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With the allure of television, video games and other indoor activities, it’s important to find incentives to keep your children outdoors. What better incentive than a magical fairy garden ring?

Fairy Garden Ring

HGTVGardens shows how to make this garden ring with a few supplies and five short steps. The steps are so simple that your child can even join in on the fun. Be sure to visit HGTVGardens for more family-friendly garden crafts.



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  1. Carl says:

    Wow…you've done it again I must say. This is what I have been looking for for ages! I know it's meant for toddlers and such, but I just to make one for myself! I'm tired of sitting in my basement alone with my imagination! With an idea like this I can bring my dreams to life in my own front yard! YES

  2. David Hilton says:

    I've found this very interesting and has a good stuff for the readers and designers. I would be glad to recommend the post for its quality content. Nice post.

  3. Tree Nursery says:

    Exactly this is not easy to grow a fairy garden. It require a lot of men power and attention. I am very excited to read your blog about growing a fairy garden with HGTV gardens which are delivering great services to the people and engaged in saving the nature.

  4. EPDM says:

    HGTV is my all time favorite they gives awesome tips.

  5. Liquid Roof says:

    this is incredible lovely :-)

  6. this is a great post awesome backyard concept you provided here.

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