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Calling all Pinterest fans…join us for an exclusive event this weekend.

Now’s your chance to re-pin “never-before-pinned” photos from brand new episodes of Dear Genevieve,  the hit series with designer, Genevieve Gorder.

We’ll be pinning our favorite room makeovers LIVE as they air on HGTV.

Watch NEW episodes this Saturday (Sept 21) starting 3pmEST, and follow us on Pinterest  (hashtag #DearGenevieve) to join the party!


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  1. ksmb says:

    Hello Genevieve, You are a brillant light *.*
    Your ability to combine function, in emotion grounding, in graphic patterns, textures, use of shadows, and highlights, as well as color choices, etc., are very impressive, yet embracing.
    I love to watch your shows to see you at working your magic and your interaction in engaging clients so well~~~~for the process to be JOYFULL :)
    Your a Master Designer/etc… and a very special talent in life to see *.*

    • Your Daily Cup Of Tee says:

      I have to completely agree with you. Would love to connect with her on how to design a small apartment living room to mKe it feel like home and functionality but. Ring that we're renting there clearly isn't much we can do as far as walls.

  2. Gorgeous and elegant shape liked it so much

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