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Normally I fight the exclamation point. I say to our writers, “If you woudn’t yell it, a period will do.” But I would yell, “salsa!” today because we finally crested 80 degrees, tomatoes are planted, decks and patios are primed and salsa is one of the greatest pleasures of summer.

First up for me: I am going to use this salsa fresca recipe 100 times.

Then when I need to mix it up: I’ll try this fresh corn and avocado salsa recipe.

When summer is winding down and I can’t bear that it’s almost over: I will learn about canning salsa.

salsa fresca recipe

Where is your bowl? This one is all for me.

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I cannot live in all of the cool houses. Sad but true. I love to look, though.

FrontDoor’s Cool Houses Daily serves up one unique home per day, every day. Not all of them look like a space ship, but this one does.

Unique Homes

Bob Hope lived here.

For those curious about celebrity homes (so, basically, nearly everyone) it’s a must-have in the blog roll.

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Roasting is my go-to way to cook a vegetable. My husband roasts broccoli with olive oil and garlic cloves and I cannot stop eating it until it’s all gone. Seriously, so delicious. Please try it. It will make you a happier person.

I’m coming to the realization that it’s not just for fall. Now I need to figure out what springtime produce can star in this roasted vegetable recipe. Tomatoes? Okra? I’m taking suggestions.

Roasted Vegetables

I want to stick my face in this forever.

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This is exciting! For those who don’t know, the Webby Awards honor the very best of the web. Former winners include the likes of Al Gore and Prince. The best part: All acceptance speeches must be five words or less.

I’d love to see what Laurie March would say. She’s our very own House Counselor and a nominee for the people’s choice award in the DIY/How-To video category. Check out her videos and, if you agree with me that she is fantastic, please consider giving her your vote. If she wins, I’ll make her come over to I Heart and deliver her acceptance speech for you.


Laurie March

Vote! (Please)


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Yesterday I was all about a pool. I’m having second thoughts today, as I admire this Aspen ski estate:

Aspen Ski Estate

For this I could learn to ski. Maybe.

It’s for sale! ($47.5 million, FYI) So are all the celebrity homes, amazing retreats, clever cottages and urban design shrines you’ll find on the fresh new All the ogling, none of the closing costs.

I hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think.

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