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Forget about Magic Mike XXL. We’ve got something better…HGTV XXL!

Sorry Mike, but you’ve got nothing on the Men of HGTV!

If you’ve been missing HGTV heart throbs and real-life cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri…the wait’s over. The series premiere of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens happens Tonight on HGTV.

If you love amazing kitchen transformations, then you can’t miss this one. Just watching for the eye candy? That’s ok too (no judgment here).

But if you really want the full cousins experience, be sure to join us on Twitter during the show to chat LIVE with Anthony and John. Just use #AMDK and follow @CarrinoAnthony and @ColaneriJohn to join.

And the party doesn’t stop there. The HGTV family affair continues with an all-NEW episode of Buying and Selling.

An all-NEW “Buying and Selling” airs Tonight 9|8c

If you happen to have an #HGTVCrush on Drew and Jonathan, be sure to join their LIVE Twitter chat during Buying and Selling. Follow @MrDrewScott and @MrSilverScott and use #BuyingandSelling to connect.

The “magic” starts Tonight with the series premiere of America’s Desperate Kitchens at 8|7c followed by an all-NEW Buying and Selling at 9|8c.

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We’re chatting again this week with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about what it was really like on the set and what we didn’t see on the show. 

Producer Loren Ruch With Digital Host JD Scott

Producer Loren Ruch With Digital Host JD Scott

Jonathan encountered a leak and some water damage this week — how did that effect his progress?
Water was truly Jonathan’s enemy this entire season!  The poor guy couldn’t cut a break and ultimately it made for a lot more work, clean up, and chaos.  However, he ended up always finding a solution within the allotted time frames.

Hilary and David from Love It or List It were on set  — and they couldn’t agree on a winner! How long in real time did it take for them to make a decision?
It took a LONG time!  No one really wanted them to use rock, paper, scissors to pick a winner, but the fact was that they truly disagreed on the challenge and it was the only way to get it resolved.  Their deliberation was about an hour (or more) long!

Blog reader Jen asks: We all enjoy the fun sibling rivalry, but do you ever see Jonathan or Drew do something honestly nice for each other?
The true fact is that they are REALLY nice to each other in the real world.  They are always respectful of one another and always say nice things about the other when they are not around and not listening! Ha.

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below. 

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Whew — last night’s episode was a close one! I mean, judges Hilary Farr and David Visentin actually played rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner. The brothers cranked out some truly beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, but they both focused much of their energy on one area: The master bedroom.

Drew created a colorful, modern space with a built-in gas fireplace, while Jonathan created a soothing blue space with rustic touches like a DIY barn door. You know who won the challenge (and who had to eat unnecessarily hot wings) but which bedroom design was your favorite: Drew’s or Jonathan’s? Vote in the poll below.

Brother Vs. Brother: Pick Your Favorite Bedroom

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Aside from being great designers, builders and DIYers, HGTV stars are also great dads (and sons.) With Father’s day approaching, we wanted to know their favorite moments as dads and with their dads growing up. Note: Possibly NSFW because you may not be able to control your “Awwws” and tears on this one.

John Colaneri – Co-Host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens

John Colaneri and daughter

“This is going to be a very special Father’s Day for me since it will be my first. To be able to spend it with my daughter and wife will be something I will never forget. I always remember going out to a special brunch for Father’s Day to celebrate with my dad. Now that it is my turn, it is a little surreal, but exciting!

Chip Wade – Elbow Room

Chip Wade with father and sisters

“I have great memories of working alongside my dad in the workshop, so it really warms my heart when my kids want to do projects with me. It’s also funny for me looking back on how my dad had his hands full with three kids, now that I have three of my own.”

Anthony Carrino – Co-Host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens

Anthony Carinno with his father

“We went to Porsche Sport Driving School for an entire weekend for my dad’s 65th birthday. My dad got me into go cart racing when I was about 10 years old, so the driving school seemed like a great gift to him later in life.”

What are your favorite memories as dads and with your dads? Tell us in the comments below.

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We’re chatting again this week with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about what it was really like on the set and what we didn’t see on the show. 

Jonathan Scott and JD Scott with Loren Ruch

When Brothers Attack! Jonathan and JD with Producer Loren Ruch

Jonathan had a lot of trouble during episode 2 working around the rules in his planned community.
How did the production crew work around the limitations? We had to adhere to the real life issues that came up while shooting, so it proved really challenging for Jonathan, because our shoot schedule actually had us working over President’s Day, which we didn’t realize would mean that we couldn’t do any construction on that particular day due to HOA rules. Of course, Drew LOVED it because he ended up with a full day advantage, and in the end, he actually won the challenge!

Drew completely re-did his living room in addition to the kitchen and dining room. Was it really that down to the wire?
You better believe it!  The minute that Drew found out that his wall wasn’t load bearing, he jumped into fast gear and doubled up the amount of work he had originally planned on doing.  In the end, it paid off!

It was hilarious having Josh and David on the show this week! Are they friends in outside of their show, Beach Flip?
Not only are they friends, they are almost best friends! When Josh and David are together, everybody (including the entire crew) end up in hysterics because they are just so funny together!

The dare was completely crazy to watch in the web-exclusive video — what was it like in person? 
I conveniently wasn’t available to attend the shoot that day LOL, so that question would be better left to Josh and David :)

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below. 

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On this season of Brother Vs. Brother, the renovations are seriously stunning. And it’s no wonder, with talented contenders like Jonathan and Drew. After all, they’ve had a little renovation experience.  This week’s kitchens were no exception, with Drew knocking down a wall to create an amazing open floor plan and Jonathan using store-bought cabinetry to create a totally custom-looking kitchen and hutch.

Brother Vs Brother: Pick your favorite kitchen from Drew and Jonathan Scott

We know who won out on the show (and who had to perform a…revealing…dare), but which would you rather have in your home?

Tour every inch of these beautiful kitchens in our exclusive photo gallery.

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Did you catch the Brother Vs. Brother premiere last night? HGTV producer Loren Ruch dishes about the first episode, and what you didn’t see on TV.

JD Scott, Brandon Hatmaker, Jen Hatmaker and HGTV Producer Loren Ruch on the Brother Vs. Brother Set

JD Scott, Brandon Hatmaker, Jen Hatmaker and HGTV Producer Loren Ruch

This episode we saw Jonathan take on a real estate role and Drew take on some construction work. Did they struggle at all behind-the-scenes switching roles like this?
What viewers may not know is just how versatile these guys are. Jonathan is actually super knowledgeable about real estate, and Drew is much more hands-on than you may assume, so it felt very natural to see them in these opposite roles.

Once the brothers typically buy every property together, was it difficult for them to work on their own?
They each hired their favorite contractors, design consultants, and tradespeople, so they always had ‘friends’ around when working on projects. It was never lonely at all because so much work needed to get done in such a short amount of time.

This year’s show takes place in Las Vegas, where Drew and Jonathan have their family’s vacation home. What advantage do they have since they know the area?
The biggest advantage was their familiarity with the city and the local tradespeople. We got to see them work with their favorite people. The other advantage was that they got to sleep in their own beds at their own home at night, which was nice. And their parents even visited for an extended stay while shooting this show, so there were a lot of nice family get-togethers!

How did Drew and Jonathan’s approaches differ when it came to selecting a property?
Drew was dead set on a single story ranch house close to the strip because he thought that would be his smartest choice. Jonathan was interested in finding a planned community or possibly two-story home that would be suitable for a young family or first time buyer. So, they ended up with very different types of homes.

What was the funniest or most memorable moment during the filming of episode 1?
Definitely the dare! The losing brother had to wear an embarrassing costume smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, and it was SO hilarious!

What do you want to know about the Scott brothers and their new Brother Vs. Brother season? Leave your questions for Loren in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

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If you’ve ever tuned in to Brother Vs. Brother, you know that Jonathan and Drew Scott take sibling rivalry to a whole new level.  They’ve competed in everything from karate to ping pong to thumb wrestling, and now they’re competing head to head in an all-new, Las Vegas edition of BVB.

JD Scott, Brandon Hatmaker, Jonathan Scott, Jen Hatmaker, Drew Scott

JD Scott, Brandon Hatmaker, Jonathan Scott, Jen Hatmaker, Drew Scott

This week, Your Big Family Renovation stars Brandon and Jen Hatmaker were on hand to critique Drew and Jonathan’s living room designs and choose a winner. We know what Brandon and Jen picked…but what do you think? Check out their designs and pick your favorite.


Drew Scott's Neutral + Metallic Living Room

Drew’s Neutral + Metallic Space

Drew got rid of the lemon meringue-hued walls and swapped in subtle color and shimmering metallics.


Jonathan Scott's Living Room Renovation

Jonathan’s Casual-Chic Family Room

Jonathan swapped the white-on-white action for a bold, reclaimed wood feature wall, a floor-to-ceiling stove fireplace and lots of casual menswear accents.

See all the photos from this week’s renovation (and the post-renovation hijinks!) here:

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How does one describe HGTV’s Scott brothers?  Well, words like charming, funny, witty, and talented naturally come to mind.

But let’s not forget competitive…especially with each other.  What can we say…brothers will be brothers!

That’s why this new season of Brother Vs. Brother is going to be the fiercest yet.  This time around the teams are gone and it’s a true Brother Vs. Brother, mano a mano!

Watch a sneak peek here.

And if you need a pre-premiere brothers fix, just keep an eye out for these social media nuggets, happening today only:

  • #BroVsBro @HGTV Instagram takeover.  (Yes, we’re handing our phones over to Jonathan and Drew.)
  • Surprise check-ins and chats with Jonathan, Drew, and JD on Twitter’s Periscope. (Follow @MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott and @MrJDScott on Twitter.)
  • Bonus video sneak peeks from @HGTV on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Post-show design reveals on Pinterest.

Then, be sure to join the boys for a LIVE Twitter party during the season premiere.  Just use #BroVsBro to join the fun.

And if we really like your tweet, we might just show it live on HGTV during the show (talk about #HGTVFamous).

Brother Vs. Brother premieres TONIGHT 9|8c on HGTV.

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Brother Vs. Brother season three premieres Wednesday, June 3 at 9p | 8c. To give you a behind-the-scenes look into the series, I’ll chat with the show’s producer, Loren Ruch, each week. In this first installment, get a sneak peek of what you’ll see this season and ask Loren your BVB questions.

Brother Vs. Brother Producer Loren Ruch

Producer Loren Ruch on the Set of the Brother Vs. Brother Promo Shoot

What’s different about this season of Brother Vs. Brother? What can viewers expect to see?
It’s a whole new season of Brother vs. Brother, and I think that our viewers are going to love it because this time it’s PERSONAL! Jonathan and Drew used their own money to buy their own flips, and we have no teams and no judges other than the buying public to determine who wins in the end.  Plus, we’re in their hometown of Las Vegas, so it’s also a fun view into their worlds and lives in LV.  And my favorite part of the show, is that we have some of HGTV’s biggest stars swinging by each week to pick their favorite space, and the losing brother has to do an embarrassing dare as the consequence.  Let me tell you…if nothing else, you will laugh your way through the season when you see these dares!

Since the brothers don’t have anyone to send home each episode, what’s the winner’s prize each week?
It’s not so much about the winner’s prize each week as it as about the humiliation of the losing brother!  The only real winner comes at the end of the series when real buyers determine which home sells for the bigger profit.

Are Drew and Jonathan as competitive off-camera as they are on camera?
Even more so!  They got so competitive that there were moments we couldn’t even show on TV!  At one point one of the guys took the air out of the other’s tires so that he couldn’t make it to his jobsite! It’s all in fun, but they are very, very, very competitive…can I add a few more ‘verys’?

Can you share some fun moments we’ll see this season from the celeb guests?
The celebrity guests are so fun!  We have the Hatmakers from Your Big Family Renovation in our first episode, David Bromstad and Josh Temple in the second (and they are goofballs!), and then Hilary Farr and David Visentin from Love It or List It in the third.  You won’t believe the fight that Hilary and David had over choosing their favorite house — you need to see it to believe it!

The Brother Vs. Brother promo is amazing! Care to divulge any from-the-set secrets? 
The promo shoot was over the top!  It was done at a huge warehouse in LA, and we turned it into a boxing ring.  I’ll give away one little secret…A few of the concrete blocks were actually made from foam (see picture) so we all felt like heavy weight champions! Check out the promo here:

What do you want to know about the Scott brothers and their new Brother Vs. Brother season? Leave your questions for Loren in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

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