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When I was a child, Fig Newtons were a lunchbox staple in my household. Nowadays, I love baking homemade cookies rather than buying ready-made cookies from the store. With fig season underway, there’s no better time to try this homemade Fig Newtons recipe.

Homemade Fig Newtons
If you’re a Fig Newton fanatic too, give this recipe a try. For more delicious garden-fresh recipes, visit HGTVGardens.



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  1. Bonnie Martin says:

    When I was 16 years old, a woman named Minnie, age 78, taught me how to make bread out of anything and without a recipe – my family still loves my bread! – Minnie taught me how to make fig newton's also from scratch. However, Minnie rolled her dough and we cut out circles using a biscuit cutter. Then we placed a spoonful of fig filling in the center of a dough circle and then covered it with another dough circle creating a beautiful ROUND fig cookie! I make the unusual fig style cookies during the year, but for special occasions I make them Minnie's way, and wow do I get the compliments!! (Thank you Minnie, and though you are gone from us, you always have that special place in my heart alive with love!) Cheers to all, Bonnie

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