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Guest post by Melissa AndersenCousinsTV

Wow – has it been a whole season of Cousins Undercover already? The big finale with The Ellen DeGeneres show airs this Sunday (November 17), and I can’t help but think back on all the places the Cousins have taken us. These seven weeks – and the countless hours spent planning and building each renovation – have truly been transformative for those of us involved, and we hope this season has changed you a little bit too!

As fans of HGTV, we’re all a little design-obsessed (self-proclaimed design junkie right here!). But what Anthony and John have shown us over the course of the season is that design is about so much more than just aesthetics. Good design transports you; it provides a sanctuary, a place to be inspired, a haven in which you can just be. Good design makes a house a home and for the people featured on this season of Cousins Undercover, it did all that and more.

Best behind-the-scenes moments from Cousins Undercover

The Cousins, their crew, and the unrelenting, passionate – and compassionate – teams of volunteers have transformed the lives of some of the most inspiring hometown heroes around: a school teacher and mother raising her newborn child on her own; a vice principal and wrestling coach who has mentored his town’s youth for years; an 11-year-old budding chef and cancer survivor who works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer; a teacher and computer wiz who dedicates his life to ensuring his students are armed with the latest tech and the knowledge to use it; a mother who coordinate all the town’s athletic, school-related, and social activities to build community; and a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and policeman who has followed in his family’s footsteps of generations of public service.

Now, this Sunday, the Cousins are teaming up with Ellen DeGeneres for one last, all-out, go-big-or-go-home renovation for a military veteran, his canine-rescuing wife, and their adorably nicknamed son, Cheese. This young family is the epitome of hometown heroes – from fighting for our country, to helping our four-legged friends find their forever homes, to brightening everyone’s day simply by saying ‘Cheese,’ it’s not hard to see why their tight-knit band of family and friends is over-the-moon for the Wendls and determined to turn their 70-year-old home into the cheerful, vintage-inspired abode they’ve always dreamed about.

For the ardent Cousins fans out there, you know Anthony and John love to push their designs (and themselves) to the limit, always adding new projects until moments before the reveal. But when Ellen DeGeneres is involved, you know things are going to be epic. The season finale, airing this Sunday at 8pm, is a more-than-fitting end to a series about more than just inspiring design. After seeing the examples set by the incredible people featured in this season, we’re inspired to try to live up to their example of paying it forward, and we hope you are too.

It’s been a crazy journey… thanks for taking it with us!


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