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Image courtesy of Doring Kindersley Limited. © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

There’s nothing like the addition of some freshly-chopped cilantro to a bowl of guacamole or some black bean dip to bring out the flavors. Well, if you’re among those of us who love this green, parsley-like herb, that is! Cilantro has a long history and is gaining popularity in American cuisine. Here’s the scoop on the history of cilantro…as well as how to grow it in your garden.


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garden Christmas tree

I’m a big fan of Christmas trees that reflect the owner’s personality and lifestyle. And although, as a mom of five kids 15 and under, right now that means our tree is covered with popsicle-stick reindeer and classroom photo ornaments, I dream one day of having a themed tree in some undisturbed corner of the house where I can show off my own interests and style.

What better way to show off your passion for gardening than by setting up a garden-themed Christmas tree?


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