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Do you have an eye for renovation and real estate know-how to impress the Property Brothers? Are you a home renovation expert who can make a property more marketable in record time? Do you have what it takes to join Team Jonathan or Team Drew and battle it out for a $50,000 cash prize?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then HGTV is looking for you!

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, hosts of HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers, and Buying and Selling.

Apply to be a part of Season 2 of HGTV’s hit new show, Brother vs. Brother. We’re looking for dynamic, hardworking and energetic home improvement experts who want to show America their skills! Hands-on skills a plus. To apply and for more information, visit www.castinghgtvshows.com.

But that’s not all! HGTV is also casting for a new home renovation competition show. Do you love to flip, renovate and design homes with your brother, mother, spouse or friend? Do you want the chance to win $50,000 and much more? HGTV is now casting for friends, couples or family members who renovate, design and dream big to participate in HGTV’s new renovation challenge.

Apply now to be a part of this exciting New Home Renovation Competition Series. We’re looking for dynamic and handy teams of two who think they have a superior eye for design. Although home renovation experience is a plus, it is not required. To apply and for more information, visit www.castinghgtvshows.com.

Check out the best makeovers from the Property Brothers and find out more information about appearing on many more HGTV shows, visit our Be On HGTV page.


73 Responses

  1. jane george says:

    what has happened to hgtv. we are sick sick of propery brithers and love it are list it!! please something else

    • Sharon says:

      agree – while I like the shows they are all very similar and everything is on too grand of a scale. And sometimes I think the shows are more about the personality of the hosts than it is about the product. I'd like HGTV to go back to the "this is how you do it" type show …. stuff that a regular person could handle.

      • Melody Karbley says:

        Agree Sharon. I miss so many of the older shows when it was more about learning and not selling!

    • Melody Karbley says:

      No way! I'm sick of Love it or List it. Bring back the sexy Aussie, Jamie Drurie!

    • olga says:

      you are nuts lady thats the best show on hdtv im sure u have other channel u can watch

    • Sandra says:

      Speak for yourself, I love thoes shows. The more of the Brothers the better. Love it or list it is great. Please don't do anymore posting you have lost your mind.

  2. Kbedaly says:

    Lets do a Scott Brother competition for people who are not handy, in construction and couldnt tell the difference between a flat head or Phillips. Now that would be fun and the mentoring would be more "how do we fix this mess". Now that show would be great and if done, i would love a spot. The boys just dont have enough shows on HGTV.

    • Bridgett Miller says:

      ditto, because I need plenty of renovations in my home and can't pay for them.They need to do free things for us jobless ones.

  3. my gosh what sour grapes, change th echannel, i love what they do and think they are great at it and think they help the public realize that a dump can become a palace. Dont drag everyone else down with you, HGTV keep up the great work! hbb

    • diana says:

      I really don't think the comments are meant to be negative. If you want change you should let HGTV know so they don't loose their viewership. Just like if you have a complaint with a store, don't go talk about it to those who don't care, go directly to the source and let them know. Hopefully it will bring some freshness to the programing.

  4. Millicent says:

    Yeah, we need more of what to do with the renovation, like moving walls, putting up wall board, putting flooring on concrete, and so forth.

  5. Mary Bixby says:

    We love the Brothers. They are fun to watch and we learn a lot from them. However, you leave out a portion of the population who can't do the work anymore due to age limitations. We have some issues inside and outside but can no longer take care of them. We will need the help of a handyman when we can afford one.

    • Trish Greskamp says:

      I'm with you, Mary. I just turned 60. I love to decorate and would love to renovate my home I have lived in for 23 yrs. I can do minor things….but just can't handle major things anymore. It would be nice for the brothers to show some senior people that might want some updates !

  6. catherine russo says:

    you can experiment on my house. i have a big issue. my kitchen is small no room for a table to eat at. which my kids love to eat at the table, we eat on sofa. the living room doesnt have room for table either that i can figure out. i need another 1/2 bath desperately. you can all come reno my house. please…….thanks cathie i live in long island levittown

  7. Joanne Gough says:

    Love these two!! They have fantastic ideas and great personalities. I wish they could come do my house!

  8. Annie J James says:

    I live in a co-op. No room for storage (not much for essentials either. I have an unfinished basement that could serve as storage/family room. It's small. Only 1 bath, could use another one. Property Bros, do excellent work. I am not a renovation expert, but am willing to work hard to assist.

  9. Pam Thurlow says:

    I love Property Brothers and the other shows, but I do miss the show that show you how to change things up in your home, and ideas of renovating things. I go to thrift stores and purchase most everything from there. It would be nice to know how to fix some of these things.

    • Booboo says:

      I love shows that show re-purposing stuff and how to create things from new found "old" items . I must say that many of the shows are repeats that are on HGTV and I do tire of that, but love the renovation stuff. I always watch for the Bath Crashers or Kitchen Crashers or Yard Crashers guys when going into Home Depot or Lowes.. Wish they would come to my house……

  10. Nancy West says:

    I wish I could get someone (like Candace Olson)come and decorate my house it's-beautiful home just outdated and I am decorating challanged .I live in Paris Texas

    • Karen Curren says:

      Miss Cadice!!! She was my favorite and really could redo a basement and make it look like it wasn't ever a basement. I like Income Property too. Scott has given me many great and usable ideas.

  11. Ean Nelson says:

    I too Love Property Brothers and Love It or List It. Chnge the channel if you are tired of soemthing. Wish I could get ANY of those 2 to come to my home for a new kitchen. Have been waiting for years for one. Please come to Toledo, No one else does!

  12. LyndaV says:

    Love love the Scott Bros. but do agree about Love It or List It.

    Everything is so so about buying houses, it's old hat now. Becoming boring!

    • Pam Hill says:

      Totally agree with LIOLI! Those 2 drive me nuts.
      The Scott Bros are very talented, especially Jonathon with designing!

  13. Marsha Caldwell says:

    I have no design sense but I love the brothers and need them desparately at my house, or Matt or Ahmed or Chris or the cousins I could go on and on…they can all come at once if they want

    • Melody Karbley says:

      Agree Marsha. I have noticed though that if you are over 50, unless you are one of the designer's Mother's
      you don't get picked. They must think we don't care about design or can afford everything we want or need after fifty! There are areas of my house that absolutely need help.

  14. Rae Lynne Gard says:

    I'm in the same situation as Mary Bixby…just moved from California to Raleigh, North Carolina and due to monetary considerations and age (66) I find that there are many things in my house that need maintenance or repair that I really need the help of a handyman. I used to be able to do so many things by myself but can no longer install heavy mirrors on the walls or cart furniture up and down the stairs. All the rooms in my townhouse have very high ceilings and it is just impossible for me to change out chirping smoke detector batteries or even do simple things like replacing air filters (two are in the ceiling). Any volunteers? How I would love to paint some walls but they are just too high!

    • VAMP says:

      Reality check. If you want volunteer handymen, check with a local senior citizen organization, not the Property Brothers. They are not handymen. Why did you buy this town home in the first place? It sounds like there are too many issues for it to be a good fit for you. My husband and I are 66 and 69. We do not live in or would not buy a house we can't maintain on a daily basis (the onset of a major illness would be an exception, of course). We just spent a week in a rented three-story condo on a beach with my husband's siblings (their idea so we just went along). We had to hustle down three flights of stairs in the middle of the night to check on the nearly-on-fire A/C unit that was about to blow. This drama is not for us. We like our one-story home with regular ceilings We are able to paint all of our walls ourselves. I'm just sayin'.

  15. Beverly Johnson says:

    Hi. I like the brothers' but am getting tired of the Love It/List It…there are too many whiners on that show, and the nastiness between the hosts is a real turn off. Always something "extra" comes up and they kvetch about it.
    And as a older single lady in Texas, I certainly could use some help just developing a landscape plan for a very wide and narrow back yard, about 80' by 25' Doing the work is a challenge, but I'm willing to do whatever I can.

  16. Rick says:

    I like to watch renovation but there are many aspects that are glossed over when showing say ,how to sister a joist or pitch a waste pipe. I understand there are time constraints because it's "TV" so maybe some shorts inserted between segments might do well and please everyone. I have done some renovation work around here myself but 20 years of living…. it's time to update some rooms. The bathroom is probably my next project. For me it will be labor intensive and a problem only having one bathroom. Wish me luck!

  17. Deb Kwek says:

    I wish I could get the Brothers over to my house my inside of my house is so rotted and filled with Mold that me and my husband can not deal with the gutting out and putting new in like we have planed I had a Stroke and hubby back and all his other problems have us at? what are we going to do?? are floors are rotten I have ply wood over it to keep us from falling threw and all the inside walls are mold filled are Kitchen is really bad! I can dream wish upon a star!

  18. Christine says:

    Love to watch Property Brothers and I do learn a lot. They are a delightful two guys and I would love to have them help me make my 4 bedroom house available to rent out a room or so to an older person or single person or college student. I am a senior citizen but I still take care of my 1 1/2 acre yard by myself and can do amazing work far beyond my younger friends.

    Keep up the good work – we love you!! Christine

  19. Deborah says:

    I wish someone would do a show for those who live in the mountains and need landscaping help. Miss Trading Spaces and the great ideas they provided.

  20. Harry Peterson says:

    I love property Brothers Also loved the show they did before! I wished I had someone to help me renovate my home Im disabled (Amputee) and cant find help from any organization to help me either im not old enough Im 56 Or im not a vet With these shows theirs hope that maybe someday they would like to do a handicapped accessable home remodel

  21. NANNY says:

    please ,please listen to your viewers before we are all gone , NO MORE LOVE IT OR LIST IT [the most stupid of all your shows ] [the other holmes on holmes a no good mouthy guy ] what hgtv doesn't understand is people with money hire their remodels by profesionals , have you heard us talking and asking , most of America households need repairs we can not afford , please bring back shows that we might be able to afford to do some of the ideas , like decorating cents with JOAN STEFFEND ,ROOM BY ROOM WITH MATT AND SHERRY ,AND KITTY BARTHOLOMEW , GEEZE HGTV USE TO BE MY MOST FAVORITE , NOW I CANT WATCH MOST OF IT [ OH YEA AND SARAHS HOUSE REALLY GOOD SHOW ] PLEASE LISTEN TO US VIEWERS , THANKYOU !!!!!

    • Marsha says:

      Why would u refer to Mike Holmes as "no good mouthy"? Viewers, except you all love Mike. He's master of what he does!! Speak for yourself. You just might need him to correct some of the problems why you need any one at your house in the first place. Don't hate, learn to appreciate!!

      • NANNY says:


    • Mary says:

      Oh NANNY, you will never achieve anything in life if that is the way you think. Think and dream big not small. LOVE IT OR LIST IT is about overcoming obstacles, holmes on homes goes to show you that even wealthy people (are not always smart) can hire the wrong people.

  22. Bree Persaud says:

    I agree totally with the comment about how to do certain things e.g. paint or prime cabinets that are in good condition instead of breezing by this and showing us how great everything looks. I also have stopped looking at Love it or List it and it's utterly ridiculous to do part of someone's home due to finding this wrong or that wrong. Instead of doing 1 room that is over the top, why not spend the money showing how you can put cheaper options that everyone can relate to. The rich folks can afford designer and decorators!!!!! Who do you think are watching your shows at HGTV? It's the retiree, the mother's (father's) at home,the sutdents, the jobless. Not a lot of spare money but some of us are willing to do the work if we can. We like to have nice things too even if we do our shopping at Target, Goodwill. Try going to the paint store at the big box stores for help.

  23. ruby says:

    Send those cutie pies over here. I'LL tell you which one is better. Heh heh

  24. Maryann says:

    LOVED "Decorating Cents" w/Joan Steffen & "Room by Room" too. When $ tight, people need less expensive options to make their homes look great and HOW-TOs.

    • NANNY says:


  25. michele says:

    I love most of the shows and the ideas they present. After watching for years. I bought a super cheep house $11000.00. Yes that is eleven thousand. I used my credit card, "crazy" oh yes, but none the less I said why not me if anyone can do it so can I. So my hubby & me put 5 thou. more for materials turned a large porch into 2 bedrooms and new roof and dry wall lots of paint and more than our share of HARD work. Now it looks like a beautiful 1000 ft. dream house. We don't know how to fix the sag in kitchen floor, there is no crawl space or basement. anyone know how to lift the center of the hard wood kitchen floor? HELP!!!!!

  26. Karen Welsh says:

    I am pretty bionic, 2010 surgery on my left shoulder – rotator tear, 2011 right shoulder – rotator completely torn off, they had to pull the bone up and bolt it to my shoulder 6 pins. that is when I started watching you all the time. I just love Real Estate, I was a Tax Collector for 4 years, for Carnegie Borough, "I am a true blue Pittsburgher. And a true Blue – I love Property Brothers – They better never take this off the air. 2012 right hip/socket/top part of leg. I do not know what I would of done in the nursing home for 2 months every night without them. I also love – Love it or list it, with David & Hillary. 2013 surgery -left foot – Two plates in my foot 8 pins, skin/bone graphs to fuse together, the other Left knee is bad so I can not walk at all –

  27. Karen L. Welsh says:

    But I pull myself up on my little wheel chair and I coast down to my Kitchen to watch my favorite show, I love you Drew and Jonathan you make my day. 2 more weeks left living in my spare bedroom, got Comcast to put cable lines in here and Hubby moved the computer up here for me. I play on my computer and watch you guys all day long, with my 3 Dogs at my side. Gypsy Rose, Rosey Red, and Mad Dog "Maddie" Nothing needs changed on your program, I even watch repeats. Thanks for being there for me.

  28. Patricia Bloodworth says:

    I love the property brothers and would love to take them to ca with me. I am looking for a home to buy and renovate. I would love to be on one of their shows but I think I am going to be too busy doing my own. I have had hands on building experience on two houses doing everything from plumbing to wiring and everything in between and before and after.. I would like to show them how to take off wallpaper very easily. I love those two little mischievous critters and would love to play with them.my one suggestion for the show would be to quit wasting perfectly usable cabinets etc that could be recycled. Save and recycle like Nicole Miller. I am a 68 year old lady so they would probably wear me to a frazzle but what fun to join them. Love the show.

  29. Marty Workman says:

    I love The Property Brothers Show. They make homes so beautiful. I wish they would come and do a makeover for me. They probably don't come to a town as small as I live in.

  30. Karen L. Welsh says:

    one more comment, I have a contractor Ed White and his son Stephen, if you come to do work on any homes in Pittsburgh Pa. My Contractor Ed has always done all the work on my house, He' s the contractor and my Husband Joe helps him with installing Furnaces/hot water heaters and air Conditioners, Hubby works for a furnace Distributor R.E. Michel, they are all over the world. I need Ed to take off the Doors to my bathtub, put a walk in shower stall in, build me a cupboard in my master bedroom and enclose the back porch. Get rid of carpet and I need Hard wood floors, I can not get this wheelchair going myself on carpet. You need good workers in Pittsburgh, there are 3 of the finest. Plus, I was the Twp Clerk at Collier Twp. for 8 years. I can hook you up with all kind's of contractors here. I know everyone. I have always lived and worked in this area. Licensed Hairdresser since 1974, 15 yrs. Legal assistant, accounting.,Jack of all trades LOL.

  31. Ann says:

    I love HGTV and have been a fan for years; however, the "LOVE IT OR LIST IT" shows comes off as over 3

    rehearsed and can anyone be so stupid as NOT to know an old house renovation means "something" will be found wrong which needs major $$$. They spend tons of money on furniture and CUSTOM WALLPAPER and do not remodel the guts without leaving something off the list. IT IS TIME TO SAY BEEN THERE< DONE THIS AND DONE WITH IT. Tape some shows which guides a normal everyday working Joe or Joan on simple remodels without taking out a loan!!!!! THX.

    • NANNY says:

      I totally agree !!!!! right on

    • NANNY says:


  32. jamyed says:

    While I love property Brothers, I'm not crazy about Brother against Brother..don't need to watch another competition show…bring back Decorating Cents with Joan Steffen.. I absolutely love.. Love it or list it& can't wait until it comes on although I do agree that some of the cost of the remodeling is too high end and could be cut a little . Design on a dime was a little too junky at times, but did have some good ideas for the average person on a tight budget.. don care for Holmes too much. I live in a home that was ravaged by flood and the total cost to repair was not covered by our flood insurance, so now we are suffering the effects of foundation problems sagging beams and floors…and no funds to do repairs…would love to be a guinea pig for any of these shows..please come to Texas!!!

  33. Sue Wolfsong says:

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm begging HGTV to put something on TV that could help my friend. She lives in Union Beach, New Jersey and Sandy got her badly. She had a recording studio in her home, but that's gone. This poor woman recently lost her husband, survived multiple operations for cancer of the jaw and now is going to have to walk away from her home–a home that she just used most of her savings to pay off! She cannot continue to live there unless she raises the building 15 feet off the ground, which will cost upwards of $150,000, which she doesn't have. All the money for financial assistance has dried up and she and her teenage daughter don't know where to turn. According to the regulations, she can't even sell her place unless it's elevated or bulldozed & she has the finances for neither.

    It was a beautiful place before the storm, with many wonderful parties…and it can be again. But my friend really needs a helping hand to make it so.

    Please contact me and I can give you more details.

    Is there any way HGTV can do a show about

  34. Verneiver says:

    I have been a fan of HGTV for years as so many of you have. However, the lineup has become very limited and it has become boring at times with the same shows day in and day out. It was more enjoyable when you featured the "how to" shows and the various gardens and yard shows. And whatever happened to Candace?? My goodness, that lady has such talent!! What happened to Design Star?? You need to seriously review where you all have taken the programming. My find myself looking for other shows to watch now when I used to be content with your programming. I don't want to leave you, but you need to diversify your programming now.____Thanks for listening!

    • NANNY says:

      that's what I said , I use to watch hgtv all the time , its gone down hill ,your right CANDICE should be brought back. hgtv's programming does need work.

  35. Sheila says:

    I love these brothers, I would love to have my home redone or find a new one that I could love better,
    this is my favorite show, I stay up nites watching them. They are so smart and get along so well its
    amazing, I have 7 sisters and 2 brothers and wish we all could work together like this.

  36. Sheila G says:

    Me again, just wanted to note that this is the best show on and hope they stay on a long time, did not like
    the show where they competed, not at all, so stay on bros! wish there was somehow I could win a spot on this
    show and have my home remodeled. Please let me know what I have to do to get on this show and if they come
    to Florida

  37. Kinnie Fultz says:

    My Name is Kinnie Fultz and love the show and I have pre fab house and and I live in New Orleans .

  38. Sherri says:

    My husband bought our house because we lived out of state and the bathroom is so out of date. It has white tile floors with white grout that is nasty and some of it is coming out. The double shower has brass around the glass and the shower itself if all white marble. The entire, large bathroom is covered in the ugliest wallpaper ever. Would love for someone to redo it for us. HELP!!! We did replace both, his and hers, countertops with granite and those two faucets with bronze but the rest of the bathroom is just awful.

  39. djpett says:

    I can't physically do the make-over…… HOWEVER, I do have 2 houses that you could use. In Indiana —

  40. djpett says:

    I'd love a new kitchen — mine is a outdated 1960. Small galley type. But it seems you only go to big cities– the people in small cities should also be considered. In small town outside Indianapolis.

  41. needy in nj says:

    Wish they would come to NJ and work on my house.

  42. paula powell says:

    I need money and a design star to come to my house here in Victoria, Texas. I am the only great dane rescuer for our Kill shelter. Somtimes its one now its 4. I currently have 6 living in 1400 sq house. I need an area they can hang out and have their own spaces. I don't kennel, so they live in my home as part of the family. To be rehabiliated for possible adoption. We love great danes and treat them as our own until ready for adoption through a no kill shelter I volunteer for. Thank in you in advance for any one coming to my house. I make great coffee.

  43. Sandra says:

    I love the brothers, when I can not watch them I record them. I do love the older shows, not so much the brother verses brother. The property brothers is the best. That is what they do best. I used to be a realtor, but since the recession I had to get a job that paid. I am a home repair fixer upper. I am not the best, but my idea is, that if it looks better than before I accomplished what I set out for. I recently trimmed out my home, and my new project is to up grade my bath/laundry room. I need to hire an electricion so I am at a stand still until I can save enough for that. So keep on going property brothers, I will be watching you:)

  44. Kathy Dodson says:

    We could surely use some help, on a new screened back porch, and back yard design. at least a shade tree, and a FAN! It's hot in Texas!!!!!

  45. Catherine King says:

    I love the Property Brothers and realize that both have assets either as a builder or as the financial guru. I would give anything if they could come to North Carolina and see how the friendly people from the South take care of, cherish, and rebuild the old homes in our cities. HGTV is my favorite station but anytime that I see how to create and refurbish items, I will stop and watch. The way the brothers take an old and run-down house and recreate an avenue for new home buyers to appreciate what a little bit of "elbow grease" could produce is special home for some lucky individuals. My Mother (Eunice Moore 96 Years young) and I (Sissie King) would like to invite you both to our area in Troy, North Carolina. We hope we see you soon.

  46. Judy says:

    LOVE Sarah's House. I could use help with more basic remodeling challenges with details. I could always use the Property Brothers. I bought a little house on a little income in a great neighborhood. I'm trying to make improvements as I can afford — some on my own, and some with the help of contractors. Want to come to Atlanta? I'll be here with a cute house ready for help!!

  47. KRay says:

    I wish HGTV would come up with a show schedule and stick to it. It's the most poorly programmed channel! We watch a lot of it but lately have commented how unorganized it is.

  48. Gustavo A Chavez says:

    Por todo lo que veo en tv uds. solo trabajan en casas de gran valor, les escribo en mi idioma natal, ya qel ingles lo hablo mejor de como lo escribo, solo les quiero agradecer su programa ya que en el le han metido muy buenas ideas a mi esposa, todo para hacer mas agradable nuestra casa. por todo muchas gracias.

  49. Tammy says:

    I like watching Property Brothers, and usually learn a lot., but like many, we don't have the money to fix up our old farm house. I wish lightning would strike it and totally demolish it so we could start from scratch. I dislike this house so much, but we love the property. Would love to put in solar and wind power. Is there a show for that?

  50. Barb Bockman says:

    We have twins who do the same thing as "The Brothers." I love to watch the show because of how much they are like our twins! . Their funny, teasing and competitive personalities are so much like Drew and Jonathan. I will try to get our sons to watch it and I know they will get a kick out of it! I really love the show so far!

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