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Guest post by Melissa AndersenCousinsTV

For those of us who played sports growing up, we know how important those days on the field were in forming the people we are today. How many of our most cherished memories begin and end with locker room mishaps, hometown rivalries, and teammates that would end up becoming lifelong friends?  Every scar has a story and every story has its exaggerated victories and defeats, and it’s these moments that come to mind first when we think back on the good old days.

But any childhood athlete knows that the most important factor on any team is the coach. The coach makes all the difference and the truly good ones – their impact lasts well beyond the scoreboard.  They’re the ones who not only teach the physical skills to play the game, but the mental and emotional skills to succeed in life.

The homeowner in this Sunday’s episode of Cousins Undercover, Coach Bob Keenan, is one of those coaches. In fact, calling him a coach hardly does justice to the role he plays in his community. Vice principal, neighbor, husband, mentor, volunteer, and father (even father figure)… he’s all those things and more to the lucky kids who can count themselves part of his ever-growing roster of second family. Bob is a true giver – of his time, his love, and of himself.

John, Anthony, and Keenan family reveal finished space to Coach Bob Keenan.

“Bob Keenan is the coach that pushes you in life to exceed beyond what you think is possible. He is a motivator and mentor that shows you through his own actions that the only to way to succeed in life is through hard work… and that family always comes first. If there was ever a person that you should emulate, it’s Bob Keenan.” – John Colaneri

Though this project was completed months ago, it’s one that Anthony and John still talk about with overwhelming emotion. The reverence they have for Coach Keenan and what he does for his community is evident in the incredible transformation his home undergoes at the hands of the Cousins. A true wrestling gym, a massive deck, and a new living room (in just THREE DAYS) are just the physical manifestations of the changes that this home makeover has brought to the Keenan family and their entire community.

Have the tissues ready, folks. It’s about to get teary-eyed up in here.  Cousins Undercover airs Sunday 8/7c on HGTV.

P.S.-Don’t forget to chat LIVE with John and Anthony during the episode on Twitter (Follow @ColaneriJohn and @CarrinoAnthony).  Then again on their Facebook page right after the show!


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6 Responses

  1. cecilia Huether says:

    My husband love all the HGTV and fixer up shows. One thing we notis you always help the younger groups of people. Why would you not want to help us older folks who h hard time helping ourselves. We are able to do some the work and clean-up, but not able to do all. We live in a small beach home on the Chesapeake Bay, and could use a makeover of some of our snmall home. You could always go crabbing while you work. We could have a crab boil. How does that sound? Love the home improvement shows. Cecilia

  2. Tenzin says:

    found this interview the Cousins had with Sarah from NY Minute Mag. Check it out

  3. Maria Grazia says:

    I'm from Sicily been in USA 35yrs. I love your show, the idea U guys have is very talented!!! I'll be short…
    Well I want say that maybe sometime U can pass by 213 a Monroe Av. Frederick, md 21701. I will be glad
    shake your hands.

  4. xBx360 says:

    I just love this quote by John Colaneri. Interesting :)

  5. Amber says:

    What a great story! There are so many great stories of families that could benefit and are deserving of HGTV's giveaways. What great kindness. I have a story…I hope to win. Trying really hard to keep a family home and take care of mom with Parkinsons and Dementia. Life is challenging staying positive is helpful.

  6. I'll be short…
    Well I want say that maybe sometime U can pass by 213 a Monroe Av. Frederick, md 21701. I will be glad
    shake your hands.

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