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Every neighborhood has one – that local hero who makes life a little easier for everyone around them. In Cousins Undercover, HGTV’s The Cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, give one of these heroes the surprise of a lifetime. While the hero is away for the weekend the Cousins descend on the neighborhood to tackle a custom home overhaul.

Cousins Undercover, premieres October 6, at 8/7c. The Cousins are already hard at work on the hero makeovers. Check out what’s going on behind the scenes of Cousins Undercover and tour some of Anthony and John’s best before-and-after transformations.

BONUS! See behind-the-scenes videos and learn more about the show with new videos from the Cousins.


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  1. Peter says:

    I Can't wait to see this show. I love every show the cousins are involved in.
    Not only is it entertaining, you learn some tips & get to check out cool products
    Way to Go Anthony & Johnathan!

    • Dean says:

      I watch many HGTV programs but the best shows allow you to dream big. My mom and I watch all remodels and take notes too. When I finish high school in four years, I will nominate my house in Vermont. It will be a mess by the time we return but I begged my mom to keep it. Hey, I can try what I learned from you. For now, we are in Chapel Hill NC because my mom wanted the best schools for me. But, I will be back home really soon.

  2. Pamela Malone says:

    A family in Downtown Denver in need of our Cousins HELP!! this is our first time as owners and first time renovating and it has been a nightmare. Please help

  3. Norma Hilton says:

    I need help I lost my husband a year on 9/11/2012. After that Sandy and flooded my house. I'm doing better now but my driveway AND SIDWALK ARE IN NEED OF HELP. My dishwasher and dryer had to be replaced. Can't wait to see your show, cousins are very good.

  4. Deb says:

    What can i do to get someone in need a kitchen renovation?

    • Mary Rusgrove says:

      What can I do to get a family of 4 (mother & 3 small children) a home renovation? Father died last November. Mother works and gives her extra time to help others, helping with programs for children,and not thinking of her needs, always putting her children first. All of them having a very difficult time dealing with lost of husband and father. Please help!!!

  5. jenny says:

    the pastor and his wife have been selfless for too long. they have done repairs, here and their. but are need of serious help… they has been out of work for 10yrs after an accident and health issues. aside from donating most of the 401k to DR.. and exhausting most of there saving.. they really deserve this and so much more

  6. Erica says:

    I love cousins undercover. These guys know there stuff and they are sexy too! Lol

  7. Miriam Krapp says:

    Hi My name is Miriam Krapp I'm a retired Jersey City Teacher . I really enjoy viewing all the Cousins shows. I spend a lot of time watching HGTV. I'm looking forward to your new HGTV "Cousins Undercover" show. I'd like to nominate myself for a remodel of my home, specifically my first floor.. It was built around the 1920's..My pension isn't enough for me to make any changes . The biggest issues are there's no first floor bathroom, no insulation in walls, and too many staircases.. The arthritis of my knees and back have worsened and the lack of insulation in walls creates horrible pains. Also my 84 year old mother is unable to visit because she can't climb up and down the stairs. I've seen what the cousins are capable of achieving and so I'd be so honored if HGTV & the Cousins Undercover would consider doing my home..

  8. Patricia McKay says:

    Hi Abbi great idea for our "heroes" – we never really stop to think about the dedication, hardship, bravery, demanding work and emotional toll these guys and gals endure just to keep society safe. My 57 year old partner has been a firefighter for many, many years – since 1975 – and an EMT before that. He joined the UCONN fire department in 1990 and has worked his way up to Fire Marshall making sure every single student in every building,( including their dorms) is safe (and is still an acitve firefighter (Captain) for UCONN's fire dept. . Over the years he has saved countless lives and seen trauma that you wouldn't even want to hear about and yet he remains a very sweet, compassionate and giving man. In his own personal life he has suffered more tragedies than any one person deserves – starting with losing his first wife to cancer with three kids at home. That was just the beginning, he's a cancer survivor himself but I don't want to write a book here- too make a long story short . He built his home in CT in 1995 for his first wife. He was remarried and now divorced with young children that he primarily cares for. Lets just say he tries his best to keep up with all the repairs etc that a home needs , a very demanding schedule and helping out the rest of his family AND he needs a knee replacement that he should have had years ago but everyone else comes first – nothing has been renovated since he built the house and I'd like to suggest him as a possible recipient even though I'm sure you have a bizillion requests – his is extremely deserving – thanks

  9. Ana Maria Ghulam says:

    Ana Maria Ghulam
    I Just need a kitchen renovation,after so many economic and health problems,we are no able to make any mayor changes,I just need advice and help to make this place better,it is very dark.floors cabinets and floors.
    Please helppppppp
    Ana Maria

  10. Felicia says:

    I am a teacher in GA that would love a basement remodel. Like the rest of the world – I live paycheck to paycheck and trying to do anything "extra" to the house is near impossible. If your in the area….just a thought. :)

  11. Brenda Bell-White says:

    My name is Brenda Bell-White I love HGTV and love the cousin's shows! I want to nominate my neighbor PK she is definitely a HERO! PK is the legal guardian for 5 of her grand children due to a family tragedy. PK and her brother MK have always been the family care givers, they took care of their mother who is now deceased. PK works from sun up to sun down for her family, immediate and extended, she reared her own children, helped with the rearing of her nieces/nephews, great nieces/nephews and now rearing her grand children. __PK has major health issues, in spite of this she continues to give and care for others! PK needs an entire house make over to make the home safe, insure room for her brother MK and the grand children, to improve layout, build rooms in the attic for the grandkids, make over of the kitchen and bathrooms and to add a bathroom in the attic for the grandkids, improve storage, etc. PK deserves the cousins help in the worse way, please help this family! Thank you.

  12. Karen Hansen says:

    I want to nominate my daughter Emily and her husband Branden to get a home makeover. They moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in April 2013.With Husband getting a job there, they had to make decision's of where to live. They are living in a older RV now. With 2 children is a hard situation to live in close area's so long. There son has diabetes and autism. Also have a active 2 year old. They put money on a 3 bedroom mobile home . They found out that it completely needed fixed up. The husband is trying to fix up the mobile home in his own time and when money comes along to fix home. The bathroom floor is bad. Needs new windows and flooring and really a lot to make over. Winter months are coming up and they can't live to long in RV because of cold weather coming.It is a depressing for my daughter to live in close areas since April. Please take in consideration in helping them to make life better .Thanks KarenHansen

  13. Sarah says:

    I would like to nominate the town of West, TX for this show or even a special renovation show. As you may have heard, the town was devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion on April 17, 2013. Many homes were damaged or destroyed. There are people living in small trailers on their property because their home had to be demolished or has been deemed unlivable. The town has great spirit despite all that they have endured. It would be such a tribute to the firefighters who gave their lives fighting in this tragedy.

  14. Jan says:

    I am writing for my daughter and her new husband. She was employed as a Spanish high school teacher, but her district closed schools because of the economy and so she is now unemployed. Her husband is in the navy and is due to come home in March. He will also be looking for employment when he comes home. They have a very small house and really need their basement to be part of their living space. Obviously they really need some help right now. Is there anyway you might be willing to help them? We would all be so thrilled if you could surprise them with your talents.
    A loving mom that is a retired teacher with small income.

  15. Veronica says:

    HI, I'm writing because I'd like to see if there was any way that the Cousins can help my parents with their house. I love the work that they do and the way they work together. My parents have been trying to fix up there house from old repairs and upgrades that have never gotten done. My dad is 68 and works a fulltime job. He's getting to old for this already and they cant see the day when they can finish the repairs to sell their home and live their retirement dream of moving to North Carolina. Please help me make this happen!!!!! MY PARENTS DO SO MUCH FOR US AND OTHERS THAT ID LIKE TO GIVE BACK TO THEM!!!! Thanks so much! Veronica

  16. Diann says:

    i'd like to nominate my son for a visit from the cousins undercover. he is a volunteer firefighter and works as a full time, 12 hour night shift, paramedic. he got a divorce over a year ago and bought a small 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house with a veterans loan. it's a nice little house built in the mid 50's with a lot of the 50's decor remaining. he shares custody of his 3 kids and since 2 of them are girls he took tax money and made his one large bathroom into 2 smaller bathrooms, running out of money before he got them finished. the house has good bones, it just needs up grading in the basement, in the kitchen and all the windows and doors are all old and not very energy effecient. in minnesota that's not good. he works hard and has put many hours into his house already, but has run out of money and out of steam. we have helped him financially as much as we can, but the house has a long way to go to being all that it can be for my son and his kids.

  17. Jean says:

    I'm a single mom that has two kids one in college and the other is a senior. I bought my house in 1989. I go to school full time and work as much as I can I get off work to clean, cook, laundry, and try to fix the house. my basement got wet and I have mold that I am try to get rid of. the sewer backed up and wrecked walls. like other Americans I work from paycheck to pay check. and have no time to get the job done before my family and I are sick cause of the mold in the basement. also the outside of my house needs to be finished painted. all my friends say that they will help but they never show. Please help!!

  18. Tonya says:

    All I ever see on HGTV is the shows helping people from either the East or West coast, why don't you come down to Oklahoma and help out our hard working family…I am a grandma raising my grand daughter, I have recently had to quit my job to take care of my terminally ill Mother whom passed away in March of 2013.. We purchased a house and are hoping to some how find the money to remodel it, but until then we will all 3 live in our 5th wheel. Come on down to Oklahoma!!!

  19. sherry shinn says:

    Steve White is a Peoria Arizona police officer that was shot and now lives his life im a wheelchair,he and his wife give back to the community a lot ,not only with kid clubs of all sorts but are always picking up stray animals off the streets they have just bought a home that I'm sure the cousins could work there magic on to make it more accessible for Steve. Steve has been honored numerous times by out state and has been recognized on television and the newspaper as well.

  20. Sara Frick says:

    Hello hgtv editor, my name is Sara. I am writing you to tell you about my family. I was recently diagnosed with relapsing, remitting MS. I've been extremely ill since 2009. I was a RN in the icu at my local hospital and had to stop taking care of my patients to take care of myself. I've been on 3 different treatments, with 2 of them to fail. Most of my lesions are on my brainstem and as you may or may not know MS is incurable, I will only get worse. My husband and mother in law and father in laws assistance I've overcome so many milestones to get better. Most people wouldn't consider these people to be a healing element, but to me they're the most important people in my life. My entire life changed in a split second and I had to realize not to take things like the people we love for granted. I spent most of my childhood in several foster homes, and know I have a home thats ours. It needs work, it was built in the depression by my husband' s grandparents while they ran a grocery store next door with iOUS just to feed the neighborhood. Due to my loss of income, my husband works 3 jobs while my in-laws help me when I'm ill. He farms, works a factory job, and has a yard sale flipping business. He is so busy doing everything for everyone and I he needs help. I know I may not be hero to some but my family definately are to me. Thanks for your time and what you do for anyone who is deserving of such a gift.

  21. Barbara says:

    My Mother is 88-years old and took care of my 63-year old sister who has mild cerebral palsy for 53 years. Now, my Mother has lymphoma and my sister has been stuck (through no fault of her own) in state-run facilities where she has gotten the worst of treatment. Despite our many interventions (my youngest brother and I are involved in the care of both) nothing has worked! Now, with many prayers, we hope to get them into a single family home to be together for as long as my Mother has left. The "new" home needs some TLC, which I cannot do myself, as some things need to be made handicapped accessible. Can you help in any way? Thank you for at least reading this post

  22. Heather Morris says:

    I live in a small house spproximately 1000 square feet with my husband. I have a 6 year old stepson that lives with us every other weekend and part of the summer. I am currently expecting our first child in October. My teacher salary is our main income due to my husband's expenses for his son. I love having my active stepson but need room to meet his needs. I would like to have our basement finished into a playroom. We have an old house with a lower ceiling and the basement bathroom needs to be replummed. The extra space would allow both children room to play without restrictions. Thanks for listening.

  23. Deb Smith says:

    I so need the Cousins help at my house. Am disabled with osteoarthritis and fybromyalgia. This summer was diagnosed with breast cancer and am currently undergoing treatment for same. Have been without kitchen plumbing for two years. Have to do dishes in bathtub using milk crates turned upside down with dishpans on top. Toilet doesn't work. Leaks all over the place. Need complete overhaul of all plumbing, fixtures, etc. Appreciate any consideration given.

  24. Lori Nelson says:

    Hello Cousins! Let me start by saying I love your shows! I would very much like to nominate my neighbor for Cousins undercover. She is an amazing woman. I remember when we moved in next door telling her we were very social people. Her comment was that she was not. 3.5 years later she is our very best friend. We could not love her more. She is so very giving and caring. This year along she has taken in foster cats in the amount of 32. The year is barely hald over and we know there will be more. she volunteers for a group called (scc) second chance companions. She generally takes in pregnant mama cats and works to socialize them all so they can be adopted out to loving homes. They are a no-kill organization. She also works hard with the stream team working to keep our waterways clear of vegitation that could kill off our wildlife and disturbe our natural waterways. As you can imagine, the animals have taken their toll on her home. Any time and I do mean anytime someone is in need, she is there to do whatever she can to help. We were talking about remodeling shows the other day and I said wouldnt it be wonderful to come home and have it all done. She does everything she can to make her home better but the love she has for animals will always some first. I know of no one else more deserving than her. If you are ever in the Vancouver Wa area I would love for you to consider her. She would do great with a makeover and a home condsusive to continuing her love and quest to make sure these cats, dogs and waterways are they for all of us to enjoy for years to come. We should know, our latest edition, "Rockwell" is a beautiful ragdoll cat that is a welcome addition to our family. Please condister helping her out. We would be more than happy to work as hard as you need us to, to give her all that she deserves! there is so much more to her and I would love to share it all with you.

  25. Silver morris says:

    I watch hgtv everyday and it's amazing what you all do for others. It's wonderful to see all the transformations of peoples homes. I love everything that you and all the hgtv family do for evEryone. I am a CNA and I have been one for 26 years and it feels wonderful to help people who can no longer do it for themselves. I just wanted to say to keep up the good works. You are all wonderful people.

  26. MySister'sfriend says:

    I would nominate my sister. She owns a small home with one bathroom. She took in my step-father when he was ill years ago. He died in 1996. She took in my nephew and his wife while they were trying to fix up their own home to make it habitable. She took in my cousin because he wanted to go to Community College and needed to be where he could ride a bus.
    She has five dogs. One because her son rented an apartment where the landlord changed her mind about allowing the dog. So there you are, the little guy has a home with my sister, for now.

    My Mom and my Meme (Grandmother) live with her now and have for quite a few years now. My Meme is 103; my Mom is turning 80.

    She still has one son at home and my cousin. There might be a few other home needing creatures. I think a lizard. My cousin wants to be a herpetologist.
    There used to be a deck, but carpenter ants damaged it to the point where it had to be torn down. She couldn't afford to replace it.

    She doesn't complain my sister. She gets a little discouraged from time to time but who doesn't? I have told her she is my personal hero. Life is hard but she keeps living it with a good heart and an open door.
    I had bought my Mom a little food processor as an early Christmas present just before Thanks Giving last year. I asked her if she was using it. She mentioned something about counter space and electrical outlets not working on that counter. I don't think she realized what she told me.
    What does it take to have her considered? I wish I could do it but… I would love to see her life made a little better and a little easier.

  27. Jimmie Elaine Rebrey says:

    I have been watching hgtv forever it seems and I have also tried to get help from many of Scripts shows. I never got acknowledged. We are in our 70's and I guess we are lesser noticed to get any help of any kind. Jimmie Elaine Rebrey.

  28. Darla says:

    We live in Garden City, ID. My husband is a 100% disabled vet from the Vietnam Nam war. I have rheumatoid Arthritus . We have been married for 3 years. He is 62 , I am 61. We dated when we were 15 and 16. We both married someone else which didn't work out. We are now back together after 42 years . The problem….my parents were in an unhealthy living situation, so when I got my divorce, we purchased a home for them. When we got married, we bought a home that needed a lot of work. However, we did not anticipate the purchase of a home for my parents. We have done a couple of projects, but the mortgage on my parents house keeps our budget to tight to take on anything major. I do not regret buying the home for my parents. They are in their 80's and it is great to have them down the street from us. We would appreciate it so much if the cousins could give us a little hand I getting our home up to par.

  29. Connie Mansfield says:

    Cant wait to see the show! Would love for them to go remodel my moms home. She lives in a mobile home in the country !

  30. Maria says:

    change my kitchen, i need open kitchen conect family

  31. April Briggs says:

    Is there a way to submit a legitimate nomination for this show?

  32. Holly Charland says:

    As you have all read people are in needs of some help everywhere.I have to say I would nominate my parents.They have been fun loving all of my life.As they get older I am concerned with the condition of their home,They love it here so just some handy man skills put to the test would rest my mind and theirs as the aging process has just begun.I say that even though they are in theirs 50s.But a bathroom on the first floor and laundry would be the ticket.In one of your adds you say whom have done for others.We moved to northern ny from vt and they have brought halloween events,egg hunts and medieval events to the community so other families that have no vacation money could stay in area and enjoy things that are outside of the area but here in their back yard.All by donation from area business.As times have changed people are not able to give that much.As a result to keep it going they have dipped into their own money not ever thinking they could just keep as use on them.I say it would be a gift of a lifetime someone gave to them.Saw on tv and thought worth a shot.Never know until I try.

  33. Angela Hester says:

    I am a foster parent who has had many children in my home, some with many different mental and physical disabilities, they have broken many things in my home over the years, we would be delighted if the Cousins would chose our home to help renovate, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

  34. Chenoa says:

    Hello HGTV crew, my name is Chenoa and I would like to nominate my Mother. Her name is Lori and she has lived in the same house all of her life. Her home has fallen into disrepair over the years, because she has not had the means to fix all of the issues in her home.
    She works very hard and is a very giving, loving person. She puts every person before herself. But a few years ago, my Grandmother became sick, so my Mother stayed home with her. My Grandmother passed away, and my Mother took over the house. She lost her job due to having to stay home and take care of my Grandmother, and almost lost her house because of this. My Mother has always been so selfless and I would like to give her some help in return.
    She tried to fix the problems in her home, but those problems were only made worse. It has been so overwhelming for her over the last couple years because there are so many things that need to be done. The siding wasn't finished, so it's falling apart. The landscaping has gotten out of control with weeds, the roof is crumbling around the chimney. Inside the house is no better. Painting wasn't finished, door-jams are missing, carpeting wasn't properly installed, there's even carpeting in the kitchen that shouldn't be there, the washer and dryer are in the kitchen also, there's no electricity in the front of the house and all 3 of the bedrooms need work in one way or another, and the attic has been taken over by bees.
    She loves her home very much, and doesn't want to leave it behind, but with everything that has gone wrong- and not having the means to fix it, she has become overwhelmed. I grew up in this home as well, along with my son at one point and it would be terrible to lose the home that has seen 4 generations grow up there.
    I wish I could help her as much as she has helped everyone else. She has been so giving to all of the people in her life and it would be such a blessing if HGTV could help give her what she can't give herself. We can't tell you how much it would mean to receive your help. Thank you for your consideration.

  35. Chris Sommerkamp says:

    I know that there are many out there more in need than myself, but please, my basement is in desperate need! After spending 17 years as a full time mom raising my own 4 children and volunteering in our public school system, I returned to school to get my teaching degree in order to serve our students in another manner. Since that time, I have been serving in our public schools as a teacher of gifted students. We have attempted to "finish" our basement as a DIY, but we really need help! I love getting my hands dirty, working with power tools, and doing projects around the house. This project however has gone beyond by area of knowledge.

  36. Upnana says:

    My son Adam was a police officer for 5 years. He lost his partner in the line of duty. He holds him close at heart.
    While he was an officer he went to seminary and became a pastor. He left the police force during his internship. He then joined the National Guard Army, and is now the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Chaplain. He is also the college age Pastor at his church as well as working full time at a home services company as HR and customer service.
    He just bought his first home after living at the church campus ministering to young adults.
    The house is cute but the bathroom is in need of a redo. Any chance you could help him out? He is forever helping out others, because that's what he loves to do, I just think it would be a great surprise for him!
    HGTV does wonderful things for people, it is my favorite TV station!
    Thanks for the consideration!

  37. jDeanna Lass says:

    My sister has an older house which needs updating in the bathrooms and especially the kitchen, which is what we call a "one-butt" kitchen. Both she and her husband like to cook and would like to remodel the kitchen. However my sister said she can't go through the remodel. (Her husband sometimes takes a year to finish a project). This remodel will be big because she wants to change the back entrance and add space to the kitchen. This project is too much for her husband. Both are retired. However they are often gone for a week at a time. I'd like to drive there and give you an idea of what she wants and make it a surprise. As retirees, they are always concerned about costs. I'd be willing to help if need be. Would you consider a project with structural changes?

  38. Karin Good says:

    Hi Cousins Anthony and John,
    I would like to nominate my sister and her husband, for a house make over. They had four kids of their own and have adopted seven more with a total of eleven kids. They live in an old farm house that needs new windows, outer doors, and air conditioning just to mention a few things the house needs. My sister and her husband are both very loving people who love kids. They both are very hard working people, but with so many kids it has been hard to save to fix up the house. They live in Kansas do you ever get to Kansas? Give me a call 620-644-2989 if you can come this way.
    Thank You,
    Karin Good

  39. concerned says:

    how can i suggest a family in serious need of a kitchen remake?

  40. Toni Thompson says:

    My family is in need of help. My father is a hero to me and my entire family. Over the years he has done so much for all of us.. He is a former pastor, retired salesman, a retired trucker, and a veteran. He had a stroke that totally changed his life and the family. I moved back home to help out' but I got sick and had a stroke. Currently the house has gone down due to lack of funds to keep up the home, nor funds to renovate it. I just want to know what is needed to get on this show, My family needs this. M dad won't ask for this but I will.

  41. Melissa Farmer says:

    Hi Counsins, My name is Melissa and I would like to start by saying I watch your show all the time. I love the ideals you do on the show. My problem is that my husband and I bought a house we wanted to remodel then he was laid off from his good job and we now are living in a house that is very old (1929) to be exact we have found all kinds of major problems that we have no money to fix. My husband is one those people you hear about all the time, He helps everyone and never asks for anything in return. He has a very bad back that the doctors say can't be fixed. So I need some help to find cheap easy ways to fix this house. I would except any Ideals from you. We our desperate!!!!!

  42. Carol Gundacker says:

    Hello Cousins,
    I'm, of course, a great fan of your show. I am also the mother of a 43-year-old autistic son who is living in a group home in E. Windsor, NJ. The group home is close to 80 years old, has 6 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 guest bath, 2 living rooms, dining room, very small kitchen and a sunroom. The house is charming but absolutely falling apart. At this time there are 6 young men living in this house with 4 therapists on duty at all times. Our school is Eden Autism Services in Princeton and one of the only schools in the US that provides for autistic individuals after the age of 21. I am truly blessed as is my son. Due to the cut backs in special services and provisions in the State of NJ and elsewhere we are in dire need of assistance with renovation. We would love to hear from you and are willing to work along side of you all the way.

  43. Maria Amaral says:

    Hi,i watch your show all the time and averythime I watch you guys I was wishing it was on my house .,I cant believe the grace you do God Bless you guys …….

  44. EvaMarie says:

    A dear friend of ours lives in Colorado. She's not only a hero but someone who gives of her time, talent and $ to those who are less fortunate. Kathy is a single mother who has been a teacher for 20 yrs. She inspires her students to go above and beyond, in life, school and sports. She has been a fast pitch coach for girls softball for 26 yrs. Her softball business pays out of pocket for young girls who can not afford lessons or the fee's to play competitive softball. When I say out of pocket…..it's out of her own pocket. Kathy is also a 2x cancer survivor. While fighting through her treatments she still coached and taught. She gives so much and yet her home is falling down. Her roof is 20 + yrs old. The roof is leaking, the gutters and eaves are falling off the house. Her kitchen has no cabinet doors and the tile in the bathroom is broken up into pieces. Please help this hero who asks for nothing in return.

  45. Yolanda Carter says:

    I would like to nominate a good friend of mine for a home makeover. She has had a great deal of ups and downs in her life. She is a single mom of 6 children who was employed by the Detroit fire and rescue as a paramedic. In 2000 she was in an auto accident while at work. A drunk driver ran into her chemical while transporting a patient. She was injured and had to stop working and is now on social security disability. But she did not let that get her down. She volunteers at her church (Gesu Church) in Detroit. She is past president of the St. Vincent DePaul Society (2007-2013). She is currently enrolled in school trying to receive a degree in nursing. On her limited income all 4 of her 6 children have graduated high school she continues to help those in need even though her home recently was damaged by a fire that started in the house next door. She did not have house insurance and is struggling now trying to get the necessary repairs done. Her church and the community have helped her to get some of the necessary repairs completed but she still needs much more. She is so giving and caring and I and the Gesu community would truly love to assist her in getting her house together. Giving back to a person who has given and sacrificed much!

  46. Donna says:

    Hi I need someone to help my friend ,she always helping her family and friends out when they need a place to stay.Her neighber joke about her needing a Inn sign. She will be on vacation in December hope you would help.

  47. Rosy Flores says:

    hello…I would like to ask if you cousins can please help…..helpppppppppppppppppppp…..helppppppppppppppppppppp my future husband to be a 1950 house… he is being trying, but it has been so hard since I got pregnant last year and our baby is now 5 months old…..she just keep us busy all the time… the little energy we got, we honestly use it to go grocery shopping or cook something at home……..I never though having a baby and trying to remodel a house at the same time would be so hard……please help……take care and good luck with everything : DDDD

  48. Terri Heimerle says:

    Hello cousins,
    My son and daughter in law are both such hard workers. They live in a town in upstate NY, Rotterdam Junction, that was devastated by hurricane Sandy. Jim is a volunteer fireman and was one of several fireman who did over 30 boat rescues during that storm. Laura helped at the firehouse for weeks feeding and helping the town get back on it's feet. They are both putting other peoples needs before their own.They bought a house that needs so much work. They are expecting their second child in January. There is no young couple more deserving of some help. God Bless you both

  49. T. Baker-Drake says:

    Hi Cousins; Kudos to you both for your new show! It is wonderful and refreshing to know that you are using your talents and abilities as a platform to help others. There are so many worthy people that need help, I hardly feel right with my own nomination, but because I adore my dad and his family, I will put it out there anyway. My dad is a nearly 60 year old mechanic and Karate instructor. He works full time as a small-engine mechanic at a local golf course to support his family, including his feisty 5-year old granddaughter, whom he and his wife care for. After his eight hours at the golf course, he comes home to his smallish, in desperate need of updating house for a quick meal then drives to his karate dojo to teach three hours of classes, five days a week. He does this as a labor of love for his students – many months he struggles to make rent. Over the years, he has tried to do improvements on his own house as he has time and money, but really, he never has much money and home improvement isn't one of his gifts. He can't afford to travel, and will likely never retire, but I would love to see his often-chaotic home and back yard updated and made into a space where he and his wife will be comfortable and happy for many years to come. Thanks for the consideration!

  50. Joy Foreman says:

    I have a family who adopted a deaf boy and his brother, they run a small private school and are foster parents to little children for several years now. They didn't pass their home health inspection this year, partly because of water damage in the kitchen and bath. They are being inspected again today. If they don't pass they will not be able to keep their foster care license. They need help.
    Thank you for your consideration, I don't want to lose a loving family for this reason.

  51. Hello, My name is James. I watched your show today and it was awesome. My wife Tina with our 10 year old son Jaylen bought our first home four years ago. During this timeframe things has changed for us. To start off with I am a Iraqi freedom disable veteran. My 28 years in the military has taken its toll on me in the last four years. We have a two story house that both my wife and I have trouble climbing the stairs. I have injuries to my ankle and back due to the conflict in Iraq. In the last three years I was hospitalized four times. Twice for a sub claval aneurism and twice for pancreatic attacks. Due to the aneurism, I have lost 40% of usage in my right arm. So this limits me from doing alot of what I need and want to do in life. We have tried to do things to our home but are unsuccessful in our achievements because of my disability. I want to show to my family that I can still provide for them and still be a husband and a good father to our son. All I am asking is to help me in making our home a little bit more livable for all of us. Please help us.
    James, Tina and Jaylen

  52. Carolyn Stacy says:

    Where do I submit a hero for an opportunity to be considered for a home makeover? Also does this awesome show come to Texas?

  53. christine lynn says:

    my husband and myself watch hgtv all the time, so when i heard about the cousins undercover i thought i would right you! my husband robert is a teacher. he give all his time to his students and our income on anything they need for the classroom and sometimes even for the kids personal needs! with his income we can hardly afford our needs, down to driving a care that dosnt have much life left! our home has been in the need of some repair. a new roof that has leaked and did damage inside and our old windows that leak bad! like many we live paycheck to paycheck and i would love to be able to take some worry of his back, he stresses all the time about the things that need fixed! if you could, would you please think of helping me make things alittle easier for him! i am unable to work due to a accident and i feel so bad i cant do anything to help him support his family! thank you so much for your time, you are wonderful for doing this for people!

  54. Hattie says:

    I am writing in behalf of two remarkable people in a small southwest town in Mi. My story is this: My nephew and his wife live in what is known as the 'Brady Bunch" house. It has a 60's addition on an 1800's home that has many bathrooms and and up and down steps that is in great need of updating. It has no insulations in a screened porch which his bedroom is directly over. He has started some of the most dire updates; insulation in attic and new HVAC system but the rest is very confusing, bedrooms and bathrooms only accessed by other bedrooms and bathrooms. Let me tell you about him and his wife, they both went to high school in this city, she went on to college to become a social worker, he joined the Air Force becoming an MP and serving in Greece where he met another woman, fell in love, had a child there. Our first scare with him was a terrorist shooting in the airport where he frequented for his job. When he returned stateside with his new family he married her under the sprngtime blossoms of his parents backyard. They went on to further their careers training in Oklahoma City, her in U.S. customs and he in security in judicial system at the federal level. Although they were separating they were unified that daycare was to take place off site and as fate would have it they were both away from the bombing site on that fateful day. Afterward they parted and she was stationed in Az and he returned to Mi to seek law enforcement there. He landed a job as a corrections officer driving 90 plus miles each way to work. He got serious heart disease having several heart valve replacements and many visits to the E. R. in between. She finally had her chance at her High School Crush and they were married and had 3 children, two born under 3lbs. and renewing his trust in the U. of M hospital saving 3 lives in that family and afirming his loyalty to all things Wolverine. His health has recently taken a turn and all energy and funding for home improvements are gone with the new Dr.s orders to stop work due to his heart conditions. He said that was o.k. because he couldn't back up his co-workers and didn't want to put them at risk. He has always been a phenominal father from day one to his firstborn and never shirked his responsibilites to her either financially or emotionally. Her compasion and understanding for the many families she mentors in the school district as director is not limited to just the school. Many trips were made to pick her up and return her until she was old enough to travel was shared by both. She is admired and respected by her community. As an avid runner she enters many charity runs, sometimes with the kids. Even their dog came from a program that inmates train dogs for adoption. Micigan is hit hard by many recessions, starting in the late seventies with the gas :shortages"

  55. linda maiefski says:

    I live in omaha nebraska and have a friend that does so much for adukts and children by giving horseback riding lessons. Ovrr the years she has helped kidz and adukts alike with different problems in their life. She has been so dilegent in csring for her horses and my horses and others as well.recently she rescued 9 arabian horses as well as 2 mini horses. Doing v this has put a strain on her financially. Her nhouse is in dire need of updating. She is an amazing person and deserves the best . She has helped me countless times without a thought for herself. it would be grest for u to come amd surprise th is special women with a wonderful renovation. Shex so needs and deserves tjis

  56. Stacy says:

    I nominate my sister Laurie
    *Kindergarten teacher
    *Volunteer for a major sports organization
    *Hardest working person I know
    *My hero
    I could go on and on about my sister. Laurie is a amazing person. Laurie and her family are no more deserving then anyone else however she is truly a hero in our community. Laurie is a mother of 3, teenage twins 16 years old a boy and a girl ,and a 9 year old son. Laurie and her amazing fiancée are planning to be married in June of 2014. They both work very hard to give themselves and the children the life we all want for our children. They would love a deck and possibly a pool. Laurie and Paul would be so surprised. I hope you will consider Laurie and her family for a undercover project.
    Sykesville, Maryland

  57. Joy says:

    How do I nominate a teacher. Her work extends beyond the classroom. She works in an urban district and treats her students like they are her babies. Some she had to buy clothes, do hair, take to the doctor, take to the movies and the theatre. A couple years ago her husband lost his job and they are struggling. The house they purchased and began renovating just before her husband lost his job sits without a completed kitchen and bath room. The lower level is extremely cold in the winter. They are lovely, hard working people. I think they desire a break.

  58. Peggy Plowman says:

    I may not be qualified for help from you but I thought I would try. I am a 69 year old widow, my husband passed away last year in January. He was sick for about 3 years and nothing was done to the upkeep of the house. In 2006 my husband and I adopted a baby that neither the mother or father wanted. They happily signed the paper to give up custody. He is now 7 years old and a wonderful son. I know that I will probably not see him grown but I am doing everything I can to prepare him when I am gone. I have found the best family in the world for him. I am hoping that my house will pay for his college when we can no longer live here. My house is a small 3 bedroom, living room, dining area with 2 bathroom. It is about 1100 sq. foot house. I really need help in remodeling the house and if you could please help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much for reading this.

  59. Dpurrone says:

    Hi! I love the Cousins and would be honored to have them help my family. My husband is a local fire fighter/paramedic and spends his spare time training other medics on how to do medical procedures and trains aspiring EMTs. He has started a local charity and has successfully raises money for families that have experienced loss from fire or car accidents. Notnto mention he isn a wonderful dad – which leaves little time for big projects.I could go on and on about how caring and giving he is.
    I know there are many deserving people in the world – but it would be great for me to surprise him with a crew that can help him for a change. We are overwhelmed by an outdated kitchen/living room/dining area. Once we begin one project we have to do it all – we just cannot wrap our brains around how to tackle this job. We are both handy and willing/able to help if needed. We have been in our house a year and knew this purchase would be an investment in our family and future – we could use help getting this home to realize its full potential!!

  60. Priscilla Corsi says:

    I would like to nominate my husband for a visit from the Cousins, my husband and I are retired and love HGTV. Since retiring it has been my husband’s passion to give back to the community he is very active in our church, he volunteers with the Navajo Country Sheriff’s office, he works very hard for the Lions Club (in just 5 month he was nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors) and he is a volunteer at and supports our local all-volunteer library and he is a member of the America Legion. He has wanted to build a garage since we bought our retirement home 3 years ago and a “run-in” for his horse so she can get out of bad weather. His horse is his pride and joy, she is a 2 ½ year old Paint filly and he just loves her. With all of the “give-back” he is doing he has very little time to start or oversee projects at home and I thought it would be a wonderful gift if the Cousins would/could pay him a visit and help with one of these two projects.
    Sincerely Priscilla Corsi

  61. Petrona Ferguson says:

    Hi Anthony and Johnathan. You guys are amazing. I loved the work and design that you do. I am an HGTV watcher. I can't wait to see what's coming. It's amazing to see what you do for others, to see the joy on someone's face its a gift you both have. Does your show come to Florida . I know of a great single father that need a kitchen make over. Keep up the awesome work. God bless.

  62. Janet Kelly says:

    I'm nominating my daughter in law and son Andrea and Richard Kelly. Andrea is a Spanish teacher in an impoverished area of North Carolina. She loves her job and often buys her own supplies. She has not had a raise since she started teaching. My son is a manager at a Waffle House and often worrks shifts that are not covered, even though he does not receive extra pay for this. Last month they were in an auto accident that totaled theis car, by someone who made an illegal left turn in front of them. They both required surgery. They both love to swim and Richard is quite the cook. They have parties for workers and neighbors. I feel a backyard makeover would be a blessed thing for the kids. They both selfishly give to work and their neighborhood . They have been through so much. It would be so well deserved to have this backyard makeover. Thank you so much for your consideration. Janet Kelly

    • Kathleen Landi says:

      Andrea and Richard are my neighbors and hard working people. They deserve this makeover. They both had car accidents and Richard may wind up having surgery on his shoulder that was already operated on. They are always having little parties for the neighborhood. It's a new neighborhood and it's nice to get together with the whole block and meet all our new neighbors. They are wonderful and very caring for all of us. Please consider Andrea and Richard. They really deserve this.

  63. Ginny says:

    My husband is a teacher, and a coach and a bus driver. He works very hard everyday, and has so many ideas on how to improve our home, but the time just slips away. Many days he leaves our home at 6am and gets home around 9-10pm. I understand the sacrifices he makes, but wish he had the time to do the fun projects he would like to do. Even during the summer he dedicates his time to improving his classroom, coaching his usual volleyball player in a summer league to improve thier skills, or looking into new drama performances to produce. His first priority is always the school, and the kids. I would for someone to do something for him.

  64. Nancy Glasser says:

    A back-yard makeover would be a dream come true for my niece and her husband, Andrea and Richard Kelly. Andrea is a teacher in North Carolina, and Richard works in a restaurant. Even though they are both employed, money is still tight. They give selflessly to their jobs. Andrea buys supplies for her students and classroom with her own money, and Richard is always willing to cover shifts with no extra compensation for himself. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to other people in need, so I think it would be wonderful to have that returned to them. They both have been dealing with lingering health issues and surgeries, the latest as a result of a recent car accident which totaled their car. They just can't seem to catch a break right now. It would be wonderful to have the joy of a new backyard in which to relax and recover. Thank you for considering them for this honor.

  65. Karen says:

    I'm looking forward to your new show! I recently became a big fan of HGTV. My brother and sister-in-law have been viewers for years. They recommended I start watching to get ideas for my home. I live in Detroit, MI. I was in a major car accident in 2007 and have not been able to work since then. I was at my job for 21 years. I lost my home, car, and now my husband wants a divorce. The blessing in this situation is my aunt loaned me the money to pay cash for another home. As I am sure you are aware, the property value has become a buyer's market, thank God. However, my home needs a lot of work. I have always tried to help people in need. Over the years, countless people have lived in my home for various reasons. My aunt and her family stayed with me for about six months due to a fire. My niece and her kids were homeless and stayed with me for about a year. Several of my kids friends have stayed with us for different reasons. My house is not horrible, but it needs some work to make it functional and safe. Unfortunately, I have been trying to get my disability for the past seven years, to no avail. I just need some peace. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Again, I look forward to your show!

  66. cyndi glover says:

    I don't see another way to nominate someone for a rehabilitate so I will post it here. I live in a certified family home run by a couple. One of them works with people with behaviors. The other one stays home and takes care of me and thenother lady who lives here. Neither of us walk and the other lady can't talk and has to be tube fed. They remidled what they could of the house to take care of us but they had only so much money. When they asked me to move in I could walk. Unfortunately. I fell shortly after I moved in and broke both my hips and an arm so I no longer walk and have to be moved around by a hoyer lift. I am a very large woman so it is anlot of work to move me around. My insurance will not pay for an electric one. They never complain. They take us faking and we are going to Disney land in December. I tell youthat so you realize the things they do that are above and beyond what they are required. To do to make our lives the best they can be. The floors are carpeted and the.hoyer is hard for them to push on the carpets. We need hard wood floors. Besides letting us live with them one of them is a guardian foe a man who has development problems cause by abuse when he was a baby. We bring him over often and take him to thenmovies and swimming and to spend the night and all holidays. He lives in a group home. Our bathroom is small and does not work the best for baths. These women are willing to help anyone in need including letting a friend who was homeless stay with them for almost two years. Tomorrow on her day off she is taking a fiend job hunting. I think they deserve to be recognized for their service to people in need.

  67. Kathy Jako says:

    Does anyone know who to write to about a deserving individual? I've sent an email to HGTV after clicking on their "contact us" button; no one has replied to me yet. My friends and I have someone we would like to write about.

  68. Christine Bryant says:

    I would love to know the requirements to be considered for the Cousins? I have never watched their program and I anticipate watching them in action. I am a new homeowner of a vandalized home that I must put together and watching these types of shows gives me good advice and tips on how to get started on my home.

  69. Marlene says:

    I nominate my daughter, Andrees, she is a hard working mother of two children and is divorced. She works grueling hours and than comes home to cook and clean and take care of the kids. She is desperate need of patio remodel. She is always saving her money to replace sliding doors and something always comes up. She is a trooper always there for someone in the family or friends when they need help and I feel it is her turn. I have not ever seen any mother work as hard as her and still have a smile on her face. She has never accepted a hand out, but could use a hand up. Thank you and love your show too!

  70. Kenneth Justice says:

    I watch your shows daily.They inspire me to keep trying.My wife,myself,and my grandson started completely demolishing and and replacing everything in the brick shell I bought to take care of my wife whom has three ,artificial joints,my mother,a widow since 1978,my mother-in law whom let her husband do everything,making her almost totally helpless.We started when I was 62 yrs.old,I am now 71 yrs.old.After two no-fault auto accidents, my left shoulder lost range of motion,lumbar back needs surgery. I don`t know how the remodel will ever be finished.I still help others in any way I can,but the intense pain has me stopped completely.Thank you for everything you do to help others.May GOD bless you and protect you from harms way.

  71. Kathy says:

    As so many have written, I would like to nominate someone; that is my daughter Jodi. She has overcome many personal hurtles, worked and put herself through college to earning her PhD. She works at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. She has been married for 6 years and is raising her step-son, age 14 and her own son, age 2. For her entire married life she has been technically a single mom; her husband's line of work always takes him to either a foreign country or a different state many miles from home. Right now he is working in Wisconsin. She is the director of the Counseling Career Center, where she has worked her way up to this position over the last 13 years. Through her work, she has started "SART" (Special Assault Team Response) in Statesboro; helped start the first Rape Crisis Center to cover four counties (The Ogeechee Judicial Circuit). She has been recognized as "Top 40 under 40" in Statesboro for Civic & Professional contribution to their community. With the very long hours and also being on call for crisis involving any of the students at the university and taking care of children; not much time or funds are ever left over to fix up her house. Through all of this, she even manages to care for those around her in many ways. This house is in need of SO many repairs, I can't list them all. I know her one dream is to have a better functioning kitchen, which is REALLY extremely small and no room for anything. Oh, I hope God is reading this letter and helps you choose her, because she is a wonderful individual, just ask anyone who has met her. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know it must be an extremely hard decision choosing some from this long list.

  72. Brandy Boren says:

    I was married at a young age of 17 went through a horrible marriage and had 3 children.. I met the man of my dreams a little over 4 yrs. ago he's changed my life along with my kid's lives. He has worked very for us but he keeps talking about remodeling our kitchen and he is to busy to get to it.. I would love to have the cousins surprise him with a finished kitchen of his dreams.. He is the cook in the family and would love the tuscany vibe.. I would do anything for this to happen. THANK YOU

  73. Renee Cabean says:

    My nae is MS Cabean i`am 62 next month nov i had a stroke and became disable. Now i can`t finish small projects, that i started need your help bad.I`ve shared my home with many of people now i need help. I`am praying you will respond thanks love both of you and your work. I look at ellan Degenrent to

  74. Debbie says:

    Baby Boomer here. What about a show where help is given to those who don't have the physical strength to complete a renovation/update to their home? That's us. My husband has been working on putting a laundry room in our garage for 13 months – so I don't have to carry clothes from the basement to the 2nd story. Oh – and the Midwest would like a little HGTV love too. I would gladly volunteer to be a test case :-) .

  75. Martha Balsinde says:

    A 73 year old woman living in a house that's falling apart, recently had a tumor removed from her scalp, mistreated by all her family but her one daughter out of three that adores her and wishes she'd win the lottery to be able to give her mom finally a home of her own, prays for an act of kindness like the ones I've seen on HGTV Cousins Undercover to at least meat her halfway and rebuild the old shack for an old woman. This woman's life story is a very sad one, let's put it this way Les Miserables has nothing on her story. I know chances are this won't be notice in time, but I'm a hopeful person and figure its worth a try . PLEASE make this woman's last years a happy one, let's make a happy ending a reality.

  76. Rosef62 says:

    Hi I love HGTV I am a big fan. I just wish that those two cousins could come and do some things to my daughters home. Two years ago she lost her husband and the home is falling apart inside and out. She cant afford to do any repairs my son-in-law would take care of all the repairs before he died. I cry for my daughter because I cant help her. She is a beautiful lady with a heart of gold. Prayers do help. Rose Felder

  77. Karen Aakre says:

    I live in Minnesota and our old farm house has mold and bat poop making it unsafe to live in three years ago I was diagnosed with disthonia from mayo. This is only part of the story, as we lost our daughter in 2002 and I had to quit teaching because of chronic pain, I spent time in the hospital with our daughter with her two surgeries and my moms two and also had two my self . Since then I have had three hip surgeries and another back surgery, and yet I volunteer for 4- h hospice, and many other things. Helping others takes my mind off my pain and my terrible house situation.Fibromyalgia is caused by many things and the stress in my home has aged both my husband and I, he can't deal with this horrible house and our kids won't visit because its toxic. I want to share a home with others but this is not possible. Kaakre in mn

  78. Tenzin says:

    The Cousin do great work. They recently sat down with Sara from NY Minute Magazine to discuss several topics

  79. Shama D says:

    How can we nominate people for the show? Both of my parents were school teachers for 35-ish years each. Before that, my Dad was a paratrooper in the army and was shot down and nearly lost his leg! These two have given back so much more than they have ever received. They're also unbelievable parents and grandparents! They're always there when any of us need anything at all!! They've gone above and beyond with all of their grandchildren!! But their house could definitely use a renovation!! I don't know anyone more deserving of a home makeover!!!

  80. Ean Nelson says:

    Hello from Toledo, OH. If you are ever in our neighborhood, come to ur home. a 50' ranch that needs a new kitchen. My partner and I hve twn 13 year old boys and would love any help.

  81. sharon says:

    pls call me …………..about single mother In NC needs your help very much, I will cry if I have to go on and tell you just how much she does need your help. Pls

  82. Helen Bowling says:

    My name is Helen Bowling and my daughter and I live in North Carolina. She was born with Spina Bifida and has only her left leg. We lost our new home and we now live in my father's house. My husband was murdered in 1992 along with his best friend, Things have really been tough for me trying to raise 2 daughters and especially one that has so many challenges. My other daughter's husband committed suicide and left behind her and her little daughter that was 6 years old at the time. We have a lot of issues due to the age of the home such as a new roof because the roof leaks. It would really be nice if you visited North Carolina. Thanks so much

  83. Mephalia says:

    How does one go about submitting or hoping maybe something can be done for them? My son is autistic and all we have to give him is our small home that is badly in need of updates that we cannot afford. The siding is in need of repairs, our bathroom needs major updates, am concerned that some walls as well as floorboards need to be replaced in there as well as plumbing updated. There is more to be done but those are the most important. As my son got older , I had to quit working to take him to activities and try to do what is best for him. He is 19, does not drive, cant find work, Prospective employers hear the word autistic during interviews and do not hire him.I have not been working for 7 years.. Now that I am getting older and we are barely getting by with my husbands income, would like to fix the place up for him so that he can have a place to live when I am no longer here. He would love a ninja warrior salmon ladder in the backyard. Only mentioned that because ninja warrior is one of f his favorite things.:)
    I would also like to say kudos for all you do to help others.

  84. Reva Watt says:

    How can you send a letter to submit a couple that is in need of a surprise?

  85. Sue Williams says:

    I am retired after working in child care for 56 years. I worked mostly for Head Start and of course got rewarded with alot of love from the children but no retirement. I am living on social security. My partner works with autistic children for Oakland Unfied. She is laid off every summer without pay. We lost one house to shortsale and are trying to keep our current home. We need help our carpet is so stained and dirty it is embarassing to have someone come over. We need to replace carpet with hardwood floors in some places and carpet in others. We have a small three bedroom home. We also need a bathtub fixed so I can once again take a bath in a tub. I am disabled and cannot climb into the tub. Please help us for the years we have helped others.

  86. James says:

    how does one get a change to upgrade their home by using the cousin undercover. I am a veteran and believe I would love to find a way to upgrade my home

  87. Terree says:

    I would like to find out how to nominate my son and his wife. My son, Stephen Ohlhaut, oldest of 13 children, was born Jan. 21, 1976 and shortly after was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Around a month old he had brain surgery to install a shunt. He also has cerebral palsy and is legally blind in his left eye, all due to the same damage at birth that caused the hydrocephalus. He beat the odds and did very well in school and graduated from Purdue with a teaching degree in French. He has received recognition for his outstanding work by students and administrators. He along with his wife Deanna took into their home shortly after their marriage 15 years ago a young lady with Retts syndrome, which is a very debilitating condition. They have since adopted 3 children. The youngest with a brain condition which has made his care very time consuming. My son Steve and his wife Deanna have given their lives to helping others in need. Whether it be through Steve's teaching, Deanna's volenteering to help single moms or their caring for their children with special needs, they do it with a smile and never complain. The one thing they have not done, is to make life easier for themselves. With their son Sam"s and the young lady they have been caring for, Jessica"s,( by the way is like a daughter to them) needs becoming greater, there are adjustments that need to be made to their home to make caring form them easier. When I heard about the show I thought how nice it would be if they could get some help form this area. I would appreciate any help you could give me in finding out how to nominate them for the show. Thank you, Terree O

  88. Debbie Rhudy says:

    I would like to nominate friends of ours, Aggie and Russell Rivera, that recently moved from Oregon to Texas. We have only known them a short time but already see how big their hearts are! They are truly the type of people that you would like to see have something done for them that is over the top. They never ask for anything but they do always give to others. In Oregon they where known at their local homeless shelter for often providing supplies, meals and other necessary items required by the shelter. These are people that are on a fixed income but always find a way to help others in their community while doing without things that could make their lives easier. They recently moved to Texas to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren since they are getting older and are both in bad health. The home they purchased that was within their budget is ok but in desperate need of a kitchen renovation. They will probably never have the funds to have the work done, but somehow still find a way to help others less fortunate than themselves. As a friend of theirs, I would really love to see them honored for the good they do for others.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  89. Doreen says:

    I know of a wonderful Christian family that could really use a makeover of their house. Dad works a regular job, including extra hours, is a full time Pastor at a small church in the country ( while waiting for his Ordination) . He still manages to do a nice size garden with his family plus the up-keep on their house and the church and help countless others when he is called. He is a humble wonderful man. Mom home schools and also works along side with her husband at the church. She helps take care of Grandma who lives on the second floor of their house with her Aunt. This wonderful, loving couple have a small house with 4 children and 2 adults downstairs and 2 adults that share a very small apartment upstairs. Their hearts and door are always open to the needs of others. they have large dinners at their home and have a very small kitchen/dining area. I would love to see them get a make over ! Even if it were just to make their eating area larger for their big meals and get togethers..

  90. TJ Kellum says:

    We have three old house rent and it need to fix and upgrade on them! I refer you hire someone or student at school to teach show how improve on house fix and free cost ! We will be very appreciated lots to us! I hope to hear from u soon!
    Thank you!

  91. stephanie says:

    How do you nominate someone who cannot do for themselves but give everything they got to others?? please contact me @ stephanie_johnsen@yahoo.com

  92. suzanne elicker says:

    Would love to be on your show my house needs an overhaul

  93. jennifer says:

    I would love for them to come help my husband. He is a police officer who works 54 hours a week between his county job and side job. We have four year old twins and a two year old. I also have two older girls and two grand kids. He is a wonderful dad and granddad. A year ago we moved to take care of my dad. He is an amputate who has crippling arthritis and lost his wife in 2009. My husband takes care of my dad for me. helps with his day to day needs and still finds time for me and the kids even with his busy week of work. But because my dad lost his leg in 1997 the home is in need of so much repair. Floors have rotted in areas, found mold in walls and Many more problems that need to be done. With his work schedule and all the time he has to spend helping my dad he has very little time to do the things that desperately needs done. I hope and pray that they could help us out..

  94. Sue Strelec says:

    I have a couple I would like to recommend for your show. My name is Sue Strelec and my daughter and son-in law really need your help.please let me know how to nominate them.
    They live in Moristown. NJ. they are Mike and Connie Geary Mike represents over 100 years of Gearys being in the Morristown fire department. He is a full time paid fireman in the town of Morristown. He also is the fire chief in Morris Plains, NJ. which takes as much time, if not more, as his paid position. He also helps out when needed, anyone who has any kind of a problem he can do.
    Unfortunaly he is not very handy when it come to home repairs.
    Connie is one fo the best mothers you have ever come across. They made the decision when their first child came that she would stay at home as much as posiable. She is a post-partum dula and helps ou at the kids schools. Now that they are expecting their 4th child in Dec. their house is busting at seams. They really NEED your help.
    Please let me now how we can help them.
    @ suestrele@aol.com or 973-476-6325

  95. Julia says:

    How does someone get them to come to someone in need. I have a friend in need she is always helping someone else now she needs it. She left her family in New York . Brought her 1st home in PA. She is there with her kids all week long, While her husband is still in New York for work purpose. She was diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm. She is currently unemployed and could use a little help now.

  96. Amanda Ketcham says:

    My parent need a local hero. They need the cousins. My family lived in a nice home in Maryland. I am one of 11 children. My siblings are all grown with our own children but our parents need your help. They sold their home in Maryland and moved to Cortez Colorado to take care of our grand parents. This was several years ago. However, they are still living in a run down trailer with leaky windows, no storage space and no room for their children to visit. They have 7 acres that has been infested by preridogs. Their 50 th wedding anniversary is coming up in April and my family would love to give them a nicer place to live. We are unable to financially give them a great gift as a new home and that is why I am blogging you. I don't normally do this sort of thing but I love the service you provide. We are trying to plan a family reunion for this coming July and everywhere we have looked is either booked or too expensive. How great it would be if everyone got together with the Cousins undercover and gave my parents an anniversary present they won't forget.

  97. Danette Brzozowski says:

    I love HGTV cousins undercover I even seen them on Ellen. I would just like to mention someone special, Amy Zawadzki. She has come a long way and is always helping others any one she can. She bought her first house on her own in which it needs some things that she tried to conquer herself although she did a great job. There still is many this on her to-do list the basement seemed to get water in it from time to time but I think she is over her head on this one! She has been getting sick and just acts like it's a cold but I think she is gonna have some type of mold in there.When she bought this house she thought she did good since she had it inspected for problems and whoops he forgot many things. I'm sure once you meet her you will just love her,she loves art and can make some real good dishes and I'm sure she make you feel right at home, here in Buffalo,NY! Like I had mention she had a tuff time in her life but now that she came out(yes she's gay) I could see her wonderful smile again. Please say you'll come!

  98. Anne Hessler says:

    I would like to nominate a family to receive a home transformation. The Vertins have 5 children: Lexi, Max, Chance, Rowan and Charlie. In 2009, Max was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). This is a recessive X-linked form of muscular dystrophy affects around 1 in 3,600 boys, which results in muscle degeneration and eventual death. Without getting too technical, mom is the carrier of this gene, and unfortunately Max was not the only one diagnosed with DMD. Rowan and Charlie are also affected by DMD. These boys show weakness in the muscles that cause limited endurance, body imbalance, and inability to perform in activities that young toddlers and children should. As the children age, the symptoms will worsen and they will be wheelchair bound by the time they are teenagers. They are only 3, 5 and 8. Their life expectancy is 25. No family should be plagued with any disease, but this tremendous family has been hit not only once but three times. As a mother myself, I couldn't imagine seeing my child (children) running around one day and then committed to a wheelchair later and eventually losing them in a premature, unfair death. I need your help to give this family the equipment and accessibility needed to give them the best possible time together. They have a tremendous heart and show greater courage than I could ever dream of. Please. Jason and Betty Vertin deserve an opportunity to provide their children with the resources needed to take care of their children.

  99. lewlie says:

    This is an EMERGENCY! Four years ago we had to move for my husband's job. My sister got sick and had to come live with us with her husband and three children. We sold our old house on contract back home. They've quit paying so it will prob get foreclosed soon. My mother-in-law just passed after an 8 yr battle with breast cancer and the traveling has really taken a toll. This week our basement began flooding and day before yesterday our furnace quit. I want to nominate my husband for help. He is a wonderful loving man always going the extra distance to help others..especially the neighbors in our new town. But no one knows of our problems and we've lost our way to help each other. We work extra hours putting our son through school, fixing his car, buying groceries, paying bills taking care of others when loved ones are gone. The worry and stress are taking a toll. I love him sooo…Please help. We don't need a lot just our basement and furnace fixed.

  100. Laurie says:

    I love watching your show and all the good for people. You make the world better by one miracle at a time, and give others hope. I am a teacher in a rural school district. My husband has recently had to retire early due to health issues and had to close his business. He was basically diagnosed with Alzheimer's at only 64 years old. He was the type of hero that would go out in a snowstorm to fix an old ladies furnace that couldn't pay him. He would always say"They would pay if they could." So we are living and paying the medical bills on my teachers salary. We have debt from his closed business that we are juggling unsuccessfully, trying not to go under. We need to be able to sell our home, and move closer to our sons, but the house needs so much upkeep we are unable to do.So here I am praying for a miracle. God bless you for the work you do!

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