of the US

  281. Brianna says:

    Yea. My dad and I want to try to get you here for my moms birthday. For as long as I can remember she has wanted to renovated the playroom and her room! Please help us Amy!

  282. Ally says:

    Wow my parents almost have the same problems…. I wish I could post pictures… We have old raggedy blue carpet in our kitchen, the cabinets are so outdated and same with you our cabinet fell apart my dad had to nail it back together… we cant even sit at our kitchen table. we have storage issues. And if renovation raiders came to my house that would be my absolute dream. And I'am 13 and have had the dream of being a interior designer or something close. I always go on sites like dealdash.com, lumber liquidators or even wayfair.com just to look at all my dream designs. It's just where's the money you know? -Ally :)

  283. Ally says:

    Same here :/ -Ally :)

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