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This pool.

HGTV Smart Home Tour

Pool of My Dreams

There are lots of other cool features of the HGTV Smart Home, but I can’t mentally make it inside yet because I am stuck on this lap pool. You can program the jets and lights from your tablet. I would never be fully dry if I won the Smart Home (which I can’t. But you can. Sweeps starts soon!)

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We want to hear about your household habits. Do you need to have the remote controls lined up on the coffee table before you leave the house? Don’t you hate it when a glass is put in the dishwasher the wrong way, leaving it filled with nasty water? Tell us about your habits, pet peeves, and observations in the comments or by emailing us at Please include your full name and hometown.

Laundry On a Clothesline

Do you need everything neat and orderly?

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