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The takeaway from reading the April issue of HGTV Magazine: It’s nearly springtime! The cheerful cover with a floral rug and bright teal dresser sets the tone for what’s inside the pages and what’s in store this coming season.
HGTV Magazine April issue
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find this month.

This adorable breakfast nook designed by HGTV’s Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson designed breakfast nook
The Patel family hired Emily, host of Secrets From a Stylist, to put the finishing touches on their newly remodeled LA home, and she added her cheery style to every space.

This farmhouse sink
farmhouse style sink
It’s just one element of a quirky kitchen with an eclectic style and one-of-a-kind design concept. (See also: Open shelves instead of cabinets, a blue double oven, and concrete countertops)

This French-knot pillow
french knot pillow design
You’ll find 10 different DIY ways to fancy-up a plain white pillow, including this hand-stitched pattern. See all of them in the issue, or get a head start by learning how to create this French knot option here:

This bench for less
blue tufted bench
The reoccurring High/Low List, from deal-hunter Sabrina Soto, showcases nearly identical items at drastically different price tags, like this blue beauty. At half the cost of its almost-twin, it’s a bargain you may have to buy.

Originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of HGTV Magazine.

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The latest issue of HGTV Magazine has hit newsstands, and it’s chock-full of color! Flip through for pages of brightly colored flea market flips, DIY ideas, and house tours that leave you with more decorating ideas than you know what to do with.


The colorful cover of March 2013

See how HGTV Magazine editors (with some expert help) transform drab and dull used chairs into bright new pieces you’ll want to display.

Looking for fun new ways to liven-up your space? Get a tour of one cheerfully decorated Victorian home in Austin, TX. that has inventive ideas you can design ideas

Get inspired from the blue and white pillows featured on our cover. Inside the issue, you’ll find more than a dozen options in this color combo, plus cool furniture, accent pieces, and even paint.

Our High-Low List this month, courtesy of Sabrina Soto, includes two lamps in the perfect shade of peacock. Test your skills—at first glance, we bet you can’t tell the pricey version from the bargain.
peacock table lamphigh low lamp

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Our Editor in Chief Sara Peterson makes sure the opened end of the pillow cases are facing inward on her bed, so guests don’t get a peak inside. This smart move is one I’ve never thought of. (Have I really been making my bed all wrong this entire time?!) We each have little (or big) quirks about how we keep our home. We know your husband never takes off his shoes, and your kids can be a quite messy, but we want to know what really makes your household unique.

Do you need to squeegee the shower doors after each use? Are you diligent about keeping the soap dispenser full? Are your junk drawers actually organized? Hate it when closet doors are left open? Tell us about your habits, pet peeves, and observations in the comments or by emailing us at Please include your full name and hometown.


Is everything in its place?

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We want to hear about your household habits. Do you need to have the remote controls lined up on the coffee table before you leave the house? Don’t you hate it when a glass is put in the dishwasher the wrong way, leaving it filled with nasty water? Tell us about your habits, pet peeves, and observations in the comments or by emailing us at Please include your full name and hometown.

Laundry On a Clothesline

Do you need everything neat and orderly?

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