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The Kentucky Derby is regarded as the two greatest minutes in sports. Celebrate this time-honored event all weekend with a winning centerpiece from HGTVGardens.

Kentucky Derby Centerpiece

The flower arrangement is inspired by the winner’s quilt of roses and trophy combined with the scent of traditional Kentucky Derby mint juleps. Get the simple steps from HGTVGardens now.

It only takes a few minutes to make this great centerpiece. I’m betting you’ll love it!

Are you a fan of the race? Share your favorite Kentucky Derby ideas with us.

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Are you looking to craft something garden inspired for the Easter table? Get inspired by this fun project from It uses edible Easter grass! Who knew such a thing existed? Check out the entire blog post and pick up the supplies below to make your own: Edible Easter Terrarium


  • Decorative glass jars
  • English toffee-chopped into small pieces
  • Oreo cookies-creme centers removed and broken into fine pieces
  • Edible Easter grass
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Ice cream cones
  • Jelly Beans
  • Candy eggs
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Looking for a quick and easy craft to brighten your home for Spring? Try this project from The process of forcing flower bulbs in eggshells is simple and the egg carton becomes a wonderful natural centerpiece for the table or a lovely addition to a sunny windowsill. Plus, the eggshells will break down when planted and nourish the surrounding plants.

Flower Bulbs in Eggshells

Get more gardening inspiration:

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We grew a new site! Ever wondered what happened to the G in HGTV? We didn’t forget about it – far from it. Instead, we created an entire community for all the plant, flower and garden lovers out there. Use the plant finder tool to help you discover the perfect annual for your region or explore an urban treehouse tucked away in the middle of Atlanta. Or find out how your backyard chickens can live large with fun, funky chicken coops. has something for everyone.

Are you an avid gardener? A beginning homesteader that’s proud of their latest batch of canned pickles? Join the community and share your gardening experiences with our community of green growers and seasoned experts.

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Pecking Order: In addition to common seeds, suet, mealworms and fruits will attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

Got your big bags of candy hearts and cutesy Valentine’s Day décor on display? Good. Now it’s time spread a different kind of love by celebrating another fabulous February event: National Bird-Feeding Month.

According to Martin J. Warbler, the unofficial and completely made-up spokesbird I created for the National Bird-Feeding Society, bird-feeding is — amazingly — the second most popular hobby in the United States, right behind gardening.

More than 55 million Americans over the age of 16 feed birds around their home, according to the National Bird-Feeding Society. “They’re not just people who lug a big bag of millet around, filling up feeders—they’re niche restaurateurs whose establishments my fine feathered friends and I patronize on a daily basis,” says Mr. Warbler.

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