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Hang out with your favorite HGTV stars all day on New Year’s Day and watch all-new episodes of your favorite shows. Tell us about your New Year’s resolutions, what you are looking forward to in 2014, and why you love HGTV with #HGTVNewYear to have your Tweet appear on screen.

11am-1pm Rose Parade with Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott
1-2pm Island Hunters with Nicole Curtis
2-3pm Beachfront Bargain Hunt with Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri
3-4pm Caribbean Life with Hilary Farr and David Visentin
4-5pm Amazing Water Homes with Vanilla Ice
5-6pm Vacation House for Free with Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot
6-7pm Hawaii Life with Genevieve Gorder
7-8pm Living Alaska with Amy Matthews
8-9pm 2014 HGTV Dream Home Special with John Gidding and Josh Temple
9-10pm Buying and Selling with Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott

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Ever wonder where all the flowers on the floats on the Rose Parade come from? And what happens to the flowers on the floats after the parade? Lyn Lofthouse, floral decorator at Phoenix Decorating Company, the biggest float builder in the Rose Parade, dishes on where the roses come from and what happens to them after their 15 minutes of fame is up. Read all about the flowers, the floats and more on HGTVGardens.com.

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So, yes it is the holiday season and way too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day. But the folks here at HGTV Magazine are always looking ahead…we can’t help it, it’s just what we do.

Besides, who doesn’t think about Mom year-round anyway?  And who wouldn’t love to treat Mom to a fabulous room makeover? That’s why we’ve just launched the HGTV Magazine Mother’s Day Bedroom Makeover Contest.

It’s easy to enter…just visit the contest page and upload photos of the bedroom you’d love to transform into her own private retreat.  The winner will receive a complete room makeover (using HGTV HOME products) from HGTV/DIY Network Host, Matt Muenster, and will be featured in the May issue of HGTV Magazine.

HGTV/DIY Network Host, Matt Muenster

You can enter the contest for that special lady in your life or if you’re a mom, treat yourself and enter for your own chance to win today. Hurry, the entry period is December 19-January 9, 2014.

Get official rules and enter here.


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If you’re like the staff here at HGTV and DIY Networks, this time of year you get inspired to craft and create.  Whether it’s DIY gifts, delicious Christmas cookies, or craft projects, there’s nothing more special than a handmade holiday.

And if you’re on Pinterest and a craft lover, you probably know that each year brings thousands of clever ideas to help make the season bright.

HGTV HOME wants to see your holiday craft inspiration, so we’re hosting a ”12 Days of HGTV HOME Fabric” Pinterest contest. Show us the holiday crafts you’re loving for a chance to win a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Here’s how to join:

To get you started we’ve created our own holiday crafts from the HGTV HOME Fabric line which we think you’ll love.  Join us on Pinterest to repin these to your own board:

Remember to include the hashtag #12daysofhgtvhome on your pins so we can keep track.  The winner of the most creative board will be announced shortly after the New Year, so get busy pinning.

Happy Holidays and Happy Pinning!



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What is a Pin Party?

If you watch HGTV regularly or follow us on social media, you’ve probably learned by now, folks here love a good party.

Pair that with our latest social media obsession, Pinterest, and an HGTV Pin Party just seems like a natural evolution.

A few common questions we always seem to receive when we host a pin party are “What the heck is it?”  “How do I join?” “Is this an actual party at HGTV?”

All fair questions.  When you think about it…really, what the heck is a pin party?

Let’s start with the (very) basics.
If you haven’t joined Pinterest or if you’ve heard about it and just haven’t taken the time to explore…stop reading and go, go, go…now, now, now!  You can always come back to this.

But if you’d rather “know before you go,” here’s a quick primer.  Pinterest is an amazing photo-based platform where you can collect and share (“pin,” “repin”) any content that interests you.  Into mason jar décor?  Pin photos of projects you discover from websites or repin photos from friends who also love mason jars.  Is travel your passion?  Follow other pinners who love travel photos…or pictures of babies, cats, or babies napping with cats.  The possibilities for pins are endless.

After you have joined and explored the wonderful world of Pinterest, the next very important step that you should complete is (gratuitous promotion in 3…2…1…) to follow HGTV.  And that should bring you up to speed with your fellow HGTV pinners.

Now, back to HGTV Pin Party 101.

First things first…what an HGTV Pin Party isn’t.

“Am I coming to HGTV for a party?”
Ok, so how amazing would that actually be?  If I didn’t already work here, I would LOVE an invitation to a party at HGTV.  Imagine mingling with the likes of  Candice, David, Drew, Jonathan, Genevieve  (PS.. I’m still star struck by these guys, they are incredible).

While we love you all and would love to throw the party of a lifetime at HGTV’s campus, we simply do not have room for over 98 million viewers.

An HGTV Pin Party actually happens on Pinterest in real time and usually centers around a central theme, such as holiday decorating, HGTV Dream Home spaces, weekend crafts, etc.

“How is an HGTV Pin Party different than any regular day of pinning?”
This is probably the more obvious (and frequently asked question), especially if you’re an experienced pinner.

An HGTV Pin Party is special because…

  • We “invite” industry leaders to log on and chat about the content we pin.  At any given party, you might get the chance to chat with someone like HGTV host, David Bromstad.  Or get handmade holiday ideas from our resident crafting expert, Marianne Canada.
  • And in the case of very specific themes, like holiday decorating, it gives us the opportunity to share all the things we’ve been so excited to work on this season.
  • Plus, we just love pinning and chatting with you in real time.  Your instant feedback on our projects is extremely valuable!
  • And lastly, do we really need a reason to throw a party?  Just join us and have fun!

That brings us to the real nuts and bolts…“how do I join the party?”

Here are 5 easy steps to join an HGTV Pin Party:

1.  Watch for promotion of the party on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook (or bookmark this article as I’ll be updating our party schedule here).
2.  Click on the special link we provide.  This will lead to the “party” board that we create specifically for the event.
3.  Click “Follow” to join the board.
4.  On the day and time of the party, log on to Pinterest and click on the party board.  You are now ready for the pin party.  All party activity will take place on that board, so keep your browser there.
5.  Then just repin, mark favorites, and leave comments or questions for the HGTV experts.  Enjoy!

IMPORTANT Things to Remember:

  • Multiple pins will be shared from HGTV during the party.
  • Many conversations will happen in real-time under each individual pin.
  • You must refresh your browser often to see the latest pins and conversations.

Really, it’s just that simple.  We’ll do all the pinning.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show, and repin/comment on what you love.

See you at the next party!

Check out past HGTV pin parties:

HGTV Spring House
HGTV Smart Home 2014
Spring Pin Party
Holiday Decorating
HGTV Urban Oasis
Star Spaces with David Bromstad
Yay or Nay with Meg Caswell

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Half the fun of the holiday season is checking out the homes of friends and neighbors to see how they’ve decked their halls. When it comes to holiday décor, we all have different tastes and traditions.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy so many of the holiday shows we film each year.  But I think one of my favorites has to be “Celebrity Holiday Homes.”  In this hour-long special (which premieres Friday 8/7c), HGTV designers visit the real-life homes of celebrities and decorate them to the tee with a complete holiday makeover.

Not only do we get to see the designers work their magic, it’s always amazing to see how thrilled the stars are to have their favorite HGTV hosts decorate their homes.  And I’m especially excited that one of this year’s featured designers is the incredibly talented, Kelli Ellis.

Designer, Kelli Ellis

Kelli is an award-winning, internationally known celebrity Interior Designer and Design Psychology Expert. She splits time as an author, brand ambassador, educator, life coach, speaker, professional blogger and on-camera Designer. Co-creator of Interior Design Camp, Design Campus and Design Glamp home goods. Her new book, “Do I look skinny in this house?” debuts next spring.

I recently caught up with Kelli, while she was taking a short break from her hectic media schedule, to get the 411 on decorating the home of Lorenzo and Shawna Lamas for this year’s special.  Here’s the dish.

Dale:  Ok, so I confess.  I’m a big Lorenzo Lamas fan…even back to  “Renegade” and “Falcon Crest” days.  What was it like working with Lorenzo and Shawna?
Kelli:  Who doesn’t have a crush on Lorenzo!?  Every girl wanted to ride on that Renegade’s bike and every guy wanted to be him!  He was an absolute doll and I love Shawna.  We have started working together on a few projects and have become great friends.  The girls were adorable, as well…appreciative and sweet.  I wasn’t sure Lorenzo would be so game to wrap gifts with me, but not only was he a great sport he wore his Christmas sweater too…love him even more!

Kelli and Lorenzo on the set of “Celebrity Holiday Homes”

Dale: Your transformation of Lorenzo’s home was incredible, but as everyone will see Friday, Lorenzo and Shawna have very polarizing tastes.  Is that a common dilemma when working for couples?
Kelli:  Yes! I call myself “The Design Mediator” (you heard it here first!)  I am often holding the hands of my clients guiding them through step-by-step, so both are happy.  If I walk into a home with distinct modge-podge styles present I know both parties have strong personalities and it’s going to get rough!  Lorenzo and Shawna have polar opposite tastes, thankfully with Christmas decor you can be crazier than you ever would be in everyday design, so blending styles is much easier.

Lorenzo and Shawna explore their new holiday look

Dale: And your design solution for the Lamas was very “Renegade” meets “Ritz,” which I absolutely love.
Kelli:  I loved it too.  As with any design, finding unifying colors is the trick to blending tastes.  They both wanted to see themselves in the design, as well as their three daughters.  Thankfully they love bold, bright colors, as seen in their wall art and purple pool table…no color-phobia’s in that house!

Kelli poses with Lorenzo on his beloved bike

Dale: Without giving away spoilers, let’s talk a bit about the big purple pool table in the living room, or as you refer to it, the “800 lb gorilla.”  Are those kinds of challenges scary or fun when it comes to holiday decorating?
Kelli:  I love challenges in any designing.  It’s too easy to decorate an empty room!  Transforming the purple pool table into something worthy of Christmas was the challenge.  Because it’s also a source of entertainment, I had to create removable options and decor!  I wanted the table to look great even when the big items were removed…you’ll have to watch to see the solution.

Dale: And I have to ask, what was going through your mind at the design consult when Lorenzo mentioned that his pet lizard was roaming the house free?
Kelli:  Luckily I am not afraid of reptiles but one of my design assistants nearly passed out! My daughter Alexa (on camera with me) came to be a helper and keep her eye out for the lizard – operation Lizard Watch was in full effect for 2 days!!

Dale: I loved your DIY décor for the Lamas home.  Do you have any “tried and true” DIY decorating tips for our viewers?
Kelli:  Yes, my tried and truisms for Holiday Decor…

  • For artificial trees: always use a filler shiny fabric or cellophane to fill inside the sparse area where the “limbs” meet the “trunk.
  • Use reflective surfaces inside the tree, as well, to throw light back out and reflect lights.
  • Use pipe cleaners instead of hooks nothing will fall off ever!
  • Lights, lights, lights….weird dark spots on tables, floors, and around the tree base?…add a string of lights!
  • Use battery lights for bowls, glass dishes on the tables and chandeliers.

Dale: Now let’s do what I like to call a “Quick Three.”

Favorite holiday decorating trend this year?
Edison light bulbs on the tree … dying over those!!

What color(s) did you “crush on” in 2013?
Tiffany teal blue and brushed gold

For our Pinterest users, mason jar décor…way over or coming back in 2014?
Kelli: Ha! Well considering they were invented in 1858 and haven’t left yet, I’d say with confidence “Coming back” – Especially with the grass roots/natural approach to our designs (now moving into commercial use) we haven’t seen the end of the jar.  As long as reclaimed wood is on the walls, the jar lives!

D: And one last question…I won’t give it away for our viewers, but were you nervous at the final reveal for Lorenzo and Shawna?
Kelli: I don’t get nervous, I get very very excited!  I felt great about the design and confident they would be happy with the overall look.  The only thing I was concerned about was Lorenzo’s reaction to my putting anything on the his beloved pool table… I had to show him the care we took in protecting the felt so he could enjoy the design.  It can be a bit overwhelming to see your home so transformed.  His reaction was so sweet and touching.  He thanked me profusely for giving his girls the Christmas they’ve always wanted!  That was a gift to me.

Kelli reveals her holiday makeover

D: Thanks Kelli and Happy Holidays.  We can’t wait for Celebrity Holiday Homes!
Kelli: Thanks Dale, loved chatting! Happy Holidays to all the HGTV readers and fans, love you guys!!

Believe me, you do not want to miss the Lamas family’s reaction to their holiday makeover.  Follow Kelli on Twitter (@designerkelli) for more tidbits from the show (or just because she is ahhh-mazing).

And don’t miss the premiere of Celebrity Holiday Homes, this Friday 8/7c on HGTV.

In the meantime, here’s a little preview (go ahead, it’s ok to peek).


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On New Year’s Day HGTV will launch its largest social media campaign ever: a live all-day Twitter party with such top network talent as the Property Brothers, the Cousins, Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis and Love It or List It duos, Hilary Farr/David Visentin and Jillain Harris/Todd Talbot.

Throughout the day, fans can join the Twitter party by using #HGTVNewYear to ask their favorite network stars questions and get advice about everything from renovation and decorating to New Year’s resolutions. For the first time ever, the live Twitter party is hitting the big screen – fans can see their actual tweets appear live on air throughout the day.

Make sure to follow @HGTV on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest information on how you can be a part of our New Year’s Day party.

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Join HGTV for an all-premiere New Year’s Day that will take you to to exotic locations around the world, all from the comfort of your couch. The day starts with the Rose Parade 2014 hosted by the Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, who will be joined by entertainment journalist Nancy O’Dell on the announcers’ platform for HGTV’s live and commercial-free coverage of the 125th Rose Parade® presented by Honda. Josh Temple of DIY Network’s House Crashers will be in the middle of the action offering unique street-side perspectives and spectator interviews.

After the parade, the all-premiere New Year will continue with new episodes of Island Hunters, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Caribbean Life, Hawaii Life and Living Alaska, as well as the premiere of HGTV Dream Home 2014, which will offer viewers the first on-air look at the spectacular home in Lake Tahoe.

Specials such as Hot Beach Houses, Cool Pools, 15 Amazing Homes, Amazing Water Homes and new episodes of viewer favorites Buying and Selling, House Hunters and House Hunters International will round out the day’s viewing.

HGTV’s All-Premiere New Year’s Day
Hot Beach Houses
7 a.m. ET/PT

Cool Pools
8 a.m. ET/PT

15 Amazing Homes
9 a.m. ET/PT

House Hunters
10 a.m. ET/PT and 10:30 a.m. ET/PT

Rose Parade 2014
11 a.m. ET/ 8 a.m. PT

Island Hunters
1 p.m. ET/PT and 1:30 p.m. ET/PT

Beachfront Bargain Hunt
2 p.m. ET/PT and 2:30 p.m. ET/PT

Caribbean Life
3 p.m. ET/PT and 3:30 p.m. ET/PT

Amazing Water Homes
4 p.m. ET/PT and 4:30 p.m. ET/PT

Vacation House for Free
5 p.m. ET/PT

Hawaii Life
6 p.m. ET/PT and 6:30 p.m. ET/PT

Living Alaska
7 p.m. ET/PT and 7:30 p.m. ET/PT

HGTV Dream Home 2014
8 p.m. ET/PT

Buying and Selling
9 p.m. ET/PT and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT

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