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Pecking Order: In addition to common seeds, suet, mealworms and fruits will attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

Got your big bags of candy hearts and cutesy Valentine’s Day décor on display? Good. Now it’s time spread a different kind of love by celebrating another fabulous February event: National Bird-Feeding Month.

According to Martin J. Warbler, the unofficial and completely made-up spokesbird I created for the National Bird-Feeding Society, bird-feeding is — amazingly — the second most popular hobby in the United States, right behind gardening.

More than 55 million Americans over the age of 16 feed birds around their home, according to the National Bird-Feeding Society. “They’re not just people who lug a big bag of millet around, filling up feeders—they’re niche restaurateurs whose establishments my fine feathered friends and I patronize on a daily basis,” says Mr. Warbler.

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Image courtesy of Doring Kindersley Limited. © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

There’s nothing like the addition of some freshly-chopped cilantro to a bowl of guacamole or some black bean dip to bring out the flavors. Well, if you’re among those of us who love this green, parsley-like herb, that is! Cilantro has a long history and is gaining popularity in American cuisine. Here’s the scoop on the history of cilantro…as well as how to grow it in your garden.

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An attractive baffle close to a window or patio provides instant privacy.

In this weekly feature gardening expert and certified wit Felder Rushing answers your questions and lays down some green-wisdom. You can get more of your Felder fix at


I am looking for a way of adding privacy in my backyard. I sit low under my neighbor’s kitchen windows, but I don’t need trees because my house is so tall and I need all the sun for flowers and vegetables. Can you help? 
- Katheryne of Colorado


Sometimes horticulturists are blinded by our love of plants – which are not always the best solution to landscape challenges. A tree can be difficult in a small space where you also want sunlight; plus, even the fastest trees take a long time to fill up and out.

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I know, I know, today is Valentine’s Day (Happy Love Day, friends!), but don’t most people typically celebrate mid-week holidays on the weekend? I do, at least. Weekend Valentine’s Day celebrators, here’s a sweet idea for you. Katie Meyers of Meyers Styles decided to spread the love this year with a bubbly V-Day brunch for more than two. Check out her fun, festive and simple entertaining ideas.

Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas for HGTV Design Happens Blog

Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas From HGTV Design Happens Blog

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Box of chocolates? Check. Roses? Check. There may even be some jewelry in store. All that’s left is the perfect meal. One that will elicit those three words you’ve been longing to hear…

“Dang, that’s tasty!”

While beet and cabbage soup may not be one’s first thought when plotting a romantic evening, allow me to make a case for serving up a delicious bowl of this Ukrainian classic to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. 

It’s red. Be it rose petals, a heart-shaped card or a hearty bowl of soup, red is the color of romance. Don’t mess with the classics.

 Homemade wins. Sure, dinner out in a fancy restaurant has its merits, but when wooing that special someone, a meal thoughtfully planned and prepared for the occasion shows just how much you care.

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’ve got love on the brain, big time. (Planning a wedding will do that to you, I guess?) If you’ve also got love on the brain and some mason jars on your hands, put the two together! A handmade craft is a perfect way to show that special someone you care. Check out this mason jar craft roundup and pick a project to surprise your honey. Bonus: If you’ve got little cherubs who like to get creative, most of these ideas are so easy that they can pitch in, too.

mason jar craft centerpiece
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Here at HGTV, we all have our design weaknesses. Some of us pine for over-the-top kitchens, and others swoon for spa-like bathrooms. Me? With one small child at home and another on the way, I cannot get enough of the nursery and kids’ rooms featured on ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf.

ChildStyle Grey and Coral Nursery

Mommy blogger extraordinaire Woolf is your guide to the hippest kids’ rooms and swankiest baby abodes in town. You can watch video tours of each inspiring room, and click through photo galleries of girls’ rooms, boys’ rooms, shared spaces, baby nurseries, and teen hangouts. After taking in all of these adorable rooms, I’m ready to tackle my own nursery-to-be!

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